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15 Josh Duggar Secrets That Still Haven’t Been Exposed

15 Josh Duggar Secrets That Still Haven’t Been Exposed

The Duggars are not a new name in town. This family was gracious and full of public love when they were cast members of the reality show 19 Kids and Counting, but the moment they went south and got controversial, the love from the public faded away. Some might argue that this is typical of the reality show fan base but the Duggars gave us all a reason to murmur about their unfortunate turn of events. Since all hell broke loose, we have been treated to controversies and disturbing revelations about this strictly Christian family.

But do we know all their dirt, or at least, their weird behaviors and practices?

The answer to that is no! The Duggars, as with any other nasty lot, are still trying to cover up a lot of their dirt so as not to taint the already damaged Duggar name. There are new speculations and revelations concerning the conduct, beliefs, sins and other nasty stuff that has been going on behind the scenes all this time. But not anymore. These are some of the latest Dosh Duggar secrets that have yet to be exposed.

15. Anna Duggar is to blame for Josh Duggar’s cheating

Via: Entertainment tonight

These are not my words but rather the words of the Duggars’ pastor himself. According to him, the partner in a relationship also bears the cross when his or her partner cheats. The man of the cloth claims that Josh cheated due to Anna’s failure when it came to satisfying her husband’s conjugal needs.

Does he justify what Josh did? Not in particular, but he does insist that Anna had a role to play in one of the biggest Duggar scandals in history. The only remaining question right now on this matter is how Anna Duggar is handling these claims against her by her own pastor!

14. Anna Duggar’s parents discouraged her from divorcing Josh

Via: NY Daily News

If you think what you have read above is a good enough reason for Anna to leave Josh, you need to think again. Apparently, Anna had previously thought of severing her relationship with Josh, but there was an obstacle. She had to deal with her own parents.

Word has it that Anna flew over to her parents’ place in Florida after Josh was admitted to rehab, so that she can get their advice concerning her marriage to Josh. What she got from her parents was an unwavering warning of being disowned if she rejected what God had put together.

13.  They don’t celebrate birthdays in February or June

Via: People

This is not an imposed family tradition, but rather a birth-induced phenomenon only present in the Duggar family. As it turns out, no child in the Duggar family has been born in the months of February or June. As a matter of fact, most birthdays are celebrated in December.

The reason for this is unknown at the moment, though critics claim that the Duggars are trying to adhere to the Jesus timeline. No matter how you view it, one thing for sure is that April is a very busy month for the Duggar couple. If you know your math pretty well, then you know what I mean.

12. All texts and chats by the children have to be done in a group

Via: Pinterest

Have you ever wondered how it would be like with your mom and dad being admins of a WhatsApp group you and your boyfriend are members of? If you were a Duggar offspring, you would know.

Jim and Michelle have a reputation amongst their children of snooping in every single conversation they have. This infringement of personal space is a serious deal especially when one of the children is dating. Apparently, the parents only allow their children to communicate with their significant other in an open group chat, and when there is any physical date, a chaperone must be hired to ensure “zero compromise on morality”. Things got pretty awkward one day when Ben Seewald jokingly texted Jessa, “Give me a ring.” He got a reply from Jim Bob saying, “No ring yet,” with a smiley emoticon.

11. Boys don’t play with their sisters

Via: Pinterest

In the Duggar family, interactions between opposite genders of the same blood are close to sacrilege. Now, I am not talking about the definitely gross and uncouth interactions, I am talking about normal brother-sister interactions.

In the Duggar family, boys cannot play hide and seek with their sisters. Their sisters are banned from sitting on their brothers’ lap and boys baby-sitting girls can lead to exorcism of the demons possessing them because they broke a rule. Worse still, their dorm-like bedrooms are usually locked, especially when they are asleep. The reason why all these strict measures have been put in place is to avert any form of temptation between the brothers and sisters. Sadly, based on what Josh did, I am not sure this rule is really effective.

10. Every Duggar family member must have a name starting with J

Via: Duggar Family Blog

This family tradition started after Michelle and Jim Bob gave their first three children names starting with the letter J. They fell in love with this pattern and as a result, all their 19 kids have a name starting with J.

Now, before we find ourselves discussing how they might name everyone with a J because of Jesus, you must know that the kids seem to like this pattern. Apart from quizzing visitors to say all their names whenever they visited, word has it that Ben Seewald, Jessa’s husband, had to endure minutes of quizzing every time he popped up at the Duggars. Luckily for him, he managed to remember all the children’s names.

9. They do homeschooling

Via: Huffington Post

Jim Bob and Michelle have been having a hard time getting their kids to go to public or private schools and mingle with the other students, because they fear they might get “contaminated by the world”. As a result, all their children are homeschooled.

Michelle apparently is a trained teacher thus all her children pass through her for GED. When it comes to college, the children only do online schooling. The problem with their scheme however is the horrible amount of discrimination against the girls in the family. Most girls don’t make it through college, because according to the Duggars, girls are only baby making machines.

8. Bikinis are banned at the beach or swimming pool

Via: iflmylife and Duggar Family Blog

It doesn’t matter where you are going or what activity you are doing, modesty in the Duggar family is a rule that must be followed to the letter. This is exactly what explains why any female Duggar family member would be found in the swimming pool wearing a dress.

According to them, current swimsuits are too revealing and a source of unholy temptations. The girls prefer to be covered neck to knees while taking a dive, and above that, the boys are not allowed to frequent the beach. Their parents apparently fear that half naked women strolling in the beach would lead their boys to sin.

7. Michelle has been pregnant for 135 months.

Via: YouTube

The figure should not surprise you because if you are a baby-making machine, as the Duggars believe women are, what do you expect?

Michelle has carried 19 kids in her womb and according to the math, her children have been spaced out by 18 months each. If we add that up, it’s more than 11 years of pregnancy for Michelle. Since they have a very encouraging motto for procreation – “There is always space for one more” – it is no surprise that her kids have followed in her footsteps. Her eldest son Josh, already has four children and he is yet to hit the age of 30.

6. They don’t listen to music from Beyonce, Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber

Via: The Hollywood Gossip

The Duggars have never been fans of pop music. They have openly criticized the music genre, among many other genres, for promoting drug use, sexuality and immorality. It is impossible to get a Duggar family member shaking to Anaconda or Despacito, and if he or she does so then he/she is probably going to be disowned. When Jim Bob was asked in an interview why they hate pop music and other genres such as hip hop, he said that they don’t advocate for the “shaking around of body parts.”

However, despite their harsh criticism when it comes to music other than gospel, the family does not actually limit itself to gospel music alone. According to Jim Bob, the Duggars can only listen to gospel music, country music and blue grass music.

5. There was a Duggar politician

Via: Duggar Family Blog

It turns out that Jim Bob, the father of the Duggar family was once a shrewd politician. Between 1999 and 2002, Jim served in the Arkansas House of Representatives for the fourth district. Within the same period, he also served in the Judiciary committee, Insurance and Commerce committee and The House of corrections and criminal law subcommittee.

Sadly, his political career died prematurely after his bid for the senatorial seat for Arkansas hit a snag. He was vying for the seat on a Republican ticket at the time but his plans ultimately didn’t work out.

4. The Duggars’ cousin is straying from the tradition

Via: Benfield Photography

If you have watched 19 Kids and Counting, then you must have noticed the cousin named Amy who used to be in and out of the show. Well, her sporadic appearances were due to the fact that her beliefs are nowhere close to that of the Duggars. In the reality TV series, Amy was the rebellious one who always wore shorter dresses and did not buy into all of the Duggar beliefs.

Word has it that Amy, who is already married to Dillon King, is not planning on having kids at all, which is against the Duggar tradition. Instead, she says that she and her husband are touring the world as they fall in love with each other more.

3. Josh was deprived in the marital bed

Via: Page Six

Among the Duggars, Josh has not had the smoothest of experiences. As he was recovering from the shock of his sexual harassment, Josh was hit by a leak of his Ashley Madison account, which he apparently used to cheat on his wife.

After the drama unfolded, Josh disappeared from the public eye and went into rehab. Now word has it that of all the children, Josh was particularly sexually deprived, a condition Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t want to accept. This deprivation apparently explains the high number of sexual offenses he committed and the family pastor’s argument that you read before.

2. Anna was forced to marry Josh

Via: People

Anna got married to Josh at the height of his molestation charges and it was not a move out of the blue, but it wasn’t something Anna had planned.

It turns out that Anna was forced to marry Josh, or so people say. They say her parents coerced her to accept Josh’s proposal, which came at the height of his molestation scandal. So far, it turns out fate is not smiling on her since they expecting their fifth child together. Chances of her leaving Josh are close to nil because in as much as she was forced into the marriage, she will not be allowed to leave him.

1. Michelle is hot tempered

Via: Entertainment tonight

Unlike what we used to see in 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle has never been the quiet and composed type of mother. She confessed in a video blog that she has a hot temper, and was a victim of anxiety and anger issues when she was a little bit younger. She however stated that God has since showed her the way, and thus she is more composed and relaxed nowadays.

However, her strong stance and especially some of the comments she has made regarding controversial issues have made people question her calm nature. To some extent, her anger management issues were the reason she invented the buddy system where older kids were to take care of the younger kids, so as to prevent her from cracking from the extreme pressure of running a home with 19 kids and (definitely) counting.

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