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15 Honest Reasons Why Girls STILL Date The “Bad Boys”

15 Honest Reasons Why Girls STILL Date The “Bad Boys”

Why do girls choose “bad” guys over “nice” ones? What’s that specific personality trait that does wonders with the most attractive ladies? Well, you may be really sweet, smart and successful in your career, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll fall head over heels for you. Such a paradox, isn’t it? Why in the world would any gorgeous woman go out on a date with somebody who’s obviously not the best match for her? Well, it’s the hardest thing to explain for sure. Today we’ll tackle exactly this essential issue that’s as old as the hills. Indeed, it’s been such a pain in the neck since forever.

Apart from that, what’s really curious is how most of the “good guys” can’t really accept the facts as they are. But in truth, it’s all about the thrill and adrenaline rush that usually comes with that mysterious dude with a great taste in cars. Well, it seems like women just follow their instincts no matter what. But all in all, relationships with such bad guys don’t usually last long. Regardless of what’s at stake anyway, girls will always love the chase as this is what keeps them thrilled. It may sound like the perfect nonsense, but there’s indeed something special about that hot bad guy. And so, she’s very likely to choose him over you and here are her #15 trivial and honest reasons for it.

15. “Bad guys” are so HOT!

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Who would deny that “bad guys” are usually quite handsome? Yes, we’ve thought so too. Frankly, there’s something really unique about dating a mysterious guy anyway. Not only are they pretty straightforward, but they’re always open to something more than a chit-chat. Besides, it’s much easier to be able to communicate freely without feeling as though something is not right. Don’t get it wrong, but “good guys” are scarcely that communicative or confident at all. And guess what, this is what makes these guys look so HOT! Women just can’t resist their sex appeal and enigmatic nature. Thus, they will never stop chasing those “bad dudes” with an attitude.

14. They’re not stingy


Are you stingy? If you happen to be one of those ultra-stingy guys, then there’s probably no point in pushing your luck with her. What would you do if she goes out on a date with you anyway? Where would you take her? Would you buy her a refreshing drink? Frankly, if you’re not willing to treat her well, then you hardly deserve her precious company in the first place. Don’t take this personally but her dream guy will probably take her to dinner before…taking her to bed. Indeed, there’s absolutely no secret that such relationships with hot and mysterious-looking dudes often fall through. But anyway, she just won’t be able to get in charge of her emotions. Thus, she’ll knock on his door earlier than you could ever imagine.

13. “No drama allowed”


In truth, you’ll never see a hot guy with a jealous girl by his side. What’s even more, you’ll hardly see him with her more than once or twice either. Well, it’s just how they play the game of love. But hey, don’t think that she believes in the real existence of her Prince Charming. She may behave silly but she’s an intelligent lady who’d love some bedroom adventures as well. This is why she won’t be that thrilled to learn more about his profession, hobbies, etc. She’s there for the fun part of the evening, and so is he. You see, it’s easier than you think it is.

12. Not afraid to share an opinion

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Needless to say, most of the people get sweaty palms and feet every time they get asked for their genuine opinion on something. Indeed, we’re often bothered by how this person may feel after we share out deepest thoughts with them. Well, it’s nothing like this with “bad guys”. Not only are they super honest, but they hardly show the slightest bit of hesitation to speak their mind. What’s the issue with a bit of honesty every now and then, right? Why aren’t you like him? It’s not that hard to share your opinion with the world, is it? If you can’t do it, that “bad dude” will sweep your crush off her feet before you know it. Indeed, the power of openness is such an indomitable one, isn’t it?

11. They love adrenaline-fuelled experiences


Hot girls are into fast cars while bad guys are into hot girls. Isn’t that perfectly clear? Well, you may not think often of this, but your crush would give her right arm for a bit of adventure every now and then. And just take a random guess – it doesn’t even have to be a pricey journey. All that matters is her company and your wittiness. Put it all into action, get the wheels turning and make her feel the most special girl out there! After all, who doesn’t enjoy adrenaline-filled experiences, right? So hop in the car, rev up the engine and make her fall for you right away. Let us get this straight – if you don’t do it, somebody else will!

10. That bad boy’s got such a fine car!

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Oh, he’s got quite a fine taste in cars as well! Needless to say, this is just another difference between you and him. It’s just a game after all! But again, you’ll come out of this hot competition as the greatest loser of all time. That insanely hot man has just killed all of your chances. But still, there’s something you can do to make her notice you. Where’s your Daddy’s pricey vehicle? It must be in the garage, right? Then don’t waste more time and get it washed right away! Well, there’s barely a girl who would say NO to such a shiny and pricey vehicle. Now that you’ve got a fine car, you can totally challenge this guy’s “reign” on the streets!

9. Guess who’s pretty adventurous in bed?

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The more confident he is, the better chance he’ll have with her. What about you? What’s going on with your self-esteem? Let us remind you once again that girls are sensitive human beings. And as such, they’re very likely to throw themselves at a guy who’s got more potential to make her feel protected. Also, it’s no secret that women’s wildest dream is to find a guy who can make any “adventurous” idea come to life. Surely, this includes her hottest fantasies as well. If you can make it happen, we can’t see any reason why she’d choose him over you. Good luck with this beauty!

8. Most of them are such a fitness inspiration


There’s hardly a woman who wouldn’t like a fitness beast who’s got shredded abs, big pumped arms, and a dazzling smile. Well, we’ve just pictured Dwayne The Rock, haven’t we? Joking aside, you would choose a fit lady over a chubby one as well, wouldn’t you? So you can see that it’s absolutely the same with guys too. We just love being surrounded by beautiful people who’s got more than we’ve got. Therefore, you shouldn’t be that subjective when it comes to hot dudes with banging bodies. Both genders want one and the same thing: an attractive significant other except for all those “bad guys”. Their only wish is to take your crush to bed. And yes, she’s 100 % aware of it but she likes him anyway.

7. They know what they want

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Unlike most girls whose desires and dreams are basically all over the place, some guys just know how to pull themselves together. What’s more, they’re absolutely aware of how to achieve their goals no matter what. Well, bad guys are usually focused on themselves as they’re often way too narcissistic. Sometimes they may even get way too self-admiring but this is how they succeed in life. A charismatic personality can do wonders.  Besides, his dazzling smile and magnetic presence are everything he needs to get what he really wants in life. Also, they don’t even have to try that hard! They know what they want and they’ve got the needed set of skills to achieve it all.

6. Bad boys are easy to get

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It’s said that bad boys are pretty easy to get. Well, they’re also quite easy to spot at the bar, aren’t they? These guys are usually pretty attractive, witty and amusing as well. Any girl would fall for a sincere smile, right? Therefore, there’s no doubt that she’ll look away and block his efforts to flirt with her. Rather, she’d beg for his attention so much that you’d start to wonder who’s the loot and who’s the hunter. Indeed, that’s the beauty of it! Women just can’t live without the thrill of chasing a guy. Surely, this feeling simply runs through their veins and it’s almost like an instinct they must follow.

5. He’s always the life of the party

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Honestly, if you can’t tell her a decent joke and make her lose her sanity over it then your efforts with her are a lost cause. The craziest part is that you still don’t get the reason why she’s so distant and cold with you. Well, we’ll unmask the mystery for you: her ideal image of Prince Charming probably looks something like her crush. Indeed, he may not be that carefree and erratic but he’s still as amazing as she thinks he is. Besides, he’s got such a fine sense of humor as well! Needless to say, he’s got the skills, folks! Now you know why she can’t get him off her mind.

4. He’s a great listener

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Frankly, we’re pretty sure that your girlfriend is quite familiar with his flirty methods to get her. Even though she plays it cool, she can absolutely read his mind and dirty thoughts quite effortlessly. That’s a piece of cake for sure. The only issue is that she may even like it although she knows the reason why he does so. The best part, however, is that his moves and tricks are pretty smooth. He doesn’t even pretend that he’s somebody else. He won’t even apologize to her whatsoever. What for? That’s such a compliment, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what he would think of the whole situation. Indeed, you can take our word for it.

3. He’s multi-talented as well!

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With such looks of a hot rock star, it’s absolutely no wonder why she’s so into him. It’s hardly like you’ve got nothing to offer her, but he’s got such a wild fire in his eyes! In most of the cases, such bad guys often turn out to be musicians, guitar players, singers, drummers, etc. Well, such a hobby or a profession would match his untamed soul so wonderfully well, wouldn’t it? After all, he’s got to find a place where he’d be able to invest his inexhaustible energy into, right? Indeed, he’s her ideal image of what the perfect guy needs to look like.

2. They loathe two-faced people

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It’s true that the world’s filled to the brim with phony people. Why does it feel so hard to share your genuine thoughts with the world anyway? The answer is simple: everyone’s afraid of the possible consequences after the world has heard another honest opinion. Indeed, that’s the thin line that separates both types. The majority of people just can’t find a way to succeed in fighting their own demons and insecurities. Perhaps this is the reason why many of them lie about their relationships, work, friends, etc. Surely, that’s the type your girl loathes from the bottom of her heart.

1. Bad guys love to show off

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In case you’ve been wondering why confident people are so attractive, then think of the energy they ooze while walking down the street. It’s all about the vibes, isn’t it? There’s something so specific about those individuals, both women and men, that is simply captivating. Additionally, it almost feels like they can make you feel protected and cared for even though they’re absolute strangers to you! Doesn’t that sound pretty nuts? It sure does! But outside of this, you just can’t deny that confidence draws attention better than everything. This is exactly why she can’t help staying away from him…


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