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15 Insane Things People Can Find In The Dark Web

15 Insane Things People Can Find In The Dark Web

If you are reading this then you probably think you already know pretty much everything there is to know about what we call the Internet. But let me stop you there because you couldn’t be more wrong. There is a thing called the deep web and there, one can find websites that can’t be accessed with the popular browsers like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla etc.

These sites can only be accessed by using the Tor browser and it isn’t illegal to do so. The reason most people don’t is because the majority of websites there range from what you could call “a little strange” or “this is insane.” Furthermore, people you wouldn’t want to mess with host these sites.

Keep in mind that if you do research on what you can face there you will find excessively graphic pornographic material, bestiality, and other sick stuff like that so in this article, I’ve decided to steer clear of content like that for obvious reasons. Also, links are not included and I advise you not to browse the dark web unless you know what you are doing.

So today, having said all of the above, let’s take a look at 15 messed up things found in the dark depths of the Internet.

15. Human products

Via: Live Eco

Just the thought of skinning someone alive or acquiring their flesh in any other way wasn’t enough for the makers of this website. The owners claim to use “the best normal skin there is. Human skin” which is also their motto.

In this website, one can purchase many things made out of a human’s skin such as belts, purses and also wallets which can be sold for the premium price of 10,000$.

If you find products made out of humans disturbing, then you are normal and sane because people that don’t have to be out of their mind.

14. Drug selling websites

via the hidden wiki

Silk Road, or “The Ebay of drugs” as I would call it, was the biggest website that used to sell drugs of any kind. Cocaine, pills, heroin, and meth along with plenty of legal things to choose from including sedatives and special medicine that is only legal to buy when prescribed by a doctor.

Every registered user of the site could make a digital shop and sell their “goods.” The payments are made with the use of bitcoins in order for the buyer to be untraceable. All three versions of the site have been shut down but plenty more have risen to take its place.

13. Mental Asylum Tour

via gravediggerslocal

White Enamel can be accessed by the usual browsers and is a mental asylum point and click game. While in the game, the player has to take a tour through a mental hospital that looks scary and haunted.

It is of the adventure genre if it has to belong in one, to begin with. The player has to make the right choices and find how to proceed to the next rooms and finally get to see the game’s ending.

While playing, a dark but beautiful song can be heard in the background on top of all the other creepy sound effects.

12. Experiments on people

Via: Best Psychology Degrees

“Not all humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others.” This is the website’s not-so-welcoming tagline. When the user browses through it, instead of watching creepy videos of human experimentation, they will face what seems to be some kind of journals.

Each journal entry keeps track of the kind of experiment that goes on and also information about the entry number of the participant and their conditions, as well as how long they survived the torture they call “test.”

On top of that, there appear to be four different warehouses. Each can house 20 people normally with the option to fit even more if needed. In spite of the disturbing thought of something like that going on, most people think the website is fake. I mean, look at the writing errors on the left of the image.

11. Prime quality meat

Via: Health Aim

The site hosted by “” which doesn’t sound disturbing at all, is a forum where people can discuss how to prepare human meat. There are even occasional meet ups where members get together to have “dinner” together, where the main dish may be a part of their own body or someone they don’t know.

What is great about this site is that they try to show they still have morals and respect for others while being cannibals. These pretentious lowlifes are trying to justify what they like doing.

There is also a similar website where you can read how to prepare a woman while keeping her alive as long as possible through the cooking progress. If that wasn’t enough, it will explain the best method to cook her depending on her body shape.

10. HIV forum

via quickmeme

A person having a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is one thing and sharing your adventures carrying the HIV virus is another. That is what users do on this forum.

They talk about their life and how they want to transmit the virus to others. They explain how they did it and get praised for their successful efforts. AIDs, which is the disease provoked by the HIV virus, is deadly and can’t be cured. You can only slow down the effects of the disease with medication.

What the members of this forum do is atrocious and something as serious as a deadly STD shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

9. Joy of Satan

Via: The Japan Times

Joy of Satan is an abnormally disturbing website and the fact that it can be normally accessed by any browser is even more strange. On this website, visitors can find anything related to Satanism.

They can read about the cult and its customs as well as find information on possible ways one could summon demons or even Satan himself. The site has a pretty huge directory of posts you could read but even the design of it isn’t appealing due to the dark colors and poor styling.

8. Prisoners’ last words

via priceonomics

In the introduction of the article, I said that there are websites for any crazy thing you can think of and this is one of them. A website has archives of prisoners’ last words before getting executed.

Only someone on the inside could have the information needed to maintain a website like that but that doesn’t mean he is not disturbed, to say the least. The prisoners are from Texas, where the death penalty still exists.

Texas has executed 543 prisoners from when it started using the death penalty back in 1976, which is more than one-third of the nation’s total.

7. A hitman network

Via: Youtube

Do you have someone you want to be taken care of? Then you’ve come to the right place. For the right price, you can get a contract hitman to kill anyone you want to. The three acquaintances who own the website still have some sort of honor code, as they will not kill children under the age of 16 or any of the top 10 politicians.

The payments are made using bitcoins and will vary depending on the target you assign to the hitmen. They will complete their assignment 1-3 weeks after they reply to your message and their payment has transferred for them.

So next time someone pisses you off, tell them that they shouldn’t have and order a hitman to take them out.

6. DIY vasectomy

via imgflip

Maybe you are tired of having your wife pregnant every year or don’t have enough money to keep purchasing condoms all the time. If you wish there was a way to stop kids from popping up in your life, then a vasectomy is the way to go.

But why spend so much money on doctors to do the procedure for you when you can do it yourself using the DIY vasectomy kit. The kit can be found on multiple product selling websites on the deep web. Just read the manual on how to do it and you are good to go.

5. Weapon market

via armory

If you are a resident of the US then you can go buy a firearm whenever you want, provided you are the legal age of course. But if you don’t live in America, then websites that illegally sell weapons on the dark web are for you.

One of the biggest ones, Armory, offers a great range of guns and armor to choose from, so you can find exactly what you need. Of course, the prices are a bit high but that’s just how expensive guns are in general.

4. Secret Government Information

Via: The Intercept

Sharing information of every kind, IntelExchange is the biggest site on the dark web that provides the visitor with a huge directory of categories.

Secret weapons, technology, and experiments are just an example of what this website has on display for its users. It also unveils all the conspiracy theories going on and the actual truth hidden behind them. There are many websites that provide intel on secret stuff but IntelExchange is the place to go.

So next time you want to learn more about a coverup, visit their website and you will most probably find what you are looking for.

3. Nymphomaniac’s forum

via memecenter

Just when you thought you have seen everything there is to see on the dark web, here comes a special forum designed exclusively for nymphomaniacs. If you didn’t already know, a nymphomaniac is a woman with an extremely high sex drive meaning she wants to have intercourse all the time and is considered mentally ill.

Nymphomaniacs from all around the world can join the forum and talk about their disorder and adventures. They can even arrange meetings to personally share an intimate “experience” together.

Intercourse is pretty amazing for most people but finding a girl who is a nymphomaniac can only be fun at the beginning of the relationship unless you are a sex addict as well. In that case, you will probably be the perfect match for each other.

2. Plane crash communications

via imgflip

In the last few years, especially with all the Malaysia Airlines commercial planes going down, the talk about airplane crashes has spiked around the Internet. Black boxes are a couple of recorders, which include the latest data and the cockpit’s pilots conversation seconds before a plane crashes.

There is a website on the deep web that is dedicated to exactly that: last minute recordings before a plane goes down. It can be pretty creepy knowing that the people you hear talking died shortly after the recording.

Nevertheless, it still remains a popular site as people are very interested in hearing someone’s last words, which is extremely disturbing in and of itself.

1. Hyperhero

The man, the myth, the legend and his name is none other than Hyperhero. Even though this website could be considered more funny than disturbing, it doesn’t stop it from being messed up as the owner seems to be too crazy to believe.

According to Hyperhero, he was responsible for saving the Earth during a dangerous solar eclipse and also for the extinction of dinosaurs!? On his website, you can also find FAQs, pictures of him and also a full list of swear words for some strange reason.

No, that doesn’t sound crazy at all. A man who thinks he has God’s powers isn’t insane, just ambitious…I think.

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