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15 Most Disturbing X-Files Cases In The Last 10 Years That Cannot Be Explained

15 Most Disturbing X-Files Cases In The Last 10 Years That Cannot Be Explained

When the very first episode of The X-Files aired back on September 10, 1993, no one could have even the slightest idea of how big it was going to be. The show was about strange and many times unexplained cases. A good part of the episodes were based on real-life cases. Even though the successful show ended on May 19, 2002, it made a come back in early 2016.

Today, we are going to talk about the 15 most disturbing X-files cases in the last 10 years that cannot be explained. To be absolutely clear, just know that by X-files cases, I mean peculiar and many times unexplainable cases rather than stories that were featured on the actual show.

Even though some of them may be older than ten years old, the reason I decided to include them is due to the fact that they either are still being investigated and new evidence have come up or that they are still taking place today. You will see what I mean by the latter as soon as you start reading the article. Without further delay, let’s jump right in.

15. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370


via ABC

This sand sculpture was made dedicated to the Boeing plane that went missing on March 8, 2014. Even though speculations have been made about how the MH370 plane lost control and crashed, the debris was never found except some small pieces.

Communications were lost after a certain point and the aircraft stopped responding to any signals. It is presumed that it crashed somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean and that all the passengers along with the crew lost their lives. It wasn’t a simple plane crash though, as many things didn’t add up. Some people believed it was an air piracy incident while other claim aliens hijacked the plane. There have even been documentaries made about its disappearance.

14. Kalachi, Kazakhstan

kalachi kazakhstan

via Mysterious Facts

Apparently Sleepy Hollow is more than a successful Johnny Depp movie and a popular TV series. It proved to be real when a whole small town in Kazakhstan was hit by a sleeping sickness. People would fall into a comatose state for days while others would suffer from constant headaches and sometimes even memory loss. Some men even wanted to have intercourse all the time.

After an investigation was carried out, it was found that the city was built on top of a uranium mine which was pouring huge amounts of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere resulting in this sleeping sickness. Although, some people didn’t believe that to be the reason and are still looking for another explanation to this curious episode.

13. Teresa Butler

Via: Tru Noir

This isn’t your usual case of someone disappearing. When the father returned home after a night shift, he found his two young boys alone in the house. Many belongings were missing  and his wife’s wedding ring was on the floor under the couch. No signs of struggle were found.

However, a key was broken in a door’s lock and the entrance light bulb was unscrewed. The woman placed two calls earlier that morning to people who didn’t know her. One didn’t answer and the other picked up only to hear silence on the other side. Up to this day, no one knows what happened to her and investigations are still going on.

12. Gloria Ramirez

Gloria Ramirez

via Fact Republic

Even though the death of Gloria Ramirez occurred in 1994, it was later featured in the X files and many people still try to find out a logical explanation. This woman was in the ER, when the staff taking care of her started fainting while some would even vomit. When a blood sample was taken from her, some weird particles were floating in it.

After some time, the woman died and all the patients of that section of the hospital were carried to the parking lot. A special unit took samples from her but nothing wrong was found in the tests. Even her breath had a weird odor described as “fruity garlic.”

11. Tamam Shud Case

Somerton Man

via Wikipedia

This man was found dead on Somerton Beach which is located in a city in South Australia. The reason he was named that was because that was found on a piece of paper in his trousers pocket. The note was from a copy of a 12th-century book and “Tamam Shud” means “finished” or “ended.”

The book that this note came from was found and inside were a local telephone number alongside another unknown one and an encrypted message which hasn’t been decrypted up to this day. Some believe he was a spy and that this message was written in a type of code so that if he got caught, his capturers wouldn’t find out what it meant. This is still one of the biggest unexplained cases discussed on the Internet.

10. Taos Hum

taos hum

via Aquiziam

Even though the hum effect has been observed in many different regions, the Taos Hum case is distinct from the others. A big percentage of the population of this small town kept hearing the same humming noise all the time. After an investigation, doctors believed it to be a case of tinnitus which is an auditory system disturbance.

This was true in other places where it has been recorded but not for Taos as many people heard the humming only in specific parts of the town. Up to this day, experts keep trying to find out what is causing this strange sound, but a logical explanation hasn’t been provided so far.

9. Kryptos



This sculpture has been standing outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia since 1990. The creator has implemented four different encrypted codes on it of which only three have been decrypted so far.

It is said that the other three messages contain clues as to what the fourth one may be about. Even though normal people and both amateurs and professional cryptanalysts have been trying to decrypt it, no one has ever made it. The creator has given the meaning of consecutive words containing the two encrypted words “BERLIN” and “CLOCK” which must be a reference to the popular Berlin clock which shows the time in a unique way.

8. Salish Sea

salish sea

via HubPages

The Salish Sea has proven to be a unique place located in British Columbia. Many times over the years, different shoes have washed up on various coasts of the Salish Sea. But that isn’t the interesting part. What is even more peculiar than the shoes is that there were human feet inside them, most times decomposed from the water and the passing of time.

Many victims whose feet were found have been identified but some have not. Only two of those were left ones, but it is believed that all the other left shoes and feet just haven’t been found yet. Many times both shoes were found, so the right missing ones should show up eventually.

7. Cicada3301


via 2oceansvibe

One of the most intriguing mysterious cases is that of Cicada3301. The public speculated them being a special team with exceptionally high intelligence, something like a cult. In the picture, their logo is on the top of what looks likes a bar code. This is one of the places you can get a clue for the next piece of the puzzle they have in store for you when taking their test.

Some claim to have solved their tests, which are very strange. Still, after many investigations have been held, no one seems to have given any explicit details about them and the solutions still remain a complete mystery. Some believe they are part of the CIA or FBI or any other similar organization trying to enlist members for their operations.

6. Ghost Ships

ghost ship

via The Japan Times

It has happened many times in the past and yet no one has a clue about what was going on. A big number of “ghost” ships keep appearing on the coasts of Japan. They were full of dead partially decomposed bodies. The ships were of North Korean origin and many believe that to be a sign from Kim Jong Un.

However, others believe it to be a hoax, but I can assure you it’s not. Many major news publications have covered the subject and many investigations have been made, still without any results. Those boats were usually filled with more than 15-20 people, dead of course, as previously mentioned.

5. Shanyna Isom

Shanyna Isom

via Imgur

Most rare medical cases in the world can be found on more than one person but this one is unique to the full extent of the word. Shanyna Isom is the only person in the world that suffers from a rare disease that makes fingernails grow on her instead of hair. A big part of her face and body is covered in those fingernails.

Doctors haven’t figured out exactly why this happens to her but they think that her body grows fingernails faster than it can develop hair. Still, she remains one of the biggest mysteries in the world, especially when it comes to strange medical cases.

4. Hessdalen lights

hessdalen lights

via Daily Mail

We have heard of UFO sightings in the past and other aerial occurrences witnessed by some people that proved to be hoaxes. However, this one couldn’t be any more real as thousands of people have seen it and there is even video proof of the unexplained phenomenon.

They may appear both during the day or night and they seem to hover over a big valley in Norway called Hessdalen. They are usually red, yellow, and bright white and they may last from a few seconds to over an hour in some rare cases. Research has shown that it may be the result of the combustion of several substances but people do not seem to believe that to be the case.

3. Long Island Serial Killer

long island serial killer

via CBS News

These photos have served as clues regarding the LISK (Long Island serial killer) case. Just like the Zodiac killer, the LISK has claimed the lives of various victims and still hasn’t been caught. The county of Long Island has pumped the 5,000$ reward for any information regarding the identity of the killer to a record high 25,000$.

Even though we only know that the killer is a white male in his mid-20s to mid-40s, it is also believed that he has access to and can use burlap sacks to hide the victims’ bodies. He is still one of the serial killers with the highest body count in America’s history who hasn’t been caught yet.

2. Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangla

via Daily Mail

It has been going on for over 150 years and still no final explanation has been given. Possibly the biggest geologically related mystery in the history of mankind, Bermuda Triangle has been the place where many ships and airplanes have gone missing after losing contact with the shore.

Some experts have stated that it may be because of radio signals interfering with the ships’ and the aircrafts’ devices while a big percentage of normal people believe aliens have abducted those vehicles. Many documentaries have been made about it and still much more will come. The Internet has been buzzing with new speculations and conspiracy theories every day since online forums like Reddit became so popular.

1. Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier

via BoatBound

Discussions about how this lake is cursed have been going on non-stop on various online forums and still no explanation has been given regarding many of the incidents that took place there. Sure, some accidents involving boat crashes or drivers losing control of their cars and going in the lake are natural. But some aren’t.

A man once left his house in the middle of the night and the only thing he took with him was a gun. His decomposed body was found in the lake about a month later and there was his body that indicated a fight or anything of that nature other than a single gunshot to the head. He was found in his pyjamas and the clothes he wore that night. Although the man hadn’t any previous signs of wanting to commit suicide, many similar cases have taken place in the region of the lake.

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