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15 Jobs Where You’re Most Likely To Fall In Love With A Coworker

15 Jobs Where You’re Most Likely To Fall In Love With A Coworker


Statistics point to the workplace as being the location where most couples meet, and for good reason. Compared to blind dating, speed dating or online dating, at work you really have the chance to actually get to know a person, to bond with him/her, to see how this person reacts in different situations, even to find out about his/her life outside the office.

Regardless of what a kind of person you are, it’s possible to develop a crush on your coworker. Although almost everybody tells you that you should stay away from such a relationship, you can’t help yourself. And if the feeling is mutual, you’re really stepping on a social and emotional minefield. You are between hammer and anvil, especially because more and more companies all over the world have policies that have strict rules about relationships at work. Everybody knows that just because you are aware of policies it does not really mean you adhere to them, but you should consider them, especially the policy saying “we won’t hire married couples.”

But the idea of falling in love with your coworker cannot be that bad, as 22% of married couples met at work. Companies should remember that the happier their employees are, the better they work. Therefore, they should maybe review their policies about this sensitive topic.

15. Scientists


As surprising as it might seem, scientists are people too. They have hobbies like any one of us, as well as needs – the deepest of which is to be loved. But they are also a little bit … different. Most of them don’t even have enough time for themselves, therefore they ignore everything and everybody around them. Many scientists have huge responsibilities at work, and they are also often relocated. It can’t be easy to work in this field, let alone having a relationship. There must be some chemistry present for them to find a person who has a crush on them. This is why they prefer having relationships with their coworkers, as they can understand exactly what scientists go through.

Pierre and Marie Curie are the best example. Who would have thought that Pierre, who used to consider women nothing else but a distraction from scientific work, would fall in love with the young and beautiful Marie Sklodowska?

14. Farmers


Although most of the city-girls have been educated not to marry a farm boy, in order to avoid having their ass in a sling, there are girls and women who really love the countryside and the work at a farm. The TV show “The Farmer Wants a Wife” is the living prove.

Women appreciate tanned, toned and fit men; hard-working, loyal and protective guys, who also have a healthy life sometimes in a dream-like landscape.

But as women are unpredictable and very often unable to stick to a plan, they are the perfect match for the farmer whose life depends on the weather conditions, and who therefore doesn’t know what tomorrow brings them.

One more thing, what could be better than falling in love in the middle of nature?

13. Real Estate Brokers


Usually, people fall in love with a house or a building, due to the person who presents it to them. It is often said that finding the right home is pretty much like falling in love, as it is something completely unpredictable.

People working in this field pay much attention to details, know what luxury means, know how to control themselves when they deal with a more difficult client, and they are good at “reading” their client due to his/her body language when entering a building he/she likes or dislikes. They are also experts in juggling listings, clients, and showings. Multi-tasking people, right?

Let’s admit that if you hadn’t known who I am talking about, you would have thought of the perfect man, right? Women show a lot of appreciation for men working in this field.

12. Social Workers


As the name implies, a social worker’s task is to improve the lives of the people they work with, therefore of their coworkers too, right?

Don’t women appreciate more men who are caring and compassionate, who know how to negotiate and compromise?

Are there good listeners and detailed-oriented men? Yes, the social workers who really have to listen to their clients and to try to find a solution to each of their clients’ issues.

Keep in mind that this is a job designed for women, who have always been considered as having most of the qualities aforementioned. But there are also quite few men working as social workers.

Imagine working with a man who’s got all the features detailed above? It sounds perfect, right? Now imagine what kind of love relationship you could have with such a man. It’s more than you can handle, isn’t it?

11. Travel Agents


Nowadays, we don’t really need this kind of agent to plan our holidays or trips, as everything is a click away. But they still exist on the labor market and their qualities and strengths make them unique.

First of all, they do their best to make their clients fall in love with the place they plan to visit, therefore they are very attentive to the clients’ demands and they also know what the clients need.

They inspire a sense of freedom in clients, they are extremely resourceful and they always make you dream!

Women appreciate men who know what they need – come on, who really knows what women need? Women always dream of something and are never happy with what they’ve got.

Maybe the best argument to having a love relationship with your travel agent coworker is that you can plan your dream holiday together, as you both know all the ups and downs of every place and location on earth. And you could go beyond it, couldn’t you?

10. Mailmen


There was a time where mailmen were like a bridge between two people who were in love. Mailmen used to bring love letters, post cards and even small packages from the beloved person. And you were looking forward to his/her arrival! Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

They are dedicated, regardless of the weather outside. It’s rare to meet men who are dedicated to something else than beer and football!

They are also struggling to keep alive a dead art form: handwriting. Although there are less and less people who write letters, a woman is impressed every time she gets a letter written by hand. She feels that the sender has thought of her and her only. What could be more fascinating than a man fighting for a good cause?

9. Navy / Army


Women are crazy about men in uniform. Why? Because uniforms represent safety, pride and honor, while a man in uniform is the symbol of heroism, protection and power. It cannot be denied that women have always been in search of men who can protect them.

Where is the best place to find such a partner? In the Navy, of course. And who knows the men working in the Navy better than their female coworkers?

Let’s not forget about the women in uniform, who have had the courage to prove the world that the Navy / the Army is not a field designed only for men. Even if it has been hard to make a career in a man’s world, they have been successful, thus attracting the respect and the admiration of their coworkers, of the men around them.

Although men outnumber women in this field, the rate of couples that have met and gotten married while working in the armed forces is constantly increasing.

8. Doctors – Especially Psychotherapists, Gynecologists and Plastic Surgeons


Who knows the female body and mind better than doctors? Who can save their life, literary speaking?

How often have you told your friend that she should change her lifestyle in order to lose weight? Or that it would be better for her health to give up smoking? The result – null.

But once she has seen a doctor who told her exactly the same thing – wow – you’d be puzzled to see the results in some days. Diets, exercises, products to help her quit smoking. Why? Simply because she has gotten advice from a competent person, trained to cure people.

7. Athletes


Attractive and in shape! What a powerful and successful combination. Let’s add fame, status, power, determination, willingness to take risks. Wow!

Athletes, as well as all the women on earth, respect themselves and their body. They know that the body is a temple, therefore they build healthy habits in order to keep it strong. They always stand up for themselves, if and when required.

If you’ve ever played a sport you know the importance of being a team player. It also applies in relationships! Athletes know best that compromise and empathy are crucial for their partner to be happy and for love to last. Isn’t it what women also want?

6. Actors


It is not a secret that women are very good actors in real life. They know exactly what they want, therefore they use their intelligence to create roles. It is often said that they have an innate talent for performing, and for impressing men, in general.

Women also have a rich imagination, sometimes too wild and vivid, meanwhile being also charismatic, expressive and charming. Without these characteristics, real actors would go unseen.

The best actors understand the human behavior in an exceptional way, they’ve got the ability to go deep into the mind of their characters and figure out what they need and want. Therefore, we should all be very good actors in order to understand women on the deepest level!

5. Bartenders


Surprised? Why? It is a job just like any other one, right? So, what do bartenders do that impresses so much, especially people they work with? They smile, try to make their guests happy, chat with their clients and, more importantly, can make a good drink – women love it! They are very nice to their clients, especially to women – not for tips, not to get them home, but because they’ve got a very short time “to serve” them.

Despite being exposed to temptations every single day of their life, they resist it, showing strength of character, which means that you can count on them. Women are looking for reliable people.

They also know the importance of cleanliness, as they keep both the dishes and the bar in top form. As women are crazy about having everything shiny, they appreciate men who keep things clean!

4. Lawyers


Despite the countless cynical lawyer jokes, women feel attracted to lawyers. First of all, they are impressed by their physical appearance: they look great in their flawless suits, wearing the best shoes and outfits money can buy. They will want you to look like them and what do women like most than wearing fashionable clothes that make them look fabulous? Shopping, of course. To live up to expectations, women need to go out a lot and spend a lot of money on their physical appearance.

Despite being conservative, they know how to present themselves, thus charming your friends and family, especially your parents. Who can stand up for you better than a lawyer?

Lawyers are pros when it comes to negotiations and are fun to debate with. Conversations never get dull as they love to play the devil’s advocate themselves. Many of them use these skills in relationships.

Women sometimes need a man to tell them that they’re not always right, no matter how unbearable this might be.

3. Accountants


Whenever you ask a woman what she’s doing, she will always say “I’m busy!” But she never gives you more details about what could be keeping her that busy. Accountants really understand what it is like to be busy, as those working in major accounting companies might even work 70-80 hours a week.

They are exceptional decision-makers and know how to save money. They easily find loopholes, as they know the rules so well that they can make them work for you.

They are trustworthy and can handle confidential information, besides being financially responsible.

If all these are on your must-have list, stop looking further, date your accountant coworker!

2. Cooks


Every woman’s dream – to find a man who can cook. Thus, women make sure they will never be asked to go to the kitchen!

Men are better cooks than women, and it cannot be denied. They use their hands to delicately create a petite dish; it makes them look sexy. Cooks also pay attention to the smallest details!

As they are always interested in inventing new dishes and in learning different cuisines you have never tasted before – they spice up your life.

And the icing on the cake; once you tell your mum you’ve met someone who can cook, she might even start talking about dishes and sharing knowledge and experience with him.

1. Dancers


They are the kings of the dance floor, being the life of every party. They dance and the world watches. Could you name one woman who doesn’t like popular guys?

If there’s one thing you can be sure about in life it’s that there isn’t any boring moment around them. They know how to turn even your worst days into something pleasant: by dancing, of course! Therefore, they are very confident, and what turns on women more than confidence in a man?

Pointless to say that dancers are much fitter and more agile than ordinary people. They’ve got an immense physical strength and muscles and set of abs that would drive any woman crazy.

The last but not least, they know how to make a woman feel special. Women love it when their partners take them to the dance floor in front of a hundred others. And they set it on fire together!

Dancers simply knock women off their feet!

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