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15 Most Futuristic Tech Products You Can Use Today

15 Most Futuristic Tech Products You Can Use Today


Believe it or not, the future is already here, and you don’t have to wait until the year 2500 – or 3000 – to try out some futuristic tech products. Yes, we’ve made leaps and bounds in technology in the past decade alone (can you believe how relatively young the iPhone is?) but we’re soon to make even more.

There are products like vaporizers, which allow not smoke but essential oils into your system. We are all aware of the various fitness trackers out there – but did you know that there was one that tracks your emotions? Nintendo’s Switch is insanely futuristic in that you can link it to your television and it’s portable. While there are tons of apps for translations when you’re traveling in a foreign country, there is now an earpiece that lets you directly translate a foreign language in close to real time. We all know that door handles are gross, but did you know that there is a self sterilizing door handle — now? There’s also a “smart” refrigerator that snaps photos of your food and even monitors your food intake like a dutiful robot.

Keep reading for a list of futuristic products that you can use today.

15. Portable Vape Essential Oils


Most of us are aware of the various nicotine vaporizer products out there, which in my opinion are pretty futuristic in and of themselves – but there’s also a different kind of vape available. The MONQ personal essential oil diffuser fills your lungs not with nicotine, but with decidedly healthier essential oils. It’s basically aromatherapy for your olfactory system. You can choose from a variety of blends and colors. Each vape lasts two weeks and costs $20. The products works in easing stress and other health benefits. All in all, the product is pretty futuristic in use and appearance, and you can easily purchase one off of Amazon to give it a shot.

14. Fitness Tracker for your emotions


From the Fitbit to the Garmin, fitness trackers have been tearing up the health and fitness markets for years. But there’s another fitness tracker that takes tracking to a whole other level. The ZENTA bracelet tracks your emotions as well. It does the typical distance and calories burned, but uses “holistic biometric sensing” and analyzes trends to track your mood and levels of stress. It also discovers patterns of habits that are perhaps affecting your moods. Not getting enough sleep? Not eating enough – or too much? The ZENTA will let you know how these acts affect your stress levels.

13. Nintendo Switch


You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the Nintendo Switch. This gaming console works with your television and can be used as a gaming system that’s also portable. There are multiplayer options with the console – up to four people can play a multiplayer game on two screens. Since it’s portable, you’re not glued to your television to play. While there are portable gaming systems in existence, what makes the Switch futuristic is that it’s essentially a console you can take with you. So if you’re itching to play a game but its a nice day out – why not head outside and enjoy both?

12. Earpiece Translator


For those of us who love travel, going to a country where hardly anyone speaks the language you know can be a bit stressful. Well, there is an earpiece translator called The Pilot by Waverly Labs that reduces this stress for you. It basically works as a smart earpiece that translates between languages. The languages include Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, and French. More languages are going to be added later. It’s available for preorder right now, and will available in only a few weeks. Now instead of fumbling with language translation dictionaries or apps, the earpiece can take care of the annoying translation process for us.

11. Electric Refrigerator


Now this is pretty cool. Refrigerators have basically stayed the same throughout their entire existence – a place to store our food where we can promptly forget about said food and let it go to waste. Well, The Family Hub from Samsung changes all that. It actually has cameras inside the fridge to let you know if your cheese has gone moldy or your milk curdled. It then sends this information directly to your phone. It also plays music, lets you leave notes, and even monitors your food intake. There’s also a WiFi enabled touchscreen. It’s definitely a product of the future – and you’ll no longer find strange items in your fridge that have turned into other life forms after going bad.

10. Self-Sterilizing Door Handle


This product is not only futuristic – it’s incredibly useful. Door handles are probably the most bacteria infected items you’ll encounter on a day to day basis. Well, this self-sterilizing door handle, invented by two young high school students, is bacteria resistant. The handle ingeniously combines titanium dioxide and UV light to kill new bacteria. Titanium dioxide itself helps prevent bacteria. The handle is lit from the inside, while the handle itself is a cylinder glass. There is a light emitting diode that shines the UV light. This invention easily makes the old germ ridden door handles a thing of the past. Not only is it modern and futuristic in use; it looks like its something out of the next century.

9. Smart Lightbulbs


Fluorescent lightbulbs are no one’s favorite, and there’s a product that provides an alternative – and futuristic – method to lighting rooms. Stack light bulbs basically replicate natural light. They imitate actual sunlight, and most of us know the many benefits of sunlight’s Vitamin D. The natural light effect positively influences your mood, unlike the depressing flicker of fluorescents. Stack lights also adjust to the patterns of you and your home. It uses sensors and natural light to help with this. There is an app which you can control the light bulbs from, but on their own they detect and learn your preferences.

8. Bluetooth Bathroom Fan


I won’t go into the details, but we all probably spend a decent amount of time in the bathroom. Rather than flipping through a magazine or reading your iPad, Homewerks Worldwide has an alternative. It produced a bathroom fan with a Bluetooth enabled stereo and LED lights. Want to listen to your favorite tunes while you’re brushing your teeth? The fan emits whatever song you want from its speakers. During the day, the LED light provides a basic white light, but at night, a relaxing blue night light. And better yet, you don’t have to worry about recharging the speaker – the speakers are integrated with the bathroom fan.

7. Mini air conditioner


On the surface of things, Evapolar’s miniature air conditioner may not seem to be all that futuristic. After all, personal fans have been a thing for years. What makes Evapolar’s product so unique is that it essentially creates a micro climate. How cool (and futuristic) is that? The product makes an environment of cool, purified air around your personal space. You can use it in your office, at home, even when you’re out an about at a public work space. It also humidifies the air and filters out dust particles, which does wonders for your breathing.

6. WiFi Crockpot


Those are two words you wouldn’t think would go together – crockpot and WiFi. But there is a product that pairs both in one. The crockpot works like this: you can adjust the cook time and temperature using an app called WeMo. The app is available on Apple or Android products. You can also go old school and adjust the temperature directly on the device, but what’s the fun in that? With this product, you can do it remotely. It has the traditional functions of a crockpot – removable oval stoneware, 3 heat settings, 6 quart capacity – but its WiFi capability obviously sets it apart – and makes it futuristic.

5. Solar Power Socket


Good old fashioned outlets may increasingly become a thing of the past. The solar power socket uses power from the sun to charge your laptop or cellphone. It can be sometimes nerve wracking if you’re not in a familiar space to get to an outlet to charge your device. It can even be stressful if you’re at home. But with this product, you just need sun (of course) and a window to attach the product to. The solar power socket needs about 5 to 8 hours to charge and lasts for roughly 10 hours. Not bad for being powered by the sun.

4. Tunnel Toaster


It’s happened to all of us at some point – you’re so eager to get your morning toast that you burn your fingers on the bread – or the toaster itself. Well, the futuristic Arzum Firrin tunnel toaster prevents this. It resembles a tunnel, hence the title of the product, and lets you evenly toast your bread before pulling it out. Even better, there’s more of a variety than the simple square bread. You can also toast croissants and bagels with this toaster. The design prevents annoying crumbs from building up at the bottom. And you can monitor the progress of your toasting from both sides.

3. General iBoreoscope


This product basically gives you X ray vision. The General iBoreoscope is a camera on the end of a “snake”. To look inside your walls, if you’re having insulation problems for example, you can place it inside through a tight space to see what’s going on with a video monitor. The video monitor in this case is your cell phone or your tablet – and it works wirelessly. The borescope itself is a WiFi hotspot, so you don’t even need your own Wifi router or Internet to access it. The camera is waterproof as well. There’s even an app attached to it that allows you to take photos or record video.

2. Thermal Imaging Camera


Yes, thermal imaging cameras aren’t anything new. But there is a more futuristic – and affordable – version out there. The FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging camera. It plugs into either a smartphone or tablet, and like the iBoreoscope, can reveal to you problem areas in your home, apartment or workspace. On your phone or tablet, which serves as the camera’s monitor, it displays cool or warm areas as different colors. Not only that, it provides the temperature of objects that you point the camera towards. You can also take photos or record videos of whatever you find. A product that used to cost thousands is now more readily available for your own use.

1. Master Lock’s Bluetooth Smart Padlock


Combination and padlocks have been stalwarts of security for years now. How many times have you forgotten a combination lock code? Or lost keys to a padlock? Now there is a better – and more futuristic – option now. Download the app that comes with it, and your phone essentially becomes the key for opening the padlock. You can also give other users access to the lock, so that if you somehow lose access to it, there is still a way of opening the lock. Something else you can do to open it if you don’t have access to your phone? Create a code for the lock’s key pad as a backup.

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