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15 Insane Rules NFL Cheerleaders Need To Follow

15 Insane Rules NFL Cheerleaders Need To Follow

What do you think of when you see cheerleaders? You’re probably thinking they’re the gorgeous babes with bodies to die for. You might even feel that they can do absolutely anything and they can get away with it because rules don’t apply to them.

That’s where you are wrong. Unknown to most of us, professional cheerleaders have to put up with a lot of rules, too. They may all appear to have a sunny personality and keep smiles plastered on their faces as they spread cheers and warmth to every one watching the games. However, let us just say that these cheerleaders are experts at what they do.

In fact, they might even have to put up with more ridiculous rules compared to us. Reports say that coaches can ultimately control a cheerleader’s diet, use of cigarettes and alcohol among other things. Not only that, these cheerleaders also have to put up with drunk creeps who think they have the privilege of groping the ladies.

Yet, there are still women who “sacrifice” their own happiness (and maybe even their sanity) just to be able to entertain us with their bouncy spirits and high energy.

Cheerleading doesn’t only involve learning dance moves and making yourselves pretty. It is a tough job that requires rigorous training and following some crazy rules in order to make the cut.

Read on to learn about the insane rules that NFL cheerleaders need to follow just so they can lift the players’ and our spirits up.

15. Calendar Sales



Cheerleaders are invited to take part in calendar shoots. Sounds great, right? However, what most of us don’t know is that these cheerleaders are required to buy their own calendars and sell them to the public.

Apparently, male cheerleaders have to buy 20 copies while the females are required to get one hundred calendars. To make things even more unfair, the cheerleaders need to sell the calendars at $15 each, even if they’ve already bought their copies for $12 a piece.

Selling calendars featuring hot cheerleaders may sound like an easy task. However, it gets challenging in a world where you can grab free photos from the Internet.

14. Maintain Pearly Whites

Cheerleader Smile


Cheerleaders are known for their bright personalities and charming smiles. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep their teeth pearly white. It’s understandable for teams to require this of the cheerleaders. However, it gets a little over the top when coaches require you to buy a specific brand of teeth whitening chewing gum.

In addition, you might expect for the team to pay for products and services that will help the cheerleaders perform their duties more efficiently. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for the ladies. We wonder how much the girls need to shell out for their toothpaste, breath fresheners, and other teeth whitening products.

13. Keep Their Monthly Visits In Check

Cheerleader Uniform White


It’s annoying to see stains on pieces of clothing. However, it is gross to see period stains on a cheerleader’s uniform, be it in person or on television. Hence, cheerleaders are reminded to make sure that they always use the right kind of tampon to keep their periods in check. To reiterate, sports teams remind their cheerleaders that a tampon too big might cause irritation and that a tampon left too long can result to bacterial infection.

Some teams, quite surprisingly, go to extremes. They even instruct cheerleaders how to properly wash their intimate areas. What do these cheering coaches think? Don’t they believe that their cheerleaders are old enough to know how to take care of themselves?

12. Practice Makes Perfect


Giving a great show is just as important as winning a game. Hence, it is no surprise that cheerleaders are required to attend cheering practices. Cheerleaders need to attend a certain number of days to be able to perfect the routine.

Sadly, it is reported that cheerleaders, Jills for example, are not compensated enough for all the hard work they give. It is also said that Jills aren’t even paid for making it to practices or the required 20 minimum personal appearances. Makes you think why cheerleaders still go through all this when they are clearly not appreciated enough by their respective teams.

11. Glam Hairstyles Are A Must

Cheerleader Hair Flip


Cheerleaders are expected to always look at their finest. They should have that all natural glow that makes their skin look healthy. On top of that, cheerleaders are required to keep the hair shiny and ultimately be their crowning glory.

Ideally, hair should be worn glamorously without the use of clips. It is recommended for long locks to be curled, brushed, and fluffed. On the other hand, short hair must still look great. Coaching teams add that ringlets are a no-no for the cheerleaders. It would also be great if hair is kept off the face and will remain looking fabulous after doing several hair flips in and out of the field.

10. Abs Not Flabs

Cheerleader Abs


Being cheerleaders, they are required to keep the “ideal” weight. However, how ideal is ideal?

It is believed that cheerleaders are warned not to appear jiggly in the wrong places. Apparently, gaining five pounds above the required weight is also something that should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, cheerleaders who violate this inappropriate rule will be left to spend their time in the locker area.

Sadly, this also means that cheerleaders, who don’t get to participate in the game, will also lose out on getting paid for the event. No wonder, some cheerleaders have had enough and taken their varying issues to court!

9. Keep Things Strictly Professional

Cheerleader Keep things professional


Some companies believe that office romance should be banned. The same thing could be said for football teams. Management has outlined a rule for cheerleaders keep things professional. Cheerleaders are also reminded not to have romantic relationships with assistants, coaches, players or the mascot!

The policy probably sounds good on paper in order for staff not to get distracted. However, it has been discovered that cheerleaders are the only ones who have this clause on their contracts. Where is the love?

Does this mean if coaches were to pursue cheerleaders, coaches wouldn’t be punished if the management finds out about their relationship, but the cheerleaders will be on the receiving end of a penalty?

8. Wow The Audience


Cheerleaders are paid almost next to nothing. However, sports teams still encourage the ladies to keep their energy levels high and to wow the audience. This means performing stunts that will leave the audience’s mind blown. This could also mean wearing uniforms that will make jaws drop.

Cheerleaders are reminded to perform their routines well and to bedazzle the audience through whatever means necessary. However, we hope that these coaches and management staff also take the cheerleaders health and safety in consideration. It’s an open secret that the girls aren’t paid much, so who will shoulder expenses should the cheerleaders meet some injury?

7. Sitting Is Not Allowed

Cheerleaders in the field


Most of the time, you’ll see cheerleaders standing or prancing in the field. There’s a ridiculous reason for that!

These cheerleaders are, apparently, not allowed to sit in between cheers. Their contracts outline that they are to be seen moving around or standing with their hands behind their backs or raising their pompoms cheering the team on.

A former cheerleader, who also happens to be suing the team she used to cheer for, also adds that they weren’t even allowed to go on water breaks! How come the players are given time to take a few gulps and yet the ladies aren’t given the same “benefit?”

6. Strictly No Underwear

Cheerleaders having fun


Wearing of underwear under practice clothes is yet another violation to the insane rules that NFL cheerleaders need to follow.

Another former cheerleader shared that panties, not even thong panties, are allowed to be worn under their practice uniforms. However, they are advised that they could wear skin-toned pantyhose during practice and games.

Pray tell us please. What kind of rule is this? Oh yeah, a ridiculous one. Not to mention it subjects the women to be viewed as objects, doesn’t it? How in the world do these coaching staff expect cheerleaders to perform well and feel comfortable during practice if they are not wearing underwear?

5. Pay For Your Own Uniforms

Dallas Cheerleaders


We have always thought that getting a uniform is one of the perks for working in a sports team. However, this is sadly not the case for our dear cheerleaders!

The ladies are, apparently, required to buy their own set of uniforms. It is also their responsibility to maintain said uniforms according to the team’s standards. However, cheerleaders are expected to buy another set should these uniforms get damaged or not meet team requirements. These uniforms aren’t cheap at $600++ by the way!

Maybe it’s about time more cheerleaders think about these insane NFL cheerleading rules they are being subjected to?

4. Eat Your Soup Right



Early in our childhood, we’ve been taught some table manners and other forms of etiquette. However, certain teams feel like giving their cheerleaders a refresher on the course.

Speaking of courses, a cheerleader shared that they are required to eat soup properly. Teams even go so far as instructing the cheerleaders a step by step process on how they can enjoy the second course of their meals. Not surprising if some ladies might feel a little insulted by this itty bitty bit of information. After all, we’re way past the 19th century where women are expected to always observe proper decorum.

3. Keep Eyebrows On Fleek

Eyebrows on fleek


Aside from sporting glamorous hairstyles, cheerleaders are also reminded to keep their eyebrows on fleek. Cheerleaders’ handbooks remind the ladies to make sure that their brows always match their hair color.

Brows appearing to be penciled in will not be accepted. Ideally, brows should always have a natural looking arch. They are also advised to approach “trusted” authorities to guide them on their eyebrow woes.

Seriously, why are penciling in brows such a big issue? Shouldn’t the girls be given the freedom to express themselves through the use of makeup, eyebrow pencils included? After all, it is not as if the sports team provide for the cheerleaders makeup products.

2. Manis and Pedis Please

Manicure French Tip


We understand that nails need to be properly trimmed. Hence, it is ok for us to hear that sports teams are requiring cheerleaders to always have presentable nails.

What is unacceptable is for these sports teams to require their cheerleaders to go for manicures or pedicures. This type of service costs a lot! How can these cheerleaders afford going on regular manicures and pedicures on top of their beauty treatments?

Additionally, why are these teams asking cheerleaders to undergo pedicures when their toenails aren’t even going to be seen? Is this just another way for coaches and authorities to show some power over the ladies?

1. Icebreakers Anyone

Girls Talking


Yes, starting a conversation with total strangers at formal functions is difficult. However, it is still surprising to hear that some teams don’t allow cheerleaders to start with certain icebreakers when speaking with other guests at formal events.

For one thing, talking about the weather is not allowed, unless the other party initiates the conversation. Otherwise, cheerleaders talking about the weather will be seen as trying too hard.

Ideal questions to start conversations should be about whether or not the person is a sports fan. Cheerleaders can then follow up with a question about how this person thought about the most recent game.


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