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15 Most Cringeworthy Live TV Bloopers

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15 Most Cringeworthy Live TV Bloopers

News and Live TV show presenters always make their job look so flawless whenever they are in front of the cameras addressing the millions of people who have tuned it to watch them. Normally, they grace the cameras while neatly dressed and conversing with a calm, relaxed and professional tone. Above all, no matter the story being run, these presenters are usually required to exhibit less emotion and more objectiveness on getting their job done.

What these news and live TV show presenters never allow us to see is the nerve-wrecking preparations and choreography that go on backstage in an effort to produce what is seemingly the most flawless show you have ever seen. However, no matter how hard the crew tries, sometimes random events can lead a rather smoothly running show into a barrage of unexpected chaos.

It may be a serious misinterpretation of a story by a news anchor or just some unexpected behaviour by an interviewee, but bloopers have never run away from the live TV world. They still do exist and apart from being generally messy, some of them turn out to be extremely hilarious – as you will find out in the list below which, by the way, has some 2017 live TV bloopers that you just might have missed.

15. Amanda Holden was asking the wrong man about the moon

Via: Yahoo News UK

Not so long ago, 26th of October 2017 actually, Amanda Holden had what was probably her most embarrassing moment on TV. She was interviewing Tim Peake, Britain’s first official astronaut who had spent a record six months at the International Space Station. However, Amanda quickly forgot that the major had never set foot on the moon and went on to ask him a very silly question – did he bring a piece of the Moon back with him?

The major, having noted the major blooper from the refined journalist, calmly answered, “I wasn’t on the Moon. I was on the space station.” Amanda quickly noticed the huge error she had just made but before she could apologize, Twitter had already gone berserk!

14. TODAY Show hairstylist messes up a model’s natural hair on live TV

Via: Jezebel

Deepica Mutyala had to withstand days of Twitter outrage from her fans after she butchered an African-American model’s hair during a TODAY Show special segment called “Great Summer Hairstyles”. The respected resident beauty expert had such a hard time making model Maylia’s curls that she ended up messing it all up in what fans of the show described as the most disturbing 30 seconds ever on the show.

To make matters worse, Maylia kept smiling throughout the gruesome process. Being the resident beauty expert, fans were disturbed that Deepica had no idea how to handle African-American hair. The whole segment ended up being the worst for Deepica and certainly, the poor model Maylia who had to have her hair done all over again.

13. BBC interviews a job applicant on live TV, mistakenly

Via: YouTube

BBC had lined up a face to face interview with Guy Kewney, a music and Internet expert back in December 2006 so as to discuss the future of online music with new downloading regulations coming in. However, 22 seconds into the interview, all hell broke loose.

Apparently, the guy on set was Guy Goma, an IT graduate who had applied for an IT job at the BBC. The crew had apparently confused him for Guy Kewney, and had already put him on live TV with the journalist on set. It was not until Guy Goma noticed he was at the right place, but on the wrong set. His reaction after that was just priceless.

12. Tom Cruise goes maniac on the Oprah Winfrey Show

Via: Entertainment Tonight

Tom Cruise was on the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show promoting his latest movie, War of The Worlds. Everything was going perfectly well until Tom Cruise decided to demonstrate how much he loved his then girlfriend, Katie Holmes.

The shrewd actor suddenly got up and jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch, all the while petrifying the audience and Oprah herself who could only watch, mouth agape. However, the madness did not end there as Tom went backstage and returned with Katie who he continued to gush over even more. Sadly for the man, his relationship with the love of his life only lasted 7 years until they divorced in 2012.

11. Jerry Seinfeld snubs Kesha on live TV

Via: ew

Early this year, comedian Jerry Seinfeld was being interviewed on the red carpet by Tommy McFly, during the National Night of Laughter and Song by the David Lynch Foundation. However, in the middle of the interview, something bizarre occurred. Singer Kesha, who was also gracing the red carpet, happened to see the comedian and since she was a big fan, she decided to go over and say hi.

Things got a little bit weird after the singer asked for a hug from the comedian to which he replied “No, thanks!” But Kesha, a persistent woman, went on to ask for the hug again, but she got a ruder reply from the comedian, “Yeah, No thanks!” All this was happening right in front of the camera. Jerry Seinfeld later on commented that he did not recognize the lady, and Kesha replied that her slightly traumatic experience had been lightened up by a hug from Bob Dylan.

10. Stacey Dash fails to impress the Oscars floor

Via: Forbez DVD

After her rather infuriating remarks on the BET awards and Black History month, Stacey Dash had lost her favor with the BET community and the larger entertainment circle. However, instead of walking away from the embarrassment, the sturdy actress decided to grace the 2016 Oscar awards and try to “have a word” with the entertainment industry community, and she disappointed.

After a great opening by host Chris Rock, the floor was handed over to Stacey who disappointingly went on to make the most horrible comment in her lifetime. Having disputed the Black History Month as a double standard a month ago, she went on to utter on stage, “Happy Black History Month!” No one on the floor had the guts to applaud her, but instead, she received the most awkward reception in Oscar’s history – complete silence.

9. Brendan O’Connor had a hard time interviewing Pussy Riot

Via: YouTube

Brendan O’Connor was already getting used to the strings of hosting The Saturday Night Show until he met with the feminist rock band Pussy Riot. The interview was going smoothly until the lead singer in the group decided to address civil rights issues in her native Russian language.

However, things got murkier when Brendan politely tried to redirect the conversation into subjects more trivial, but the lead singer, in true Russian spirit, could not hear any of it. As a result, matters quickly started going south. But with a band name like that, O’Connor should have expected nothing peaceful about the interview.

8. Professor Robert Kelly has kids to worry about more than the North Korea situation

Via: Time

This must be the best news blooper in 2017 caused by kids behaving badly. Professor Kelly was in a Skype interview with the BBC early this year, discussing the grave matter of the relationship between North Korea and South Korea, when other little matters cropped up in the background. The professor, who had gotten deep into giving his expert opinion, was distracted by his kid who gave a rather amusing performance in the background while their father was live.

The professor, having recognized the presence of his little daughter, promptly got distracted from the interview – and so was the journalist who was interviewing him. To make matters worse (or funnier), the wife of the professor had to crawl on the floor to lead her misbehaving kids out of the interview room.

7. BBC News Reporter gets legally high

Via: The Daily Beast

Quentin Somerville had been sent as a BBC correspondent to report on the drug problem in Afghanistan and during his live presentation, he decided to stand next to the pile of burning drugs. At the onset, everything was going well until, as you guessed it, the smoke became too much for the man to bear. The presenter promptly started to giggle uncontrollably. And not just for a couple of seconds, but for whole report, and the cameras had to go back to the studio.

The presenter, though having discovered a very legal way to get high on cocaine and an assortment of other drugs, produced one of the funniest news bloopers in TV history.

6. Bloomberg reporter is caught with her skirt hiked up

Via: News

Sara Eisen, a Bloomberg TV reporter, was caught off guard when the camera panned her way only to find her skirt slightly up, admiring some strange black object in between her legs. Having noticed the cameras were already on her, she quickly pulled her skirt back down and got back into her report. Sadly, the Internet had not missed the major blooper.

Shortly after, the Internet exploded with people asking what “mic” the presenter was admiring in a very private part of her body. It might not have been anything naughty, but her slight moment off guard ended up being very embarrassing for her.

5. Anchors could not stop laughing at the pig’s large testicles

Via: Thoughtco

A local news station ran a story on a pig named Goliath that truly lived up to its name. Apart from being the fattest pig in the sty, the man taking the shot decided to focus on a region that was perhaps a little too explicit for television – the testicles.

This pig, immediately after the showcase, won the award of the largest testicles ever seen on a pig or any other animal (not withstanding its well-developed hindquarters). Soon after, the action was returned back to studio, and the two anchors who ran the story, a male and a female, were left in stitches for a significant couple of seconds.

4. Nick Weir makes an “outstanding” first performance in the Catchphrase show

Via: YouTube

Back in 1999, Roy Walker hung his boots from the helm of the Catchphrase Show, leading to a search for a new host to be commissioned. Nick Weir was picked to take over the show one year later, but his first episodes on the show did not turn out as well as he anticipated.

The shrewd entertainer, in one of the episodes, was making his way down the stairs when suddenly he tripped and fell. The editorial team was quick to edit out this unfortunate mishap but when he appeared in the next show with a cast on the foot and a pair of crutches, the edited out clip had to be played to the audience so as to explain exactly what led to the injuries their host had mysteriously appeared with.

3. AJ Clemente gets fired on the first day

Via: Huffington Post

Anchor AJ Clemente had just landed himself a job at a local news station and had appeared on time and on set for his first show. However, things did not turn out well. The presenter had apparently forgotten that they had gone live, and that his co-anchor was already reading the introduction with their mics on. In this confusion, AJ was caught live on camera, on day one, uttering expletives as the show was opening – actually too explicit to write here.

His bosses immediately called him after the show and handed him a sacking letter the same day he was starting his job there. Needless to say, explicit language is never tolerated in the workplace.

2. A reporter falls from a wooden platform

Via: YouTube

Back in 2006, a reporter for WAGA-TV was running a news feature on wine making and was standing on top of a wooden platform with her guest, using their bare feet to squash the grapes stored in large buckets. However, in the midst of the live TV show, the reporter lost her balance and fell of the wooden platform straight onto the floor.

What followed is what made this blooper one of the most famous of all time. The lady, who sadly broke a couple of ribs, was lying on the floor screaming into her mic “ouch, ouch, ouch!”. The camera man, as all this drama ensued, was still running the cameras. To make matters worse, the petrified look on the anchors’ faces once the cameras rolled back to studio only made the situation seem crazier. The lady was however lucky to heal from her injuries.

1. Aubrey Plaza tries to steal Ferrell’s award

Via: cleveland854321

Will Ferrell must be the master of the most cringe worthy movie scenes in Hollywood, but the master of movie scenes did not see this coming. During the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Will was on stage accepting the 2013 Comedic Genius Award when, all of a sudden, during his acceptance speech, Aubrey Plaza strangely walked on stage and tried to steal the award from Ferrell.

The actor, who was genuinely confused, asked her whether she was okay. She instead kept quiet and went back to her seat, with her one drink still in hand. The deranged Aubrey was later kicked out of the venue and MTV denied ever planning for such a bizarre incident.

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