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15 Jaw-Dropping Concept Vehicles You Can Ride Into The Future

15 Jaw-Dropping Concept Vehicles You Can Ride Into The Future


The concept cars that will bring us to the future are packed with sheer awesomeness. At present, different manufacturers have already revealed what the future looks like in terms of what technologies they will pack into upcoming cars. If we were to describe them, they are simply “high-tech.” They possess technologies so advanced that some may seem more like a dream than a reality.

Some of these concept vehicles have innovations more advanced to the ones found in your home. Futuristic stylings, unique designs, voice technology, driverless capability, connected driving, and more – these are just some of the things we can expect from these futuristic vehicles. In addition to these, environment-friendly features are also coming into these machines. Soon enough, driving a car will no longer have any negative impact on the environment.

On top of these, hopefully, the future of cars will not only make driving even faster but safer as well. Inside and outside, these cars perfectly demonstrate what is in store in the world of motoring. We show here some of the most innovative concept cars that will make any owner a trend setter rather just some who sticks to the trend.

15. Rolls-Royce Vision 100


The epitome of luxury, Rolls-Royce knows how to be exceptional, especially when it comes to the future of cars. As part of the centenary celebration of its parent company, BMW, Rolls-Royce revealed the Vision 100. This concept car is the visual display of how the luxury car manufacturer sees 20 to 30 years ahead in the automotive world. The Vision 100 shows opulence and sophistication. If ever it gets produced, it will definitely set a high bar for luxury cars. Rolls-Royce perceives this car to be completely driverless. Hence, it doesn’t have any front seats or access to the steering wheel. It just offers a comfortable backseat sofa made from luxury silk. It can seat two passengers. Opposite the sofa is a huge OLED TV.

14. Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion


More than just offering a completely autonomous ride, the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion uses a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell and two electric motors to guarantee zero emissions when driving it. Mercedes-Benz claims that theoretically, the car has a capability of rocketing from standstill to 100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds. Moreover, the car brand said that it can run 1100 kilometers before needing a fill-up. The F 015 is branded as Luxury in Motion due to the plethora of advanced technologies being put on it. It will even have a digital activity space so the riders can make full use of their time without worrying about driving. The futuristic car is slated for a 2030 production. As of now, it simply serves as a research car for the luxury brand.

13. Faraday Future FF 91


Bringing the future faster than we expected, the Faraday Future FF 91 is the fastest production car in the world. The car sets a record, a smashing 0 to 60 mph acceleration in just 2.39 seconds. How was it able to do this? It draws power from its all-electric drive system with a whopping 1,050 hp. Moreover, Faraday Future claims that the FF 91 can cover 379 miles on a single full charge. On top of its performance, the FF 91 carries a lot of technologies including facial recognition to unlock the car and a LIDAR along with cameras and sensors so it’s future-ready for self-driving. Moreover, it also has a glass roof that is just to change from clear to shade mode. Full production of this car will start in 2018.

12. BMW Vision Next 100


Joining the Rolls-Royce Vision 100 in celebrating BMW’s centenary, the Vision Next 100 is the mother brand’s take on the future of cars. This futuristic ride is BMW’s attempt to show what the car of tomorrow will look like with driverless technology completely revamping car design. It also displays what luxury bespoke cars will look like in the future. According to BMW, the Vision Next 100 is a “blend of coupé-type sportiness and the dynamic elegance of a sedan.” Like the Rolls-Royce Vision 100, BMW’s version will be autonomous, giving the passengers more freedom. Additionally, it will come with iconic doors that swing up and down. The tires are seamlessly integrated with the car. Moreover, the windshield has a display that allows the passenger to navigate along the way.

11. Toyota Concept-i


A car you have a tight relationship with, the Toyota Concept-i has more than just autonomous driving and scissor-hinged doors. This car comes with artificial intelligence (AI) system that will answer to almost all your needs. It has sensors all over to monitor the driver’s emotions and attention. It also tracks geographic locations and road conditions in the vicinity. Although autonomous, Toyota recognizes that some may have the desire to drive on their own so the Concept-i still has a steering wheel, accelerator, and brake pedal. The car has a user interface named Yui. The system can display information on the car’s bodywork, exterior door panels, and rear end. Yui also has access to the car’s interior, showing important information across the car’s dashboard.

10. Rinspeed Oasis

Many call it a crazy concept car but the Rinspeed Oasis is definitely bringing the future of driving to the present. Aside from its driverless capability, it has a gesture-controlled display that can even tell when the traffic light is turning green. It has a huge 5K widescreen display inside that has voice and gesture control. Moreover, the Oasis can be owned or shared with other riders through a ride-hailing app. Rinspeed claims that the electric vehicle can attain a top speed of up to 80 mph and can accelerate to 60 mph in 9.7 seconds. A unique feature on this card that suits the Oasis name is that it has a space behind the windshield for a garden which Rinspeed describes as “enough space for growing radishes or even little Bonsai trees.”

9. Nissan’s Teatro for Dayz


Many consider the Nissan Teatro for Dayz as one of the most ridiculous futuristic car concepts we have around. Aside from its name, its features are somewhat silly for many. For instance, one of its most iconic features is that it allows the owner to splash the seats with different designs like leopard skin, grass, or even retro patterns. Moreover, you can play RPG across virtually the entire interior of the car. It is an electric vehicle with style and it is Nissan’s take on convincing non-hardcore car fans to take interest in the brand. Apparently, Nissan Teatro for Dayz serves as a canvas for an artistic driver looking for a futuristic car to get someday.

8. Terrafugia TF-X


The Terrafugia TF-X takes futuristic cars to a whole new level… literally. The company claims that it will soon start building cars that can fly. The TF-X comes with fold-out wings and helicopter-like rotor blades that will allow it to soar in the sky. Theoretically, the futuristic concept vehicle will have a cruising speed of around 200 mph. Terrafugia revealed that an unmanned prototype will be released by 2018. If this car concept pushes through, it will be the biggest solution to traffic. However, as a new concept, safety is a big issue. Still, Terrafugia assures that tons of testing will be done to guarantee that the TF-X is a car that is safe to fly.

7. Audi h-tron quattro


On the outside, the Audi h-tron quattro may look like a typical SUV. Sporty and expected to perform well, it carries the appearance of an everyday sports utility vehicle. However, what is futuristic about this car is how it works. It is not merely an electric vehicle, but it is the only car known to run on hydrogen solely. Hence, it operates cleaner with guaranteed zero emissions. According to Audi, the h-tron quattro can run 372 miles on hydrogen alone. Due to its source of power, it guarantees quite driving. Still, it is a performer with an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds. It has a top speed of 124 mph. Although Audi has revealed the car on auto shows, they have not confirmed anything about mass producing it.

6. Lexus LF-FC


Redefining luxury, the Lexus LF-FC is an incredible car of the future. This hybrid car carries a holographic interface on its center console that has gesture control. With just a wave of your hand, you can control the audio system or ventilation system. Lexus unveiled the futuristic car at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, sporting a courageous exterior and a dynamic interior. The car is very aerodynamically sound with curves at the right places. It is aggressive and it commands attention. Under the hood, it draws power from a high-output fuel cell that delivers directly to the wheels. On top of all these, the Lexus LF-FC comes with a superb driving system that promises comfort and stability.

5. Rinspeed Ʃtos


The Rinspeed Ʃtos is one of the futuristic cars we can’t wait to see. Autonomous, this car comes with a folding and retracting steering wheel that disappears almost instantly into the dashboard. Hence, it provides additional space inside the cabin. There are two 21.5-inch Ultra HD widescreen monitors inside the car that are completely adjustable to give the passengers a better view. The high-tech concept car comes with its own drone and landing pad at the rear end of the car’s exterior. The drone can be controlled using the interior touch displays and it can easily find its way back to the car. The Rinspeed Ʃtos is equipped with its own artificial intelligence (AI) system like Siri and it can learn your preferences to make proactive decisions like playing your favorite album.

4. Panasonic Autonomous Cabin


Although not really a car, the Panasonic Autonomous Cabin is a concept that the brand dreams of seeing in future cars. When you hear Panasonic, you may not immediately think of a car product, but apparently the company is doing its research in this field. The Panasonic Autonomous Cabin appears more like a motorhome than a car. There is a table installed inside the cabin, which is not for dining because it is a four-panel interactive digital display system, serving up entertainment, information, productivity software and more. In this product, Panasonic is also exploring augmented reality, personal audio zones, and facial recognition for motoring products.

3. Porsche Mission E


An upcoming Tesla competitor, Porsche Mission E is an all-electric vehicle with high-end performance and massive plug. This means that it can cover a lot of ground on a single charge. Porsche claims that the Mission E can drive a 310-mile distance before it needs a fill-up. It boasts an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in a record of 3.5 seconds. It can reach 200 km/h in under 12 seconds. The Mission E comes with impressive specs and also looks phenomenal. It is an all-electric sports car that can seat four passengers inside. A unique feature on the Mission E is its eye-tracking technology. The camera on the dashboard can determine whether a driver is looking at one thing, like the radio, and the car will prompt the driver to turn on the radio. Still, a button needs to be pushed to implement the change. It also comes with a holographic display on the dashboard that the driver can control via hand gestures.

2. Suzuki Air Triser


A car of the future from Suzuki, the Suzuki Air Triser gives an experience of riding in a private lounge with this minivan. It features a reconfigurable seating layout with three rows that can be moved around into a sofa-style arrangement when parked. Comfort is the prime feature of this vehicle. It can play any multimedia content on its extendable screen. The futuristic vehicle has a minimalist interior design. Its entire dashboard is digital with a small central control for its infotainment system. The Suzuki Air Triser uses a small-capacity petrol engine with an automatic transmission.

1. Apple Car


The consumer tech giant is rumored to be building its own car. The Apple Car, codenamed Titan, is allegedly an electric car project from the Cupertino native. Although there is a lot of buzz about it, very little information is available about this car of the future. Rumor has it that the car will be mass produced and released by 2020. Specs of the car are still unknown. There are also some rumors that instead of building a physical car, Apple is actually entering in the motoring scene with motoring software. Apple is reportedly working on autonomous driving software to make travel more efficient and safer. Apple has not confirmed any information so there are still many possibilities how the Apple Car will take shape.

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