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15 Incredible Images That Prove Emma Watson Is A Ten

15 Incredible Images That Prove Emma Watson Is A Ten

Let us ask you something: what’s the first thought that pops into your mind the second you think about the great Harry Potter series? Does the image of Hermione Granger come to mind? It’s true that we’ve all grown fond of the phenomenal film series, and it’s really hard to forget how deeply it has affected us. Surely, Emma Watson’s significant role as the studious gal with an undying passion for Magic will always remain at the back of our mind. So let’s just say that the character of Hermione Granger will never manage to find a way out of our memory. Well, the same thing applies to all those bad guys in the series.  But anyway, Emma Watson is no longer a pedantic girl who has just taken her first steps into the movie industry. Presently, she’s a gorgeous young lady gifted with unrivalled beauty and charm. As such, we just can’t deny that she has taken our breaths away more times than we can possibly count. Up to now, we’ve shown you a small percentage of her eccentric nature. But we can bet that you haven’t seen much of that side of her.  Today we’ll once again focus on Emma Watson’s most glamorous and eccentric moments in public. Now hop on the roller coaster and let’s ride through Emma’s most curious moments!

15. She killed it at the Met 2016 Gala

via Just Jared

Do you remember her exceptional ensemble at the cherished event earlier this year? Let’s wind back the clock to look at her beautiful appearance at the Met 2016 Gala, shall we? Whatever you say, you just won’t be able to deny the fact that Emma Watson just killed it there. Her fabulous hairstyle and beautiful dress accompanied by her gorgeous smile simply stole the show that night. Frankly, what else can we expect from such a lovely girl, right? Also, Emma Watson’s dress was designed by Calvin Klein and it belonged to his special “Green” collection. It was a fabulous piece of clothing made from simple material found in every plastic bottle! Indeed, she’s a talented actress, a well-spoken activist, and such a gorgeous role model to look up to!

14. Let’s go shopping, shall we?

via Forum

So how about enjoying a shopping spree? Unfortunately, it won’t be in the beautiful and brilliant company of Emma.  But still, we’ve got to work with what we’ve got here, right? Who’s the photographer standing behind the object-glass anyway? Well, this sure is a burning-hot question. The identity of that lucky guy is still a great mystery, but hopefully, he enjoyed her organic beauty and sex appeal. After all, it’s the multitalented and beautiful Emma Watson! So it would be silly to think that there’s a guy who wouldn’t want to join her shopping adventure.

13. Hey, you little rebel!

via Pinterest

Famous for her phenomenal character as the pedantic Hermione in the mind-blowing Harry Potter series, Emma Watson’s interests are hardly a focus in her movie career. Outside of her successful acting career, Emma is actually a well-read young lady who’s already shown herself as a well-spoken activist as well. As you can see, Emma Watson is not as innocent, humble or shy as you might have thought. Her childhood years on the set of Harry Potter bit the dust a long time ago. Today, Emma Watson is a charming actress and an educated young lady who’s not afraid to stand up for her goals, thoughts, and ideas. You see, she’s got brains as well!

12. Cowboy looks?! Just watch

via Free Desktop Wallpapers

Have you seen her like this? Our beautiful and sweet Emma has just proved that she has grown up without you realizing it.  Surely, she can still play the character of your favorite Hermione Granger whenever and however she wants. But outside of that, Emma Watson is nothing like her character in the epic Harry Potter film series. What’s more, the beautiful British actress has definitely blossomed into a gorgeous young lady with a brilliant mind and a strong presence. Well, we’re pretty sure that you love that about her just as much as we do.

11. She’s equally fortunate and talented

Via: Imgur

Over the years, we’ve seen many cases of talentless actors so seeing another one doesn’t really come as a shock. It’s also true that some people are only famous for being famous. But while many actresses land great roles solely based on their looks, Emma Watson is a perfect instance of the exact opposite. Not only is she a charming lady, but her talent and acting skills are multi-layered as well. You know, it takes a bit of courage to fulfill your dreams and goals, but it takes twice as much to remain at the top. Well, we can only wish her an inexhaustible source of inspiration to make all of her dreams come true!

10. She also graced the cover of Vogue in Sept 2015


Oh, you can see Emma on the cover of all top fashion magazines, including Vogue itself. So let’s not pretend that Emma Watson is only a good actress when in fact she’s one hell of a model as well! No, we don’t mean a role model, but a real model on the catwalk. We don’t doubt that Vogue magazine has probably seen something special in her presence. After all, there could be thousands of reasons why Vogue has decided to have her featured on their cover. Needless to say, any girl could have been in her place. But no, Vogue must have wanted her and we absolutely approve of this classy choice!

9. She’s not afraid of low-cut dresses either

via Pinterest

Unlike many other celebs, whose ideas of looking hot and classy are often at war, Emma Watson simply plays by the rules. Apparently, she’s perfectly fine doing it. We don’t believe that she’s scared of wearing such racy clothes at all. Of course, she can do it but that wouldn’t be the person she really is. Why should she wear a dress that she doesn’t feel comfortable in? As you can see, she’s a fan of low-cut tops and cleavage-revealing dresses, and she looks ultra-classy. Ultimately, she’s got the looks, so the decision remains in her hands.

8. Emma proves that less is more

via Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe

We know that you’ve probably heard it for the 100th time by now, but it’s true: “less is always more,” regardless of the occasion. Getting all dolled up doesn’t necessarily mean that you must drown yourself in makeup and glitter. The same thing applies to any world-recognized events, such as the legendary Grammy Awards. Emma Watson has always looked dressed to the hilt without putting too much effort into it. The purpose is clear and it can easily be achieved with the right balance. Follow her lead, guys! Emma knows how it should be done!

7. Sporty looks = hot looks

via Pinterest

You don’t need your fancy dress to go for a run, do you? Neither does she or anyone else for that matter. Become one with nature and cut yourself some slack every now and then. The moment you decide to break free from the fake world and its glamour, you’ll be the happiest person in the room. But just in case you need some kind of inspiration, you can always take a look at our lovely Emma. She’s a wonderful young lady who doesn’t really care about what the world may say about her. She just goes with the flow without stressing over paparazzi or gossip. Indeed, Emma is living proof that you can look messy in the morning and still be as hot as lava!

6. She’s so… amazing!

via Pinterest

We may know Emma Watson as the cute little girl from the popular Harry Potter film series, but she’s definitely much more than that. Did you know that Emma has managed to score 138 on her IQ test? Her score is considered pretty high compared to the average results. As a matter of fact, Emma Watson’s high intelligence levels only add a touch of glamour and dignity to her already-huge appeal. By landing such a great result on her IQ test, she’s proven that hot girls can also be smart as hell. You go, girl!

5. Strike a pose, girl!

via MFD – Multiple Fashion Disorder

While many of you still think of Emma Watson as that perfectionist and ultra-diligent Hermione from Harry Potter, she has yet to stop amazing us with her eccentric photos. Indeed, such curious pictures could only prove how much she’s changed over the years. Well, she’s certainly not a little girl anymore. And she isn’t only interested in her magic classes these days. Today, Emma Watson looks incredible and we just can’t help staring at her. Emma Watson has obviously blossomed into a gorgeous rose… So, please, don’t judge us for being so in love with her!

4. She’s as beautiful as Belle

via YouTube

What do you think of her portrayal of Belle in the legendary fairy tale Beauty and The Beast? Did you enjoy it to the fullest? Frankly, it was such a phenomenal movie adaptation and it left us speechless towards the end. As for the film’s heroine, we can’t even describe how pleased we were to see Emma Watson in such a marvellous role! But we’ve got to admit that she was the perfect girl to play Belle. It’s pretty obvious that she can offer immaculate impersonations no matter the level of difficulty. All of this can only prove the immense talent and potential she’s been able to share with the world.

3. Looking amazing in Black & White

via IBTimes UK

This is hands down one of the fanciest looks we’ve seen so far. We can’t deny how stunning she looks in this incredible black and white dress. Why don’t we see her more often in such marvellous dresses? It’s true that the world has already seen all types of looks and styles on the red carpet but Emma’s definitely got something unique. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be so focused on her, would we? Well, it’s pretty clear that Emma Watson’s femininity and classy personality have totally won us over.

2. At your service, Captain!

via Pinterest

Emma Watson may be a world-recognized actress, but her fame doesn’t really make her any different from us. After all, she’s still a human being who’s got colorful dreams and ideas about the future. The same applies to her personal desires as a young woman too. She has definitely had a ton of admirers over the years. Presently, Emma Watson may still be single but she’s more likely to wait for her Prince Charming to find her first. In the meantime, we can enjoy watching her in many other promising Hollywood productions. Ultimately, she deserves every second of her success and glory!

1. Oh, no, wardrobe malfunctions are on the way!

Via: 9TheFix

One thing we’ve all learned from the beautiful Emma Watson is how to look enticing without going too far. We’ve already seen her in extremely classy dresses and low-cut tops, but we’ve never really seen her looking so spicy. We don’t know what must have gone through her mind but her infamous wardrobe malfunctions are so epic! Well, it could absolutely happen to anyone at any given moment so let’s not be that harsh on her, right? There’s no such thing as poor publicity as long as it triggers some attention. Besides, her infamous wardrobe malfunctions accentuate her femininity and sex appeal more than ever!


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