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15 Honest Thoughts Most Men Have When On A Date With An “Enhanced” Woman

15 Honest Thoughts Most Men Have When On A Date With An “Enhanced” Woman


Have you ever been with an “enhanced woman”? If you’re shaking your head in denial, then you’re truly one lucky man. Honestly, there are a whole lot of young girls out there who wish they could afford a boob job…or something else. Why would they want to do such a stupid thing anyway? Well, we’ve got no idea! But in truth, the reign of Kardashians has proven to be a mighty one for sure after all the crazy trends they have started out of nothing… Big butts, fake boobs and pointy eagle nails are well combined with a super fake personality. And they think that this is some kind of an accomplishment. Well, good luck with that!

Honestly, all of this is surely not the most exciting thing that guys enjoy seeing or touching anyway. As for that, this is just an example of what goes through a guy’s mind every time he’s on a date with such a girl. So here we go again: big butts, fake boobs and a lack of a brain in general. Naturally, it can always get worse, right? So, without revealing too much, let’s see what happens in the depths of any man’s mind when dating a fake woman with “enhanced” parts.

15. “Why does she wear so much makeup?”

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You can’t expect a Kardashian type of a girl to go out bare-faced, can you? It’s just the way things work! Frankly, you’ll see her makeup-free when pigs fly. Sorry, that’s your chance. Besides, why are you being so judgemental anyway? After all, you’ve been dating her for a while now, haven’t you? So, there’s a slight chance that you might have actually liked her makeup skills. Maybe this idea rests on a subconscious level at the back of your mind. Indeed, her heavy makeup routine may not be the best thing about her, but at least she looks pretty. So, certainly, that’s a great relief.

14. “Is her chest fake too?”

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Well, for the most part, guys are prone to going out on a date with a woman who looks as hot as the desert itself. Ultimately, is there a man who would say NO to such a gorgeous female? Maybe there is such a weirdo, but generally, guys simply love being with the prettiest girls. When it comes to the date itself, there’s barely a dude who’d be able to look away from a girl’s best assets, to put it more delicately. Besides, big-breasted ladies have always been a great mystery to all men. “So, are these two real or fake?” Indeed, that’s the question. Well, girls should not blame guys for staring at their boobs. After all, they are the ones who put all they have “on display”, right?

13. “I wonder what she looks like without makeup”

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Oh, no! Did you say it out loud? Because that would be the perfect disaster. But just in case such a thought somehow slips your mind and escapes your mouth eventually, here’s what you can do about it. Step1: we highly recommend that you excuse yourself on your way to the restroom. Step 2: just punch yourself in the face as hard as possible! Just kidding! But really, how could you say such a thing to a woman anyway? Yes, her face may be drowning in makeup, but being a gentleman is important! Besides, that’s the role you need to play in front of girls. And, there’s absolutely no exception to this “unwritten” rule.

12. “How many guys were there before me?”

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Oh, nice! So this is what you’ve been thinking about all this time, huh? But don’t worry, it’s probably the same with any other guy being in your position. Just look at her! She looks amazing in this mini version of a dress, right? And honestly, it doesn’t even matter whether she’s really had a boob job or not. After all, you’re dating her so perhaps this is what matters now. As for her flings and ex-boyfriends, it’s totally up to you whether you’ll reveal these thoughts or bury them deep somewhere at the back of your mind. But anyway, there’s probably a chance that this beautiful and “enhanced” lady has had the same thoughts about you.

11. “I wonder what these pouty lips can do”

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You wonder…what? Well, there’s no shame in this game. You’re a single guy who’s been dating a hot blonde with pouty lips. Honestly, the previous sentence can totally explain everything that’s going on with you. Besides, if she feels the same way about you, then you can certainly move to the next stage without any worries. As for her, such girls who can be labeled as “enhanced” tend to have their lips “touched” and plumped. So in other words, it’s not your fault that such juicy thoughts often cross your mind. Again, you’re a just a guy whose thoughts have been pretty sincere about this lady. What’s even more, this could be taken as a major compliment!

10. “I hope her makeup won’t stain my new white shirt!”

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That’s a nice one, for sure! As funny as it seems, this is actually a common thought that often runs through people’s minds when being on a date with an “enhanced” woman. More often than not, these ladies will only go out after they’re pretty sure that they look seamless. Normally, what means perfect to women doesn’t go in harmony with what is considered fine by men anyway. But, that’s not breaking news anyway. Frankly, it’s not your fault that you’re worried about your clean shirt. Besides, the chance of getting your clothes perfectly stained after a friendly hug is 100 % real.

9. “Does she wear hair extensions or a wig? Her long hair looks so fake”

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Is that a wig? Really? Sometimes girls simply cross the line when it comes to the super-modern beauty trends. Furthermore, the efforts of some females to look even more attractive and stunning are often in vain. Gladly, it’s not always like this, so men should probably feel grateful that their girls haven’t crossed that crazy line yet. However, the more enhanced the woman, the crazier and funnier the reality. It may sound crazy, but those girls who are fans of the Kardashian clan will do their best to look like a celebrity. So if you ever happen to go out on a date with a crazy chick whose hairstyle doesn’t cost a thing, then you’ll certainly know why…

8. “I wish she didn’t bring her brother along every time”

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Oh, dear! Poor you! Why does she do it? Doesn’t she feel protected while being in your company? Sadly, it seems like you are not her superhero. Ouch! But without being too mean, we can totally offer you a shoulder to cry on. This enhanced lady you’ve been dating simply doesn’t understand the idea of going on dates. Apparently, it seems like she hasn’t even realized it. But there’s another version of this story as well. As heartbreaking as it sounds, there’s a slight chance that she doesn’t really feel the same about you. Otherwise, why would she bring her brother along?! It simply doesn’t make sense at all.

7. “Why does she wear such revealing clothes?!”

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We’ve just reached a really juicy thought that many guys have certainly had when dating a lady who’s anything but shy and humble. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue in the beginning of every relationship, no matter how serious it may be. But if a guy suddenly starts catching sweet feelings for her, then this would certainly become a BIG problem. After all, let’s be honest, is there a man who’ll love the idea of being with a girl whose behavior is way too provocative? Exactly! That’s the point. But here we are again: if she totally looks up to Kardashians as trendsetters, then there’s no cure for her “beauty enhancement mania”.

6. “I hope she won’t mind a threesome”

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Oh, wow! What a bold thought, pal! This is a super edgy image that often visits men’s imaginations. Would you deny it? Well, it’s not that it’s a bad thing given such an attractive person sitting across from you. Besides, you wouldn’t be having such racy thoughts if she didn’t go out in miniskirts and shirts that reveal way too much. Additionally, it’s surely not that unusual for guys to have unique sexual fantasies with charming ladies. If anything, this is a sure-fire method to prove your masculinity when dating such beauties! All jokes aside, it’s just a sincere thought, so girls, don’t be so judgemental!

5. “Oh, God! Make her shut up, please!”

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She’s too annoying, isn’t she? Well, many other guys have already been there. So perhaps, it’s your turn now! Honestly, you have the full right to call us mean, but hey, where did your humoristic nature go? Generally, girls love talking about every aspect of their lives. Besides, they love talking about the lives of the others as well. And actually, we call this gossiping. But anyway, women just can’t help that annoying rambling anyway. It may really hurt your ears, but it’d be downright rude to leave this big-breasted lady all alone by herself.

4. “Oh, no! I looked directly at her breasts. Twice. I hope she didn’t notice it”


Okay, maybe you really checked her out; and maybe you did focus on her breasts a bit longer than you should have, but it’s certainly not the end of the world. Honestly, don’t be so harsh on yourself for doing so. Perhaps, it’s totally her fault for putting on such a skin-revealing outfit. So, it’s not so important whether she noticed it.  Besides, who knows where her eyes were focused when you weren’t looking, right? As crazy and funny as it seems, people are not that much different especially when they are openly attracted to one another. Do you agree?

3. “Did she really throw a glance at my crotch?”

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You caught her, and yes, she really looked at your private parts! Indeed, it’s not like she saw your intimate parts, of course, but it certainly shows her racy thoughts about you. After this, you can only imagine what’s going on in her wild imagination. Maybe it’s you she’s been thinking about all this time, right? Furthermore, it’s just another common thing that can happen when being on a date with a smoking hot individual. So, don’t sweat it if you do it too! It’s surely not the end of the world! Besides, she did look at your crotch, right? So, you’re definitely even.

2. “I hope she won’t become a clingy chick”

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Well, well, well – this is probably the most dreadful nightmare that any guy may ever have! Being with a clingy chick is the worst! Regardless of how hot and curved her body is, you had better ignore these beautiful details about her. After all, would you be able to put up with such a woman who’s not only spoiled but super clingy as well? Probably not. So, if such a thought crosses your mind, you’d better run for the hills before she turns herself into the psychotic chick she may truly be! Much like your thoughts about here, just be honest with yourself and run from this HOT Drama Queen!

1. “She’s pretty, but I wish she weren’t this dumb”

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Finally, we’ve reached the most common issue that men run into when dating a goofy girl with an “enhanced body”. Yes, we totally realize how risky the previous line actually is! But this is the naked truth! The more stupid the woman, the easier the “loot”. It’s actually as simple as 123. Frankly, a woman’s brain capacity and basic interests are easy to disclose right off the bat. If this beauty just can’t help talking about her breasts implants or toned thighs, then the cards are officially on the table: she’s a pretty girl with an enhanced booty, but sadly, she can barely say her name right.

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