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15 Instagram Models Who Don’t Actually Look Like Their Photos

15 Instagram Models Who Don’t Actually Look Like Their Photos

In a time when we are bombarded with beautiful bodies everywhere we look, it can get a little discouraging. Celebrities, models, and bloggers not only show off their perfect figures from TV and magazines, but now tons of different social media outlets as well. Men experience this too, but the pressure is even worse for women. Photoshop, makeup, great lighting, personal trainers, dieticians, and knowing how to pose just right all help make the ladies we see on our screens attain the perfect figure. But it’s hard to remember that and not compare yourself to them! Luckily, many Instagram models and fitness enthusiasts have decided to use the social media platform to preach body positivity. While they are paid to look fit, they also emphasize that it takes a lot of work (and not just at the gym) to look the way they do. Most of the time, when they are relaxed and in regular clothes, they don’t have the perfect body. They have to manipulate their bodies both in real life and using photo editing tools to make them look just right. If you saw them walking down the street, you probably would not even recognize them! Read on to learn about 15 Instagram models who look nothing like their photos.

15. Ashlie Molstad (@foodiegirlfitness)

via: Instagram

Fitness enthusiast Ashlie Molstad fills her Instagram feed with videos and photos of her working up a sweat. Alongside the photos of her ripped abs and “unicorn hair”, are memes about drinking wine and photos of delicious cupcakes she says she can’t resist. When you first see her body, it’s hard to believe that Molstad actually indulges in any treats. But this workout queen also frequently shares “non-posed” photos of herself to show what her body looks like most of the time. Without flexing and standing at the perfect angle, her belly becomes soft and makes her look just like the rest of us.

14. Anna Victoria (@annavictoria)

via: Instagram

A certified personal trainer and the very picture of what all women wish to look like, Anna Victoria is a fitness beast. Her slender muscle tone and model good looks are the envy of 1.3 million Instagram followers. While she usually posts photos of the bodies she has helped to transform and snaps of herself in tiny swimsuits living her best life, she also isn’t afraid to show her “real” side. Anna Victoria has posted many side by side photos of herself to show that even people who work out for a living don’t have the perfect body 100 percent of the time.

13. Iskra (@iskra)


An international model for brands like Aerie, Iskra seems to have the perfect set of womanly curves. Her shapely hourglass figure has attracted an Instagram following of over 3.8 million people. But she isn’t here for body shaming no matter what your shape or size. Iskra recently created a video and accompanying set of “before and after” photos, where she reveals the poses models use to get the ideal figure instantly. Just by changing her angles, this model slimmed her face, tummy, arms, and back in seconds. While she continues to post photos of her amazing life as a model, Iskra reminds her followers that “social media lives aren’t Perfect and neither are us or our bodies.”

12. Sara Puhto (@saggysara)

via: Instagram

Body positive Instagrammer Sara Puhto is one of the realest people on the social media platform. A vegan and fitness enthusiast, she shares her healthy meals and photos of how her body has changed through exercise. Just as frequently, Puhto shows fans her “true self.” She often shows one Insta-worthy shot where her abs are defined, makeup is done, face is on point, and booty is round. Right next to it she then shows an outtake from the photoshoot with her belly puffed out, she’s making a weird face, and her butt looks flat. Puhto emphasizes that changing lighting, clothes, and poses make all the difference in photos and that’s why you should never compare yourself to others!

11. Jen Widerstrom (@jenwiderstrom)

via: Instagram

Jen Widerstrom is one of the fittest ladies on Instagram. She shares tons of photos of herself working out and her nutritious, clean meals as well as fitness tips for her followers. While her muscles could be seen from a mile away, Widerstrom wants people to stop beating themselves up over having the “perfect” body. She stresses in one post that everyone’s body looks different from different angles and poses. Even this super in-shape lady has some belly fat rolls when she sits down! If you were sitting next to her on a beach, you might never know she had ripped abs.

10. Jess (@plankingforpizza)

via: Instagram

Australian plus-size model Jess King often shares glamorous photos of herself in lingerie, swimwear, and dresses. Her curvy, feminine figure seems unattainable to most of us. An hourglass shape but with no jiggly parts or tummy? How does she do it? In this photo she shows followers how she stands differently in photos to make her legs and belly look slim, and to emphasize her collarbones. When she is relaxed, standing like she would on the street, she looks just like you and me. King shows that even without Photoshop, people can look super different, so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to people we see online or in magazines.

9. Imre Cecen (@imrececen)

via: Instagram

Instagram model Imre Cecen fills her feed with the life many of us dream of. She’s always decked out in amazing outfits doing some cool activity, or dressed in designer active wear showing off her rock hard abs. While she totally beautiful, Cecen makes sure to remind her followers that she isn’t perfect! She talks about how everyone’s body is naturally different and we should love who we are. In more than one post, she has shown how lighting and pose can affect the look of cellulite, muscle tone, and body shape. Even a super fit girl like her has thighs that splay out when she sits down!

8. Rachel (@rayray_recovering)

via: Instagram

Instagrammer Rachel shares her journey as she tackles mental and physical illness through fitness. She shares inspiring shots of her getting sweaty at the gym, as well as yummy and healthy treats she makes. In order to help herself and others who are recovering from eating disorders, she discusses self-love and acceptance of all body types often. In this set of photos, she shares how a simple change in posture can give the appearance of major weight loss. Rachel urges her followers to stop comparing ourselves the others on social media, because we only see the best shots of them, not their everyday look and life.

7. Milly Smith (@selfloveclubb)

via: Instagram

Another woman recovering from an eating disorder, Milly Smith, shares her whirlwind life on her Instagram page. She is a mother, a mental health and chronic illness survivor, and a current cancer warrior. Smith often posts side by side photos from when she was at the height of her eating disorder and the present; showing how far she has come with her recovery. This set of photos, though, show how different she can make herself look just with clothing and pose changes alone. She shares that looking at photos from different angles from the same photo shoot like this, help her realize that her body is beautiful and gets her through episodes of body dysmorphia.

6. Jess King (@jessraeking)

via: Instagram

Fitness enthusiast, and author of the self-empowerment book Planking For Pizza, Jess King shares the ins and outs of her fitness journey. Her impressive “gains” have gotten her over 209,000 followers on Instagram. Her jokey captions about getting in shape just so she can eat junk food without care are beloved by her followers. Amidst all of her amazing workout photos, Jess posted this set of snaps. She explains how adjusting her swimsuit bottoms and standing in a different position gave her an instantly slimmer look. She tells followers, that both “versions” of her body are worthy of being loved by herself and others!

5. Nikkie De Jager (@nikkietutorials)

via: PopSugar

While she is more of a YouTube star than an Instagram model, Nikkie De Jager shows her millions of followers the power of transformation. With the right amount of time and makeup, she can create any look she wants for herself, nature be damned! Even people who know her personally might not recognize her from one day to the next. She obviously loves beauty products, and teaching people how to use them, but still is not ashamed to show her real face. Many of Nikkie’s tutorials start without any makeup at all to show that cosmetics are for having fun, not because there is anything wrong with how you look naturally.

4. Hailey Bettencourt (@haileybettencourtfitness)

via: Instagram

Hailey Bettencourt, a personal trainer and super fit lady, amazes her followers with photos of her enviable body. She shares a good mix of both fitness pictures, some of her living her normal life, going out with friends, and enjoying vacations. In this set of photos, she addresses a common problem most women don’t discuss: bloating. While Bettencourt usually rocks killer abs, here she shows a puffy tummy, the result of a carbohydrate-heavy meal. Our bodies all do the same crazy things, no matter who you are! She explains that she is not “a magical unicorn that walks around with a 6 pack all day.” Preach!

3. Dulce Candy (@dulcecandy)

via: PopSugar

Known for her beauty tutorials on YouTube and finished looks on Instagram, Dulce Candy shares gorgeous makeup looks in even more beautiful locations. From Halloween looks to an everyday face to red carpet ready makeup, she does it all. Each design she creates transforms her into a different person almost. But Dulce Candy knows there is more to life than looking pretty for others. That is why she begins many of her videos without a drop of makeup on her face. She wants to show her viewers and followers that you can be beautiful, whether you like to wear cosmetics or not!

2. Maeve Madden (@maeve_madden)

via: Instagram

This inspiring Irish model and personal trainer has a unique story. She struggles with chronic illness, and uses exercise and healthy living to help keep her body strong. Sharing videos of her crazy workout, Madden hopes to help others achieve their fitness goals. However, in this photo set, she shows that even the most in shape people you know don’t have toned abs 24/7. Here she explains that a combination of food intolerances, IBS, and fluctuating hormones often lead to a bloated belly. Madden says she feels it is important to share all parts of her reality, not just the good days.

1. Laura Ivette (@lauraivetteg)

via: Instagram

We have saved the most stunning difference for last! Laura Ivette is known to her 530,000 Instagram followers as an amazing model. Her womanly curves and sultry photos, attract both male and female fans. But Laura is also a hardworking molecular technologist! When she is going to work, as she explains in this post, she wears her glasses, comfortable clothes, flat shoes, and little to no makeup. Even her biggest admirer probably would not recognize her! She then discusses her struggle with posting the “mundane” parts of her life, as well as the glamorous model photo shoots, to prove that all parts of life are important.

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