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15 Weird Memes All Straight Guys Should Be Laughing At Right Now

15 Weird Memes All Straight Guys Should Be Laughing At Right Now

This day and age of the millennias is all about quick, easy and fast spreading entertainment. One form of entertainment is a picture that has catchy phrases which are either funny or thought evoking. Such pictures are referred to as memes. Today we will be talking about some of these relatable memes that will leave you in laughing fits.

Memes always have a target. Sometimes it’s parents, sometimes it’s teenagers and sometimes it’s teachers. However, the memes we have collected are those that target single men. We found so many memes on the Internet that clearly define the problems that straight men go through. They weren’t only funny; some were borderline sad too. They tackled unemployment, needy girlfriends and the problems you face when your bros don’t get along with your lady. Let’s jump right in and look at the 15 best memes that any straight guy would be laughing at right now.


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We all know that a wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life. They involve friends and family and really tasty food. But sometimes it can turn haywire. The normal opinion about women is that they’re a little erratic and crazy when it comes to weddings. They are so obsessed with the fact that their special day should be perfect that they start questioning everything and everyone. Sometimes, they even start questioning the man they’re about to marry. But guys, relax, it’s just the stress making them act crazy.


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All of us felt that 2017 was going to be our year, the year when we would find the love of our life and settle down or maybe have some sort of direction in our life. But that is not the case. It’s almost 2018 and we’re still as single as a Pringle. It’s not just a companion that we’re lacking, it’s motivation and the general will to carry on with all things that require attention, dedication and commitment. Believe us when we say that 2018 won’t be our year either. But if the odds are in our favor, we will find one way or another to mess it up. Because let’s face it, we’re still looking for ‘WILL’.


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All of us ’90s babies know that Sesame Street was the thing to watch back in the day. If you had a Sesame Street themed birthday party, you were the talk of the town. Back in the day, as kids, we were dumb and didn’t understand the references that were made in the show or the sarcasm used in it. We’d just laugh because the audience was laughing in the background, which is why we just had to do it. Now that we’re older, we get the sarcasm and go crazy laughing, because their sarcasm was so on point that it’s hard not to be able to relate it to our own lives.


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On those cold dark December nights when you’re alone in your be and you feel that urgent need to talk somebody, somebody who understands you and who knows you, you flip over and turn on your phone and look in the contacts to find that individual that has all those qualities. But not so surprisingly, there is no one. So, you’re forced to tell yourself: ‘Yes, I’m alone and that is my choice’ and right at that moment, your inner-self mocks you and says, ‘Yeah honey, like you have a choice’. This is the very reason that we hate the colder months. They make you really think about how alone and sad you are.


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The very requirement of being an adult is having a job. For example, you are a fresh graduate and you luckily land an interview. You read the requirements for the job and by some miracle, you fulfill half the criteria and the other half involves having 10 years of experience. Do they think that we’ve been working while we were in the womb or what? Despite the crazy requirements, you pull yourself together and go to the interview and they have the nerve to ask you why they should hire you. To that, there can only be one answer ‘Because you’re hiring, duh’.


via Tumblr

Having a crush is both an extremely good feeling as well as extremely embarrassing. One of the perks of having a best friend is that you can tell them everything, including how you are obsessing over your new crush too. They will help you ‘uncover’ new information about them as well as tell you how it’s so crazy that she does not notice you. However, this good friend of yours will almost always embarrass you every time she walks by. Your friend will have this crazy look on his face every single time that’ll not only freak you out but will also freak out anybody who sees his face. As they say, you win some and you lose some.


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So, this generation of adults is completely and utterly obsessed with Britney Spears. Just imagine when we’re older and we move into a house that’s haunted by a ghost from the year 2007. One night, you’re home alone and you hear a noise. You muster all the courage you have and go downstairs to check out what it is, and you hear someone say, ‘It’s Britney B***h’. Just imagine your reaction. We know, we’ll be over the moon excited and take out our serpent costume to dance to her music. Okay, that may be a bit too much; we’ll probably be stunned and amused at what’s happening. It won’t even be scary if you ask us.


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Remember that beautiful moment when you meet a girl. She’s so amazing and so smart and by some miracle, you guys hit it off and become super friendly. You bring her coffee every morning and she acts all cute and interested in you. What do you think? That she’s interested in you, right? WRONG. That’s when she will break the sad news and call you a ‘friend’. A friend who is extremely important to her. Yes my friends, that the worst place to be when you’re a guy. The small gap between boyfriend and boy friend is the infamous friend zone. Needless to say, it sucks.


via Pinterest

Extremely petty but one of the most hilarious memes from the bunch. It’s really ugly when you break up with someone. It not only drives you insane but also makes you petty and vengeful. This meme is the exact depiction of what you feel after breaking up. We mean it’s absolutely insane to steal things just to make them crawl back to you, let alone a disabled person. Okay, we feel like we’re ruining the good humor in the meme. Next time, if someone threatens that they’re leaving you, just remind her that you have a hammer and know where all her makeup is.


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This generation prefers Facebook over actually going out and meeting new people. So there are times when you’re just going through random people’s pages and you somehow end up on their cousin’s sister’s best friend’s page and you decide to sending her a message or even a friend request. If you’re lucky, she will respond and maybe even agree to meet you, and you never know how things end up. We feel like most of this generations love stories started on Facebook. It’s just so convenient, isn’t it? It involves a little effort and if it goes badly no one has to know about it, right? There’s also the option of blocking them in case things spiral out of control.


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All girls know this is true. Whenever they want something or want attention, they will say baaaabe so long. The longer the babe, the bigger the request. All guys who have ever been in a relationship know baaabe all too well. Does she want ice cream? Baaaabeeee. Does she want your half of the pizza? Baaaabbeeee. She wants you to nuke her ex-boyfriend’s town? Baaaabbeee. It’s so adorable that the poor souls have to give in and comply with their requests. Who could say no to such big eyes and that naughty smile? Am I right or am I right?


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Okay, we have this question too. Literally. Do you really die if you sit on your own voodoo doll? Is it possible? So we all know is that sometimes girls can be a little insecure and a little suspicious. There are times when they feel like their man is cheating on them when he’s being quiet and minding his own business. He might only be thinking about the very question we just asked about. That can be it, right? It’s just that girls worry too much sometimes. And it’s only because they care too much (insert evil laugh).


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There is this constant competition between best friends and girlfriends. Let’s face it, the bro never likes his best friend’s lady. It’s natural and he might even think of ways to end their relationship. A piece of advice for girls is to try to get along with the best friends. It won’t only be better but will be even more fun and your boyfriend will be thrilled that he doesn’t have to choose between his love and his best friend. You won’t only have a relationship with your bae but will also make new friendships along the way. And trust us, it’s more fun that way.


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We think all guys can relate to this. There is a day when your girlfriend is being extra cranky and is being super bratty. She won’t listen to anything you say and won’t talk to you for no apparent reason. She might even try to initiate a fight with you. You’ll try lots of ways to make her feel better but none of them will work and then you’ll ask her if she wants to go out for food. She might resist and say no but once she says yes, just give her the darn food. You’ll realize she was only just hungry and didn’t mean anything she said to you. This state of being is actually called hangry: being angry because you’re hungry.


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Unemployment is not a laughing matter. But if you put a cute dog in anything, it tends to become cute and funny. This meme is so hilarious and whoever made it to tackle the unemployment topic is a genius. It’s something we can use in our daily conversations too. We would like to see people’s reactions when we use this meme. We know for a fact it’ll leave them numb and dumb. If you want something to become viral and hilarious and cute, you know the formula: put in a dog making cute faces. It’s bound to make some waves online.

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