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15 Mobile Apps Made Solely For Human Laziness

15 Mobile Apps Made Solely For Human Laziness

Yes, it’s 2017, and Sci-Fi movies promised us we would have robots working tirelessly to fulfill all our wishes by now. It’s not like we are asking for an advanced robot who can do integration and differentials, and guess who dies on the next Game of Thrones episode, someone as kind and caring as Rosie, the Robot Maid from The Jetsons, would completely work!

But alas, the ultimate fantasy of every lazy person hasn’t been possible yet. Though what we do have are our smartphones on which we can download apps for just about anything. From converting our phones into a flashlight to a blower, our phones are becoming more multipurpose with every passing day.

For human laziness, these apps have been a godsend. We no longer have to stand in queues for coffee, we don’t have to wait for cabs to stop for us, and in fact, we don’t even have to get up from our seat to check how the weather is.

If you haven’t seen the sky in days and you don’t know how to breathe without a Wi-Fi connection, keep reading to transform yourself into the ultimate couch potato. All you have to do is pick up your phone and download these apps.

15. Crowdmug


It isn’t that lazy people don’t like going out, they just want to make sure that when they make the effort to get out of their bed and get dressed, they actually end up in a great bar. After all, nobody wants to end up in a deserted bar or a club which is so packed with people that the entry has been closed.

With Crowdmug you will never have to worry about ending up at a bad restaurant or bar. It is an app for the lazy people who do love going out, once in a while. Before going out, you can put a bounty on the place you are planning to go to. If there are other people there, they will take pictures of the place, leave comments and earn cash!

14. Thirstie


Having a party at your house but forgot to stock the liquor cabinet? No need to leave your house when Thirstie is here. Providing a premiere selection of beer, wine, cider, and other alcohols, Thirstie provides a wide range of liquor. You can easily place an order on their app and get it delivered to your home.

The app also provides several cocktail recipes, so you don’t have to spend hours struggling to make the perfect drink. Just check their cocktail recipes and then order liquor accordingly. By the way, if you are feeling too lazy to make a cocktail, we recommend ordering a beer pack.

13. iNap@Work


It is often the simplest apps which are the most genius ones, and iNap@Work is probably one of the best apps ever created for people who just need some nap time in the afternoon.

The app mimics common office noise like mouse clicks, keyboards, rustling paper, stapling and coughing. You can set all these parameters according to how you usually work in an office, thus making your bosses think that you are working when you are actually taking a power nap. But, make sure you are away from the boss’s office and have a good partition height over your cubicle so no one can see you.

12. Doctor on Demand


Not feeling well? Don’t have the stamina to leave your home, drive to a doctor’s clinic, wait for your appointment in the waiting room and finally consult the doctor?

Well, just download Doctor on Demand, and you will be able to have a video call with a physician or a psychologist. From skin issues to diarrhea, and even STD’s, these doctors can help you with everything. You can either contact doctors on-demand or make an appointment in advance. All the doctors available through the app are board-certified and rigorously tested, and they charge $49 per consultation.

11. Pact


Here is how you know you are a lazy person – you cannot get up to work out. Hell, you cannot even go for a mild jog. While eating pizza and watching your favorite TV show might feel like the ultimate dream, it will make your body grow wider and wider, if you aren’t careful.

Of course, a good motivation from a friend or a personal trainer would work, but friends are often too busy to help us out every day, and personal trainers are way too expensive.

Enter Pact. The app uses money as bait for you to work out. You make a weekly pact to exercise – if you reach the goal, other Pact members pay you. But if you don’t reach the goal, you have to pay other Pact members.

Working out and getting paid for it – Life cannot get better than this.

10. Washio


We all hate that dreadful day of the week when we are out of clean clothes and reversing the underwear is not option anymore. After all, nobody likes doing laundry.

But, what if you had a personal assistant who picked up your clothes right from your house, got them washed or dry cleaned, pressed them, folded them, and delivered them to your doorstep in just 24 hours? With Washio, it is possible.

Available 6 days a week from 6 am in the morning till late night, the app provides door-to-door premium laundry services. Bonus point – Using Washio also means that you won’t have to run to the store to get laundry detergent for your clothes.

9. Decider


Are you tired of answering the endless questions that life throws at you?

Should I go to Taco Bell or Mc Donald’s?

Should I swipe left or right?

Who should I vote for?

The Decider app will help you answer all these questions. But it doesn’t just give you a random answer, you have to input pros and cons for both options, and then the app calculates the best answer while keeping the bigger picture in mind. Even though the app is pretty smart, it can only handle Yes/No questions, for now, so try to keep your questions as simple as possible.

8. Instacart


Going to the supermarket is not easy, especially when you have the lazy gene in you. It involves driving all the way to the store, dragging the shopping cart around, and trying to explain to confused shop assistants what you need. Not to mention, you always end up buying stuff you don’t even need.

With Instacart app, all you have to do is add your grocery list to the online cart. Someone else will shop for you and deliver everything to your home. The first delivery through Instacart is free, after that, the app charges $5.99 per delivery, which seems pretty worth it considering all you have to do is literally lift a finger.

7. Yo


Have you been told by your friends that you are a heartless person who has forgotten about all his pals? Do you want your friends to think you are a good friend but you just can’t get yourself to text them? Well, the Yo app will do it for you.

The app lets you select a bunch of your contacts and send them a message – ‘Yo.’ Yes, your friends might think you are stuck in the 90s with a very limited vocabulary, but it’s still way better than them thinking that you are an inconsiderate friend. If only there were an app that could fake chat with your girlfriend. Oh wait, there is! Keep reading.

6. Luxe


The top reason why most of us take an Uber even when we have a car is that we don’t want to spend an hour trying to find a parking space. Download Luxe and you will never have to worry about finding a parking space even if it’s the weekend.

Luxe provides you with a personal valet who takes your car from you and finds a legal parking spot for the car while you enjoy your day. When you are done, just call them up, and they will get you your car wherever you are. The valets can also get your car washed or refuel it for a small additional charge.

5. Blower


Yes, it is yet another app which blows air, but here is what you need to know – Never underestimate the power of a Blower app.

Whether you are too tired to blow out your birthday candles or you just want some air on your face to blow away that sweat, Blower will be your best friend. The app uses your phone’s speaker frequency to create certain sound waves which in turn produce air. Of course, this means the air from the Blower isn’t as fast or efficient, so don’t expect it to give you a good blow dry.

4. Is it dark outside?


Have you ever slept all afternoon and when you finally wake up you cannot figure out if it’s dark outside or not?

Why walk up to the window or balcony to check if it’s dark outside when an app can do that for you?

Is it dark outside? is an app which answers the most profound question in this universe that has plagued our ancestors and us for eons.

The app uses your GPS location to determine your exact city and then it searches for the current sunrise and sunset time for that location to check if it is really dark outside or not.

3. Postmates


Postmates is the ultimate lazy app to get you whatever you want from wherever you want. From food to coffee and alcohol, the courier guys working with Postmates can really get you anything.

The app uses your GPS location and then lists all the available restaurants in your area from where you can get the food delivered. As soon as you place an order, a Postmates guy will be assigned your order, and he will head to the restaurant to pick it up. Usually, the support calls up the restaurant in advance to place the order on your behalf so the delivery guy can quickly pick it up and get it to you.

2. BroApp


The Yo app we discussed above only sends one message to your contacts – Yo. The BroApp take things a little further by allowing you to send custom messages to your girlfriend at scheduled time so you can spend more time with your bros and your girlfriend will think you are the most romantic and attentive boyfriend ever.

In fact, this virtual wing man is so damn loyal to you that if your girlfriend tries to access it behind your back, she will only see a fake list of gifts you plan to buy for her.

1. Push for Pizza


Close your eyes and imagine a world where you could order your favorite pizza with the push of a button. Now open your eyes, download the Push for Pizza app, and make that imaginary world a reality.

To get started, go to and create your profile where you will be asked to fill in your address, your nearest favorite pizzeria, how you like your pizza, and your credit card details. After that, every time you need a pizza, all you need to do is press a button, and the delicious crust with melting cheese will be delivered straight to your house.

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