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The 15 Oddest Things Found On The Side Of The Road

The 15 Oddest Things Found On The Side Of The Road

When we go through our everyday life we drive, ride, walk and jog or run on roadways. We do this every single day and we don’t even give any thought to the roads because it is such a normal part of life. If you pay attention though, there are sometimes treasures that may be found on the side of them. Of course not everything found on the side of the road can be considered a treasure and you’ll learn a few of those things as well today.

You never know what you’ll find if you are heading out on that long bike ride or maybe it’s your daily walk or run. Some of the stuff you might find tossed away on the side of the road might actually be very cool and useful to you. For instance, wouldn’t it be a great day if you came upon a bag filled with fourteen thousand dollars? Or maybe a brand new jacket or even just one hundred dollars would be a great find wouldn’t it?

On the other hand, you could come across some not so nice stuff. Maybe a used hypodermic needle could be in your future, or a feminine hygiene product that you certainly wouldn’t want to come across. Today we will look at some of the oddest things ever found on the side of the road.

15. Used tampon


This one just makes you wonder. One woman found this item on the side of the road during her daily run in her neighborhood. She says that she lives in an upper-middle-class area and the road doesn’t have any hidden or desolate areas on it. So you can imagine her surprise when she saw this laying on the side of the road while out for a run.

What could the scenario be here? It was time for a change so a woman reached down, pulled it out, rolled down her window and just tossed it out without a care? There was no other possible solution? I’m glad I don’t live in that neighborhood!

14. Hypodermic needle


In an upper-middle-class neighborhood, a woman was out for her daily run when she found a hypodermic needle on the side of the road. It had obviously been used and then just tossed away. There was no way of telling if it came from a moving car or if someone pulled over to get their fix before tossing the needle.

Either way it’s definitely not something you’d want on the side of the road in your neighborhood. Curious kids might not be very smart if they were to come across something like this. It’s just a bad scenario all around. Someone in that neighborhood has a secret!

13. Unopened vodka and beer


While out for a jog one day a woman found an unopened bottle of vodka and an unopened six pack of beer on the side of the road. If a teenager had come by and found these it would have been jackpot city for them, but this woman found them first and says she dumped them out before anyone else could find them and drink them.

The bottle of vodka was the one ounce variety, the kind you mostly find in hotels. Maybe a teen had to return home unexpectedly and didn’t have time to properly dispose of them or hide them? We will never know how they got there but wow, what a waste right?

12. A jackpot of a day


One day on a 70-mile bike ride from Silicon Valley to the Pacific Coast, a rider came home with a lot more than they left with. Early into the ride they found a North Face Gore-Tex jacket that was in perfect condition. That alone would make any ride a very good one. There were plenty more prizes to find this day though.

Before the rider returned home they had found a Craftsman Socket Wrench, a cycling vest, twenty pairs of brand new tube socks and then three $25 gift cards from Safeway. Now that’s a great day of riding! They brought the gift cards to a food bank but kept the rest of the found treasure.

11. Bag of adult magazines


One evening while jogging a woman found a large bag on the side of the road. Upon inspection she found that it was filled with adult magazines. If another person had found this (like a teen boy) it might have been considered the find of the century. There is no telling how it got there but from the description of the bag, you have to figure that there were about one hundred magazines or so inside.

One possible scenario could be that a wife found them in her house. Angry at her hubby’s secret stash, she put them all in a bag and then just tossed them out of her car window while driving through the neighborhood. It’s plausible.

10. Bottle of Vicodin


This is truly a painful loss. However, depending on who the person is, it could be a really great find for the lucky person to come across them. A bottle was found that was just below full while a woman was out for her daily run. She found the bottle right there on the side of the road and she immediately knew what they were. She was shocked to find the bottle was just about full.

How did they get on the side of the road though? Maybe someone was driving down the street with their window open? They were trying to open the bottle when they hit a bump and it fell out of the car? In most cases they would stop to pick it up so this one is anyone’s guess as to how it got here. No word on what the woman did with them either!

9. Cross Training sneakers


One bike rider in California was riding behind Stanford University one day when they came upon a sneaker on the side of the road. The rider, who also liked to go rock climbing, knew exactly what it was. It was a Cross Training sneaker that is popular among rock climbers. The rider didn’t see a use for it until they rode another three hundred feet. They found the other sneaker, giving them a pair that was in perfect condition. The best part is they even fit when the rider tried them on. Some of these can run upwards of $130 so it was a great find!

8. 100 bucks cash


One day a rider was out for a leisurely bike ride with some friends from work. As they were about to start down a large hill the rider spotted something green on the side of the road. They saw a “1” and a zero so they figured it was a ten dollar bill. Before heading down the hill they reached down and snagged the money and stuffed it into their shirt.

Later when the group stopped at a candy store, the rider offered to pay with the ten dollar bill they found on the ride. When they pulled the bill out the rider realized that it was actually a one hundred dollar bill. Jackpot! They said that they ended up donating the money to a local group which fixes up bikes for needy kids.

7. A baby on the run


Not many people can say they have had this happen to them. On a 115-mile bike ride in California from Mountain View to Santa Cruz and back, one rider found something they never thought they would see on the side of the road.

While in Santa Cruz the rider actually came upon a one-year-old baby running down the side of the road, screaming. Not believing what they were seeing, the rider stopped and found the baby with a full diaper, hanging down around his knees. Being the good citizen they are, the rider searched for about thirty minutes before finding the mother of the boy. She had no idea he was even missing!

6. Dead man


On June 5th of 2017 one Atlanta driver found something on the side of the road that you don’t find every day, thankfully. On the 100 block of Bells Ferry Road, the driver found a dead man right there on the side of the road. The find happened at 12:50 a.m. so there are plenty of scenarios that could have played out here. Police said they were investigating the case as a homicide.

There aren’t any reports of why the man was driving around that late at night but whatever he was doing or wherever he was going, I’ll bet he sure wasn’t expecting to come across that.

5. $14,000 in cash


A Worthington, Ohio man was driving his family to the local park for a day of fun when he saw something on the side of the road. He thought it was a bag that had a laptop in it so he pulled over to check it out. What he found on April 8th of 2017 was a bag that was actually filled with one hundred dollar bills. To the tune of $14,000!

He said he wanted to set a good example for his kids so he brought the found money to the police station. They found the rightful owner and returned the stash.

4. Gloves


One very adventurous person used to take a 125-mile bike ride each Memorial Day in the San Francisco area. The loop went from “Frisco, Colorado, over Hoosier Pass, down to Buena Vista then back via Leadville over Fremont Pass”. The goal was to be able to view the snow topped, 14,000-foot peaks of the Collegiate range.

On one trip the rider came upon a brand new pair of gloves on the side of the road near Buena Vista. They decided to pick them up and stuff them in their pocket. It was a good decision as on the way back a thunderstorm came in and the temperature dropped to 40F. The rider said those gloves were the only way they were able to finish the trip.

3. A Dell computer


For some reason people love to dump their garbage on the side of the road. Some piles can be very large, such as the one a person living in California found one day. The garbage was true garbage except for what sat on top. It was a Dell computer that looked to be in pretty good shape. The person decided to take it home and what do you know… it fired right up when they turned it on.

They called the California Department of Transportation to report the pile of garbage but kept the computer. Not a bad day’s work right?

2. Used baby diaper


Some things you might come across on the side of the road will truly boggle your mind. You have to think about what happened when whatever the item is got tossed out of the window of the vehicle. In this case, a person found a used, crap-filled, baby diaper. According to the person’s report they could just tell what it was, they didn’t actually touch it to find out thankfully. That would be a totally different story.

The only scenario you might be able to come up with is that someone changed their kids diaper in the car and it smelled too bad to wait until they came upon a garbage can, so they just carelessly tossed it out of the window.

1. Crescent wrench


One particular bike rider was on a ride to celebrate their 60th birthday. Along for the ride was their friend, 2013 Vuelta a Espana Champion, Chris Homer. The pair came upon a crescent wrench that had apparently fallen off a vehicle. Homer said that he sees lots of tools along the ride but he never picks them up because he doesn’t like the extra weight on the ride.

His friend just couldn’t pass it by and stopped to snag it to take home. Later when they hit the 70th mile of their ride, they were approaching a large hill and the friend was falling behind. They asked Homer to slow it down so he didn’t leave his amateur friend behind. Homer looked back, laughed and said “It’s that wrench!”


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