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15 Men Who Cried Like Babies On A Roller-Coaster Ride

15 Men Who Cried Like Babies On A Roller-Coaster Ride

It’s not easy being a man, and it is even tougher when you have to come face to face with your worst fears in public. Word of advice, you are better safe than sorry. If you didn’t try out some of these rides at the local fair when you were young, then it’s not the right time to try them out when you are a grown man. Roller-coasters and slingshot rides are a marvel, and for most unsuspecting people, going to such heights at such speeds can be worse than a real-life horror movie. It’s funny when adults get all excited and laugh themselves to sleep when kids get afraid of doing certain adult things, but it’s hilarious when grown men can’t seem to get their stuff together and lose it on a simple rollercoaster ride.

There are a million videos on YouTube of men crying on roller-coasters and slingshot rides, some cry so hard they suffocate and pass out, while some can’t help saying their last prayer or grabbing onto their girlfriends for safety. If you are one of these crybabies, then you don’t need to worry, you aren’t the first one to weep uncontrollably on a slingshot or roller coaster ride. Here are 15 men who cried like babies on a roller-coaster ride.

15. Ride Operator Pranks Romantic Couple

Via: Youtube

Well, this has to be one of my personal favorites, and from the views it got online, it got people laughing their hearts out. This was not your ordinary slingshot ride; the man was goofing around even before the ride began, pretending to try to impress his girlfriend and probably freak out the ride operator. But the joke was on him when the ride operator decided to pull a prank on them, cautioning them of their loose seatbelts. Before they even got the chance to adjust their belts, the ride had begun. The man couldn’t help himself by cry hysterically flapping his arms like a clown.

14. Thug Cries Like a baby


This video proves that even thugs cry. In this video, this tough looking 90’s gangster man decides to take a slingshot ride with his girlfriend. At first, you’d probably think the video is on YouTube because of how his girlfriend will react, but this clip went viral because “Thugnificent” couldn’t stop crying like a baby and calling out to “Jesus” to help him. Two seconds in, and he was already crying his heart out while his girlfriend seemed to be having a lot of fun. Next time your girlfriend asks you to go on a slingshot ride, you better say “No.”

13. Terrified Man Clings to Friend and Screams in Fear


In the description of the video, it says that this man wasn’t supposed to be on the ride in the first place. It seems like his buddies played a nasty prank on him because they were laughing even while the ride was going uphill. But still, this man has to be the biggest coward; he was already clinging on to his friend’s arm before the main thrilling part of the ride started. Well, if you haven’t watched this clip, it’s just another hilarious 1 minute 28 seconds of a grown man screaming his lungs out! Trust me, it never gets old, and especially if you are having a really bad day.

12. Screaming Guy Passes out Multiple times on a Slingshot ride

Well, this is quite the slingshot ride, and Michael makes sure to inform everyone, including his girlfriend, that he is pretty freaked out. It’s clearly his first time, and his really loving girlfriend does all she can to calm him down. The ride operator can also be heard in the background trying to convince him of the safety of the ride. But while Michael is still listening to the ride operator, the ride is on, and Michael can’t help screaming hysterically passing out in between screams, his girlfriend can’t help laughing and hardly enjoys the ride. At least he made her laugh. Must have been an awesome date!

11. Crying Marine


We love our marines. We are so proud of them, and especially when they cry like babies. This marine duo decided to take a slingshot ride before they head out to Afghanistan, and what happened next was nothing short of comical. You have to commend the ride operator for being such a menace and not letting the countdown finish before releasing the ride. Well, one marine was busy laughing while his friend cried out for help, shouting, “That was not a countdown!” This video is a must watch! At least we now know what’s scarier than a war zone. The slingshot ride!

10. French Dad screams his guts out on a Slingshot Ride


Being a dad isn’t easy, and it’s probably because you have a lot of responsibilities like taking care of your children and being a good example for them to emulate. Well, this French dad clearly chooses the wrong way to teach his son how to be a man, because he clearly isn’t capable of being one himself. Even before the ride began, he was already uttering cowardly words, and it did not get any better when the ride began, if you can speak French you will clearly have a field day watching this video, most of us don’t, but it still got us in stitches.

9. He kept passing out on the Roller Coaster


This video is more sad than happy, and a total waste of roller coaster money. If you know you can’t handle the ride, it’s better you grab an ice cream and play in the kids’ corner because this ride is not for crybabies. This video begins halfway through the ride; the poor man must have passed out a couple of times before his buddies realized and started recording, he passes out three more times in the clip, each time waking up to squeal. If you have never been on a roller coaster ride, watch this clip before you embarrass yourself and it goes viral.

8. Man Cries on Slingshot Ride with Little Kid


This has to be one of the funniest slingshot videos on the internet. What’s funny is how the older gentleman tries to calm down the young boy before the ride begins, but when the ride operator finally releases the ride, the man wails uncontrollably. What makes this video super hilarious is the comparison between his scream and his size. It’s hard to fake some of these things, you simply can’t be that huge and scream that sharp. It goes against nature. Either way, they must have had some fun. Don’t go on a slingshot ride with kids, you might end up embarrassing yourself!

7. Man Cries for his Mom on Orlando Slingshot


If you did not laugh during the previous videos, then there is no way you will not be able to hold back for this one. This man is definitely afraid of heights and what baffles me is he had the heart to try out this ride of a lifetime anyways. Two seconds into the ride and he is already wailing for his mama. With a beard that big, your mum should be the last person you scream out to on a rollercoaster ride. This man screamed so loud that when the ride was over, other people in the queue can be heard laughing their guts out. One woman is heard consoling him, “Don’t cry, you survived.”

6. Guys Craps himself on the Orlando Slingshot Ride


Well, this had to be embarrassing, leave alone the fact that both these grown men cried and screamed all the time like babies. Before the ride sets off, one of the men is eager to leave, but his friend holds onto his arm tight until they are shot to the sky. His friend is clearly uncomfortable and takes long breaths while the ride slows down. It’s probably at this point that he felt it was time to take a dump on the ride. If crying is babyish enough, I wonder what crapping your pants is.

5. Dad Screaming in Orlando Slingshot


Well, it seems like the Orlando slingshot has quite the reputation, especially when it comes to grown men losing their cool. This dad decided to have some slingshot fun with his son, which turned out not to be a good idea because it seems like it was his first time. Three seconds into the ride, he is screaming hysterically and also laughing in between, it’s hard to know what emotions were going through his mind, but the freeze frame clearly looks like he is about to cry like a baby. The young boy is pretty composed; it’s a kid’s thrill anyway! Father, son and slingshot make a bad combo!

4. Solo Slingshot Rider Cries his heart out


It’s hard being a loner, but it pays off sometimes. When you do something really embarrassing, no one will be there to witness it. It’s hard to figure out if this man is a loner, he probably wanted to check out the ride before coming with a date which is pretty clever of him. Either way, he still cried and squealed like a trapped piglet, let alone popping his eyeballs out like a toad. If you are bored, this is a video you want to watch. Thanks to this man and much more, we have a lifetime of comedy. I hope he did not make those faces during the real date. That would have been tragic!

3. Man Cries for Mom on Slingshot


This has to be the best slingshot ride ever! It’s hard not to replay this video once you have watched it. Two men board a slingshot ride, and from the onset, the man on the left seems nervous, tapping and shaking his body on the seat as he waits for the ride to begin. Almost immediately, he starts screaming for his mommy. Someone clearly did not have enough of kindergarten; they need to go back and learn where to cry for their mom. On the flip side, this makes for a great YouTube video for you and your buddies to have a good laugh.

2. Man Screams for his Life on Slingshot Ride


This video is incredibly funny, and the best part of it all is how the man in this video screams, it’s almost like a high school girl. It’s pretty obvious at the beginning of this video that the man on the right is a big coward. His friend keeps holding his hand even before the ride begins. But the fun part begins when the ride starts. He screams out like a little girl, and his friend looks concerned and at some point tries to hold his hand AGAIN while the ride is on, but this doesn’t stop his friend from wailing like a wild goat!

1. Teenager Cries and Passes out on Slingshot Ride


For most people, their teenage years were the years that they enjoyed the thrill of danger and did just about anything to get in trouble without worry about the repercussions. Well, a slingshot ride wouldn’t get you in trouble just for riding it, but the thrill of it can tone down your raging teenage hormones, but not for this young man. He screamed so loud on the ride, he passed out for a cool five seconds. It’s clear from the freeze frame who is enjoying the ride! If you think you have more guts than these two, you better book a ride this weekend with the ride operator, and please share the video.

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