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15 A-listers Who Got Fired From HUGE Productions

15 A-listers Who Got Fired From HUGE Productions

Working with Hollywood A-listers is probably quite the challenge. Everybody has got their own ideas about how things should happen on set. This sure includes some of the greatest movie stars we know today. Well, it’s not like we’re picking sides now. However, there are times when the movie director has got the last laugh. So, what if a cinematic titan like Steven Spielberg didn’t quite like the actor’s performance? What happens next? Well, we’ll tell you what: the movie star will probably get kicked out of the franchise. And what if the actor just didn’t get along with his co-stars? Well, this sure sounds like a real deal-breaker.

Blinded by the concept of glory and prominence, our celebs just forget that they’re still mere mortals. As such, they’re hardly immune to mistakes either. After all, they still have to go to work, just like us! One single mistake on the job, and they may get fired from a huge movie. Maybe they just didn’t follow the director’s guidelines and got in trouble afterward. We get it – things happen. However, when you truly want something, you take your duties seriously. From Megan Fox to Leo DiCaprio, today we’ll show you 15 movie stars who got fired from big movies.

15. Anne Hathaway said NO to her graphic birth scene

via Just Jared

First on our list is the talented Anne Hathaway. Born in Brooklyn, New York, the 35-year-old actress is easily one of the most coveted movie stars. Over the years, she dazzled the silver screen with her enigmatic presence. However, there was one particular movie that was the fish that got away from Anne. Originally, the gorgeous brunette was picked as the leading actress in the movie Knocked Up. Sadly enough for her fans, she got replaced when she said NO to a graphic birth scene. By the time she found out about that scene, Anne already knew what to do. She even went on to explain that she’s not a mother yet. So, she just couldn’t pretend that she was okay with it. As you can imagine, the producer, Judd Apatow, felt differently about this.

14. Megan Fox compared Michael Bay to Hitler

via GotCeleb

Born on May 16, 1986, Megan Fox is a gorgeous American actress and a model whose acting career started in 2001. Her first attempts in this lucrative business began with minor film roles. However, she quickly rose to prominence thanks to her beauty and charm. As a result, Megan Fox was lucky enough to be noticed by the phenomenal director, Michael Bay. As you stare at the stunning Megan Fox, it’s really no mystery what Michael saw in her. She’s pretty, charming and funny. So, there’s no doubt that her fans love watching her on the big screen. Outside of her beauty though, there was something wrong on the set of the live-action Transformers franchise. Allegedly, Megan Fox compared Michael Bay to Hitler due to his domineering personality and ideas. As a result, Megan Fox got kicked out of the mega-hit franchise.

13. Jean-Claude Van Damme constantly whined about his costume

via Pinterest

Born on 18 October 1960, the great Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian movie star best known for his martial arts action movies. Also known as “The Muscles from Brussels”, Jean Claude’s first successful role in a movie was in Breakin’ (1984). He landed a small part there, and yet he totally impressed its producer. The movie was released by Cannon Films. Shortly after their successful collaboration, Cannon Films wanted him for another small part in Missing in Action (1984). Thanks to these movies, Jean-Claude landed a major part in the 1987 summer hit, Predator. At first, he was excited to play the part until the moment he saw his costume. For the most part, he would constantly whine about his costume which would fully cover his face.

12. Ryan Gosling was too skinny for his role

via Lainey Gossip

Born on November 12, 1980, Ryan Gosling is easily one of the most coveted movie stars in Hollywood. We’ve seen him in great film productions, including his exceptional role as Sebastian in the hit musical, La-La Land. It was his undeniable charm that brought him the Golden Globe Award. On top of that, Ryan was also nominated for a few other awards, including the BAFTA Award. Today Ryan Gosling may be a cherished celebrity, but he also had his tough moments. Let’s take Peter Jackson’s movie, The Lovely Bones as an example. Originally, the director had a different idea of what the main character should look like. Ryan wanted to embody the role of a 210-pound man in his early 40s. At first, rumors swirled around that Ryan was fired because of his young age. However, the movie producers revealed that Peter Jackson didn’t approve of his overweight look.

11. Judy Garland was fired for substance abuse

via Picture this Post

If you remember the classic drama Valley of the Dolls, you must’ve noticed Judy’s absence. Much like anything else in life, there’s a good reason for it. Born on June 10, 1922, Judy Garland was best known for her amazing role in The Wizard of Oz. Outside of her performance in Mark Robson’s classic drama, Judy struggled with substance abuse. After The Wizard of Oz, Judy’s career absolutely skyrocketed to a whole new level of stardom. Sadly enough, though, the late actress couldn’t live long enough to enjoy her success. Judy Garland would often show up on the set in a really disturbing condition. Her addiction was so bad that she would appear on the movie set totally wasted. As a result, she got kicked out of the movie production.

10. Annette Bening was the original Catwoman

via BFI

Born on May 29, 1958, Annette Bening is a gorgeous American actress with lots of prominent movies under her belt. The 59-year-old actress began her acting career in the late ’80s. Her first professional attempt as an actress was on the stage of the famous Colorado Shakespeare Festival. If it weren’t for her talent and dedication, she would be just another unknown actress under the sun. But luckily for her, Annette landed great roles in top rated movies like American Beauty and The Grifters. Thanks to her fine acting skills, Annette Bening was nominated 4 times for an Academy Award too. At first, it was Annette who was thought to be the perfect actress for the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns. However, she got pregnant so the producers had to let her go. The new sequel required a lot of action, so Annette was replaced by the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer.

9. James Remar didn’t get along with director J. Cameron

via TVLine

Another adored movie star who got kicked out of a great project was James Remar. Born on December 31, 1953, James Remar is best known for his role in Sex and the City. He played the notorious Richard – Kim Cattrall’s on-and-off boyfriend. Outside of it, James was cast to play Dwayne Hicks in the 1986 film Aliens. Sadly for him, it turned out to be a great opportunity that he totally ignored. Allegedly, James Remar had brawls with the movie director James Cameron. Remar received a phone call and was asked to play the part of Dwayne Hicks. The catch was that he had to start shooting his scenes too soon. He had no time to rehearse his lines, so his excitement quickly turned into a brawl with Cameron. As you can guess, Remar was eventually removed from the movie.

8. Charlie Sheen’s poor choice of words got him fired

via Hollywood Reporter

Born on September 3, 1965, Charlie Sheen is famous for his great roles in movies, like Young Guns and Wall Street. Although he’s best known from his work on Two and a Half Men, the star’s real name is Carlos Irwin Estévez. It wasn’t until the American comedy TV series got aired that Charlie became a burning Hollywood sensation. He really made millions on the show before he got fired for his poor choice of words. Charlie Sheen made a terrible mistake by calling Chuck Lorre names. After all, it’s never a good idea to insult your boss. The character of Charlie Sheen was Carlos’ golden fish that got away right before his eyes. At first, he was only suspended from Two and a Half Men. Obviously, the actor didn’t learn his lesson so he was kicked out of the TV series.

7. Terrence Howard wanted more money for Iron Man 2

via GeekTyrant

Terrence Howard is just another awesome actor who got in trouble for his opinionated personality. Born on March 11, 1969, Terrence is an American actor and a gifted singer who rose to prominence between 2004-2006. It only took him a few fine roles to show off his acting skills. Apparently, he didn’t need to do much to impress the top movie directors. Gladly for him, his talent was noticed by top producers. As a result, he got asked to join the cast on the set of the first Iron Man. As great as he is, Terrence Howard even got recognition for his part in the great movie. Although the original Iron Man totally blew up at the box office, Terrence was offered too little for a potential follow-up. He was candid about his dislike of the movie, so Marvel replaced him with Don Cheadle.

6. Chloe Grace Moretz turned out to be a mistake for Bolt

via Fandango

Next on our curious list of celebs is the lovely Chloe Grace Moretz. Although we’ve seen her on the silver screen, we don’t really know much about her drama with Miley Cyrus. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Chloe Moretz is a natural beauty who also had her fair share of trouble. During the set of Disney’s promising project called Bolt, Chloe was literally shown the door. It turns out that Disney’s producers changed their minds about featuring Chloe in their movie. According to her, she got kicked out of the project. In fact, the oddest part comes with the appearance of Miley Cyrus. Obviously, Chloe Moretz had no idea that Miley was supposed to play her character. Well, the movie still features Chloe’s voice here and there. However, Chloe was practically shown the door after Miley allegedly agreed to do the part.

5. Colin Firth did all the job but got fired anyway

via GQ

Another adored actor who got all the work done but got fired anyway was Colin Firth. Born on 10 September 1960, Colin Firth is an English actor who did the voice-over work for the 2014 movie adaptation of Paddington. At first, the movie directors thought that Colin Firth was the ideal guy for the movie. But by the time the movie got wrapped up, they kind of changed their minds about his part in it. Allegedly, they thought that Colin Firth’s voice was too deep and manly. As a result, they decided to let him go although the movie was completely finished. Instead of Colin Firth, the producers of Paddington put Ben Whishaw in the project. In the end, the movie adaptation, based on 1958 book A Bear Called Paddington, got released and earned the respect of lots of viewers.

4. Edward Norton’s bad temper cost him the role in The Avengers

via QuirkyByte

Meet another amazing movie star who also had to say goodbye to a huge movie role. Born on August 18, 1969, Edward Norton is a great actor and a respected filmmaker. Thanks to a few prominent roles in movies like in 25th Hour and Red Dragon, Edward got noticed by top producers. Sadly for him, he missed an incredible role in The Avengers. Indeed, it could have brought him many movie awards and lots of cash. But instead, Edward Norton often threw temper tantrums on the set of The Avengers. In fact, he was actually the one who portrayed the role of The Incredible Hulk a few years back. By the way, it made more than $265 million. Well, it’s too bad that his ill-tempered personality cost him such an amazing opportunity.

3. Stuart Townsend hated the plot of Lord of The Rings

via Imgur

The epic fantasy novel Lord of the Rings is indeed a great phenomenon around the world. But even though it earned our respect and love, Stuard Townsend feels differently about it. Apparently, he was really unhappy about how things played out. So, he just shared his thoughts with his co-stars, movie directors and producers. Maybe he should’ve remained quiet about it. Born on  15 December 1972, the Irish actor was quickly removed from the extraordinary movie adaptation. He was supposed to play Aragorn in the Lords of the Rings trilogy. However, his candid thoughts about the plot of the trilogy definitely got him in trouble. As a result, the talented Irish actor was sent home. His part was wonderfully played by another awesome actor, Viggo Mortensen. Today Lord of the Rings is still thought to be one of the greatest movie adaptations of all time. 

2. Leonardo DiCaprio replaced by Christian Bale: a change in the plan, they said

via Pinterest

Born on 30 January 1974, the English actor has always been featured in top movie productions. In fact, his first effort in this lucrative business was at the age of 13. Indeed, he was quite immature but it didn’t stop him from starring in top movies like Empire of the Sun (1987). Directed by the cinematic giant Steven Spielberg, Christian caught the eye of the world with his great acting skills. Since then, he’s always been considered a mainstream actor. Bale is known for his perfect performance in American Psycho, however Leonardo DiCaprio was originally cast for the role of Patrick Bateman.

1. Sylvester Stallone insisted on more violence but got fired instead

via Collider

Another legendary star who got thrown out of a huge movie was Sylvester Stallone. Born on July 6, 1946, the phenomenal Sylvester is best known for his successful  Rocky film series. Thanks to his amazing skills, Stallone was indeed nominated for an Academy Award. The final Rocky film was filmed in 2015 and was later on inducted into the National Film Registry. Today Sylvester Stallone is still one of the greatest action movie stars, with lots of great films under his belt. But outside of his achievements, Stallone’s got his fair share of tough moments too. Initially, he was a significant part of the Expendables 3. Rumor has it that Stallone insisted on putting more drama, action, and violence in the movie. But unfortunately, his ideas got turned down and the franchise went on without him.


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