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15 Most Elite Clubs In The World

15 Most Elite Clubs In The World

While money and fame can’t buy you happiness, they sure can buy you some pretty sweet stuff. You see, when you’re rich or famous (or both), you can afford to go to the most exclusive locations in the world—including clubs. The clubs that elite individuals visit have memberships most of us can’t afford and have benefits that are out of this world. There are a range of perks to these clubs, so they fit the needs and desires of anyone from thrill-seekers to creative individuals. These clubs are located in beautiful places, give members access to the finest fitness facilities, the most high-tech entertainment systems, swanky restaurants and great network systems. Some of them (such as Disney’s Club 33) you may have heard about, but the other lesser-known ones will also fascinate you.

There’s just something intriguing about secret societies and exclusive clubs. We can’t help but wonder what goes on inside them and who the members are. Here are 15 clubs that will have you wishing you could be a member.

15. Club 33: Anaheim, USA


If you’ve ever visited Disneyland, California, you’ve probably walked right past this club without realizing. Located in the New Orleans Square in Disneyland, Club 33 is so exclusive that the waitlist for a membership can be several years, since only a limited number of memberships are granted annually. In fact, there are reportedly only 500 members. On top of the long waitlist, the membership itself costs a whopping $25,000 plus about $10,000 per year!

The club was opened in 1967 and features antique furniture and props from Disney movies. Members are granted early access to the park, behind-the-scenes tours and FastPasses. As you can imagine, many celebrities have been members of Club 33, including Christina Aguilera. Katy Perry and Vanessa Hudgens have also been spotted dining in the club’s restaurant, which reportedly includes unlimited dessert.

14. South Kensington Club: Kensington, UK


The targets of South Kensington Club are “modern-day Marco Polos”—those who enjoy fitness, adventure, and food. As a member, you can work out in the club’s sky-lit gym, meditate in the yoga studio, drink rare teas, enjoy spa treatments (such as volcanic scrubs, saltwater baths and thermal wraps), embark on bucket-list expeditions and more. Yes, these services and activities are all available under one roof (with the exception of the expeditions)! The club is located in a 19th-century building consisting of several floors.

So, what’s the cost to relax in this exquisite club? It’s $1,250 for the initiation fee, plus about $4,400 per year.

13. Capital Club: Dubai, UAE


You don’t just have to be a celebrity to enjoy exclusive clubs; if you’re a businessperson, you can also enjoy the best of the best. Located in Dubai’s Financial District is the exclusive business club, Capital Club. The membership costs are kept under wraps, but it doesn’t matter how much money you have because membership is a standard invite-only, two-member-recommended process.

If you do have the privilege of becoming a member, you’ll become a part of a powerful network which includes the heads of numerous companies. You are allowed use of meeting rooms, admission to a well-equipped gym and an entertainment venue with terraces that provide breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa.

12. The Battery: San Francisco, USA


The Battery is an invitation-only club with a membership fee of $2,400 per year. This place is huge! It’s located in a 58,000-square-foot former marble factory and has a restaurant, 14 guest rooms, a wine cellar, a library, a gym and a spa. There are also many events held at the club, including art exhibitions and musical performances.

There’s good news for us regular folk, though. Even if you aren’t a member, you can still book the rooms and enjoy membership benefits during your stay. Reservations start at $495.

11. Yellowstone Club: Big Sky, USA


Quite possibly the most beautiful club on this list, the Yellowstone Club is a 13,600 acre private residential ski and golf resort in Montana, USA. Among its members is Bill Gates, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the membership fee of $300,000 plus a $30,000 annual fee and the purchase of a multi-million dollar property. The luxurious properties, ranging from $2 million to $26 million, and include ski rooms with lockers, boot dryers and heated driveways.

Surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, you can enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing in the wintertime. It’s even more fun in the summer, with horseback riding, biking, fly fishing, rock climbing, archery and Yellowstone National Park tours. Who knew the great outdoors came with such a hefty price tag?

10. Soho House: Various Locations


Soho House was founded in 1995 in London, but now has locations across Europe and North America. It’s aimed at individuals in the arts and media. As a member, you’ll have access to the club spaces (which include restaurants and bars, cinemas, gyms, pools, spas and workspaces) in the local house and to all Soho House locations around the world. These aren’t your typical cinemas and restaurants, either. The cinemas have comfy seating, cashmere blankets and serve alcohol. The restaurants’ menu includes hand-made pasta and craft cocktails.

To become a member, you’ll not only have to dish out a $2,000 annual fee, but you must also be nominated by two existing members. The club is so selective that even Kim Kardashian has been denied numerous times. Members of the club include Kate Moss, Jude Law and Kristen Stewart.

9. Level 6 at The Ivy: Sydney, Australia


The Ivy is often described as an adult playground—and for good reason, too. It features a grill restaurant, a lounge space and live entertainment. That in itself is pretty cool, but the complex also has another impressive feature on level six. It’s a club called Level 6 and it’s open only to invited members, who are rumoured to pay an annual fee of $10,000. The club is shrouded in secrecy, so not much is known about what goes on in there. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Mel Gibson have been spotted there, so it must be entertaining.

8. The Clubhouse: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Doesn’t this club just look magical? The Clubhouse in Buenos Aires is a four-story residence with a lounge, bars, terraces, a pool and a garden. As a member, you’ll have access to private events, such as film screenings and celebrity-chef dinners. You’ll also be allowed entry to other exclusive clubs around the world, including Kee Club (which has locations in Hong Kong and Shanghai). The membership fee is pretty modest compared to other clubs on this list, at only $600 per year. However, you’ll need to apply and go through an evaluation process to be accepted.

7. The Magic Castle: Los Angeles, USA


No, The Magic Castle is not another club associated with Disney. Rather, it’s a club filled with magicians and those who admire them. As a member of this unique club, you’ll be able to watch live magic shows seven days a week. That sure is a lot of magic! You’ll also be able to attend the club’s popular brunches and special events. If you are a magician, you’ll be allowed to visit the Magician’s Library and attend Magician-only lectures. Fortunately, you don’t need to know magic to join this club, but you do need to pay a sign-up fee of $1,500 and an annual fee of $750.

6. Cercle de Lorraine: Brussels, Belgium


Cercle de Lorraine is a business and leisure club located in a gorgeous Belgian chateau in Brussels. As a member, your privileges include access to hunting trips, sailing lunches, Cuban cigar tasting dinners, cocktail parties, cultural exhibitions, motorcycle outings, golf trips and more. This club is basically a dream come true for mature, classy males. To join, you must fill out an application, attend a meeting and be selected by the Voting Committee. If accepted, you are required to pay an initiation fee of €1,750, in addition to €1,530 yearly.

5. Mar-a-Lago Club: Palm Beach, USA


The Mar-a-Lago Club is owned by the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. He bought the property in 1985 and turned it into a members-only club. Technically, anyone can become a member…if they have $100,000 to drop on the initiation fee and another $16,000 per year for the annual fees. What’s the deal with this club, anyway? Well, it has an oceanfront swimming pool, a salon, a spa, a fitness center, live entertainment and a ballroom lined with gold leaf. Sounds pretty lavish, doesn’t it?

4. Roppongi Hills Club: Tokyo, Japan


The exclusive Roppongi Hills Club is located high above the busy city of Tokyo, on the 51st floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. The club is aimed at businesspeople and those who enjoy culture and the arts. It offers not one, but seven restaurants! These feature Japanese, American, and Chinese cuisines. The club also allows members access to event rooms, where meetings or conferences can be held. On top of that, members receive discounts to numerous restaurants and golf clubs in Tokyo. The registration fee is $11, 697 plus $1, 755 annually, but you’ll also need to go through a screening process.

3. The Bohemian Club: San Francisco, USA


Perhaps the most controversial club on the list is The Bohemian Club. This club was originally made up of journalists and musicians, but it later became associated with politicians and executives. The club is so selective that membership is only offered to some United States presidents. The club’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, while the annual two-week gathering is held in the forests of Sonoma County (a place they call The Grove). The Bohemian Club puts on plays and comedy shows at The Grove each year. There is said to be heavy drinking and secret talks during this gathering.

If you’d like to join the ranks of Mark Twain and Clint Eastwood, you’ll have to pay a $30,000 sign-up fee and $600 monthly fees (that is, if you’re invited).

2. CORE: Manhattan, US


CORE is a cool club located in Manhattan. As a member, the benefits are numerous—access to a plastic surgery spa, theater, office, gym, sports cars (such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris), wine tastings, presentations by artists and tickets to sporting events. The club even has a theater where you can host presentations or host a screening. Stars such as Anne Hathaway, George Clooney and Kevin Spacey have all hosted screenings there. So, what’s the price to join? It’s an astounding $50,000 plus $15,000 annually. Not surprisingly, billionaires such as Christopher Burch and Steve Roth are members.

1. Spoke Club: Toronto, Canada


Toronto’s Spoke Club is a haven for those with an interest in the arts and entertainment. The club offers a gallery for art exhibitions, a screening room, author talks, workshops, a library, wine cellar and rooftop Glass House with views of the six (AKA Toronto). They even offer discounts to hotels and spas in Toronto, as well as tickets to exclusive events. You can eat, work and study at this club for about $1,000 per year, plus a one-time fee of $500. But first, you’ll need to meet the requirements by explaining how you connect with the arts and naming your favourite book.


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