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15 Most Cringeworthy Beauty Blogger Fails Of All Time

15 Most Cringeworthy Beauty Blogger Fails Of All Time

Keeping up with today’s beauty standards is not easy, but still, women feel the need to keep up. Why? Beauty is important. While it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is still important for the women to keep themselves beautiful in every single way possible – makeup, hairdo, clothes, and nails. Most people don’t do this for the “beholders”, but for themselves. Some people might consider today’s beauty trend as pure vanity, while others say that looking good means feeling good.

Makeup, cosmetics, and other beauty products enhance one’s appearance and beauty, thus, boosting a woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Cosmetics and the idea of improving one’s appearance started during the ancient Egyptian era (remember Cleopatra?). Makeup during those days was just simple, but as time went by, the idea of beauty enhancement improved and became complicated and detailed.

Contouring, hair style, nail art, and other beauty trends are not that easy and simple. Women tend to imitate some celebrities like the Kardashian sisters. Thanks to the virtual and online world, beauty bloggers and vloggers are born! In the beauty industry, beauty bloggers are important in providing actual unbiased reviews of the famous beauty products, beauty tips, and beauty tutorials. They are helpful in making the “beauty standards” achievable.

However, there are some self-proclaimed beauty bloggers that were inspired by the successful ones. They even provided tutorials, but somehow, failed. These are not just tiny mistakes that can be fixed with a single, easy remedy, but mistakes that the beauty bloggers surely regret.

Here is a list of some of the most cringeworthy beauty blogger fails. Just a reminder, “Don’t try this at home!”

15. Body Shimmer, You Say?


Perfumed body shimmer is a “total glam” and a must-have during the warmer months to give that needed glow. Trisha Paytas, a beauty guru, was so excited to try out her new body shimmer. There’s just one problem: she couldn’t figure out how to use it. After many attempts, the body shimmer just splashed everywhere, including in her hair and on her Louis Vuitton (real girl problems – it’s LV, after all). The supposed to be glow was not achieved and her hair was messed up and stained. She was able to wash it off her hair, but her LV collection needed a total clean up.

For the record, Trisha Paytas was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, not because of her video, but because she is a fast reader, just like Howard Berg, The Guinness World Record holder of the fastest reader in the world.

14. Everything was Fine Until…A bug usurped the tutorial


TheVintageGore posted a video of a complete makeup tutorial. Everything was fine – her eyes are on flick, contour is blending, and her eyebrows are not messed up. She was busy perfecting the edges of her eyes and her contour until she had a visitor – an insect. And then, she just magically stumbled down and everything went black for almost a minute before she turned off the video.

Don’t blame her. There are really people who are frightened or scared by insects. There are also cases where a person has this unrealistic fear of insects. It is called Entomophobia. On the bright side, others do establish a great interest towards insects; they even have the hobby of insect collecting.

At the end of the day, this beauty blogger is still lucky she did not suffer any injuries when she fell down.

13. Chloe Morello’s Hair was a hot mess


Chloe Morello is one of Australia’s biggest beauty bloggers and beauty icons. A lot of Australians and other people across the globe follow her beauty tutorials and beauty tips and advice. In early 2017, she decided to have a curtain fringe and visited Tony & Guy Salon, an international award-winning salon chain. With the salon’s background, who would have thought they would mess up Chloe’s hair?

Chloe was devastated when the curtain fringe was messed up. Her bangs were shorter at the back than in front. She posted her Instagram rant after she straightened up her hair to even highlight what happened. She gained a lot of sympathy from her followers, stating that the Tony & Guy brand were not professional at all.

She later booked a haircut with Clo and Flo Hair, which resulted to a cute “bob” that she liked.

12. Famous Bangs Trick Gone Wrong


Do you know the twist cutting technique? This is a way of cutting your bangs or fringe by twisting it first before cutting the hair, which promises to give full, perfect bangs. This was actually a good technique that big beauty bloggers nailed! Meanwhile, there are few people who can’t perfect this technique.

This woman was one of them. She was right in twisting the bangs, but she made it too short. The way she cut her hair was also not recommended. The objective of this technique is to create layers, which she achieved, by the way. However, there a tiny problem; her bangs are tiny too. Also, she accidentally cut her hands. Remember, always practice precautions. You never know what will happen. (At least, she’s cute!)

11. Another Bangs Problem?


France is not just a country full of bread; it is also where the fashion capital is! Big beauty and fashion bloggers are everywhere in France and they can really give smart tips and advice. One of these bloggers is Lady D and she is quite famous around the globe, not just because of her vlogs, but also her heart wrenching video showing how she cut her hair.

It was turned into a total fail. Why? Let’s see why. She used electric clippers because she thought that this is a much more effective tool in getting perfect bangs than using a pair of scissors. What is the result? She got wonky bangs with hair sticking out.

Her hair was straightened; that’s why it turned out like this. Luckily, she was able to manage it by using a straightener and hairdryer, making her bangs better, but still uneven. Well, at least, her video went viral.

10. Burnt Off? Her reaction is HILARIOUS though


Tori Locklear, a sweet 13-year-old girl back then, instantly became famous because of her hair tutorial video on how to curl. Unfortunately, the demonstration did not go so well. Her curling iron overheated and burned off her hair. That’s why it went viral and millions of people watched her and are still watching her.

It took her months before she uploaded her video, because her laptop was “confiscated” due to low grades. Fortunately, she got it back and while she was browsing her old media, she posted it on Youtube because she thought it is a funny video. She may not be successful in pulling off the hair tutorial, but she was noticed by Ellen! She was invited to be a guest in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She’s lucky, after all.

9. Ponytail? Don’t Care.


This famous Youtuber just earned the crown! She posted her tutorial video a few years back, but it is till circulating online today. Who would forget her facial expression and the voice over? She was basically trying to make a weird, funny video. Here’s what happened. She was trying to teach the viewers how to make a ponytail that is sleek and tight. Everyone loves a ponytail like that. So, she applied gel on her hair. She even suggested that “if you can’t use gel, use gel” (useful, right?). Because her hair was really short and she put a hefty amount of gel on her hair, the ponytail stood out. It literally stood up like a unicorn’s horn, but not on the forehead. She had a comeback video and her hair was long that time.

8. What Happened, Huda?


In the beauty industry, who would forget Huda Kattan? She is an American makeup artist and a beauty blogger with a business of her own. According to Allure, Huda is one of the most influential women in the beauty industry. She has a lot of followers on Youtube and her other social accounts. In her video tutorials, she is friendly, laughing all the time, and also makes mistakes. She is also open in talking about her flaws and that’s what makes the online world follow her.

She had a video tutorial on how to shave eyebrows featuring her mistake in shaving off parts of her eyebrows. On the video, you can see it was an accident. This viral video began circulating online and a lot of people were shocked. Luckily, it turned out that the video was just a promotional advertisement.

7. Glue on Eyebrows? Why, girl, why??


Theresa, a beauty blogger, seemed to be fond of glue. She was one of those beauty bloggers who experimented on the usefulness of glue as a blackhead mask remover. Blackhead mask removers can actually hurt one’s pocket, so a lot of beauty bloggers came up with an alternate solution – white glue. While some people found this useful, others failed to see positive results. Some people also have allergies to some contents of the glue, but this is not the reason for Theresa’s epic fail video. She placed a handful of glue on her eyebrows, too. It seems that she was not aware that white glue can also get rid of hair. When she removed the glue, she was in pain and shock. Poof! Her eyebrows were gone. She still posted the video because she wanted to tell her followers that eyebrows should be off-limits.

6. Peeling Gone Very Wrong


While there are people looking for cheaper alternate solution in removing blackheads, there are also people who are choosing the cheapest product they can find in a beauty shop. This Youtuber, for instance, just picked up an affordable blackhead mask remover in Walmart. There’s nothing wrong with that, just make sure to exercise proper precautions. She claimed that she used the mask without reading the procedures and the results were featured in this fail video. Just like Theresa, she also peeled off her eyebrows unintentionally.

You should not put some mask on your eyebrows, because it can definitely peel them off. Also, if you noticed that your eyebrows were being peeled off, it’s time to stop. Get warm, soapy water and soften the mask to wash it off the face. Always read the instructions before using the product.

5. Winged Eyeliner Challenge

Via: Youtube

Winged eyeliner is really one of the trendiest ways to pull off any look. However, it’s not easy to achieve and a lot of people spend minutes and even hours just to have winged eyeliner. So, it’s the beauty blogger’s job to find an easier solution and they succeeded. There are different ways to achieve the winged eyeliner look that went viral, especially the “tape method”. This was useful and mess-free; however, Isabella Kucinic, a Youtuber, did not nail this beauty hack.

As much as she loved to perfect that winged eyeliner, she failed. She started by placing tapes above and below her eye and applied the liquid eyeliner. When she pulled the tape off, the liquid eyeliner started to go inside her eyes. This was not just a total beauty hack fail, but also a dangerous one. A new study warned that particles of eyeliners can harm one’s vision. Luckily, her eye was fine and she could clearly see.

4. Facial Gone Wrong

Via: Nowreader

Juli, the owner of the beauty blog Bun Bun Makeup Tips, has gone through the major fail of her life. She did a lot of blogs about tips on how to enhance one’s beauty. However, in 2013, her beautiful face was “damaged” by a facial treatment. At first, everything was fine, but few days later, she had an acne breakout. Noticing that the acne was weird and unusual, she went to the doctor. And then, she found out that this was not a normal acne breakout. This was an allergic reaction to the facial that will last for a few months.

She was, of course, depressed and her self-confidence was gone. As a beauty blogger, she needs to be beautiful and she did not feel that way. Luckily, she was able to recover and her blog Bun Bun Makeup Tips is still up and running, providing beauty tips and guides.

3. Another Burned Off Hair Situation


Do you know Brittany Mirabile? You might remember her as the candy girl in The Purge: Election Year. She was the freaky party girl who stole a candy from a shop then went purging. She was not just famous because of that, she was also a “beauty vlogger” with a “how to curl you hair” video that also went viral, because she burned her hair off, too.

She used her hair straightener to curl her hair by rolling her hair around it. It was supposed to be a good technique; however, her straightener overheated and burned her hair off. After that, she just went hysterical while in the video, called her mom, cried a lot, and then, decided to just wear a wig and a hat.

2. Girl on Fire


Sarah Fasha, an American-Egyptian actress, is also a famous star, not just because she won the title of Miss Egypt in the Queen of the Universe Pageant in 2013, but because she is also a beauty blogger. But, no matter how beautiful she is, she also had a cringeworthy video tutorial that went viral. The video is embarrassing because she has a name in the entertainment industry, but she still decided to upload the video to show the world that she will never do a hair tutorial again. Also, this is a good reason why she will never use any tools in styling her hair and just leave it all natural.

The video was a double fail. She accidentally burned her hair – literally! She was on fire and that is really dangerous. She panicked and she dropped the straightener on her leg, too. That was a very awful situation. So, don’t overheat your hair straighteners and just don’t panic.

1. Bleaching Gone Wrong


Beauty blogger Jasmine Long posted her “hair-bleaching fail” in 2015. Although a beauty blogger, she admitted that she is not a professional hairstylist and cosmetologist and she just posted the video to serve as a lesson. She showed in her video the steps that she did wrong in bleaching her hair. Hair bleaching can damage the hair, especially if it was done wrong. Just like Jasmine, your hair may end up damaged after the wrong procedures.

While she also mentioned that lack of knowledge led her to messed up bleached hair, she also hoped that everyone could learn from her mistakes and not “redo” her wrong bleaching process. The video was helpful in many ways, including what to avoid when bleaching hair.

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