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15 Insane Moments From Google’s Street View In Los Angeles

15 Insane Moments From Google’s Street View In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is a sprawling, storied city that covers more than 400 square miles of Southern California and boasts some of the richest, most colorful history anywhere in America. LA has something for everyone, from the sandy beaches of the coast to the hills and mountains of the eastern border, from the glamor of Beverly Hills to the culture of Echo Park or Downtown to family-friendly areas like Glendale and Eagle Rock. It’s a mecca for filmmakers, artists, businesspeople, bohemians, and everyone in between. Given the blend of folks who populate the region and the sheer numbers of people in LA (there are four million or so people living in the City of Los Angeles itself and more than eighteen million in Greater LA), it’s little wonder that the streets of this town offer a fair share of funny sights.

Fortunately for us — and often unfortunately for the subject in question — the trusty Google Street View car is often on the scene to capture those amusing moments. If you’re trying to find funny images from Google Street View Los Angeles, you’re going to come up with your share of wins every time. To save you a bit of time, we lined up fifteen of the best here. So much for: “Only in New York.”

15. Oh, Hi, Street View!

Via: Google Street View

If you were hoping to get a view of the 100 North block of Westgate Avenue in Los Angeles, instead you are going to see a man who is either standing in the middle of the road, holding his face inches from the Street View camera, or who is a mighty giant large enough to block out the background even from a distance. Either way, the sight is unexpected, to be sure. And pretty amusing; this guy takes his encounter with the car camera in stride, nit even bothering to crack a smile.

14. Delivering a Baby on the Streets of LA?

Via: Google Street View

OK, we’re 97% sure this one was a fake setup for the benefit of the Google Street View car and for those of us clicking around at home, but regardless, this image pretty clearly shows a live birth tableau taking place on the streets of Los Angeles. Actually, change that to 99.7% surely a setup, or else that Street View car happened to pass at the 100% perfect moment, right at the “It’s a boy!” (or girl) reveal. Assuming the parents didn’t want to spoil the secret via sonogram or blood test earlier.

13. A Bird Editorializes

Via: Google Street View

If you want to get a good look at the southwest corner of the intersection of Wilcox Avenue and Sunset Boulevard there in lovely Los Angeles, you’re going to have to deal with a bit of bird shit. That’s because a passing bird managed to score a direct hit on the Google Street View camera as it snapped an image of this otherwise perfectly pleasant corner of LA. You can still see the buildings and the palm trees and all, just with a huge white mess joining the frame.

12. Hookers, Hookers, and More Hookers


To spend a few minutes browsing through Google Street View images of LA or of basically any major city is to wonder if the prostitution business is actually booming a lot more than most of us think. These cameras capture countless prostitutes and johns in the process of negotiating their transactions (sex for money, e.g.) and often record looks of distinct displeasure on the faces of those involved. A bit less frequently seen are images of the actual deal going down, and that’s probably for the better.

11. Actors Chase the Google Street View Car

Via: NBC

Alright, full disclosure, this snapshot is from the TV show Go On, which did not, in fact, go on for very long. Oh well. In the scene, a group of therapy patients dressed in a hodgepodge of armor and sporting medieval style weapons chase a Google Street View car up and down the streets of Hollywood. The photos look real enough, and that’s really LA behind them, so we’re letting it ride, because…helmets and armor.

10. Fire Hydrant Blows


Ventura Boulevard is one of the longest, most prominent streets in Los Angeles. No wonder it made it into Tom Petty’s song “Free Fallin’,” right? Right. This scene is probably not what inspired Petty though, because here we have a gaggle of onlookers and stopped traffic watching as a broken fire hydrant sends water spewing several stories high into the cerulean sky of Los Angeles. That city certainly has a history of water issues, doesn’t it?

9. Hey, Street View Car! F U!

Via: Google Maps

Man, that poor Google Street View camera. Not to mention the person driving the car! It seems like everywhere these guys go, even though they’re just trying to make navigating around this great big planet of ours easier, people are flipping ’em the bird. In fact, a raised middle finger seems to be the go-t0 default action when a Street View car passes by anywhere, and Los Angeles is no exception. How about a big smile and wave instead the next time, people?

8. The Headless Giants of Venice

Via: Google Street View

Either through the reflection coming off a puddle on the ground or through a software glitch, this Google image of two men strolling down the famed Venice Beach Boardwalk captures them twice, once as normal men of average height, and once as giants with towering legs and torsos and without heads. Or shoulders. Nice background of palm trees and the distant cliffs of Malibu and on into Ventura County beyond, too.

7. Spider Man Shares a Moment With a Tourist

Via: Google Maps

If you spend a lot time in the actual Hollywood neighborhood of LA, you probably don’t know Los Angeles all that well. But for the tourist, it’s often stop #1. Here we see Spider Man, or rather some out-of-work actor with a cheap Spider Man getup, putting his arms on a passerby in a warm embrace. What likely happened, actually, is that this is a tourist who took a picture of Spidey and now the Web Slinger is demanding a few bucks for the privilege. Oh, it’s a wacky town.

6. A Perfect Hollywood Moment

Via: Google Maps

In this image from a Google Street View car we see the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, a fire engine red Ferrari, a woman taking a picture of the Ferrari, and a man and woman looking back at the Google Street View car. Beside the Luxe Hotel on the right is a Michael Kors store, which is nice enough, but on the other side you can possibly make out the logo of a Rolex retail shop. Yeah, there’s a lot of money out there in some parts of Los Angeles. Like this one.

5. Scientology Headquarters

Via: Google Maps

If you’d like to sprinkle a little dash of total insanity into your digital tour of Los Angeles, don’t forget to click on over to the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and L. Ron Hubbard Way, the latter being named for the founder of the so-called Church of Scientology. In this snapshot from Google, we can see the facade of the cult church’s headquarters, though they actually have buildings on either side of the street and in myriad other locations around LA as well. Why? I… I don’t really get it either.

4. Picture of a Picture

Via: Google Street View

On any given day of the year, Los Angeles is filled with tourists. In fact, a staggering 45.5 million people visited Los Angeles in 2015, and the numbers have likely only followed an upward trend since then, if the previous few years are any indicator. So it’s little surprise that spending some time causing the virtual streets of LA’s touristy neighborhoods will reveal thousands of photos just like this one, where people are photographed taking photographs.

3. The Line at Pink’s Hot Dogs

Via: Google Maps

Anyone who has lived in LA for a few years has probably had a hotdog, chili dog, and/or a burger from Pink’s, but probably only once. The 75-plus year old hotdog stand near the corner of Melrose and La Brea is an LA institution that deserves to be visited once, but that’s usually about it for most Angelenos. Why? Look at that line there. It’s… always… like… that. Due to a mountain of hype, tourists flock to the place. There is always a line around the block at Pink’s, and while the burgers and dogs are good, they’re not wait in line for 45 minutes good.

2. So… Much…Traffic

Via: Google Street View

If there’s one thing you can find in almost every neighborhood and on any freeway of Los Angeles at pretty much any hour of the day between six AM and nine PM, it’s traffic. Lots and lots of it. There are so many cars, trucks, SUVs, and other wheeled vehicles vying for space on LA’s roadways that it really can take an hour to go a few miles. And due to the lack of adequate alternatives for cross-town travel, you just have to suck it up and sit in the gridlock. Or walk, but nobody does that in LA.

1. Google Street View Car Gets Pulled Over

Via: Google Maps

We’re not sure what the driver of this Google Street View car did while he or she was cruising around Los Angeles, but evidently it was enough to draw the ire of this LAPD officer. Here we have a perfect moment in time, where a camera car captures the moment of its own traffic stop. Quick tip: if you are ever getting pulled over in your regular vehicle, don’t start snapping pictures of the police. They don’t much care for that.

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