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15 More Celebrity Tweets Right Before They Passed Away

15 More Celebrity Tweets Right Before They Passed Away

Once upon a time, before the Internet, celebrities used to communicate with their fans mostly through their work. For example, you saw Jimmy Stewart in one of his movies and you immediately felt closer to him, not to mention watching his interviews or reading about his life in your favorite magazine. But that was about it and there was no way for you to get to know him on a more personal level. Today, that is not the case anymore.

Social media has changed the way we communicate completely and that goes both for your own private communication with your closest friends, as well as for communication with people you wouldn’t be able to make any contact with otherwise. Celebrities often use social media to connect with their fans in a more intimate way than through other media, such as TV or magazines. Today, you have the chance to get firsthand information about what they are doing, what their opinions are, what they recommend etc. However, what you might not know is that one of those posts will be the last one ever posted by a certain person. Here are 15 more celebrity tweets right before they passed away.

15. Robin Williams

The death of Robin Williams came as a huge shock to his colleagues and millions of fans across the world. He was one of everybody’s favorites thanks to his unbelievable personality and great sense of humor. Unfortunately, on August 11, 2014, Mr. Williams left us forever.

His last tweet was posted on July 31, the birthday of his daughter Zelda Rae Williams. He posted a picture of the two of them together from the time when she was a baby and he congratulated her for turning 25. Nobody had any idea it would be the last birthday Zelda would have while her father was alive. Only 12 days later, Robin Williams took his own life at his house in California and it was only after his death that people found out he had been battling depression for years.

14. Chester Bennington

On the morning of July 20, 2017, Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington, was found dead in his home in Los Angeles County. He was spending some time with his family in Arizona but he came back home early saying he had some work to do in LA. The police found a partially empty bottle of alcohol in the room where he committed suicide by hanging. Shortly before he died, he posted multiple tweets about how creative he was feeling and how many new songs he had written after the death of his good friend Chris Cornell. The last thing he posted was a photo of himself taken during one of his concerts with thousands of fans surrounding him. He captioned the picture “Me and my peeps” and he set as his profile pic.

13. Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was a Star Wars star who died at the age of 60 in December of 2016, and her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, died one day later. Princess Leia’s death came 4 days after she suffered a cardiac episode during a flight from London to LA. There were signs of multiple drugs in her system but the experts didn’t determine their significance in her death as Carrie Fisher’s death was officially caused by sleep apnea and other undetermined factors. She posted her last tweet about a week before her death and it was a joke about the film industry and about her pet dog Gary not getting cast. Carrie was always known for her good sense of humor and she will be missed. Rest in peace, Princess Leia, and may the Force be with you!

12. Patty Duke

The Oscar-winning actress Anna Pearce, better known by the name Patty Duke, died at the age of 69 in March of 2016. She is best known for her roles in movies The Miracle Worker and Valley of the Dolls, as well as for her own show The Patty Duke Show. Besides being a popular actress, Patty was also a mental health advocate since she herself was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, her death had nothing to do with that, Duke died of sepsis from a ruptured intestine. Her last tweet was posted on March 15, 2016, on her 30th wedding anniversary. She wrote about the anniversary and about a happy and quiet life she and her husband Mike had. Unfortunately, it was their last anniversary ever because Duke died two weeks later.

11. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers’ last tweet was everything you would normally expect from her. Joan was a stand-up comedian and a television host well known for her sharp tongue, especially when it came to picking on different celebrities or politicians. Of course, her last tweet was a joke about yet another celebrity pair – Beyonce and Jay Z, and it was exactly that type of humor we all got used to hearing from Joan. One day later, on August 28, 2014, she experienced serious complications during a minor throat procedure and she stopped breathing. After a successful resuscitation, she was transferred to the hospital and put on life support. However, she never awoke from her medically induced coma since she suffered serious brain damage from the lack of oxygen. She died on September 4th at the age 81.

10. Ryan Knight

Real World star, Ryan Knight, passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. Earlier that day, he posted a mysterious tweet and then he overdosed on a mix of drugs. The reports say he died of an accidental overdose and various drugs were discovered in his system including but not limited to Xanax, cocaine, methadone, and Tramadol. Tramadol is a painkiller, methadone is used as a heroin substitute for recovering addicts, Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication, and cocaine is… Well, cocaine. It is unclear what he was referring to in his last tweet, but people assume it was a post about himself which was proving he was suffering from serious depression. People have been left wondering if the death was really an accidental suicide or if it was, in fact, a planned suicide.

9. Stephanie Moseley

Stephanie Moseley was a Canadian-born actress, dancer, and choreographer who died in a horrible domestic violence incident on December 8, 2014. Her husband, Earl Hayes, murdered her and then committed suicide after allegedly discovering about an affair Mosley had with another man. Her last tweet was posted 2 days before the fatal incident and it said “Flower girl”. Hundreds of people have commented on it after the news of Moseley’s death spread all over the Internet. Adding to the tragedy, there were some interesting twists to the story, such as Floyd Mayweather witnessing a part of the incident as he was FaceTiming with Hayes when it happened. However, that didn’t stop him from attending the L.A. Clippers game in a suspiciously good mood, shaking hands with the players and having fun.

8. Peaches Geldof

Via: Scribol

There is a certain level of irony to Peaches Geldof’s last tweet. She posted a picture of her and her mom just one day before she died, the irony being is the fact that she died, just like her mother Paula Yates, of a drug overdose. They both took too much heroin for their bodies to handle and were found dead in their homes.

Peaches was a successful columnist, model, and television personality. She was born and raised in London and then she moved to New York where she worked for Elle Girl magazine, the UK edition. She gave birth to two sons in 2012 and 2013, and she died on April 7, 2014, leaving those two little boys behind. The boys are being raised by their father and Geldof’s widower, Thomas Cohen.

7. Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy was an American writer known for his novels usually set during and after the Cold War. His literary career just exploded after he published The Hunt for the Red October in 1984 and a number of his books have been turned into films, such as The Sum of All Fears, Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games etc. His last tweet was yet another one of his cliffhangers and we will probably never know what he actually meant by it. However, when you think about it, it is actually a quite fitting post to be his last one.

Clancy died on October 1, 2013, at Johns Hopkins Hospital of an undisclosed illness. However, there is reason to believe his heart gave out since he had undergone bypass surgery and suffered a heart attack a couple of years before his death.

6. Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch was an American singer and actress best known for her amazing work on Broadway. In 1995, she was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame after several decades worth of work. She suffered from stomach cancer at the time of her death although it wasn’t cited as an immediate cause of death. On July 17, 2014, she died in her sleep at her home at the age of 89. Her last tweet was a photo of her new furry friend – a dog named Marshall. Unfortunately, Elaine and Marshall didn’t get to spend a lot of time together since she died roughly two months after this picture was taken and posted. On the more positive side, Elaine will always be remembered as one of the greatest Broadway actresses of all time.

5. John Pinette

John Pinette was an American stand-up comedian, Broadway performer, actor, and a regular guest on The Tonight Show and The View. In 1999, American Comedy Awards named him Stand-up Comedian of the Year and even today, after his death, he is still holding the record for the Just for Laugh’s highest selling one-person show ever.

Pinette died of a pulmonary embolism on April 5, 2014, in Pittsburg. The medical examiner determined he had been suffering from a severe liver and heart disease. In his last tweet, he was reminding his followers of the show he was supposed to do April 10-13. Unfortunately, he never made it to the show, since he died 5 days before it started. Pinette will always be remembered for his great sense of humor and for all the jokes that made thousands of people across the world laugh.

4. Greg Giraldo

Greg Giraldo was an American television personality and a popular stand-up comedian. He started doing stand-up comedy in 1992 and his career went uphill from there. He posted his last tweet on September 22, 2010, reminding everybody of the event that was aimed to celebrate the recovery from addiction and to motivate those who still struggle with it, the Annual New York Recovery Rally. Giraldo had been scheduled to appear at the concert introducing Courtney Love, but he never showed up. Later that day, he had a scheduled performance at the Stress Factory (mentioned in the tweet), but he failed to appear. That evening, police officers found him unconscious in his hotel room and he was taken to a hospital. The doctors determined he overdosed on prescription drugs and there was nothing they could do to help so he was taken off life support.

3. Heavy D

Heavy D, born Dwight Errington Myers, was a Jamaican-born American hip-hop artist and the former leader of the Heavy D & the Boyz group. Heavy D and Eddie F performed together at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards, which ended up being both Myers’ first televised live performance in 15 years and his last one ever. On November 8, Myers collapsed outside his California home and was taken to a hospital where he passed away at the age of 44. His death was initially thought to be caused by severe pneumonia, but further tests have shown he died of a pulmonary embolism. Myers’ last tweet ever was posted on the day he died and it was just a simple and short inspirational message. Shortly after his death, a number of his colleagues led tributes for him on Twitter.

2. Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan was a gentle giant of his own sort. He was an American actor best known for his role in the hit movie The Green Mile where he portrayed John Coffey, an innocent man sentenced to death, which got him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He was also a big martial arts fan and his last tweet is the proof of that. Duncan posted “SILVA WINS!!!!!!!” on July 7, 2012, when Anderson Silva squared off against one of his biggest rivals, ChaelSonnen, for the UFC Middleweight Title and won.

On July 13, 2012, Duncan suffered a severe heart attack and was taken to a hospital. His girlfriend tried to help him before the help arrived by performing CPR on him. He died on September 3 at the age of 54.

1. Boris Nemtsov

“If you support stopping Russia’s war with Ukraine, if you support stopping Putin’s aggression, come to the Spring March in Maryino on 1 March.” – this is what the last Boris Nemtsov’s tweet said right before Nemtsov was shot to death in Moscow, Russia. Nemtsov was a Russian liberal politician and one of the most important people when it came to introducing capitalism to the Russian economy. He was in a constant conflict with President Putin’s government and a few weeks before his death, he expressed the fear that Putin would have him killed. He was helping to organize the rally against the Russian financial crisis and the military intervention in Ukraine at the time of his assassination. Around midnight on February 27, 2015, he was shot several times on the BolshoyMoskvoretsky Bridge and he died on the scene.

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