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15 Insane Things Garbage Men Have Discovered In The Trash

15 Insane Things Garbage Men Have Discovered In The Trash

Garbage men (and women) play a big role in keeping our environment clean. The good they do to society often goes unnoticed, but if there weren’t any waste collectors then our trash would just pile up at home, attracting all kinds of bacteria and possibly getting everyone sick. These dedicated people deal with our trash every day, no matter how gross or intolerable it may be, so we should remember to treat them well and maybe even show our gratitude to them sometimes. But it’s not actually all that bad either —garbage people sometimes find valuables and awesome things that they either take home or sell to interested buyers, allowing them to make some extra cash. You would be surprised by how much extra money they could make each year selling stuff they found in the garbage. Sometimes, however, they find things they’d never ever expect to find: insane things that have probably given them a few nightmares. It’s absolutely impressive that they could still continue to do their job after seeing some pretty crazy stuff. Want to know what some of these are? Here are 15 insane things garbage people have found in the trash.

15. A dead human body


Dead human bodies in the trash are not exactly new to us — we’ve all probably seen it at least once on television, although not necessarily on the news. If you like to watch crime shows, then you’ve probably seen it a bunch of times. But who would’ve thought that this could also happen in real life? Redditor tiorted726 shared on a Reddit thread that in his four years of working in a large municipality’s garbage department, they had to dump fully loaded trucks on the ground twice and spread out the content to look for a body. They successfully (unfortunately) found a body once. According to him, he made the right choice by not looking at it. If it were us, we probably wouldn’t have looked either.

14. Puppies—alive but barely kicking

Via: Allkpop

Depending on what kind of person you are, finding puppies in the trash might be harder to take in than finding a dead human body. One garbage man with the Reddit screen name thumb_hole described how he found five beagle puppies in someone’s garbage bag. When he first saw the bag, he just tossed it in the truck as he normally would. But upon hearing a soft cry moments later, he decided to rip through a bunch of bags until he found the five puppies, which were covered in “something awful” and crying. The good man that he was, he put the puppies in a big plastic bowl covered with newspaper and called the cops. The man responsible was caught and fined, but all the puppies unfortunately died.

13. A man’s ashes


Cremation has gotten increasingly popular in the last few years. This has a lot to do with the fact that cremation costs are a lot lower than traditional burial services. Additionally, people have become more willing to cremate their deceased loved ones instead of having them buried, probably because people are getting less and less religious. After a body gets cremated, the ashes are placed in a secure container and given to the deceased person’s family. So imagine how shocked Redditor Recycle0rdie was to find a person’s ashes in the garbage. Wanting to figure out what actually happened, he snooped around and learned the unbelievable news: this guy’s own family didn’t want his ashes so they threw them in the garbage. Makes you wonder what kind of person he’d been.

12. Inappropriate Kiddie Magazines


As a garbage man, the first thing that would come to mind upon seeing a pile of CDs isn’t “kiddie magazines.” Garbage men would normally assume that they’re movies, games or adult entertainment—but not the kind that pleases pedophiles. For some people, seeing a stash of kiddie magazines is worse than seeing a dead body in the trash. You may get upset or horrified when you see a dead body, but seeing these kinds of magazines will bring out a range of different emotions, including anger, which was exactly what Redditor sulaco42 felt when he stumbled upon a stash in the garbage. He called the cops and according to him, there had been a few arrests. “Lucky I didn’t find him first,” he said.

11. Engagement ring


Didn’t expect to see an engagement ring in this list, did you? Nor did this one garbage man expect to find an engagement ring in the trash. Redditor YouKnowABitJonSnow’s friend’s dad was a garbage man, and he told him about finding not only an engagement ring, but also a pack of condoms in a small disposable bag. “He always wanted to know the story behind it,” he added. Even we want to know the story behind it. What could’ve happened? One commenter speculated that the woman said no and so the guy didn’t get laid, explaining the condoms in the bag. But it’s also totally possible that the couple was already engaged and that the woman broke the engagement and returned the ring. Either way, that guy didn’t get laid.

10. Miscarriage fetus


Not to be insensitive, but this list seems to have a lot of entries about death. Anyway, seeing a dead fetus is quite shocking—probably even more than seeing a person’s remains or ashes or child porn. The thing is, while it’s probable to see dead people, cremated remains and maybe child porn (we hope we never do), it’s almost impossible to see a dead fetus from a miscarriage. Redditor IlCattivo91 considers this “the worst thing we’ve ever had on site.” Calling the whole incident horrific, IlCattivo91 said the plant driver fortunately saw it before he’d run over everything. The police got involved shortly thereafter, most likely since you’re not supposed to just throw away a fetus. It’s also possible that the mother had an abortion.

9. Dead baby


If you thought this list was going to get less insane, then prepare to be proved wrong. Redditor Jellyeleven’s friend found a dead baby—yes, a full-grown baby this time—the first few months that he was working for NYC’s department of sanitation. From the looks of it, what he’d found traumatized him. He apparently spent the next two decades trying not to pay too much attention to what was in the garbage truck. “He still gets upset to talk about it today,” according to Jellyeleven. And that makes sense; you don’t just find a dead baby in the trash and move on from it. There are a couple of questions we demand answers to. What happened to the mother and why did she do this to her baby?

8. Skinned sheep head


If you’ve never seen a skinned sheep head, don’t Google it. It’ll probably give you nightmares. It looks like something straight out of an episode of American Horror Story. Actually, they should use skinned sheep heads as one of the major elements in their show some time. That would be interesting to watch. Anyway, one Redditor shared a long list of insane things he’d seen in the trash. Among them were a skinned sheep head, gigantic soiled adult toys, deer stomachs, practically brand new designer clothes, and a few other things. Note that the skinned sheep head he found was a totally different incident than the series of perverted animal attacks in the United Kingdom in 2016, which, coincidentally, included numerous bloody, skinned sheep heads.

7. Marijuana harvest


Seeing as weed is still illegal in many places, finding the remnants of a marijuana harvest in the garbage is still pretty crazy. With the continuous crackdown on illegal marijuana plantations, you’d expect the people running them to be a little bit more careful. Trash can easily be traced back to its owner, and there have been plenty of stories about people getting arrested for throwing the evidence of their crimes in the trash. But weed remnants weren’t the only crazy things that Redditor weedandguitars found in the trash. He found a few other crazy things, but one insane thing he found in the trash that we’ve already encountered in previous entries on this list was dead animals. Apparently, finding dead animals in the trash is pretty common, which is actually kind of sad.

6. Skinned Raccoons


The world is filled with sick, terrible individuals who prey on the weak. Some of them target young children, others target defenseless women, and a select few target smaller animals, like the jerk that skinned several raccoons and threw them in the trash. We get it—raccoons can be quite annoying at times, especially when they build a den in your attic and cost you thousands of dollars to repair the damages. But that doesn’t mean anyone can kill or skin them for whatever reason. That’s just messed up. “[O]ne dumpster [I] get always has skinned raccoons in it,” says Redditor worldssilliestgoose. It’s unclear whether there’s only one or more people skinning raccoons, but we really hope these stupid, senseless and horrible attacks on animals stop.

5. A woman’s remains

Via: NBC News

In a previous slide, we’ve learned that a human body was once found in the garbage. Seeing this entry’s title probably didn’t surprise you anymore, but wait until you hear what actually happened. As told by a garbage truck mechanic, the “hamburger like leftovers of a woman,” who was struck by one of their trucks, was splattered all over the place. Let that sink in for a moment. The driver of that huge garbage truck hit this woman, causing her ground body parts to be spread everywhere. But it wasn’t the driver’s fault—the woman apparently walked straight into the truck while it had already driven halfway past her. The driver didn’t even realize this whole thing happened. A random commenter shared his opinion and said the woman most likely committed suicide.

4. Prosthetic leg


Another thing you’d never expect to find in the trash is a prosthetic leg. It’d probably really weird you out to find one. But that’s what Redditor spennyschue253, a biohazard company worker, found as he was picking up waste from a hospital. The two-week old prosthetic leg was apparently sticking out of a container. While it may make more sense to you to donate it or find a different owner for it, it’s actually logical to throw it away. For artificial limbs to fit, they need to be in very precise measurements, otherwise they won’t fit. That’s probably why that prosthetic leg was thrown away in the first place. It probably did not fit the intended user. But here’s hoping that person got a leg that fits!

3. Meth making ingredients


If you’ve at least seen the awesome and award-winning television show Breaking Bad, then you’re no stranger to meth making, especially the ingredients used. But unless your memory is impeccable, or you just happen to know a lot of stuff about meth making, then you probably wouldn’t even know that the supplies you found in the trash were the ingredients to make meth. Not Redditor Blue_Oval, though. This guy has seen these meth making ingredients in the trash so many times he probably knows them like the back of his hand. “I cannot count how many times I found meth making ingredients and other odds and ends in the same bag accompanied with a super strong smell,” he stated. “It was blatant[ly] obvious and always ended with a bust.”

2. Guns


What’s the best way to dispose a gun? There are plenty of ways to do this, but some people have found throwing it in the trash to be the best, or maybe the only way. When you’re trying to get rid of an object forever, throwing that particular object in the trash seems like the fastest and best way. Obviously, this isn’t true for everything. Guns are not something you can just throw in the garbage. These are dangerous objects that should be disposed of properly. You never know where it could end up going. And you definitely don’t want the gun to land in the wrong hands, especially if it’s still working. In case you didn’t know, the best way to get rid of it is to surrender it to the police.

1. Brand new products


This may only come as a surprise to a few, but garbage men often find brand new products in the trash. These include new television sets, computers, smartphones, iPhones and even iPods. Wondering how anyone could ever throw out a brand new, unused product? A lot of companies and retailers throw out damaged products, even if the damage is just a small scratch. Knowing that no one would ever buy a scratched TV for the same price as one with no scratches, companies get rid of damaged goods since they’re never going to sell and they’re just going to take up space. And you’d expect the garbage men to be able to take these things home and use them, but apparently, some places don’t allow garbage men to take anything home. Such a waste.

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