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15 More Creepy Pictures Taken Of Women In Subways

15 More Creepy Pictures Taken Of Women In Subways

If you are in the mood for a daily dose of creepiness, you should probably consider visiting the subway because that place really seems to be a kind of a promised land for weirdos of all sorts. But when you really think about it, it is actually quite logical that you can see all kinds of different people down there. After all, it is one of those places where thousands of people circulate every single day, and where there are so many people, you are bound to stumble upon a creep or two. Some of them are funny, some are unbelievable, but there are also those you definitely wouldn’t want to sit next to.

You know those internet trolls who enjoy provoking other people? Well, the subway has its own kind of trolls and they sometimes really get a kick out of making fun of other passengers, simply by appearing in crazy outfits or by doing weird stuff during the ride. Those guys and gals are totally fine compared to the people who are not being creepy on purpose – it is just the way they are. We’ll be talking about both today so let’s take a look at 15 more creepy pictures taken of women in subways!

15. Wanna Get A Tattoo? Think It Through

Tattoos gone wrong is really a subject on its own. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen some pretty crazy tattoos out there; weird pictures, wrong spelling, ridiculous ideas etc. This girl obviously supported recycling, so she decided to remind everybody how important was is just by looking at her tattoo. Unfortunately, when another person sees this ink, the first thing that comes to the mind has nothing to do with staying green and being eco-friendly. She really didn’t think this one through because when you write something like “Please Use Me Again” anywhere on your body, you are basically asking people to make fun of you, especially men. The only good thing about this tattoo is the fact that she can easily cover it with her hair once she realizes of other people see it.

14. Tangled

We’ve all seen people doing some pretty crazy stuff with their bodies, but this is really something else! The weirdest thing about this super creepy pose, is the fact that the woman in question actually seems to be comfortable with her legs all twisted and tangled into this strange leg-knot. How is that even possible? Are her bones made of rubber? Or maybe she’s an alien – that is always one of the possible explanations when it comes to creepy people. It also makes me wonder if she simply untangled her legs in one swift motion, or if other passengers had to help her put her legs back into some normal position. Well, the more we think about this, the crazier things come to mind so let’s just say this is super weird and leave it there.

13. Silurian On The Subway

Cosplay is quite a cool thing if you are into that kind of fun. People get a chance to become their favorite movie, series, comic book, or game character, and to spend a great time with other people who enjoy the same things. That being said, imagine some elderly person who doesn’t have a clue about cosplay or that something like that even exist. Imagine them seeing a person dressed like this on the subway. If she was wearing a princess dress or a pair of angel wings, it would probably be cute, but this costume is a bit creepy. Cool, but creepy. On one hand, it is fun to look at, but on the other, not many people would like to sit on a train next to someone looking like this.

12. Back Off!

One of the biggest downsides to the public transportation is some serious lack of personal space. It can get very crowded very quickly, and you end up somewhere in the corner squeezed between 5 complete (and often smelly) strangers. People who have personal space issues are bound to have a hard time on the subway so they often try to find a way to avoid other people getting right into their face. The woman in the picture is one of the most creative people we have seen on the subway when it comes to keeping the distance from other passengers. It seems she build some kind of a “dome” to make it impossible for other people to get too close to her. She is basically screaming: “Back off, everybody!” without having to say a word.

11. Women Are Born Multitaskers

There has been a lot of research done on account of the differences between the female and the male brain, and one of the differences the scientists have noticed was the fact that women are way better multitaskers than men. This girl is a living proof of that. Why would you simply sit down on a train and waste your time, when you can do something productive meanwhile, for example, cut a bunch of onions and throw them in the bag. It might not have a much sense to you, but that is exactly what this woman in the picture was doing during her whole ride. She cut onion after onion, tears were rolling down her cheeks, people were trying to get away from her both because of the smell and because of a huge knife she was holding, but she just peacefully went on doing her thing.

10. Fashionable Food

It is always a smart thing to bring a snack on the trip but this woman didn’t just bring it – she actually wore it! Do you see that cute green hat she has on her head? Well, that is a cabbage leaf. If you like the idea, you could probably do the same thing with lettuce or kale to change it up a bit or to pick just the right shade of green. Of course, once you get hungry, you simply eat your hat and move on. Not only it is practical, it is also way cheaper than regular hats, and it grows almost anywhere. You could actually plant your accessories in your garden! The obvious downside, however, would be the fact that you would look like a lunatic if you’d to wear something like this in public.

9. Reading Facebook On Her Spare Time

You know how people often listen to music or read a book or newspaper during their subway ride to pass the time? Here we have a woman who printed out several pages worth of Facebook posts and comments, and brought them with her on the train to get her dose of a daily gossip. Truth to be told, she probably was not the only one on that train to read Facebook posts at that moment, because almost everybody has an FB app on their phone; but she was definitely the only one there who went through the trouble to actually print all of that to keep herself busy during the ride. On the other hand, maybe she realized there is often bad or no internet connection in the subway, so she really thought the whole thing through. Mark Zuckerberg would be so proud!

8. Chewbacca, Is That You?

When it comes to questionable fashion choices, the subway is really a true gold mine of people dressed in crazy clothes. You wouldn’t believe the stuff people wear sometimes, but luckily, there is always someone to snap a picture and share it with the world. Here we have a woman who looks suspiciously like Chewbacca, thanks to her furry coat and messy hair. But the real question here is – What kind of fur is that? It looks like something that belonged to Bigfoot before he was hunted down and turned into a coat. People have been searching for Bigfoot for different reasons, but we had no idea making clothes out of him was one of them. On the more positive side, it is safe to assume there is no chance this woman was cold that night.

7. Subway Trolling

The girl in the picture decided to have some fun on the account of other people’s ignorance. Do you see the Arabic words written on her bag? You wouldn’t believe how many people were actually freaked out by that. When it comes to Arabs, there is a certain paranoia present in the world during the last years, and people have some serious prejudice against Muslims and Arabs. This girl was obviously well-aware of that fact so she got herself a bag you can see in the pic. Do you know what it says? No, it isn’t about Muslim domination and the next World War, people! It simply says that the only purpose of that text was to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language. Well played, you unknown subway girl. Well played.

6. Welcome To Hogwarts Express

So many children have dreamed of taking a ride on the Hogwarts Express, but they were simply looking for it at the wrong place. While they were trying to find the platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station, the real Hogwarts Express was actually in Russia. Or so it seems judging by this picture. Here we have a group of women (and one guy) just peacefully traveling with their pet owls. One can’t help but wonder if those owls just came back home from delivering some mail to a hidden school of witchcraft and wizardry. My inner child chooses to believe that is the truth behind this picture (although it probably isn’t and those people are probably just regular muggles, with their regular pet owls, taking a ride on a regular train).

5. Creative Solution

Bending rules is what people do, and sometimes it actually works too. For example, there is a clear rule that a person can take their dog on the train with them, but only if the dog is in a pet carrier. If you don’t own one of those, don’t worry, there is a way around this rule as well. So let’s go over a simple “How to” inspired by the creative woman in the picture. You will need: an Ikea bag large enough to fit your dog into it, a pair of scissors, 2 minutes of your time. I guess you see where I’m going with this. Of course, you should count on people taking a picture of you, because you might give off a bit of a creepy vibe.

4. It Ain’t Stupid If It Works

When you often use public transportation, you learn 3 important things. First – try to get a seat if possible. Second – if there is no seat available, find something to hold onto while you’re standing or you might break a leg. Third – if there is no pole or holder available, make your own. Actually, the third one isn’t really a thing, but it is kind of smart when you think about it. Just check this girl in the picture. She was obviously sick of not having anything to hold onto during the ride so she took the matter into her own hands and she brought a toilet plunger with her. The line between genius and madness was always a fine one but this girl might actually be onto something. You know what they say? It ain’t stupid if it works.

3. Hipster Goals

Apparently, you aren’t a real hipster if you don’t get on the subway with your pet chicken. Hey, people! We have some new hipster goals here if you haven’t noticed! However, don’t you feel kind of bad for that poor bird? It would probably be way more comfortable in a coop with a couple of chicken friends, than on a leash walking around the subway stop aboveground. Apparently, having a pet dog or cat, is way too mainstream. Piglets were the thing for a while, but it seems we have a new trend coming when it comes to the pets, so maybe we’ll be seeing a lot more chickens on the leash in the future. Let’s look at it from the positive side: there will probably be a lot of free eggs laying around the town.

2. Look Away And Nobody Gets Hurt!


Here we have a woman smuggling her little kitty on the subway ride underneath her coat and the whole thing would be extremely cute if it wasn’t for the look on her face that says: “Look away and nobody gets hurt!” Have you noticed that cat owners are usually more prone to crazy behavior than dog owners? When you imagine a crazy old lady living alone, you can usually picture her surrounded by a whole bunch of cats in her apartment. That cannot be a coincidence! However, one can assume that no one on this train dared to mention the fact that it is not allowed to transport cats, unless they are in their carriers. This young cat lady doesn’t look like the one you should mess around with if you don’t want to get hurt.

1. How About A Snack?

People often bring food to snack on during their rides to work, usually a simple sandwich or a bag of chips. But when was the last time you saw somebody eating mayonnaise straight from a jar? This woman really loves her mayo! She loves it so much she brought a jarful of it on a train with her and she was eating it like a pudding. Or maybe that really was vanilla pudding and she was just trying to creep out everybody around her? Yeah… Somehow seriously doubt that. Even if you do have some kind of guilty pleasure like this, you should probably consider just doing it at home where nobody can see you. When you do stuff like this in public, you really just look like a crazy person.

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