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15 Mind-Boggling Things That Only Exist In Japan

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15 Mind-Boggling Things That Only Exist In Japan

It’s true that Japan is a pretty enigmatic country, filled to the brim with deep-rooted history and culture. As such, we don’t doubt that this country will take your breath away the moment you start exploring it. But apart from its amazing tourist attractions, Japan is quite famous for its peculiar side as well.  Indeed, you’ve got to go there and see it all for yourself. For example, once you blend in with the crowd, you’ll start noticing how crazy and ridiculous this otherwise amazing country actually is! From bizarre eating habits to atypical vending machines, Japan just cannot wait to show you its curious side. Believe us, we were fortunate enough to unearth 15 eye-popping things that you could probably find only in Japan. So if you’re planning on visiting this influential and adventurous country anytime soon, make sure you’re familiar with these odd things. After all, you’re there to examine this great country from A to Z, aren’t you? We promise that it will be one hell of a journey! And hopefully, you’ll enjoy this adventure to the fullest! Below are 15 things you didn’t know exist in a place like Japan. So let’s check them out together, shall we?

15. Innovative Parking Lots

via Popular Mechanics

Have you ever seen such a creative parking lot? You haven’t, right? Frankly, it’s more like a building designed as an innovative parking lot. We’re pretty sure that your hometown can’t really offer you such a revolutionary alternative to the overcrowded parking spaces. Well, that’s too bad for you. As for Japan, it has solved its issue by working on more space-saving options. As a matter of fact, this well-developed country has obviously focused on building much more practical parking lots for its citizens. So if you’re planning on visiting Japan anytime soon, at least you’ll know where to leave your car.

14. Mayonnaise goes with everything. Literally.

via YouTube

How about putting some mayonnaise & ketchup on your pizza? What a great combination, right? Much like Americans, Japanese people are very likely to pass on this eating option due to its oddity. Japanese mayonnaise is even used to flavor desserts, such as ice cream, cakes, even pancakes. Isn’t that weird? Yes, we know, it’s more than shocking and absurd. But guess what, it’s a pretty common option at every Japanese eatery. So don’t be shocked if you happen to see somebody eating a chocolate-dipped dessert flavored with some mayonnaise.

13. Tired? Try the Subway Chin Rest

via Pinterest

We know how fed up you are with those hour-long subway rides. You’re exhausted after a long workday. It has almost gotten to the point where you can barely feel your own body. We’ve just touched a sore spot, haven’t we? Indeed, it certainly feels quite exciting to imagine an effective solution to all your worries. Well, you might be in luck. Don’t freak out just yet though, but Japanese Subway Chains offer a subway chin rest. Perhaps it does relieve the soreness to a certain extent. So outside of its ridiculous look, it could come in handy at some point, right?

12. Napping on the job is no longer an issue

via Japanland

How many times have you fallen asleep at work? Please, don’t tell us how experienced you are in this department. Seriously, it’s not funny at all, and you’ll surely get yourself fired one day because of this awful habit. Well, you can still get away with it as long as your boss is somewhat understanding and open-minded. But in any other scenario, you’ll be kicked out immediately. Surely, the next sentence will probably come as a shock to you, but napping on the job is quite normal in Japan. On top of that, you’d hardly get rebuked for falling asleep at work.

11. That umbrella saves the day!

via DesignTAXI

Feeling depressed when it’s pouring outside? Not anymore! Do you know that you can actually go out in the pouring rain without getting a drop of water on you? It sure sounds unbelievable but there is an umbrella that sells like hotcakes in Japan that does exactly that. So next time you need a useful umbrella, make sure you get yourself the Japanese type. You see, rainy days can also offer you something special, unique and interesting. You just need to find what it is. Now get yourself one of these rainproof super-umbrellas and calm your anxious mind under that drizzling rain.

10. Toilet slippers are a must!

via Yen Ate My Dollar

It’s hard to believe that there’s a person who hasn’t really heard of the Japan’s strict hygienic rules. Their stringent hygiene habits and over-the-top sanitary precautions will leave you speechless. These people are so crazy about everything that could possibly include cleaning and hygiene that they use special slippers when going to the bathroom. Yes, it seems like toilet slippers are a total must in Japan. Honestly, we can’t even say that it’s such a bad idea. Bottom line: a pair of toilet slippers is a total must in Japan so make sure you remember this rule if you plan on visiting this enigmatic country any time soon.

9. Lift Operators are still a thing in Japan

via Wikipedia

Do you remember the good old days when lift operators used to be a big deal? Not only were these people considered super cool but these services were quite helpful too. There’s no doubt that those days felt like a golden age for sure. So before you make yourself believe that these days were buried in the history books a long time ago, just take a closer look at this picture. What does it look like to you? It can only be a lift operator, right? As you can see, lift operator services are still offered in Japan, so you can totally enjoy their smooth rides up and down.

8. Suntory’s Hibiki holds the award for the World’s Best Whiskey

via Caskers

Ever wonder where the world’s best whiskey gets produced? Now you know. Actually, Japan has often been regarded to as a great country where fine whiskey varieties are produced. Surely, there are many other mind-blowing facts about Japan, but who would have guessed about its fine Suntory’s Hibiki, right? We can totally bet that you have never heard of this curious fact. What’s even crazier is that this Japanese whiskey variety actually holds the World’s Best Whiskey Award. Bottom line: Suntory’s Hibiki has obviously received a special award in acknowledgment of its refined taste and quality.

7. Dating happens with or without her consent

via The Independent

Unlike Europeans and North Americans, Japanese women aren’t really offered many alternatives when it comes to dating and relationships. We may think of our world as a liberal place, but it’s certainly not like this in many other countries, including Japan. When it comes to women, the situation is getting worse by the second. Can you imagine living in a place where females are actually obliged to go on dates after being asked out?! Apparently, dating in Japan happens with or without the girl’s consent. That’s the rule, girls!

6. Revolutionary vending machines

via YouTube

Japan has totally won us over with its revolutionary and healthy alternatives to our modern vending machines. It’s easy to see that the typical Japanese vending machine can absolutely include some less tempting foods as well. How about having some eggs for lunch? We can’t deny that it’s a really curious thing to get out of a vending machine. But regardless of its oddity, it’s a super healthy way to stay fit. So why not try it out? Let’s be like these creative Japanese people for a moment, shall we? All joking aside now, it’s just another mind-blowing thing that cannot be seen that often in many other lands.

5.  The so-called “Suicide forest” really exists!

via the Japan Times

Sadly, we’ve got some pretty bad news for all joggers. Rumor has it that there’s a really creepy place in Japan called Aokigahara aka the “Suicide Forest”. It’s an exceptionally quiet 4-meter-square forest that boasts such a dense tree distribution that you can practically hear your own breathing. Its density blocks any drafts of air, creating such an eerie atmosphere. And for some reason, this gloomy place has become a very well known location for suicides. We don’t know how and why such things happen but statistics are rarely wrong. According to the unofficial data, more than 100 suicides take place here.

4. “Special” pillows for “special” guys


Thanks to the manufacturer of special pillows, men will no longer feel alone or heartbroken. Ultimately, we all dream of finding that special person who can warm our heart up during chilly days. So let’s make a difference in the world and help every person with a heavy heart find something that comforts them. Well, this  “special” pillow, shaped like women’s breasts may totally work wonders for any single guy. Indeed, a nice pair of breasts can really light up any guy’s day. Take our word for it.

3. Fake fangs are considered ultra-hot


Girls are considered extremely sexy when they wear fake fangs. It’s hardly like guys ignore them anyway. But still, Japanese girls take this curious addition to their look is taken pretty seriously. All in all, women who wear fake fangs are thought of as extremely attractive, modern and even fashionable. Yes, we know that it’s pretty hard to believe in the very existence of such a thing but it’s real. Besides, vampire-inspired makeup tutorials are also quite trendy these days.  So why not put some fake fangs on, right?

2. No more chilly days with the Huggable Pug

via City Beach

With the lovely summer officially behind us, it’s kind of sad to think that we’ll no longer be able to soak up the sun and get tanned. But before you make yourself believe in the truth behind this silly thought, Japan offers you its innovative solution to your problem. What if we told you that there wouldn’t be any chilly days anymore? It’s true that we don’t possess a magic stick to make it all happen for you, but perhaps Japanese people do! It’s time to get warmed up by the Huggable Pug (which can be heated in a typical microwave). Indeed, Japan has got things that are simply beyond our understanding.

1. Just let it pop, pop, pop for eternity


How much is it? Seriously, there’s no better stress-relieving option for us all. This popping sound somehow makes us feel really happy and satisfied. It’s almost like magic, isn’t it? Whatever this popping thing truly is, it just cannot fail at that. Besides, if you still recall the good old days of popping bubble wrap, then you’ll appreciate this thing even more. It’s true that this popping sound is like a beautiful melody our ears can’t help listening to. So let it pop.



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