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15 Legendary Tinder Pickup Lines That Guarantee A First Date

15 Legendary Tinder Pickup Lines That Guarantee A First Date

Pickup lines are used to pick up or attract people, particularly women. It is an attempt to be creative when flirting with them and allowing them to fall for you. These pickup lines can be adorable, cheesy, dirty, funny, or flattering. The tricky part is you need to find the perfect timing. You just do not say it at any time, especially when it does not fit her. There should be a context. Let me give you some examples.

When you are holding a camera, you can tell her that you are not a professional photographer, but you can picture the both of you together. If she is a soccer player, you can tell her that she is a keeper. Or, if she is religious, tell her that she is the answer to your prayers. It seems simple, isn’t it? Well, it probably is. Just know that there are only two results that you should expect – you might be ignored or appreciated.

Nevertheless, pickup lines can be used on social networking websites to attract women. One of the online dating applications wherein you can use these lines is Tinder. Here are some Tinder conversations that serve as proof that there are pickup lines that are successful in charming women.

15. Draw a Line somewhere

Via: Pinterest

When asking for a woman’s number, you need to be creative to get noticed. If you are not as creative as this guy, you will be rejected easily. You will never get a date with your pathetic moves, especially when your intentions can be felt and seen at once. You must add some spice. In this case, he got her number by luring her into a trap! He told the girl that she needs to draw a line and erase a few sections each. It became blanks wherein you need to input your number. Thus, she complimented his approach and told him her number!

14. Password Granted

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Here is another way to ask for a girl’s phone number. It may sound cliché, but it came off just fine, so it may work for you as well. He started by telling the girl that he forgot his password. It was the girl’s number that will unlock his account, so he asked for her help, even if it was obvious that he was not locked away from his account. As expected, the girl seemed doubtful. She replied and asked him the number of girls he used that on. The guy did not back down, so he said that he only used it on her. Bam! She gave her phone number to “unlock” his account.

13. Cuddling Is Not A Must

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Some may be straightforward in a dirty way, but some say their sweet intentions. For instance, they just want to cuddle. In fact, as confirmed by psychologists and physical therapists, cuddling releases oxytocin (feel-good hormones) that is responsible for happiness and satisfaction. It also boosts emotional attachment and reduces stress.

At first, the guy asked whether she is good at cuddling. He wanted to recruit her into the “gang” as well. She fell for the bait effortlessly. She said that she just might make the cut! So, he asked for her number to start “cuddling”. Finally, she gave him her number!

12. Pet Insurance Anyone?

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This dirty line has been used on Tinder a couple of times, seeing that the girl already assumed that she knew the answer. She even told him that her “kitty” got smashed already. Hence, the guy created a twist. He said that he was a veterinarian and wanted to meet new clients in the area. He opened the possibility of availing “new insurance” for her present and upcoming pets. He added it would be a great asset in prolonging the life of her cat. This is a perfect example that you must also know how to enhance or improve those lines.

11. Difference Between Me and the Couch

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The number of dirty lines used on Tinder is astounding. Yet, maybe, that is partly why men and women are on Tinder, huh? In this conversation, the guy asked the difference between him and his couch. The girl went with the flow and said that one is more fun to sit on than the other. Though, that was not the answer the guy wanted to receive. He said that the real difference was the couch “pulls out” and he does not. Without a doubt, it was a naughty pun. He just wanted to “smash” and she liked how straightforward he was, so she gave her phone number.

10. Emoticons Are The Best Flirting Technique

Via: Pinterest

Intentions can be as simple, short, and clear by sending emoticons. Sometimes, replying with emoticons is all we need to convey the message to the person we like. The guy simply sent three emotions: pointing (index) finger, the “works for me” hand, and the thumbs up emoticon. All of which are connected to create a bigger picture, which can be interpreted sexually. The girl sent an emoji with heart eyes that means the feeling is mutual. They are both on the same page. The guy initiated and asked whether they will do it in his place or hers. You know what will happen next.

9. The Appendix

It all started when she asked him if he uses pickup lines or likes them. He replied that he does not use them at all. She grabbed the opportunity and used one on him. The pickup line was about the appendix. She said, “I don’t know how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.” He could have just accepted it, but he also wanted to reply in a creative manner. He said that he was her appendix. Though, he did not want to help her do anything important. He just wanted to “burst” inside her.

8. Should You Be Religious On Tinder?

Via: Pinterest

Who said you can’t be religious on Tinder? Oh, Almighty Father, pray for the succeeding puns. He said that “I hopeanne pray you will go out with me”. His remark was appreciated given that was her username. Then, he used his name to be her “soul NATE”. She wondered if it was all that he got, saying that those were his best pickup lines yet. He jokingly replied that he subscribed to the Hail Mary school of thought on pickup lines. She wanted to know if he uses it on others as well. Of course, the pickup line was one of a kind, considering that he used her name. He defended himself successfully! Thank God!

7. Time To Netflix And Chill?

Via: Pinterest

It would be more appreciated if the pickup line is related to the person. For instance, it is connected to his or her name or how he/she is as a person. In this case, the guy started with a statement without the letter L. He stated that his favorite thing to do is “cudde” and watch “Netfix”. It was like “cuddling” and watching “Netflix” but with “Noelle”. Noelle was the name of the girl. In short, he just wanted to cuddle while watching shows on Netflix. It was a simple invitation and was not desperation. This was probably why the girl liked him instantly.

6. Don’t Mess Around With A Girl’s Name

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Wow, this guy is smooth. First, the guy stated the obvious and said that when she removes the “d” in her name, it will become May since her name is Mady. The girl was not that impressed. So, he popped out the question and asked if she wanted…well you fill in the blank. That clever move gained an applause. He was not satisfied with that kind of response. To ask for her “rating”, he gave a scale from (000)-000-0000 to (999)-999-9999. It was his way to get her number and she did give her “evaluation”.

5. The Future Is Promising

Via: Pinterest

It is “foreseeing” the future that turns on women. It is knowing that they are in your thoughts, especially your plans. In this case, the guy pretended that they have already met each other before when they have not. The girl got confused. He carried on with his scheme. He even asked if she does not remember entering his dorm drunk. She did not have a clue about what was going on, so she asked when that was. He said that it would be next week. This just means that he has plans to go on a date with her and get her wasted.

4. Hot Dogs Jokes Still Work

Via: Pinterest

The hot dog jokes will never be gone, of course. But, these lines will only work when the both of you are green-minded. The guy said that she can sell hotdogs for a living followed by the reason “because you sure know how to make a wiener stand”. The girl was hard to get. She knew he might have used that on many girls already and how many times it happened to his “wiener”. Even if that was so, he still asked if it worked on her. She said that she smiled after reading his message. He assumed that it was a win-win for the “wiener”.

3. Instead Of One Night…Let’s Hang Out For Two Nights?

Via: Pinterest

Sometimes men and women want to hang out with each other with no strings attached. Sometimes instead of just one night, they might like to hang out for two nights. But do the same rules apply then as well? In this conversation, the guy emphasized that the girl did not like a one-night stand, so he supposed that it would be different if he wanted to extend it to two nights. He asked the girl if she would agree with the latter, and she did. She immediately gave him her phone number, even with a blushing emoticon. Well, that was fast! I guess there will be strings attached to their meet up! In other words, there will be other “nights” or “stands”.

2. Writing a Book

Via: Pinterest

This fits perfectly for people who are fond of writing or reading books. Other than “Did I tell you I’m writing a book?”, you can also use other synonymous lines like “Do you like writers?” or “Are you interested in books?” However, in this scenario, the girl was the one who used the pickup line. She shared with the guy that she was writing a book. It was obvious that the guy knew something was up as seen in the tone of his reply. He simply acted as if he did not where it was heading. The girl replied that it was a “phone book” and she wanted his phone number. It was a smooth move, indeed.

1. “Hungry” For Something Special

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This is one of the dirty straightforward lines that you can receive on Tinder. Though, they just want to be clear, so they said their intentions. He started by asking the girl whether she liked going down on someone’s behind or not. Of course, the girl would not like that. It was not her “thing”. The guy had an incredible comeback and said that he was the one who liked it. Afterwards, he asked for her phone number. Happily, she gave in and sent her phone number. It may not be appropriate to all, yet it just might work, especially when the girl wants the “ride of her life”.

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