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15 Informative Talk-Show Hosts We All Need To Be Tuned Into

15 Informative Talk-Show Hosts We All Need To Be Tuned Into

They’re talented, charismatic and smart. And if you haven’t noticed, these ladies are smoking hot too. Frankly, if we must describe them with only 1 adjective, it would be exceptional. As you stare at these charming ladies, just drag your gaze down their beautiful figure as well. Isn’t that what femininity should look like? Did you just shake your head in denial? Well, if you did that then you must be totally blind to their natural beauty. By the way, these women are not only exceptionally beautiful but they’ve got an insane fanbase too. So yes, it hardly matters whether you find them amusing as long as they look amazing on your TV screen.  Seriously, it doesn’t even matter what these ladies talk about in front of the camera. Honestly, it’s quite easy to see why: everyone is so attracted to their looks that the topic hardly even matters. Also, let’s not forget that we’re talking about classy ladies, like Tyra Banks herself! Well, we’re pretty sure that you’re aware of her successful runway career. From the lovely Tyra to the charming Jenny McCarthy, today we’ll be walking the road to Heaven itself! Warning: scroll carefully, it’s going to get hot & heavy!

15. Chelsea Handler aka the blonde bombshell on daytime television

via Fortune

Frankly, there’s just something about the beautiful Chelsea that makes guys lose perception of time. She’s stunning, quite smart and rebellious. We’re pretty sure that she doesn’t care much about inappropriate language on daytime TV either. As charming as she is, Chelsea Handler is also a gifted American comedian/producer. Indeed, this can perfectly explain her captivating and amusing personality. Born on  February 25, 1975, Chelsea Handler also tried her hand at producing another TV show for Netflix. In 2012, Chelsea was even featured on Time’s “TOP 100 Most Influential People”. Indeed, that’s definitely a big deal for the beautiful Chelsea. But sadly for her, it got canceled after only two seasons due to its low rating. But anyway, Chelsea Handler still looks as gorgeous as usual, and guys can’t be any happier about it!

14. Tyra Banks and her awesome Show

via The Hollywood Reporter

Born on December 4, 1973, Tyra Banks is easily one of the most beautiful women alive. Best known as a former model, Tyra Banks was actually the first African-American woman on the glossy covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and GQ. By the early 2000s, Tyra was already a burning hot sensation in the lucrative industry of modeling. But outside of her successful modeling career, Tyra Banks was lucky enough to create her own TV show, The Tyra Banks Show. Frankly, it was probably the best decision that she’s ever made! Besides, let’s not forget that Tyra won a few awards for being such a great TV host! For this reason alone, we give Tyra a special place on our charming list today! Indeed, she totally deserves it!

13. Aisha Tyler’s Always Lovely On The Talk

via Pinterest

Born on September 18, 1970, Aisha Tyler is the gorgeous face you just love seeing on The Talk. Best known as a stunning TV host, Aisha is also famous for portraying Andrea Marino in Ghost Whisperer. She’s definitely a superwoman that’s funny, lovely and so friendly! She’s an amazing TV host with fine acting skills too. Well, it really turns out that this American beauty can sweep any man off his feet. By the way, Aisha Tyler also had small roles in great TV series, including the phenomenal Friends. Frankly, it’s probably just another reason why the world is so in love with her! We’re hardly an exception either! Smiling and sweet, Aisha Tyler just earned a lovely spot on our list of stunning TV hosts!

12. Sara Varone aka the Unique Italian Beauty

via Getty Images

Born on December 27, 1972, Sara Varone is the Italian beauty that guys are always happy to see on Buona Domenica. She’s funny, sweet and quite talented at what she does. She may be best known as Buona Domenica‘s pretty face but she’s certainly much more than looks. It also turned out that Sara’s interests are hardly focused on her TV career. Sara attended the respected La Sapienza University in Rome. Indeed, she appears to be deeply interested in psychology which explains her BS degree in this discipline. Apart from her TV personality, Sara is also a promising actress, starring in Airline, the famous theater adaptation of the movie.  Indeed, Sara Varone seems to be a multitalented woman who can definitely bring sunshine to our days.

11. Ricki Lake — The Ricki Lake Show

via Zimbio

Another natural beauty that totally captured our hearts is Ricki Lake. She’s a charming brunette best known for her great talk show The Ricki Lake Show. Born on September 21, 1968, the pretty Ricki Lake is also a cherished actress, producer, and TV presenter. Ricki’s debut in this industry was at the age of 24. Naturally, she had no experience in this lucrative business but it didn’t scare her off. In fact, she was dubbed the youngest person to host a syndicated talk show in such a great way. As a result, she was soon asked to join the team of another show – The New Ricki Lake Show. Obviously, she was so good at hosting that she even got an Emmy Award for her outstanding skills. To top it all off, Ricki’s fine looks have just landed her a top spot on our great list too. Indeed, she’s a fabulous lady who knows how to impress the world.

10. Elisabeth Hasselbeck — The View/Fox and Friends

Via: Huffington Post

Born on May 28, 1977, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a lovely American TV host raised in Cranston, Rhode Island. Although she’s quite pretty, it wasn’t until Survivor that she rose to prominence where she came in 4th place. A year later she met the guy of her dreams, the NFL star Tim Hasselbeck. In 2003, Elisabeth got invited to join the team of The View and become the 4th co-host. Thanks to her previous experience, Elisabeth was soon noticed by the right people. So after almost 10 years of co-hosting the show, Elisabeth left the series to join Fox & Friends. Although she was quite successful on the show, she decided to leave it anyway. Allegedly, she wanted to spend more time with her lovely family and be through with it. Presently, she’s no longer on the show but she’s still one of the prettiest co-hosts in the U.S.

9. Kelly Ripa — Live! with Kelly and Ryan

via celebrity bio news, fashion, movies

Born October 2, 1971, the gorgeous Kelly Ripa is an American actress, TV host, dancer and producer. In the ’90s, Ripa also portrayed the character of Hayley Vaughan on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children. As lovely as she is, Kelly Ripa is also one of the hosts of the famous talk show, Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Since 2001, the stunning Kelly Ripa has been a major part of the successful morning talk show. But outside of her professional TV personality, she played the role of Faith Fairfield in Hope & Faith. The beautiful Ripa is actually married to the handsome Mark Consuelos, who runs a famous New York-based production company. Thanks to her charming smile and talented nature, Kelly was named one of the Most Powerful People in the Modern Media. Fair enough!

8. Charissa Thompson — Fox Sports Live

via YouTube

Well, she’s not a typical TV host but she’s drop-dead beautiful. Born on May 4, 1982, the gorgeous Charissa is an American TV host and the pretty face of Fox Sports 1 and NBC. Previously, the stunning blonde actually worked for influential sources like ESPN and Versus. On top of that, Charissa was the co-host of SportsNation where she worked alongside Marcellus Wiley. Honestly, it didn’t take her much to become a hot TV sensation. In 2013, the charming Charissa became a TV presenter for Fox Sports Live as she worked on the brand-new Fox Sports 1 network. Later on, Charissa really made a name for herself as the charming TV host of Ultimate Beastmaster. Thanks to her broad experience and prominence, Charissa got noticed by Extra. Presently, she’s the stunning co-host of the famous entertainment news show.

7. The Stunning Jenny McCarthy – The Jenny McCarthy Show

via MStarsNews – Music Times

Another charming beauty that deserves a place on our list is Jenny McCarthy. As you know, she’s the pretty face of the Jenny McCarthy Show. Born on November 1, 1972, the lovely Jenny is a famous TV host, actress, author, and model. Oh, let’s not ignore the fact that she’s a pretty good screenwriter and an anti-vaccine activist. So what else is she perfect at? Jenny McCarthy’s career skyrocketed after her mind-blowing collab with Playboy magazine. Obviously, it was so good that she was even named Playboy’s Top Playmate of the year. Indeed, her gorgeous looks explain why she became such a renowned TV host. Whether you like her show or not, there’s little doubt that she’s one of the prettiest ladies on daytime TV.

6. Wendy Williams’s Always Classy on The Wendy Williams Show

via People

The charming Wendy Williams is an ideal example of how successful women can be. Born on July 18, 1964, Wendy Williams is a cherished TV host, fashion designer, and a gifted author. Thanks to her prosperous TV show, Wendy has become a role model for all women out there. Since 2008, Wendy has graced our TV screens with her charming smile and amusing personality. But outside of her booming career, Wendy Williams is just another regular woman and a loving mother. Indeed, Wendy’s a gorgeous human being who totally managed to succeed in life. Another reason why she’s a respected TV host is her candid nature. More often than not, Wendy’s talk show focuses on common relationship issues too. Well, now you can finally see why she’s still an adored TV host.

5. Arthel Neville, CNN’s TV Host With Platinum-certified albums


No, you didn’t get that wrong. It really seems that Arthel’s talents are multilayered. Born on October 20, 1962, the exotic brunette is an adored American journalist, TV host, and a musician. To top it all off, Arthel’s musical career boasts a few platinum-certified albums. Quite impressive, isn’t it? As you probably know, Arthel Neville was also the beautiful face of CNN’s Talk Back Live and the weekend anchor for Fox News Channel. As a matter of fact, CNN’s talk show was even dubbed the first interactive American show. Well, it seems like Arthel managed to impress the right people and media outlets. Presently, Arthel Neville is the beautiful face of Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends as she also contributed to The O’Reilly Factor.

4. The London Sessions w/ Cynthia Garrett, a UK-based talk-show that inspires women


She’s currently 54 years old but still looks as charming as usual. Born in San Francisco, California, Cynthia’s greatest TV success came with The London Sessions w/Cynthia Garrett. It was this show that helped her climb the ladder of success. Indeed, she’s a respected celebrity because she’s not afraid to discuss real women’s issues on TV. More often than not, Cynthia’s dynamic show centers around essential topics like marriage, relationship goals, faith and integrity. Cynthia’s desire to bring more light into women’s lives definitely pays off at the end of the day. Presently, she’s an adored TV host of a wonderful show cherished by women across the globe. Just for the record, The London Sessions w/ Cynthia Garrett regularly airs on TBN UK. So gather the family and enjoy some time with the lovely Cynthia Garrett.

3. The Pretty Kimora Lee Simmons on Life & Style

via Mercy Ebute’s Blog

She’s a gorgeous American fashion model who definitely knows how to make any guy fall for her. Born on May 4, 1975,  Kimora Lee Simmons is a gifted fashion model, designer, and CEO. It’s believed that her very first attempts at modeling were at the young age of 10. By the age of 11, Kimora was already quite tall which gave her great confidence to become a model.  She even managed to land a contract with the fashion giant Chanel. In 1989, Kimora had the honor to close Lagerfeld’s haute couture show. So let’s just say that the experience she gained as a model contributed to her TV success as well. She was a co-host of Sony Television’s Life & Style and the beautiful face of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. The show chronicled her life as a mother which was pretty successful at the time.

2. Ananda Lewis on MTV’s The Hot Zone

via The Coli

Meet the beautiful Ananda Lewis aka the former TV host of BET’s Teen Summit. Later on, Ananda decided to leave the show and move on to MTV’s The Hot Zone, where she would talk about music and interview top celebrities.  In fact, she was more successful there so it was kind of normal for her to create her own daytime show. Born on March 21, 1973, Ananda is best known as the former BET’s host, model, and social activist. She was also an MTV veejay until 2001 when she decided to launch her own syndicated TV talk show, The Ananda Lewis Show. Today she’s still one of the most beautiful TV hosts and social activists the world has ever seen. Therefore, she absolutely deserves a place on our sweet list of stunning TV hosts.

1. Pretty and Sweet: Star Jones & The View

Meet the charming Star Jones who’s easily one of the most loved TV hosts ever! Born on March 24, 1962, the beautiful Jones is a successful TV host who’s also a respected lawyer. Although she’s best known as the charming talk show host, Star Jones is also a divorce attorney. Another little-known fact about her is that she used to be a prosecutor with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. At that time, the charming Star Jones was also a commentator for the William Kennedy Smith trial. A few years later, Star Jones joined The View as a co-host. Since then, she’s always been a beautiful view to contemplate. Today, Star Jones is 55 years old but looks more beautiful than ever!


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