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15 Mobiles Apps That Earn You Real Money

15 Mobiles Apps That Earn You Real Money

Currently, it is estimated that there are approximately 2 billion smartphone users in the global market, a number that is expected to exceed 6 billion, by 2020. These smartphones have given rise to a new set of technology experts – app developers – who have created millions of apps that run on the phones. To be precise, Android users have a pool of 2.2 million apps, while Apple’s App Store has around 2 million apps. The apps have been placed under different categories, including entertainment, games, lifestyle, news, and social networking, among others. What most people don’t know, is the fact that there are apps that can be downloaded to earn money, some for free.

Money-making apps are a good source of extra income, especially at a time when global citizens are suffering from unemployment and high costs of living. Even worse, is the fact that a bulk of the employed population cannot afford themselves ideal lifestyles.

Unlike your daily job, which may require you to work extra hard, some of these apps will pay you for living your daily life, or just swiping your phone. While money-making apps will not replace your current job, they are a good source of extra income, regardless of how little.

Let’s explore 15 mobile apps that will earn you real money.

15. Slidejoy


As much as Slidejoy will not make you rich, it is worth a try because it pays you for normal things you do with your phone. The Android-only app works by putting ads and news on your lock screen, earning you ‘carats’, which can be exchanged for real money, and deposited into your Paypal account.

Usually, $1 is equivalent to 1000 carats, and the number of carats received per day can vary. As a result, the number of times you need to slide your phone just to get $10, can be tiresome. On the bright side though, if you can tolerate ads on your lock screen, this is the app for you.

14. Pact


Does your gym instructor pay you every time you show up? Well, an app does exactly this. Pact, is designed to pay users who stick to their exercise regimes, and fines those who don’t. After downloading the app, users sign up for the commitment they are willing to observe. Additionally, they need to pledge an amount they will pay as fine, if they don’t meet their goals.

Clearly, the perks are more than extra bucks in your pocket. You can live a healthier life, and learn how to be committed to your goals. So, go ahead and try it out.

13. Ezyshot


Forget Facebook where you get nothing even with 1000 likes on a post. Ezyshot, an app marketing itself as a social network, pays you when people access your updates. Apparently, Ezyshot users comprise of celebrities, entertainers, musicians and stars, and a quick look at the profiles reveals very hot personalities. This means that intuitively, to make as much cash as possible on his platform, you need to be very attractive, or share things everyone would want to read and watch.

Each update view earns you coins, and 10 coins will translate to $0.40. Sadly, the company takes a 50% cut, so 20 coins will earn you the price for 10 coins.

12. Foap


Just like Ezyshot, Foap developers take a 50% cut, off your earned money. Luckily, the process is very simple, so it is safe to say that this is easy money. Basically, download the app, upload your original photos (these can be picked from your Instagram or Flickr pages as well), and sell them through the Foap market, where one photo usually sells for $10.

The app is readily available for iOS and Android device users, and can directly pick photos from other photography apps. Conclusively, you might not rake in millions, but will sure earn free money.

11. Snapwire


This is another app that pays you for your photography skills, although it is more directed towards semi/full photography experts. Users can sell their photos via requests or challenges, while the app makes it easier to find an audience. Snapwire hand-curates your best pieces, adding them to stock image databases, and making them searchable. This way, the app works towards promoting photographers, whose work can be searched for online.

In my view, Snapwire seems to be the best choice for people who want to make more, because you keep 70% of your proceeds. It is also available to both iOs and android users.

10. Qustodian


Quastodian is a free smartphone app, which pays you to read an advert. Simply download the app from the App Store, complete your profile, citing likes and dislikes, so as to inform the developers of your interests and disinterests. Next, you will receive relevant adverts into your inbox.

Qustodian users earn by viewing the messages sent to their inboxes, responding to questions, or watching videos. Sadly, while this seems like an easy job, the pay isn’t attractive. Typically, you could earn £10 every 6 months, paid via PayPal or BAC.

9. Field Agent


This is a free app for iPhone users, making them secret agents for several companies. Normally, companies will send out requests via the app, when they need a small market research task performed. Should you get lucky and get a task, you will be requested to check prices in stores, take photos of products, and write honest reviews. On average, one task could earn you £4.50, ranging from £2 and £10.

Although this app seems to pay better than the rest, things are not always rosy due to massive competition. As a result, don’t put too much hope into making good money.

8. Roamler


This app works the same was as Field Agent, paying users to perform small tasks such as, counting stock in shops, buying beer and photographing how it’s served, as well as taking photos of restaurant menu cards. Users also earn the same as Field Agent users, an average of £4.50, ranging from £2 and £10, per task.

Unfortunately for this app, there is a catch. It works on an invite-only basis, therefore not everyone can download it. Luckily, Roamler’s press team usually posts on Facebook, throwing hints on how to land a gig with them. So, if you are keen on getting this job, make sure you follow the developer’s social media updates.

7. Yoobic


Owned by a French company, Yoobic works like a mildly addictive video game. Users are commonly referred to as ‘explorers’, who are sent on small quests such as ranking marketing displays, or snapping products in shops. Usually, these missions pay in real-life cash, ranging from £4-£8 for 10 minutes of work.

Simply download the app, create an account and search for quests. The app increases your chances of making more, by letting you reserve up to 10 jobs at the same time. From my calculation, such a provision makes it easy to earn £100 per month. Sadly, the stiff competition means you can earn an average of £20 monthly.

6. Streetspotr


Marketed as a ‘grown-up treasure hunt’, Streetspotr connects users with market research clients, who earn an average of £10 on a monthly basis. While users are usually paid £5 per gig, some have earned, triple that, for simply buying a hot drink at a muffin shop. Just like other location-based apps, Streetspotr users living closer to a high street have a higher chance of getting more jobs. Consequently, as much as the application is great for Smartphone users, only town-dwellers can earn from it, due to the requirement to physically visit these town-based locations, such as supermarkets and restaurants.

5. Task 360


Want to earn anything between £5 and £10 in 15 minutes? Download Task 360, an iPhone-only app that hires users to help companies solve logistical problems. Jobs are quite easy, ranging from providing satellite navigation companies info on new no-left turns signs, or reporting if billboard ad’s lights work.

According to the developers, it is essential that you check updates every morning, before 9:00am, in order to land the best deals. While the app seems promising, it sadly has a caveat for withdrawing your cash. Typically, you must earn £10 before you can withdraw.

4. Receipt Hog


What do you do with your receipts once you done shopping? Well, most people immediately throw them away, while the budget-conscious consumers study it to see price changes, before throwing it away. With receipt hog, you can actually use your receipt to buy yourself an ice cream scoop. Simply download the app, take pictures of the receipt, then get rewarded by the ‘hog’.

The beauty of this app is that you are paid irrespective of where you shopped, or product you bought. Additionally, you have two options, receive the money into PayPal, or get an Amazon gift card.

3. App Trailers


One of the reasons we visit YouTube, is to view trailers to watch movie and series trailers. While this is a great hobby or a way to collect data for your movie blog, you could actually turn it into a money making venture, only that this time, you will be watching app trailers. By engaging with some apps, or watching a 30-second trailer on any app, you will earn points. What you earn is directly proportional to how many trailers you watch. These points can then be cashed out via PayPal, or used to earn gift cards.

2. Inbox Dollars


Inbox Dollars is arguably one of the top paying apps, with a payment history of $30 million. The app, which is available for both iOs and Android devices, allows users to take surveys, surf the web, or play games, in exchange for cash. Additionally, you will get paid $5 for just trying out the app.

Users can ask for payment once they reach the minimum payout of $30. Sadly, if you cannot accept payment via check, then this is not the app for you. In addition to this, obviously because of the method of payment, you will have to wait 2 weeks before receiving your approved check.

1. ShopKick


This is another app that pays you for going about your daily duties. Shopkick, lets users earn ‘kicks’, which can be converted into money, gift cards or different products, for simply walking into stores, scanning items, and even buying them. While this seems simple, there is a catch. Yes, you will be paid for just walking into a store, but you could earn more by taking advantage of deals and trending products when shopping.

The app developers have gotten creative into how they lure users, buy running contests, where winners could win cash rewards as high as $500.


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