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15 Men Confess What They Think Is Most Attractive About A Woman

15 Men Confess What They Think Is Most Attractive About A Woman

Relationships never truly run smoothly and always get fraught with pitfalls across the stepping stones towards meeting the one true love. Though for most of the time, the game of love is often littered with hit and miss, emotion, trouble and many times around, embarrassment. On numerous occasions, going out to bars and clubs may feel like entering into a meat market where only flesh is on sale, and they usually do not make for the best places to find a soulmate, but they are good places to prowl and score. So the nightlife of an average town or city might not make for the best place to have a meaningful method of bonding, although it does make for a place for people to pick up anyone that caters to their tastes, which might seem a tad heartless.

People have desires and for most people, a night out can mean a potential opportunity to score with the opposite (or same) gender. Also, what most look for is often kept secret, as they may very well offend others if they find out how shallow others really are. No matter how often that people pretend that personality is the most important thing, for a long-term relationship, what is inside does actually count. However, when looking for a quick night of passion, scratching and itch and getting what you want is exactly what Tinder does and where the savageness of guy’s true feelings about a woman’s appearance can surface.

15. Don’t Just Order Salad

Via: Bustle

Believe it or not, men know that you eat and most of them do not care how much food you tuck away. Going out on a date is not only an opportunity to meet someone new, perhaps a new partner and get to know them, but most dates are situated in restaurants, food gets eaten in restaurants. A way to many guy’s hearts are through their stomachs, so a lot of men will want to enjoy the meal too and love seeing their date enjoying a delicious meal alongside them. Remember ladies to tuck in and not gnaw at a piece of carrot.

14. They Are Not Concerned With flaws 

Via: E Online

Men are simple creatures, especially when it comes to appearances and there are only certain parts of the female anatomy that they are drawn to. So the fact that perhaps as a woman you have hang-ups about the imperfections of the body is something that maybe they should not be hung up over. Everyone likes to make an effort in terms of their appearance but appearing real, approachable and not like you have relied too much on make-up is always preferred. Guys don’t care about flaws because they have them too! It is much more attractive to be comfortable and confident in the skin you were born in, and it is something we can all appreciate that.

13. He Is Into You so don’t doubt that 

Via KnowYourMeme

A physical and emotional connection is really important between two people but sometimes insecurities get the better of us, which tests a potential bond you may have with a partner. When two people get intimate with each other, remember that between the sheets it is you that he has decided to get it on with, and he is, therefore, clearly attracted to you. Self-confidence is one of the most beautiful things that a person can demonstrate and owning your body, flaws and all, is the best way to have an earth-shattering night beneath the sheets. Remember, he is thinking of you and enjoying you, so enjoy that!

12. Fluttering Eyelashes

Via: Cosmopolitan

Eye contact is vital to the connection between two people, platonic or sexual and a stare can be hypnotic and draw people in, particularly when it comes down to seduction. A glowering stare will often entice a potential mate, and surprisingly, it is the things that lie around the eyes that can draw guys. Some men talk of the luster of the eyelashes and how they draw them in with the deepening of their stare and the amount of effort it takes to create the beauty of long, thick and lustrous eyelashes, a simple piece of care that greatly enhances a woman’s appearance.

11. Kim Does Not Break the Internet

Via Imgflip

Since appearing in her successful reality TV show, first breaking the internet with her adult tape with rapper Ray J, Kim Kardashian and her family have become a benchmark for celebrity culture. After marrying rapper, Kanye West, Kim is part of a celeb power couple, and her recent photo for a magazine cover claimed to have ‘broken the internet’ and set a newly desired physique for women. However, guys have a rather harsh opinion when it comes to Kim Kardashian – or her entire clan for that matter. Some even dislike the Kardashian rear package to the extent that they don’t find it as impressive as the rest of the world. You see, some guys really do prefer the whole package – that is a woman with both beauty and brains.

10. Racial Preferences

Via Huffington Post

Modern dating and the advent of finding love online has made the selection of a mate more straightforward than ever. In fact, the recent few years have seen the rise of dating app and instant gratification for dating. In the days of Tinder, dating is now like getting a takeout, which means that sometimes, politeness goes out of the window in favor of instant gratification. So many people’s profiles will look more like a love-life version of a grocery list and often has blunt specifications for the race of their dates: “no [insert race here] chicks,” which is far from loving!

9. Make the First Move

Via: Business Insider

The dynamics of relationship politics are now more different than ever, and guys are not nearly as confident as women think – hence the bizarre list of pickup lines a lady might hear. Although times have changed, there is often still a hang up that some girls may have about seeming forward with their attraction and desires. Some women are still concerned about the old-fashioned idea that they must appear demure and not as though you are interested, but most men find nothing to be more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants and is friendly and approachable.

8. Stylish Will Always Be Better Than Skimpy

Via: Time Out

Fashion, especially good fashion, never goes out of style and it certainly beats the bizarre outfits that get sported at fashion shows on the catwalk, or Lady Gaga‘s meat dress! Keeping to a discipline of sticking to simple, elegant styles will always turn the eye more than an outlandish or too revealing ensemble. Owning and flaunting an effortless, understated style says more about a person than letting everything hang out, and although guys love the female form, less is more, most of the time at least. Looking good always goes hand-in-hand with feeling good and feeling good shines through more.

7. A Natural Beauty is preferred

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

A heated debate existed when Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back was released to the world. What do men and women really prefer – a good front or a good back? In the 90s, stars like Pamela Anderson with their surgically enhanced chest and blonde hair were prominent, and now women have the Kardashians to supposedly fawn over as the icons of female beauty. According to a survey of men by Glamour magazine, more guys actually prefer what a girl has packing behind than up front, so Sir Mix-A-Lot was maybe right? Whatever may be the case, a naturally beautiful and confident woman will always trump anything artificial looking.

6. Body Confidence is always attractive 

Via: IMG Models

Men like curves on a woman, despite the fact that for years, supermodels have been pin-ups on every fashion billboard from around the world. Although supermodels are so thin because of the ease of getting in and out of the strange fashion concoctions that designers spin and weave from their imaginations. The campaign for real women to appear has worked as well for men as it has for women because they are attracted to real women, and so actual true depictions of the female body are good for everyone, so forget about the Size 0 figure and embrace you, because guys will with that confidence.

5. Body Hair is okay 

Via: Jezebel

A smooth body is one of the major things that women often obsess over – coming second only to weight where female body image woes are concerned. The fact that women should appear hairless and smooth has really crept into societal norms, so much so that standards keep changing like the seasons. Some men, according to the website Get the Gloss, are very fussy when it comes to their body hair, and some can tolerate a little hair, but others go so far as to not want any hair below the eyebrows on a woman, which is as weird looking as it is delusional!

4. He Will Compare You To Photoshopped Stars, But Knows It’s Wrong

Via: Fashion Gone Rogue

Today, in the era of mass media that literally sits in the palms of our hands, people can access all sorts of entertainment from their phones and more often than not, guys will use this device in their hand to enjoy themselves with their other hand. Stars in the adult film industry are so highly airbrushed and laden with fake lighting and enhancements that women fear that men might believe all women have this unrealistic look. Admittedly some men do reveal that looking at these models does color their idea of how women should appear undressed, but most know they are seeing fakeness and trickery, so try to look past it.

3. Give Them A Compliment

Via YouTube

Etiquette in dating is complex and often becomes a minefield, there is no point taking a date to a burger stall if they are the type to want a beautiful restaurant with the finest cuisine. Paying for the meal and showering a woman with compliments is par for the course, to make her feel special and wanted, but what about the other way? In the traditional sense, it is seemingly the done thing for a man to woo a woman and pursue her until she becomes your girlfriend. But men like to receive a kind word too, and a woman that also appreciates the date and the man dating her is a winning formula.

2. Height Hang-Ups?

Via Esquire

On average, men are taller than women. The average height for a woman is around 5 feet 4 inches, and for a man, it is 5 feet 9 inches. So for most of the time, it is expected that a man dates a woman who is several inches taller than she is, but it is sometimes not that way. Some men feel that dating a woman who is taller than they are is emasculating, so will stay away from the more height-endowed female. However, some men are less shallow and do confess that a woman taller than they are is not essentially an icebreaker.

1. Making Do With the Choices Available


On online forums discussing what men find attractive when it comes to women and imperfections about the female body, some men are shamelessly blunt about what turns them on about women that it does not make for pleasant reading. Honesty often surfaces on the internet, and so does the true feelings of attraction when it comes to the ladies. Many of the people online discussing their desires seem as though they are disappointed with the women that are actually out there. Moreover, they are only settling because they cannot go out with movies stars or models, so opt for what they can get.

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