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15 KKK Movies That Will Make Viewers Sick

15 KKK Movies That Will Make Viewers Sick

It’s no surprise that there’s quite an eclectic collection of movies available to us.

With so many genres, any movie buff can find titles too fit whatever they’re in the mood for. In fact, varous flicks hit the box offices world-wide each week. Bringing comedy, family feature, horror, thriller, sci-fi, documentaries, romance, and action flicks for our entertainment. With more than just a means to entertain, movies have other purposes too.

For instance, they educate audiences on current and historical events. Some promote cultural awareness, while others will challenge your perspective. Not to mention, controversial issues. With this in mind, can you think of any movies you’ve seen that were difficult to watch? Any that touched your heart, or or left you feeling heartbroken becase the content revealed hurtful things based on a true story. Well, today we bring you 15 of the sickest, mentally twisted movies about the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). Read on to get both sides of the most polarized topic in history.

15. “Blood in the Face” 1991


Using a blend of interviews and archive footage, this documentary offers an eye-opening look at neo-Nazism and its proponents in the United States. “Blood in the Face” covers the realities of Neo-Nazis activities and propaganda in the U.S. This is a documentary, exposing the so-called white supremacist occupying North America from coast to coast. Additionally, “Blood in the Face” was inspired by a nonfiction book written by James Ridgeway, who is also credited as one of the film’s directors.

14. “Nova: Nazi Attack on America” 2015

via PBS

This is a television series as opposed to a movie, that explores many historical events. Most of the events tie in a Nazi conspiracy. For example, following the attack on Pearl Harbor German seizes the opportunity to attack cargo ships along the United State East coast while the United States is unprepared. This program describes the scope of the German assault as a backdrop to the efforts of a group of investigators to determine how the first sunken German submarine, U-166, met its fate to determine if disgraced Commander Herbert G. Claudius deserves credit to the kill. There are tons more discoveries pictured throughout the series of “Nova: Attack on America”.

13. “Nazi Hunters” 2010

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Certainly, one of the most intriguing films to depict the World War II-era and Nazi atrocities. This mini television series involves the decades-long manhunt for members of the Third Reich. It was a crusade that extended into the early century, and carried Nazi hunters to such far-off locales as the United States, South America and the Middle East. Specifically, because the members of the Third Reich were escaping from Germany and sought to hide-out in other countries. This sweeping, ambitious chronicle of documentaries, covers the endless search for Nazi escapees. Portions are devoted to the notorious World War II Nazi leaders known as Mengele and Eichman. This documentary covers stories of other sinister criminals, as well as the meticulous, and very brave hunters themselves.

12. “Spring 1941” 2007

Via: opus films

A successful doctor, Artur Planck, his wife Clara, and their two daughters seek shelter from German Nazis storming Poland. They find a safe house in the farm of Emilia, their local grocer who is all alone after her husband battled in war for his country but was never heard from again. However, caught in the monstrosity of WWII’s heinous terror that surrounded them, the heart wants what it wants. In fact, even an improbable love triangle manifests as Emelia quickly falls in love with Artur. Could such a taboo relationship survive on love – or does Emelia have altorior motives to simply stay alive? Not everyone makes it out alive at the end of this flick, but let’s not put it past Emilia to seduce her way to freedom.

11. “Steel Toes” 2007

Via: opus films

In this motion picture, rage and intolerance collide with compassion when Academy-Award nominated David Strathairn plays a character by the name of Danny. Danny, a Jewish liberal humanist, and the court-appointed lawyer representing Mike Downey, a Neo-Nazi Skinhead on trial for the racially motivated murder of an East Indian immigrant. Steel Toes takes us into the intense and fiery relationship that develops between these two men as they explore their emotional and intellectual differences. Steel Toes is a provocative exploration of the inescapable and insidious presence of racial and religious ignorance in our society.

10. “Nazi Mega Weapons” 2013

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This is a mind blowing series where PBS takes you deep into the classified blueprints of Nazi Mega Weapons, in this Television series based on true events and factual discovery. Surprisingly, WWII Mega Weapons uncover the engineering masterminds that launched technologies with a side of modernization that changed the game forever. At the same time, you will see actual video recordings, recreations of breakthrough developments, and interviews with historians, engineers, and military strategists.

It’s not all advanced weaponry though. This series uncovers many dumbfounded mistakes made by the Third Reich. Then again, each episode has a terrific cliffhanger – most of these mega weapons could only be manufactured by Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Spider man, and any other super human with incredible strength. Back in the day, engineers did not have massive machinery to do the heavy work.

9. “Conspiracy” 2001


This one may be a bit harder to stomach. “Conspiracy” is a movie that re-enacts the stomach turning, Wannsee Conference. If you are not familiar with what the Wannsee Conference was considered as the “Final Solution” phase of the Holocaust. As a matter of fact, the only item recovered from Adolf Hitler’s primary militants deliberating over how they would pull this off, was the meeting notes. These official and key pieces of information set the stage and screenplay for this movie. Keep in mind, this meeting was held to solidify details pertaining to the worst imaginable, continental hate-crimes. In particular, it was to finalize the genocide plan. Not for the faint of heart.

8. “Good” 2008


Guess they couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this box office blunder. Set in the 1930’s a German college professor begins the first few scenes silently rebelling against conforming to the Nazi ways. Despite pleas from family and friends, the literature teacher joins the Nazis, but only to advance his career.

He is placed into a prestigious position in what was considered to be the top security, surveillance, and terror organization known as the S.S. Consequently, his Jewish friend recluses, for obvious reasons. Over-time he advances his Nazi rank and finds himself working directly under Hitler. At that point, he devises a plan to sneak into one of the camps. After all, the guilt ate him alive thinking his Jewish friend was in the camp. Seeing captives forced into the camp, cruel inhumane acts on the prisoners,  reality sets in and he feels deep regret for his contributions.

7. “American History X” 1998

Via youtube

American History X is a fictional script produced from the realistic views and organized crime of the Klu Klutz Klan (KKK) in America. This one goes a bit further though, focusing on a family where an older brother is an aggressively active member in a leadership type role with the KKK. This emotional drama shares a story of this man, with a hardened heart full of hatred who makes a pivotal turning point and begins to see the racist world he once promoted, as a less than desirable way to treat others. Equally important, was his realization of his false “rules” he lived by.

After one of the worst hate crimes dramatized on film he goes to prison for several years. While locked up, he experiences friendship from the least likely places, severe traumas, and changed his life. On the other hand, his younger brother is a different story. Following close behind his big brother’s shadow, he began making irrevokable choices.

6. “Undercover With The KKK” 1979

Via: Timeline and IMDB

Forget about the twisted Kardashian’s latest media whore stunt for a sec. You know, the one where they posted a meme stating, “The Only KKK To Ever Let Black Men In”. Well, “Undercover With The KKK” was a very scary and insightful documentary. This movie is based on the true and bone chilling experiences of a man who spent numerous years undercover within the Klu Klutz Klan.

Gary Rowe worked as an FBI agent and infiltrated the white supremacist’s underground world in order to learn multitudes of details regarding their criminal activities.Throughout his time portraying as one of the “bad guys”, Rowe actually was able to put numerous Klansman behind bars testifying as a key prosecution witness in cases involving menacing, assault, and cold blooded murder. If it weren’t for his courageous and stealth abilities, those men would be walking free today. 

5. “Betrayed” 1998


First to make it to our Neo Nazi list of movies is “Betrayed”. The title says enough. However, this movie is about An FBI agent disguised as a combine driver who becomes involved with a man from a Midwest farm. The “farmer” lives a double life as a white supremacist. Needless to say, the FBI woman falls in love with the white supremacist only to find herself betrayed by the double life of her farming man. Perhaps looking into the background of one’s crush would have done her some good in her dating life.

4. “Schindlers List” 1993

Via: and

Many of you may have seen or at least heard of this classic tale of refuge during World War II. In German-occupied Poland during World War II, Oskar Schindler gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazi Germans. In fact, he hides a Jewish family from the persecutions of the Nazi soldiers as they raid businesses and homes alike in Poland.

You might enjoy this film if you are a fan of heartwarming, suspenseful, and dramatic movies. Especially those depicting actual historical events that made it into world history books all across the globe.

3. “Cross Of Fire” 1989

Related image


This picture show is extremely triggering for anxiety, tears, and heart-wrenching feelings. “Cross of Fire” is a tragic four hour drama based on a true story from the 1930’s. Over the course of a television “series special”, this aired for two hours each evening, for two days. There’s really no way of sugar coating this one.

Back in 1925 a woman was working on the adult literacy campaign. During this time she was abducted by Indiana’s head leader of the Klu Klutz Klan. While captured against her will, he brutally beat her and repetitively raped her. Once he had his malicious fill of terror, he left her in her home to die. Only, she managed to give a full description of her abuser to the authorities before she passed away.

2. “Mississippi Burning” 1998

via cinemasgreatest

Totally unexpected changes throughout the plot of this box office hit, you find that two FBI agents go different directions. The two F.B.I. Agents, with completely opposite styles when it comes to police work. The scene begins with their arrival in the middle of the Bible Belt in the South to investigate the disappearance of several civil rights activists.

The activists exercising their rights to protest their civil rights were African Americans. Due to the racial aspects, criminal involvement of the KKK was immediately alleged. It turns out that the civil rights protesters were found murdered under what is considered to align with brutality of hate crimes.

These movies listed here give perspectives of the KKK, white supremacists, task force’s against hate crimes, and those against the propaganda of Adolf Hitler. All interesting, heartbreaking, and educational at best.

1. “A Time To Kill” 1996

Via: Youtube

Based on a novel written in 1989 this film’s revenue topped out at $15 Million at box offices world-wide. This flick begins with the rape of a young black girl. Her father then went on trial for the murder of two white men accused of the violent sexual trauma. As members of the KKK, the two white men murdered were avenged by brutal retributions of their Klansmen.

With supportive roles from Sandra Bullock, Samuel L Jackson, Mathew McConaghey, and Kevin Spacey, it’s no surprise this critically acclaimed movie was a hit. Although this flick had serious success, it will still make you sick due to the nature and plot line. The final racist and hatred fuelled motion picture makes our list of 15 KKK movies that will make viewers sick.

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