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15 Mind-Blowing Fan Predictions For Game Of Thrones Season 8

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15 Mind-Blowing Fan Predictions For Game Of Thrones Season 8

Almost as soon as Season 7 of Game of Thrones ended, fans started speculating about what new surprises would be in store in Season 8, which is the last one ever for the television epic.

Season 7 saw a number of twists and turns, some of which were expected, such as the long-awaited confirmation of the worst kept secret in Westeros that R+L=J, while others were a little more jaw dropping – including Littlefinger’s comeuppance and the terrifying season finale at The Wall.

With Season 8 of Game of Thrones not expected to hit our screens until summer 2018 at the earliest, fans have a lot of time – and characters – to kill between now and then. In fact, they have been busy already, coming up with predictions of what creator George RR Martin has in store for us all next.

While everyone wants to know what’s going to happen to Jon and Daenerys, as well as the Night King, there are lots of characters whose fates will be decided in the final few episodes – and below is a list of some of the most mind-blowing fan theories circulating about Game of Thrones, and how Season 8 is going to tie up all those loose ends!

15. Death Of A Dragon


The death of Viserion, one of Daenerys’ three dragons, was one of the most heartbreaking moments of Season 7, and his subsequent reincarnation by the Night King into a White Walker of sorts was easily the most jaw-dropping. If the combined forces of Jon and Dany are going to defeat the Night King, then they will need the two remaining dragons. However, there could be more heartbreak to come for Dany, many fans speculating that Viserion will kill one of his siblings or that Drogon or Rhaegal themselves could be responsible for taking down their fallen brother in Season 8.

14. Euron Greyjoy Father To Cersei’s Unborn Child


Cersei’s pregnancy has implications for the whole of Westeros. Is the Lannister queen planning on launching her own dynasty, with a view to hold the Iron Throne for decades to come? And given that the most likely father is her own brother Sir Jaime, the birth of a new Lannister baby would really be a family affair. However, some fans are speculating that Euron Greyjoy, who has made no secret of his wish to marry Cersei, could be the unborn baby’s father, citing the way the two connived together at the Dragonpit Summit as evidence that they are closer than even Jaime knows.

13. R+L=J


While Bran’s visions have hinted that there is more to the Stark bastard than meets the eye, it is only in the most recent series that Sam and Bran learned the full truth about Jon’s parentage. Not only is Jon the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lynna Stark, but he is actually a Targaryen – the tragic lovers marrying in a secret ceremony before their deaths. How Jon and new girlfriend/auntie Daenerys will react to the news has led to a lot of GoT fan theories, ranging from a Targaryen wedding (not unheard of) to Jon betraying Dany when he realises what they have done.

12. Reek Redeemed


The finale of Season 7 saw Theon Greyjoy finally stands up to his Iron born soldiers, in a last-ditch attempt to redeem himself and sets off on a quest to save his sister Yara, captured by their own uncle Euron in a spectacular sea battle. GoT fans have already started speculating that in order to truly redeem himself, and undo all the harm he has managed to cause others throughout the series, Theon will have to make the ultimate sacrifice in saving his sister Yara, giving his life so that she can go on and defeat their dastardly relative and his ally, Cersei.

11. Bear Cub In Battle


Lady Lyanna Mormont has been a fans’ favourite ever since her first appearance in Season 6, thanks to her no-nonsense talk and bravery. The upcoming season 8 could see the Lady of Bear Island given the chance to put her money where her mouth is, by saddling up and taking part in the upcoming war against the dead – after all, the Mormont women have a long tradition as warriors. And don’t count on things ending well for Lyanna either. Her popularity was noted on Twitter by creator George RR Martin, who has a fearsome reputation for killing off favoured characters.

10. Direwolves’ Return


Season 7 saw a brief appearance by Nymeria, Arya Stark’s long-lost direwolf, leading to speculation that the two remaining creatures may yet have an important role to play in Season 8. Nymeria and Jon Snow’s direwolf, Summer, are the only two animals still alive from the litter of pups given to all the Stark children by the father, Ned. Lady, belonging to Sansa, was killed after Nymeria attacked Joffrey, while Rob’s direwolf, Grey Wind, was one of the victims of the Red Wedding. Fans expect to see Nymeria, as well as Summer, return in Season 8, perhaps to save their former owners in the final battle?

9. Prince (Or Princess) Who Was Promised


The Lord of Light and his prophecies have played an increasingly important role in Game of Thrones, and the identity of the Prince Who Was Promised – an individual whose destiny is to save the Seven Kingdoms from the White Walkers – has been the sources of much fan speculation. Jon Snow was thought to be the most likely candidate, until Missandei revealed that the actual translation is the Prince or Princess Who Was Promised, leading some fans to speculate that Dany could be the saviour – or that there could be an as yet, unborn character, who fits the bill even better.

8. Daenerys Falls Pregnant With Jon’s Child


Jon and Daenerys have spent most of Season 7 gazing longingly at each other, so it was hardly surprising that they finally got together as they sailed for White Harbour together. However, the confirmation of their pre-existing relationship has added another dimension to the blossoming romance, and many fans believe things could be about to get a whole lot more complicated, with Dany falling pregnant. She has always believed she is unable to have children, but as Jon points out, the witch who told her so is hardly a reliable source! Perhaps the child of Jon and Daenerys could be the real Prince Who Was Promised?

7. Night King Revealed


Bran Stark may have disappeared for the whole of season 5, but since his return to the show, he has been the subject of increasingly bizarre fan theories. His abilities as the Three-Eyed Raven allow him to warg into the body of any man, woman or animal, and as has been shown by his visions, he is able to travel into the past. This combination has led some imaginative fans to suggest that Bran himself is the Night King – or at least that he warged into the man who the Children of the Forest turned into the Night King way back in time.

6. Bran To Blame?


While some fans think Bran could be the Night King, there are some who believe that Bran and his time travelling abilities could actually be to blame for the whole sorry saga in Westeros. There is evidence that those in the past can actually hear Bran’s voice when he is in Three-Eyed Raven mode, which has led to speculation that he might try to influence the behaviour of key characters, including Aerys Targaryen, otherwise known as The Mad King. In fact, one theory suggests that hearing Bran’s voice is what first drives the King mad, leading to the subsequent slaughter and battle for the Iron Throne.

5. Tyrion Is Actually Loyal To The Lannisters


Everyone was surprised when Cersei returned to the Dragonpit Summit after storming out when King in the North, Jon Snow, revealed he had already bent the knee to rival Daenerys. Although it was later revealed that she had been double crossing Jon, Dany and little brother Tyrion, there are some fans who believe there is something more sinister at work than just Cersei’s normal self-interest, and that Tyrion actually betrayed Dany when he went to speak to his sister, perhaps offering that the Queen of Dragons would herself bend the knee if the Lannisters assisted with the fight against the Night King.

4. Jaime Kills Cersei – Part One


Season 7 finally saw Jaime wriggle free from the malign influence of his sister Cersei – something that has been a long-time coming as his character has evolved through the seasons. Many fans see this split as a sign that Jaime may actually be the one who kills Cersei and ends her reign – a death that was foreseen in a prophecy in which the current Queen was told that she would be killed by her younger brother. Cersei assumed it would be Tyrion, but she was born before her twin brother, meaning that the prophecy could just as easily refer to Jaime.

3. Jaime Kills Cersei – Part Two


Then again, there is someone in Westeros who has had their eye on killing Cersei for a very long time and who now has the skills to make it happen – Arya Stark. A favourite fan theory is that Arya will get her chance to kill Cersei, but will have to use Jaime’s face in order to get close to the Queen, which means, of course, that Arya would first have to take out Jaime himself. However, there is little doubt that Cersei would welcome her “brother” back with open arms, giving Arya the ideal opportunity to get close enough to strike.

2. Cleganebowl


Ever since fans first met mouthy Sandor Clegane (The Hound) and his silent but deadly brother Gregor – otherwise known as The Mountain – they have been waiting for the two to battle against each other in a duel to the death. There’s no love lost between the Clegane boys – Gregor burned his younger brother by pushing his face into the fire when they were children – and they now find themselves on opposite sides of the stand-off between Cersei and Dany and Jon. All of which means that Cleganebowl is still very much on the cards for Season 8!

1. Tyrion Targaryen


While hints about Jon Snow’s Targaryen roots have been dropped throughout all seven series of Game of Thrones, the fan theory that Tyrion is also a secret Targaryen is relatively new. The fact that he has signed up to Team Daenerys doesn’t mean much in itself, but add it to his father Tywin’s final words as Tyrion shot him on the lavatory – “You’re no son of mine” – and you could start to draw different conclusions. Tyrion always thought his father hated him because his mother died in childbirth, but what if it was because she had been having an affair with Aerys, the Mad King?

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