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15 Most Disgusting Car Mods Ever Made

15 Most Disgusting Car Mods Ever Made


There is always this basic desire among humans to stand out in a crowd and their cars are no exception to this. Car modification is not a new thing, in fact, it has been around for decades. This do-it-yourself tradition is tied into the essence of classic automotive passion. However, as of some recent times, this hobby has lost a lot of its allure specifically because of the fact that there are so many people driving their cars around with much cheaper alterations. We all know what that means, cheap point to the fact that the car will end up looking extremely ridiculous.

We’re not talking about excellent budget mods here, no, we’re talking about the sort of stuff that is ugly and will be unacceptable to any true automotive enthusiast. In nature, Bowerbirds often decorate their nests with colorful pieces of plastic all sorts of other random garbage to attract a mate. So it could be that most of the people who end up with these terrible mods are also fulfilling their primal urge. You think that a faux hood scoop is bad? Wait till you go through this list of some of the most disgusting car mods that we’ve come across on the internet. Also, we realize that there might be much uglier automotive disasters out there but we were only limited to 15 entries, so, without further ado, let get started on with this.

15. Shark Teeth


We understand, getting some cool mods on your car is always the best feeling in the world although there are some things that we refer to as taking it too far. Why would anyone in their right mind be willing to do this? See, something like this might get a pass if it was on an utterly crap car but this is a Corvette for crying out loud. It’s beautiful and it does not deserve such awful teeth. We all like to refer to our favorite car as a monster or beast, but this shouldn’t be translated into an actual tooth grill modification. It’s just simply awful.

The reasons behind getting this particular mod are beyond our understanding unless you’re a huge fan of Jaws, in which case you still don’t get a pass.

14. Truck/Bunk Bed Hybrid


Getting your truck lifted is one thing, turning it into a bunk bed is on a whole another level. If this doesn’t look impractical to you, we have no idea what will. But for a minute, let’s just consider some of the reasons why anyone would do this. Maybe it was to improve the view? But then again, there are so many other ways of elevating your ride than doubling up the chassis volume. Or maybe it was to go through water, who knows? Guess we’ll never find out.

We would suggest staying away from this abomination if you suffer from vertigo, or simply just stay away, vertigo or not.

13. Saving The Environment Is For The Weak


Now isn’t that a pretty sight. It seems as if the Rolling Coal movement has really caught on in the past decade or so. If you’re unfamiliar with what this is, then let us educate you real quick. This involves modifying a diesel engine to emit under-aspirated sooty exhaust after which the Rolling Coal enthusiasts end up using smokestacks or modified exhausts to expel plumes of smoke from their vehicles and as you’ve probably guessed by now, this is mostly done to taunt environmentalists.

Look, we get it, trolling those darned Prius owners can be a lot of fun at times, even if you don’t really care about blinding every single driver behind you but this is just excessive and plain stupid.

12. A Dually Subaru


What’s better than a Subaru with four wheels? A Subaru with six wheels! This one is the perfect example of taking it on to the next level. Perhaps the guy who put this together was looking for a bit more traction since it seems like he wasn’t satisfied with Subaru’s legendary All Wheel Drive. Regardless, there is some serious ingenuity involved here.

Take a hard left in this vehicle and you will end up shifting the entire gravitational axis of the world. More importantly, think about all the traction you will get in a straight line, but come on, let’s be serious for a minute and ask ourselves about how much modification is actually required to make that happen? We’re pretty sure that it doesn’t involve adding an extra pair of wheels in the back.

11. Chrome 101


Huge chromed out wheels are bad but covering your entire car in chrome to the extent that it blinds everyone passing by and sets everything on fire with its reflection is even worse. Unnecessary, weird and gross. That’s what it simply looks like the moment you lay your eyes on it. Automotive manufacturers spend millions of dollars each year in research and development to come up with vehicles that look good, there is a good reason to why chrome isn’t offered as a color option in most cars, it’s ugly.

Apart from the shine though, we also cannot figure out why some people prefer to have rims taller than a child in middle school. Ultimately though, it looks more like an out of proportion mirror table with wheels added at the bottom.

10. “Steampunk Lexus” Camry


Often times movies can feature vehicles which inspire people, allowing them to get creative and replicate those designs. However, for every good rendition out there, an equally ugly one also exists. This “Steampunk Lexus” Camry abomination seems to have taken a lot of inspiration from Mad Max or at least it is supposed to. Calling it steampunk would also be very wrong as we’re not entirely sure about what style it really is.

Rust seems to be the new matte black here and that huge LED strip in the front will ensure your survival in the post-apocalyptic world. Oh, and in case you’re thinking that it’s parked next to a pole, it’s not.

9. The Perfect Picnic Table


Ah, the dreaded spoiler. It might be very difficult for a lot of ricers to believe but throughout motorsport history, the spoiler has been used for a very specific purpose. It can increase down force when the car accelerates and reduce lift which in return ensures better grip and handling. This is entirely different though, it’s a spoiler on a budget. This car is guaranteed to stay grounded at the breakneck speeds of 60 mph or heck, even 65 miles per hour.

Another theory, however, is that maybe we have got all of this figured out wrong. Perhaps it is not a spoiler but a small picnic table instead. In that case, this is a brilliant idea. We bet your car doesn’t have one of these.

8. This Lifted Truck Has Another Lift Kit


Some people are simply not satisfied with a reasonably sized car or truck. In this particular case, we seem to be unsure about a lot of things. Firstly, how do you climb in and out of this thing? And secondly, won’t this tip over if a strong gust of wind hits you when you’re driving? Then there is also the problem of parking it since we can’t possibly think of a normal garage that could accommodate this abomination. Ordering from a drive-thru also seems to be a tricky situation.

This has to be one of the craziest mods on this list and we can’t possibly imagine what the owner was thinking when they decided to get this done.

7. Symphony Of The Eight Exhausts


So, we’re all aware of the fact that when it comes to ricing a car, there is always something happening with the exhaust. Take a good look at the car above and count the number of exhaust tips you see; how many are there? If you counted eight then you are a winner. This looks more like a pipe organ than anything else.

The good news is that the sound this car makes is probably as horrible as it looks. Oh, and lets also not forget the horrible body kit and that sweeping trunk spoiler. We just hope that whoever this car belongs to can find some common sense and get rid of this abomination once and for all.

6. Return Of The Eyelashes


And you thought that the pink mustache trend from Lyft was bad. The sad part is that this Mini isn’t the only victim of this ugly and unfortunate trend. Google the term “car eyelashes” and we guarantee that you’ll end up screaming in agony.

Why would anyone in their right mind ever consider doing something like this? And more importantly, what’s next? A massive wig for cars? An artificial nose? To be quite honest, it is impossible to tell at this point but it won’t be long before we have another ugly automotive trend floating around. This mod and everything else related to it is a curse and one that everyone should avoid at all costs.

5. Bumper Sticker Art


A single sticker on the bumper might be fine for a lot of people but this is just overdoing it and that too by a lot. We feel sorry for whoever ends up driving behind this person. Putting two “Coexist” stickers right next to each other apparently seems to do a good job of emphasizing the message on the sticker.

Look, we know that you’re an advocate for gender equality and rights for everybody. You’re also super involved into politics and inspirational quotes but there are so many other ways of showing these off. Also, once you finally get bored of the stickers or decided to sell the car, it will be a pain to get rid of these.

4. Bass Is Love, Bass Is Life


The out of control sound systems in cars are the worst. It is perfectly okay if you like listening to music with some bass. The worst, however, is when people cannot keep it to themselves and try to involve the entire neighborhood. This doesn’t mean that you’re cool, instead, it means that you’re a douchebag of the highest order.

There is also a difference between an audiophile grade sound system and an aftermarket one which is only supposed to make your car rattle with the crazy amount of bass. Also, while we agree that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but the setup in the picture above just looks plain crazy, and not in a good way.

3. Fake Vents


What you see in the picture above is the equivalent of a fake hood scoop but on a much smaller scale. On some of the high-end performance cars, these side vents actually serve a real purpose but no one really cares about that. If it looks cool on an expensive car then it sure as hell will look cool on any other vehicle.

The truth is that these look odd, unnecessary and do not make much sense. However, if you are the sort of person who believes that having one of these on the car will increase your performance then, by all means, please let it stay on there.

2. Who Needs A Pickup Truck?


When it comes to bad car modifications, I think this person easily tops the list. What you see here ladies and gentlemen is how to fit a motorbike inside your car if you don’t have a pickup truck or can’t borrow one. I mean, that bike does have an engine right? So why not ride it rather than destroying your car for it.

But let’s be reasonable here, maybe it needed to be transported to a place where riding was not possible or the person really didn’t have anyone to ride it for him. What could be the options then? Oh, we know, a freaking pickup truck!

1. It’s a Giant Furby


It looks like the owner of this one didn’t have enough room for all of his Furby collection so he bought a VW Beetle and decided to cover it with them instead. Isn’t that efficient? Maybe not. Look, some of you might think that Furbies are cute little toys but honestly, we find them to be quite scary.

Also, we can’t help but wonder what happens when you’re driving around in this car and it starts raining or how it is cleaned, there are so many questions. Regardless, the next time you buy a lot of furbies, please make sure that you have enough room in your house so that you don’t have to go out and create an abomination similar to this.

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