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15 Most Dangerous Criminals In The World Right Now

15 Most Dangerous Criminals In The World Right Now

The world used to have some sort of order, a structure of how things run, and you couldn’t just print a gun like you would a term paper, and it was definitely out of the question to destroy a nuclear production facility by manipulating a few lines of code. However, in the current world, the peaceful order has been upended, and cheap videos in California have the power to spark riots in Egypt. Our world has gone a little haywire, maybe for the best or worse, who knows?

From the head of ISIS to the mastermind behind Boko Haram, we will reveal the names of the world’s most dangerous criminals on the globe’s governmental watch list. Although people might be joking about the nuclear threat of the current presidency for now, from suicide bombs to kidnappings, the world as we know it is becoming more volatile each day. The people who commit these crimes seem to carry them out under the direct of orders of a select group of deadly and unstable human beings. If you are wondering who these cold-blooded killers are, here are the 15 most dangerous criminals in the world. You might want to record their pictures in your memory.

15. Cody Wilson


He is one of America’s most wanted criminal. He feels the Internet needs more freedom; he also wants weaponry and money markets to be ungovernable entities. That’s a recipe for disaster. So why is Cody so dangerous? Well, Cody uploads blueprints for 3D-printable weapons. The thing is, the software called the Liberator was downloaded 100,000 times by the time authorities intervened, meaning anyone with an Internet connection had access to blueprints of a highly dangerous weapon. According to authorities, Wilson could face investigation for illegal exportation of ammunition that could see him jailed for up to 7 years. This is if it could be proven he is guilty.

14. Semion Mogilevich


He is a Ukrainian born Mob Boss believed to be the boss of bosses of almost all Russian syndicates in the world. We all know they operate without borders. This boss is hungry for money and power. He is involved in drug trafficking, the trade of nuclear material, international prostitution and contract murders. He has over 100 front companies and about 27 bank accounts in different countries, all this to ensure that his money is moving. It is believed that he kept strong ties with Vladimir Putin from the early ’90s according to a former Russian secret agent.

13. Abubakar Shekau


He is a Nigerian Islamist terrorist and the leader of Boko Haram. The group’s name translates to: “Western education is a sin.” Mr. Shekau has been accused of bombing villages and massacring its occupants. His group carried out a total of 14 attacks in 2014 alone. His group came to the attention of the world after kidnapping 223 Christian schoolgirls who the sect promise won’t be released until the Nigerian government releases an army of fighters from prison. The UN believes that to stop this group, the government of Nigeria needs to sensitize the locals living in the sect strongholds about the benefits of education to gain its local Muslim support.

12. Matteo Messina Denaro


Want to know the current Sicilian boss? This is your man. His whereabouts are unknown, although government authorities believe he is in Italy. He is known to get into any business that is profitable including food distribution, wind farms, shopping centers and agriculture. He is however wanted because of his participation in the 1990 Sicilian mafia’s bombing campaign. This campaign was responsible for the killing of magistrates and bystanders in Sicily as well as 50 other murders in that period. You might have to watch the Godfather to understand the workings of this criminal organization. According to the mafia boss, his objective is to correct the mistakes for the poor; I hope his 27 bank accounts are doing exactly that.

11. Joseph Kony


He is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army that formally operated in the East African country of Uganda. His whereabouts are still unknown. His sect’s objective is to establish a theoretic state based on the biblical Ten Commandments and their local Acholi traditions. He has been accused of ordering for the abduction of children to create child soldiers and sex slaves. Due to his activities, some 66,000 children were transformed into child soldiers and about 2 million people displaced from 1986 to 2009. He has been indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court but has evaded capture.

10. Ismael Zambada


He is the drug lord of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico. He has been accused of narcotics trafficking into Europe and the U.S. He is also being accused of money laundering as well as kidnapping. His cartel has undertaken brutal mass killings of rival cartels in the country as well as civilians just to maintain his loyalty. Authorities are optimistic about capturing this drug lord, as a key figure in the cartel, Joaquin Guzman, was captured after 13 years on the run. It’s just a matter of time before Zambada is apprehended.

9. Omar Hassan al-Bashir


He is the current President of North Sudan. The president has 10,000 strong Janjaweed and tribal guns for hire under his command. They have been accused of war crimes that date back to 2003 in Darfur. These militias are known to drive SUVs that are fitted with very powerful weapons that are used to kill Sudanese civilians. The only way President Al-Bashir can be apprehended is if African countries join forces to ensure his capture. But for now, the president enjoys diplomatic immunity across a large variety of African states, making his capture almost impossible for international authorities searching for him.

8. Ayman al Zawahiri


He is the current leader and founder of the notorious al-Qaeda terrorist movement based in Afghanistan. His main objective is to right the wrongs committed by Jews and Christians against Muslims over the years. He also wants to have a single Islamic political leadership across all Arab nations. He is also keen to drive all non-Muslims out of Saudi Arabia since he believes that it is the home of Islam’s holiest cities. Al-Qaeda is responsible for so many bombings around the world and is probably number one on America’s watch list. American authorities have good Intel on the group’s leader, and it’s just a matter of time before he is apprehended.

7. Glen Stewart Godwin


Glen Stewart Godwin escaped from the Folsom State Prison in California back in 1987 where he was serving a murder sentence. Mr. Godwin is believed to be a very dangerous person. Later that same year, he escaped from prison. After laying low for some time, he was again arrested in Puerta Vallarta in Mexico. He was convicted and jailed again in Guadalajara in 1991. It was at this prison that he allegedly murdered his fellow inmate and escaped five months later. Mexico has put a $100,000 reward for anyone with information that will lead to the arrest of Glen Stewart Godwin. He will be in some serious trouble if he gets caught. Third time’s a charm.

6. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


Known as the invisible Sheikh, he is the leader of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria commonly known as ISIS. His main agenda is to develop his own Islamic state that would range from Eastern Iraq to northern Syria. His group has released a five-year plan that includes a map for expansion that takes in Africa, the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda cut ties with this group due to its brutality. However, ISIS has still gone ahead to control half of Iraq, imposing the harsh Wahhabi version of Islam in all the areas under its control.

5. Major General Qassem Suleimani


He is the head of Iran’s Quds Force, which is a kind of Special Forces brigade in Iran. His main objective is to secure Iranian interests across the Middle East. Major General Qassem Sulemani has been known to undertake a covert war on Israel and America, including arming allies. His group also funded militia groups and carried out assassinations. He commands a troupe that is responsible for intervention in Syria that led to President Assad’s reign. His power is derived from his close relationship with Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei whose own power is from a huge business empire known as Setad. It is believed Major Sulemani can be stopped if sanctions are placed on Setad.

4. James J. Bulger


This criminal is being sought over his numerous roles in murders that were committed in the early 1970s through to the mid-1980s that were in connection with his relationship with organized crime in America. His group controls the drug trade, extortion, and illegal activities in the Boston area. James J. Bulger is known to always walk with a knife and is extremely dangerous. Authorities have placed a reward of $2 million for anyone with information on his whereabouts. Organized crime in the ’70s and ’80s took the lives of many American youths and it was at one point considered a national problem.

3. Ibrahim al-Asiri


He is a Saudi militant and an expert bomb maker for the al-Qaeda. He has a liking for bombing western airplanes and masterminding fronts. This former chemistry student uses PETN in his bombs. PETN is an odorless white powder that even X-ray machines struggle to pick up. It is believed that he designed the underwear bomb that was used in an attempt to blow up a U.S. bound plane back in 2009 and a printers bomb that was sent to the U.S. from Yemen. Authorities are however worried that he might be passing his skills on to a new set of master bombers for al-Qaeda.

2. Sun Kailiang


Don’t be fooled by his military attire; this man is a super hacker and a captain in the People’s Liberation Army of China. His main agenda is to disrupt the U.S. economy using cyber warfare. Kaling has been charged by the FBI for illegally accessing computer systems belonging to six U.S. organizations that are related to the nuclear industry. They have also been accused of controlling computers to steal specs and trade secrets. Authorities are trying to use counteroffensive softwares that act like viruses to develop a trail left by the attacking malware to capture and prosecute him for his actions.

1. Mokhtar Belmokhtar


He is an Algerian Jihadi and also a leader of the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Mourabitoun. His main objective is to turn al-Qaeda into a global terrorist movement. He also seeks to mount attacks on the west. He specializes in recruiting foreign Jihadis coming from Syria for new terror campaigns that are funded by illegal tobacco trade, hence his nickname Mr. Marlboro. He was behind the Algerian attack on a gas plant where 40 people died. He is also being suspected of the Eiffel Tower terror plot. He plans on running all African ports from coast to coast. He is based in Maghreb, Africa.


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