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15 Most Common Lies Dads Tell Their Wives

15 Most Common Lies Dads Tell Their Wives

Sorry about this guys, but the secret’s already out. We are a bunch of naturally trained liars. The average guy fabricates a story about six times a day, and you thought lawyers would go to hell first? Well, trust is a very important factor when it comes to marriage, and especially when love is involved, and this is the reason. Men lie to women, and women lie to men. Most people will even agree that lying is necessary to avoid petty squabbles with your loved one, greasing up the wheels of a relationship.

However, when it comes to lies in a relationship, there’s a big difference between what men and women lie about. According to a study that was done by a psychologist from the University of Virginia, it was discovered that when women lie, they do it to make others feel better, such as when she tells you, “your tummy isn’t that big, babe,” when we all know you have problems fitting into slim fit shirts.

When it comes to men, at the heart of every lie is the male ego. A man will only lie to build himself up or rather to conceal something. Well if you are wondering what kind of lies husbands tell their wives, here are the 15 most common lies dads tell their wives.

15. Top of My Class/ MVP Lie


Well, this isn’t the best lie to ever use when you want to score a chick; this is because they may actually end up being your wife. When this sort of lie continues deep into marriage, it’s never long before the truth gets out. It usually takes a long lost friend to slip out the wrong story to get you in trouble. Ladies, you need to understand that men have a hard time admitting failure. This is because success has a lot of value in culture. If he says he was the quarterback in high school and has no pictures or the physique to back it up, it’s probably a lie.

14. Of course, I like your Friends Honey!


Men use some lies to make women fall in love with them. This is because women at times aren’t as cautious as they should be when they are being flattered, and men take advantage of this. He probably hates your friends so much, he wants them to die in a freak accident, but he will never tell you about it. If your husband tells you that your parents are awesome, you need to be careful and investigate if he looks up to meeting them or visiting them. He probably doesn’t like them. You need to be extra careful what you believe.

13. Babe, You are the Best


This has to be the biggest lie any man will tell a woman, and it needs to be taken as a cliché rather than seriously. One of the most lied about subjects in the world has to be about sex. The reason behind it is because it’s one of the areas where we are most vulnerable. And it’s on this shaky subject that men lie the most (Trust me). During the first rush of romance, it will make a lot of sense to a man to praise a woman for her beauty and sexuality. However, you need to note that “you are the best” lie can paralyze your relationship completely.

12. I don’t know where I will be. I can’t Call you


Well, to be brutally honest, these are very sad lies” They are the ones that you are told because he is falling out of love with you. Therefore, the sooner a woman seeks the truth behind the lies, the sooner she can be able to fix the relationship. Sometimes men come up with very sad lies just to avoid you; he might be meeting up with the boys and doesn’t feel like talking to you at that particular time (we know you like to talk for hours on the phone). He is probably going to lie about it to get away from you. To him, it’s harmless.

11. It’s not too Tight Baby. It Looks Great on You!


This is actually a great lie, because it shows that he cares about your feelings. However, these lies can go too far, especially if they are told too often, or only when his wife wants to hear it. It will normally set the wife up for rude awakenings. When it boils down to it, the dress is actually too tight, has he done her a favor? The tactful truth would have been better, “I like what you wear babe, but this doesn’t look quite as good today.” Other than that, if he tells you it looks good, but you feel it isn’t, it probably doesn’t. Save yourself the embarrassment later and go with your gut.

10. I’ll Take the garbage out after the Game


We have heard this lie far too often. It goes back to your dad, and his dad, it’s a generational string of lies that is passed down to our sons (Don’t worry your daughter won’t get it). We hate taking the garbage out, but then again, it’s part of our house chores that we can’t really avoid. The thing is, he is probably going to take it, but after he can’t stand your yelling or the smell, whichever comes first. But it’s still obvious the former will proceed. If he says he is taking the garbage out after doing something, it’s probably a lie.

9. You Don’t look fat in that Dress, Hun


So why would you think a man would lie about this? It’s probably because you asked, and to be honest, your husband prefers boosting your ego rather than telling you the truth (it’s sad, but it works). So how do you go about keeping him honest? Rather than ask the complex question “Do I look fat in this dress?” let him pick between two dresses. Men often find it hard to make a woman feel bad to her face; he is definitely going to lie to make you happier. He just hopes you don’t meet one of your friends he hates, who will spill the beans and make it look like an emergency.

8. Yes Hun, All Cleaned up

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Men are sometimes like small boys, and especially when you get married and get to know them. Why would a man lie about cleaning up? When he plans to do something, his mind records it has already done even if he hasn’t started the task yet. To ensure that he remains honest about such things, work with deadlines, let him clean up his clothes by the weekend, and make sure you explain why. It could be you are planning to have friends over. Let him know the reason behind it. Otherwise, he is going to lie and it will hurt when you find out.

7. I got it for Half Price!


Well, this often means he got ripped off (sorry ladies, you can now go back and check the bank statements). So why would he lie about such a thing? Well, he is likely to cut costs so that you get to approve the purchase. In case you want him to remain honest, then you might need to let him know that being lied to is worse than dealing with the expense and that you would appreciate him discussing buying expensive items before bringing them home. Men are impatient and especially when it comes to saving. They are probably going to make an expensive purchase the moment they see whatever gadget they want online.

6. Everything is Okay, hun

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This needs to be a red flag in your relationship with your husband. If he says these three words, and you better start investigating him. So why would a man lie about everything being okay when it, in fact, is not nearly okay? Well, men prefer to solve their own problems, and they will never involve their wife until it’s too late. You might be in a financial crisis, you might be losing your house, but he is going to act like everything is okay until the repo guys knock at your door and everyone in the neighborhood is aware.

5. Gotta grab some groceries, babe

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This could anything along those lines like “going to get gas baby” or “I need to check with the plumber,” your fridge might be fully stocked, and he clearly doesn’t need to go anywhere. But don’t jump to conclusions, he doesn’t have a mistress, he just needs some alone time. So don’t go about hiring a private investigator, use that money to buy him whatever he has been salivating about on the Internet for the past eight months (you were going to waste that money anyway). The best thing to do is to let him go, but when he comes back let him know you understand he needs alone time.

4. I only had two beers, honey


Well, ask any traffic cop, and they will tell you that it’s a blunt lie. Men lie to get out of situations. If he was out all night, he probably had more than six beers, a couple of shooters and a couple of cocktails. He lied because telling you the truth will make you feel like he is irresponsible, and that’s not the impression a loving husband wants to give of himself. If you want him to avoid lying next time, just let him know that you are glad he took a cab ride home and you don’t think he is irresponsible for letting loose. This kind of judgment might make him open up about the night, which is clearly what all the ladies might be itching about in the first place.

3. My Mother Enjoyed Lunch


The reason your husband lied to you is that he values family and wants you to get along with his. If he shares his mom’s unedited thoughts, it could significantly change your relationship with her. In case you want him to stop lying about his mother, then you need to let him know it’s okay to mention when his mother is unhappy about something she did. Letting him know that you won’t hold his mother’s remarks against him, and still love her for being his mother will ease things. He loves you, but still, loves his mother. You are the two most important women in his life, and he wants you to get along.

2. I wasn’t Out with Klaus or Mark Tonight


You should be really suspicious about this kind of lie. He will say it because he thinks some of his buddies are a bad influence. However, he does not want to choose between making you happy and hanging out with his favorite peeps. You want this to be better? Let your husband know that you don’t like some of his friends, but you trust that he won’t be up to something that upsets you. You can also make a point of letting him know you won’t get mad if he tells the truth about who he is with (and mean it).

1. I am on my Way, hun!


A man will make up this lie if you are making him attend a function or event he isn’t interested in. Maybe your reunion or a family event. He will stall but at the same time be pouty. He will not refuse to attend, partly because he doesn’t want to annoy you, therefore when he says this and shows up late, it’s just him gaining a tiny amount of control. In case you want him to stop this habit, just let him know firsthand that you understand he doesn’t like this sort of thing because it makes him uncomfortable, but you would like him to attend because it makes you happy. Simple!



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