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15 Memes Every Coffee Addict Will Understand

15 Memes Every Coffee Addict Will Understand

Are you a coffee addict? Does coffee run through your veins rather than blood? Then this list of coffee memes was compiled especially for you. There are two types of coffee drinkers out there. There are those who drink coffee solely for the effects of caffeine and there are those who drink coffee because they love the wonderful taste and smell. For some it’s a necessity. For others coffee is part of a pleasurable routine. Some people drink their coffee black, others prefer a bit of milk or cream. All coffee drinkers have one thing in common, they would never be able to give up their habit. Coffee lovers can’t just abandon their favourite brew. They need it like they need air. Here are 15 of our favourite coffee memes. Tea drinkers need not read further.

15. Coffee Or Murder

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Be honest, you totally agree with this. Without our morning cup of joe, half of us would be ready to commit murder. For many of us, coffee is a mini ritual. It calms us down and helps us get mentally ready to face the day ahead. Sure, the caffeine helps a lot too. Many of us need that jolt of java to wake us up before the work day starts. For some, a nice hot cup of coffee is a great way to relax and unwind. Really, is there anything better than a piping hot mug of coffee on a chilly winter day?

14. Coffee Gives Us the Will to Live

Isn’t this the truth for a lot of us? We drink a morning cup of coffee hoping it’ll wake us up and render us at least partially alert. We rely on caffeine to get us moving at the crack of dawn. But when you’ve been drinking coffee for a long time, it’s likely you’re not really getting a jolt of energy anymore. Your body’s probably used to it by now. But who cares? Even if it’s more of a placebo effect at this point, you know that without that big mug of black coffee you’d look and act like the walking dead.

13. Post-Work Coffee

Yes. We are all this little dog. Even though it’s not really the best idea to drink caffeine after three p.m., we’ve all done it. Sometimes the work day is so stressful that you need a bit of a pick-me-up when your shift is over and done with. You might find yourself a little wired when bedtime rolls around, but the satisfying taste of an iced coffee after a long day is worth it. It’s the perfect treat to celebrate all the hard work you did in a day. You deserve that super strong coffee and we definitely know that you need it.

12. Stress Reliever Perfection


Could this be any more perfect? If workplace break rooms had this kind of set up, there wouldn’t be anyone who would feel stressed on the job. Everyone would be humming while popping bubble wrap and sipping their cups of coffee. That sounds great doesn’t it? You’d probably stop feeling so annoyed by that one co-worker. You’d be happy to zip through your workload if it meant that you got to head back to that bubble wrap coffee station. Enjoy that fifteen minute break. Listen to some classical music, sip that cup of joe, and pop the shit out of that bubble wrap.

11. Caffeine Headache

Anyone who drinks coffee regularly can relate to this. You slog through the morning and don’t have time to make your customary cup of coffee. Lunchtime hits and you’re noticing a headache is starting to form. By mid-afternoon, your head is pounding. You forgot your caffeine hit and now you’re suffering for it. But the opposite can happen too. You wolf down a piece of toast and wash it down with coffee. You get to work and have another two cups. At lunch, you fill up your mug once again. In the afternoon, your energy levels slump so you get more coffee. As your workday winds down, you feel a headache coming on. Sound familiar?

10. No Talking

Coffee drinking can be social. Heading to a coffee shop with a friend so you can catch up on each other’s lives is something we’ve all done. It’s nice to enjoy a cup of coffee with someone else. But when it’s the early morning and you’ve poured yourself your first mug of java, you do not want anyone trying to talk to you. You especially don’t want someone to start telling you about their life. You don’t want to hear it. You’re in your safe place. People should know that your coffee mug is giving off invisible signals not to come near.

9. Morning Poem

Via: Pinterest

Have you ever spent a morning around people who are super energetic and cheerful? Some people seem to get their boost of energy as the sun rises. Others are not so lucky. Many people require a cup of coffee to get going. They require a cup of coffee to act like a normal human being. They need caffeine in order to be friendly and polite. Without that cup of coffee, the default is to hate everyone. Without caffeine everyone seems louder than they should be. Everyone becomes so easy to hate before that first cup of coffee. We totally understand.

8. Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Via: We Know Memes

The toughest truth ever for someone who runs on coffee. You need coffee to get moving and start the day. But in order to actually get that coffee inside you, you need to get your butt out of bed and head to the kitchen to make it. It’s the hardest thing to do. You think about how far the coffee maker is and you feel hopeless. You think about how comfortable your bed is and you start to bargain with a higher power. You wish for some kind of magical creature to appear holding a nice warm cup of coffee. It doesn’t happen, you have to get up.

7. Starbucks Hate

Via: Pinterest

Whether you’re a Starbucks fan or not, you have to admit that this is funny. There are some coffee drinkers who swear by Starbucks coffee. They think that a coffee from Starbucks is better than all the rest. We’re not saying that Starbucks coffee is bad, but a coffee from the donut shop down the street is just as good and it’s cheaper. Making coffee at home is even less of an expense. We think that brewing coffee in a french press is the ultimate way to go. It’s a satisfying ritual that makes a great cup of coffee. And it doesn’t cost $5 each time.

6. Bitch Tea


LOL. Bitch tea. That’s good. But don’t feel bad if you enjoy the occasional cup of decaf coffee. We’re not judging you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the taste of coffee without getting the jolt of caffeine. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a warm mug at the end of a day. Sometimes you need to be warmed up late in the evening while you’re sitting in your pyjamas watching television. Decaf let’s you enjoy the taste without having to worry about staying up all night. We prefer to have a decaf in the evening because caffeine keeps us wired throughout the night.

5. She Loves You Both

Via: Pinterest

Actually, she loves you both. WE love you both. There’s a time and place for wine and there’s a time and place for coffee. We can love you both equally. It’s not a competition. Coffee allows us to wake up and be alert. It helps us to face the fact that Monday has arrived and a full week lays ahead. Wine, on the other hand, is our preferred beverage for a nice Friday evening. When the work week is coming to a close we’re probably going to choose wine over coffee. Let’s not fight. You’re both our favs forever and always.

4. Not Procrastinating

Via: Pinterest

This is completely true. Drinking coffee is basically part of the process. You’re not stopping your work to enjoy a coffee, you’re still working while you’re drinking it. You’re not physically doing anything (except drinking coffee) but your mind is working. No work day is complete without a nice cup of joe. It gets your brain started so without it, you’d be useless. Taking some time to slowly sip that caffeinated beverage is just all part of the routine you’ve set up for yourself. Without it, you just wouldn’t be able to be as productive. Oh, you’re going to get yourself another cup? That’s all part of the process too.

3. Get A Real Coffee

Via: Pinterest

Okay so, we like fancy coffees. We enjoy a caramel macchiato once in a while or a skinny hazelnut latte. We don’t think a frappuccino is a real coffee, though. But if it’s hot and has flavours added, that’s no big deal. There’s no shame in ordering up something that has whipped cream on top. Sometimes, that’s the perfect way to end a tough day. You don’t need to drink gallons of black coffee to call yourself a coffee addict. That’s just nonsense. You can drink whatever you want as long as it tastes like coffee. Plus, it’s not about what others think, right?

2. Pokemon Evolution

Via: Dorkly

This is basically the evolution of a coffee drinker. At first, you’re cool with just drinking coffee once in a while. It gives you a bit of energy when you need it. You’re okay to go without coffee. It’s no big deal. Eventually, you evolve into a person who cannot function with a cup of joe in the morning. You need to have that first cup to be able to wake up and start your day. Finally, you become a coffee addict. You require coffee to live and if you stop drinking it you will cease to exist. You’re sure your heart is pumping liquid caffeine.

1. Most Relatable Of Them All


This is definitely the most relatable of all the coffee memes. Sure, we coffee addicts drink to get that jolt of caffeine. We love the taste of coffee, we enjoy a hot warm cup of joe, and we enjoy the rituals surrounding our coffee habit. But there’s a darker side (or lighter – depending on who you ask) to coffee drinking. Coffee lovers know that once you have that first cup in the morning, there’s no turning back. You need to poop almost immediately. It’s the perfect way to get things moving. Poop-wise, of course. Coffee drinkers all know this but we don’t always talk about it.

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