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15 Whisper Confessions About Horrible Gifts That Ruined Christmas

15 Whisper Confessions About Horrible Gifts That Ruined Christmas

Coming up with the perfect gift for everyone on your list is pretty much impossible. You want something useful, fun, unique, and thoughtful. You want to make the recipient beam with joy when they open the package! Many people are great at giving gifts, but others definitely miss the mark. The 15 people on this list were hoping for a happy holiday but ended up opening weird, rude, or awkward gifts. Some of these holiday victims received gifts that would not seem so bad if they had not seen the amazing gifts their other family members received. Others got useful gifts that were actually really hurtful or rude joke gifts the giver found hilarious. Many of the gift givers were clearly strapped for cash (or just hate shopping) and threw the first thing they saw into a gift box. And it does not seem to matter who is giving the gift! These examples show that those closest to you (like parents and grandparents) can be just as terrible at gift giving as coworkers. Perhaps these gift givers should just stick to handing out cash this holiday season. Keep reading for 15 hilarious examples of bad gifts that will make you grateful for whatever you receive this Christmas!

15. Who Wants A Smoothie?

via: Whisper

What could a 9 year old do with a blender? I barely trust myself to work those crazy things, especially with the sharp blades! This seems like a weird gift because it is clearly not age appropriate but also kind of expensive. This mom should have spent that money on something her kid really wanted instead of wasting it on this random gift. Maybe she really wanted the blender but could not justify buying herself such an expensive gift around the holidays? Hopefully this person kept their horrible gift and now makes yummy frozen cocktails to forget about that Christmas.

14. All Alone On Christmas

via: Whisper

Secret Santa gifts are always very hit or miss. If you get a gift from someone who knows you well, you probably receive something awesome and funny. This person’s coworkers, though, clearly do not know them well enough. Even if they are lonely and single, a joke gift about someone’s relationship status is always awkward and frankly kind of rude. It either reminds them of how single they are and makes them feel bad about themselves or is irritating if they are happy on their own. These gift givers should have stuck to a gift card or some nice chocolates!

13. Dish Pan Hands

via: Whisper

It is hard to tell what these parents were thinking when they gave dish gloves to their kid as a Christmas gift. If the person was already an adult out on their own, they might have legitimately thought they were being helpful. I mean, who actually likes spending their hard earned money on mundane household goods? But if they were a child, that is just plain weird. They are clearly parents who do not let their children get away with being lazy around the house. At least they will not end up with dry, shriveled hands after washing the dishes!

12. Dust Buster

via: Whisper

Cleaning supplies are always a sort of mean gift to give someone at the holidays. If the person is super into cleaning and organizing, they will probably love it. And if they put the newest vacuum on their wish list, by all means buy it for them! But giving cleaning gadgets without warning is always read as a passive aggressive jab at the state of the person’s house, even if you did not mean it that way. If you hate the person’s messy home, give them a maid service gift card instead! It does the same job without coming off as rude.

11. Re-Gift Card

via: Whisper

Gift cards in general are a controversial holiday gift. Some people appreciate that they can choose their own gift but love that you know them well enough to choose a store they like. Others wish you would just give them money, especially if you give them a gift card to a place they never shop. Even worse, though, is giving a partially used gift card. That is pretty much the laziest gift ever! It is worse than regular re-gifting because not only did the giver put zero thought into the gift, they also could not be bothered to buy a new card with a full balance. Rude!

10. No Hockey For You!

via: Whisper

Sometimes there is a gift that you really, really want for Christmas. You do not really want anything else because nothing could make you as happy as this one big thing on your wish list. For this confessor, that thing was clearly tickets to a Pittsburgh Penguins ice hockey game. They are probably a huge fan who has never had the opportunity to see their favorite team play live. Instead of getting their most wanted gift, they got basically the opposite. If only we knew the tone of the card. If it was worded jokingly, that is pretty mean, but if it was apologetic, we can let this bad gift slide.

9. The Hottest Tech Gifts

via: Whisper

This person’s parents wanted to give both of their kids a useful tech gift for the holidays. The sister probably did not need anything for practical use, so she got a fun new gadget. The parents probably thought they were being helpful by replacing this confessor’s old, broken keyboard. They probably needed it for work or school! But grabbing a broken down used one from the office rather than just going to Best Buy is unforgivable. That is the worst combination of stealing and re-gifting ever! Hopefully this person got more than one gift that Christmas. Better luck next year!

8. It’s The Thought That Counts

via: Whisper

Getting holiday gifts from younger siblings can be great or terrible. If the parents help them shop and loan them money, you will probably receive something good. If they are left to their own devices, though, gifts like this happen. This confessor had to go through the trouble of opening a gift and acting like they were happy when in reality they didn’t even really get anything! I suppose receiving something you already own and like is better than being stuck with a horrible random gift, though. Let’s hope that this kid grew up to be a better gift giver than he was as a little one!

7. Five Dollar Foot Long

via: Whisper

Exchanging holiday gifts with friends can get awkward fast. Sometimes you have a gift for a friend who did not get you anything or vice versa. Other times, like with this person, the amount of money you spent on each other is way different. When you give someone an expensive gift like a camera, you do it because you love them. But there is nothing wrong with expecting something in return. My guess is that this confessor gave their friend the gift and the friend had nothing to give back, so she grabbed the nearest thing and said it was a Christmas present.

6. Sock It To Me

via: Whisper

Parents always say that they do not have a favorite child, but confessions like this one prove otherwise! Receiving a pair of cozy socks for Christmas would not actually be that bad. They can replace your worn out old pairs and they keep your feet nice and warm! But if after you open your socks you see your sister being showered with expensive gifts, that is a major blow. What did this person do to their parents to deserve this kind of treatment? If she was rude to her family, she should take the hint if she wants better gifts next year!

5. Is She Cinderella?

via: Whisper

Grandparents are notorious for giving weird and random holiday gifts. Sometimes they think you are perpetually a toddler and give you things you would have liked 10 years ago. Other times they wrap up any old thing they find in their house. This person received a super age inappropriate gift that they definitely did not have use for. What adult would want to receive a toilet brush for Christmas, let alone a middle school kid? Maybe they were rich and had their own bathroom to take care of? Going to Grandma’s house at the festive time of year is always an adventure.

4. That Voodoo That You Do So Well

via: Whisper

Let’s be honest: this sounds like a weird couple. Or maybe just the boyfriend was weird and that is why a voodoo doll was such a horrible gift for the person. Even if it was one of those cute fake voodoo doll stuffed animals from Hot Topic, this is still a kind of eerie holiday gift. But if it was “real,” that is even creepier! Maybe the boyfriend thought he was doing her a favor by making a voodoo doll of one of her enemies. I don’t know about you, but a black magic item is not one of the top presents on my Christmas wish list!

3. Something In The Water

via: Whisper

Is this Mom serious? Even if this confessor is a teen who uses a ton of water for long, hot showers, asking your child to pay a household bill is a little much. There is a difference between joking to make a point and making a kid without a job contribute to the household expenses. The worst part of this story is that they were supposed to come up with the money in just one day! Rounding up a couple hundred dollars is hard for anyone, let alone a young person with no income. I hope this ended up being a mean joke!

2. Let’s Get Physical!

via: Whisper

Wow. If you know someone is currently trying to lose weight and asks for workout gear as a holiday gift, get it for them. In that case, it is thoughtful! But giving someone who you think is chubby some weight loss related presents randomly is pretty mean. Even worse is that this confessor was just 12 years old. Everyone is chubby and awkward at that age! It is just baby fat that will eventually go away with age! And the gift was not even truly helpful, just bogus motivational speeches. Shame on the person who gave them this awful Christmas gift!

1. Sister, Sister

via: Whisper

Yarn? The only reason I can imagine that you would get someone yarn for Christmas is if they are an avid knitter. Maybe this person was but they did not need any new supplies. I wonder what the person asked for but they got yarn instead. This is another example of a family where the parents clearly like one sibling more than the other. Yarn costs just a few dollars a bundle but an iPad is hundreds of dollars! Why would they spend their money so unevenly on their kids? This confessor must have been on the naughty list for sure.

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