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15 Insulting Nicknames For North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

15 Insulting Nicknames For North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

The world may be on the brink of World War III between North Korea and the United States. The rhetoric is now at a fever pitch with exchanges between the POTUS and the Supreme Leader of North Korea Marshall Kim Jong Un.

When we look through the pages of history, we see a lot of comic satire with regards to Hitler’s rise to power in Europe. Even Disney was officially engaged and hired by the United States government at the time to make animated films that ridiculed Hitler and his Nazi regime. The great actor Charlie Chaplin also starred in a movie called The Dictator which parodied Hitler in the most unflattering ways.

Today, there was a parody of Kim Jon Un in a film produced by Sony called The Interview starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, which angered the North Korean leader so much that they launched a cyber attack on Sony in Japan. Now, copies of the film are routinely sent over the border from South to North Korea on DVDs and USB fobs attached to balloons. At the end of the film, Kim Jong Un is blown up, which the west views as a happy ending.

With the power of Internet communication and social media, the satirical slurs are widespread and many go viral. Here are the most popular of the 15 most insulting nicknames that have been given to Kim Jong Un on the Internet.

15. The Great Eater

Via Freaking News

This is a play on words for one of Kim Jong Un’s official titles which is the Great Leader. This nickname is especially poignant because the vast majority of the people in North Korea are under-nourished. If there had not been late summer rains in 2017, the North Korean people would have faced another famine like the one that killed between two to three million people a decade ago.

It is rumored that Kim Jong Un has a staff of doctors on hand to try to find a solution to his obvious obesity and the health problems it creates. Of course, Kim Jong Un does not listen to his doctors at all and eats everything he wants with abandon. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins and Kim Jong Un is eating his way to his early death.

14. Bang Bang Style

Via Imgur

For whatever reason, Kim Jong Un thinks it is a good strategy to threaten the United States, Japan, and South Korea with war. Somehow in his twisted logic, he believes his regime will be safer when he continues his nuclear program along with bellicose statements about how he will attack other countries, to “reduce them to ashes” and other things so horrible and despicable that they do not deserve mention here.

It would be better for the North Korean people if Kim Jong Un, who would be better as Kim Jong Dumb, would simply go silent. Obviously, he has a big ego and is willing to sacrifice his entire country in the pursuit of his goals to garner world attention. However, he is playing with fire and he is pushing this aggressive behavior way too far.

13. North Korea’s Best Leaner

Via imgur

Another pun on the phrase of the Great Leader is the Great Leaner. This is because Kim Jong Un is obviously so fat, he would most likely get short of breath walking up a single flight of stairs. If you take the weight of an average North Korean person at 125 lbs., it would take at least two of them to balance the weight of Kim Jong Un who is estimated to weigh over 350 lbs. It is offensive that he can be so fat when his people are near starvation, especially the children living in the northern, rural parts of North Korea.

12. Rodman’s Baby

Via Freaking News

A lot of people believe Dennis Rodman is a bit crazy but he also was a great basketball star during his professional sports career. For some reason, Kim Jong Un took a liking to him and they became friends. Rodman went to North Korea on a friendship mission to try to calm the situation down and open up communications between the USA and North Korea last year.

At first, Rodman thought he had some success when North Korea released an American prisoner, Otto Warmbier, who they held for attempting to steal a poster from his hotel. The North Korean government sent Warmbier back to the USA upon Rodman’s arrival in North Korea, which at first seemed like a good thing. However, Warmbier was in a coma and died a few days after being returned to the USA. Speculation is that Warmbier went into a coma from being tortured while in the North Korean prison.

11. Disco Kim

Via condecdn

Kim Jong Un is a thirty-something megalomaniac that likes to show his bombs to the world, while he continues to threaten to use them. The world community reacted in unison to these provocations by a unanimous vote in the United Nations for harsher sanctions against North Korea and condemnation of North Korea’s illegal nuclear program.

There is speculation that North Korea uses fake props in the photos released by the official North Korean News Agency. The supposed nuclear warhead shown in this photo that looks like a disco mirror ball is the reason behind the Disco Kim moniker. While it could be a prop, there have been plenty of real missile tests conducted by North Korea.

10. Giddy Up Kim


Just like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un likes to have photos taken of him riding a horse. However, Vladimir Putin took his shirt off in his horse-riding photo to reveal a well-toned body. Kim Fatty could not do this because his body is closer to looking like a hippo than an athlete. We think maybe the horse is probably thinking, “Get this fat slob off my back” in this photo. After this photo, Kim’s weight expanded even further. Now, it is probably unlikely that there is any horse in North Korea that is large enough to carry him.

Perhaps the United States should send him a friendship gift of one of our American Clydesdale horses famous for being the horses used in the Budweiser commercials. Add in some cases of beer as well and then we can ask Kim Fatty to chill out with his threats to bomb the USA.

9. Hello Fatty

Via Japan Times

This photo shows Kim Jong Un admiring an item that would be considered a cutesy thing wanted by young school girls such as the Hello Kitty brand items that are so popular in Japan. Kim Jong Un looks silly admiring these things even if young school girls would like them. He might as well be playing with toy blocks or other things made for kindergarten students.

Kim Jong Un is more interested in making sure nothing encourages any positive thoughts about American Imperialism. In the elementary school math programs, the math questions on exams refer to counting the number of American bastards left over after you shoot some of them.

8. His Greatness

Via quickmeme

Kim Jong Un does not have to worry about his self-image because his greatness is obvious. He is getting “greater” in size every day. No one in his country questions him about his size. Instead, they love showing him the factory production of foods.

It is obvious to others outside of North Korea that Kim Jong Un has a serious eating problem that is out of control. However, within the country of North Korea, they think he is like a God and worship him with massive parades and public adulation, which only results in Kim Jong Un eating more to increase his greatness.

7. Calvin Kim

Via brandinginAsia

An Asian branding agency suggested the use of Kim Jong Un to sell underwear to the more robust-sized Asian males. After all, if Kim Jong Un can look good in underwear, then any other fat Asian man can as well.

The problem with this strategy is that most Asian men are very well built and not fat. Obesity is not a huge problem in Asian countries and it is rare for Asian men to be fat. They remain in shape even as they get older and their wives look pretty thin as well. A few extra pounds are acceptable as people get older but being a fat gluttonous pig like Kim Jong Un is not the preferred standard for Asian people.

6. Bosom of Love

Via The Daily Beast

Young North Korean girls actually swoon in the presence of their Leader. That is how brainwashed they are. They think this fat kid who inherited a dictator’s throne and consolidated power by killing his own brother and his uncle is somehow a desirable man.

The regime of Kim Jong Un is like something out of the medieval ages. He has forced-labor, concentration camps that house hundreds of thousands. He rules by terror, not by love for his people. Any love he feels from his people is propped up by their fear of reprisals, which includes the punishment of three generations of family members if anyone in the family makes any infraction. That means parents, grandparents, children, uncles, aunts, and all related family members are sent to the concentration camps if a single person in the family does something that upsets the North Korean government. If someone is caught watching foreign movies or television programs, they can be shot.

5. Kim Capone

Via Metro UK

Kim Jong Un is a criminal, plain and simple. He enslaves his people. He does not even allow them access to information about what is happening in the rest of the world. North Korea is one of the few countries where the general population has zero access to the Internet.

He rules as a tyrant in ways similar to a crime boss. He is like Al Capone in this regard. He has no respect for decency or international law. He is a criminal of the worst kind and we hope he faces the same demise as Al Capone. He needs to be arrested, tried by the World Court for crimes against humanity and then upon conviction, locked up for the rest of his life in the highest security prison in the world.

4. Kim Fatty the Third

Via YouTube

The Chinese government used to try to be complacent with North Korean attitudes. When the nickname Kim Fatty the Third became popular on the Chinese search engines, at the request of the North Korean government, the Chinese government actually blocked the search results for the use of this term.

Regardless of the Chinese efforts to block the use of offensive nicknames for the Kim Jong Un, the Chinese people created many variations of “Kim Fatty the Third” so that the Chinese government eventually gave up in patrolling the vast amount of negative opinions the Chinese people had about the North Korean leader.

3. Kim Wrecking Ball

Via The Sun UK

It is very well known that Kim Jong Un is a Miley Cyrus fan and likes her song entitled Wrecking Ball. He might blast this music while he has a semi-truck deliver food for his meal and plots to destroy world peace.

When you think about it, it is amazing that such a small country that is so inconsequential in terms of the world finances has been able to capture the world’s attention and take a priority position on the world stage.

Kim Jong Un has upstaged China, Russia, and Iran in terms of getting the attention of the USA. That is not a good thing. The old Asian saying, which applies here, is “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

2. Nuke Kid on the Block

Via Business Insider

Kim Jong Un is under the false impression that having nuclear weapons will make his regime safer and he will be in an eye-to-eye bargaining position with the United States. The USA does not succumb readily to such threats and will definitely annihilate him and his entire country if push comes to shove.

We hope that South Korea and Japan have enough advance warning to be able to evacuate their people from the war zone. There is no doubt this is the end game here and the USA is fully prepared to do this. Any attack by North Korea on South Korea, Guam, or Japan will immediately provoke a massive American response. Maybe the US will take pre-emptive action as well. All talk and joking aside, Kim Jong Un is gambling the life of millions by continuing to make these threats.

1. Rocket Man

Via bp.blogspot

The POTUS tweeted out the moniker “Rocket Man” for Kim Jong Un, which he repeated when he gave a speech at the assembly of the United Nations in New York. In the speech, the POTUS said, “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.” He then said that if the US is forced to defend itself or its allies, it is prepared to totally destroy North Korea. The threat effectively meant killing about 25 million people in North Korea and putting tens of millions more at risk of harm in South Korean and Japan.

Even though the “Rocket Man” moniker is amusing, the issues about a war on such a scale are deadly serious.

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