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15 Most Obnoxious Photos From The Rich Kids Of Instagram

15 Most Obnoxious Photos From The Rich Kids Of Instagram

There is nothing wrong with being rich, but it often comes with a price – it tends to change people, especially young kids, into spoiled, obnoxious, pretentious brats. The fact that we live in a material world where things and people are often observed through the prism of their material value can often cloud one’s judgment and form a completely wrong set of values.

Kids who didn’t have to work a day in their life, who didn’t put any effort into earning money, yet they still have plenty of it thanks to their rich parents often have the wrong perception that money can buy anything, including the affection of other people. They want to let everybody know how wealthy they are to get people’s admiration and lately, thanks to social media, they do it through the most obnoxious pictures possible. They do it so often that there are numerous pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram specifically dedicated to the spoiled brats’ posts that will seriously make you think twice about the direction our society is going in. Here are the 15 most obnoxious photos from the rich kids of Instagram that will make you rethink the value of money all over again.

15. Namaste on my money mat

Namaste bitches ???by @KSP_Lifestyle

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

Meditation is all about focusing on the spiritual world and forgetting about the material one, but how does that work if you choose to do it on a rug or yoga mat that looks like a 100-dollar bill, surrounded by a bunch of cash just lying everywhere around you? Probably not the best approach. However, it sure makes for one popular photo on social media, unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. Sitting literally on a pile of money and taking pictures of it just to brag about your wealth on Instagram is really as obnoxious as it gets, and it is one of the quickest ways to prove that you are one spoiled little brat. The parents should really have one good and serious talk with this kid about real values.

14. Money Workout is so hard to do

Every time they see me flex, they get so upset. by officialbal #richkidsofinstagram #rkoi

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

“Every time they see me flex, they get so upset”, reads the caption next to this pic. If there is something worse than a pretentious little snob, it is a pretentious little snob who thinks everybody envies his great lifestyle of wealth and luxury. So what do we have here? Just another spoiled kid posing for Instagram with a bunch of cash, and apparently enjoying it. Good for him. On the other hand, it kind of makes you feel bad for all those people who found this picture to be really cool instead of downright obnoxious. Apparently, there are people who think this kind of content on social media is admirable and even hot. It is really hard to comment on that so just imagine one of the legendary Picard’s facepalms.

13. Teasing The Champagne

Sometimes you gotta tease it before you pop it. by @djmuzzam #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

Okay, we get it; you paid a couple of thousands of dollars for a couple of Dom Perignon bottles, but do you really have to get all obnoxious about it? Apparently, you do. So here we have a picture of a rich kid having some one on one time with his champagne bottle with the caption “Sometimes you gotta tease it before you pop it.” Let’s not even guess what he will be doing with his champagne bottle on New Year’s Eve. Seriously though, most people would just drink their wine and enjoy it without letting the whole world know about it, not to mention posting pictures like this online. However, kids like this aren’t “most people” and let’s all just be thankful for that for a moment.

12. The Most Expensive Halloween Costume

$4,500 Halloween costume ?? by @ksp_lifestyle

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

If you thought you spent too much money on your Halloween costume, this pic will probably make you feel a lot better. Here we have a kid whose costume was made entirely of money. No, that is not just a figure of speech. He literally attached a bunch of dollar bills together to cover his body with money. This happens when you have so much money that you can’t spend it all so you start to come up with some new and pretty stupid ideas on how to waste all that money on, basically, nothing. He probably didn’t leave the house wearing this peculiar attire because there is a good chance somebody would attack him the moment he walked out of the door both to steal his money and to kick his bum.

11. Stop Being Poor. Okay, thanks.

Via: Instagram

This is not the first person out there wearing a t-shirt that says “Stop being poor”, but it still doesn’t get any less obnoxious. It is particularly offending when it comes from a kid who never earned a dime, but was lucky enough to be born rich thanks to their parents. However, it is one thing to brag about the money you have, and it is a completely different thing when you judge and offend people who don’t. It is a matter of common sense, if nothing else, not to post pictures like this online. Unfortunately, kids like this don’t care whose feelings they might hurt along the way as long as they provide their Instagram followers with a new batch of “juicy” content. It is a shame really that they don’t even know what they’re doing is wrong.

10. The Key To Happiness

The keys to happiness. #Ferrari #Porsche #Bentley #Maserati by the_gkc #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

The key to happiness is a different thing for every person and while we might not know where to find one such key, it appears that a key to a super expensive car is the next best thing. Even more if there are 4 of them like in this picture. So what do you do when you have four amazing cars and you can’t fit them all into one shot? Well, you take a pic of their keys in your hand (duh!). Here we have a kid who apparently owns a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Bentley, and a Maserati. Having either one of them would give you bragging rights if you are a spoiled rich kid, but owning all four of them really takes things to a completely different level.

9. Clearly a very Humble Life

I’m only 23 by dannyagha #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

In this pic, we have a combination of almost all tacky things that the rich kids usually post on social media. We have a rich guy driving his expensive car, wearing gold bracelets and carrying a bunch of cash in a designer Luis Vuitton bag. It is a good thing that this pic isn’t any wider because who knows what else was going on there. Can it get any more obnoxious than this? Most people who worked hard to earn their money don’t feel the need to brag about it all the time and they definitely don’t waste it on all of their whims. However, that is not the case with these rich kids who always got everything they wished for without as much as lifting a finger, yet somehow they think it gives them the right to become snobs.

8. Bath Time. Anyone else want to join in?

When you fill the bathtub up with wine ? by tomierna #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram #wine

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

Apparently, drinking Dom Perignon is just too mainstream so here we have a new way of making the most out of one of the world’s most expensive champagnes. For the last few decades, people have been filling their bathtubs with some pretty weird stuff, from melted chocolate to money bills, but you don’t actually need a bunch of cash to bathe in money – a couple thousands worth of champagne will have the same effect. Unfortunately, in the case of the girl in the pic, it probably gave her a pretty bad case of urinary tract infection as well. However, somebody should check with her what it did to her skin; maybe this is a way to stay forever young, we just don’t know it yet. Anyway, drinking it still seems way more satisfactory.

7. All That Cash

Paris for the weekend ?by @wealreadymadeit

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

For some weird reason, rich kids really enjoy showing off their cash on social media. This pic was captioned “Paris for the weekend” and it obviously shows a massive amount of money some rich kid got from their parents to spend all during just one short trip. Not only are pictures like this super obnoxious, it is also pretty stupid to let everybody know that you are carrying more cash than somebody makes in a year. Do you really want everybody to know how much money you have on you, especially when you are visiting a new place? You have no idea who will see that pic and what they are willing to do for this kind of money. Too bad there isn’t enough money in the world to buy a few IQ points.

6. Cheers! Guess how much each bottle cost?

Cheers to all my haters! by edmundogzelez #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

Here we have a bunch of kids with some pretty expensive champagne and wine posing for Instagram. Needless to say that all of them seem to be way below the legal drinking age. The saddest part, however, is the fact that their rich parents probably know very well how their kids spend their free time and money, but they just don’t really care. When it comes to good parenting, the most important things can’t be bought by money, such as teaching the kids how to become decent human beings. The pic description said: “Cheers to all my haters!” Poor kid actually thinks he matters enough for someone to hate him. Wouldn’t you want to have that kind of problem for a day just to see how that feels like? No, probably not.

5. Alfie’s Bentley is the only way to get around town

Alfie likes the Bentley by alfie.2017 #richkidsofinstagram #rkoi

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

Oh, just look at cute little Alfie literally giving the finger to basically everybody out there while posing on his brand new Bentley! Such a wonderful kid, isn’t he? However, when you look a bit closer, the kid appears to be no more than 15 years old so the car probably belongs to his rich dad while this little guy just really likes to brag with his family’s money. He looks like he couldn’t even reach the gas pedal if he sat in the driver’s seat. Anyway, even if the car is really his and if he is old enough to drive it (really, really doubt that), one thing we know for sure – he definitely didn’t earn the money to buy it by himself. On a more positive note, that truly is one beautiful car.

4. Say Hello To My Little Friend

Say hello to my little friend by edmundogzlez #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

It really takes a moment or two to realize what the heck is this kid doing. Look closely until you see it. It appears that he has two bottles of a super expensive champagne attached to some kind of water guns (champagne guns in this case) to squirt the champagne on people, on stuff, on himself, and basically on anything around him. A true champagne lover would feel really bad for wasting perfectly good champagne like that. However, when you have as much money as this kid’s family, you probably don’t think that way. All you want to do is have fun, spend as much money as possible, and, of course, let everybody on social media know what you are doing. Maybe this will become a new kind of rich people’s sport instead of the paintball – champagneball.

3. Rich Kids’ Beauty Tricks

Skipped everything tonight to use this 24k gold facial mask to look fresh. ✨? by adwarren #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

If you have been wondering why you don’t look so fresh lately, the reason is that you don’t apply the pure 24k gold to your face every day. Apparently, that is what you are supposed to do if you want to look your best. In the pic, you can see a guy who put some gold mask on his face and, of course, took a picture for Instagram because what good is putting liquid gold on your face if you don’t let everybody out there know you could afford it. On the other hand, guys don’t need to feel embarrassed anymore if they pluck their eyebrows or use special face lotions once they see this pic. Hey guys, if he can use a gold facial mask, you can do your stuff without feeling bad about it.

2. Paint It Black

Big dicks group with black Amex? by jiyeyan #blackcardsmatter #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

You don’t need to take a picture of yourself swimming in cash to seem like a super obnoxious rich kid trying to get some attention on social media. No need to run to the closest ATM machine to get that desired effect; a bunch of credit cards will do just fine, don’t worry. All you have to do is gather all of your parents’ black American Express cards, buy a couple of bottles of Dom Perignon, and you are all set to snap one of those tacky photos that no classy person would post online ever. Or so it seems just by looking at this pic. Seriously though, those kids’ parents should really check their kids’ Instagram from time to time and then really think about when things went so tragically wrong.

1. Rich Kid Starter Pack

Black Cards?, Gold Cars? and Red Bottoms? #RichKidStarterPack #? #? #BrokeHatersStayAway by evanluthra

A post shared by The RKOI (@richkidsofinstagram) on

When a rich kid realizes just one photo of his expensive stuff wouldn’t be obnoxious enough, they decide to make a collage of photos to really get the most out of a single Instagram post. Here we have something that appears to be a rich kid starter pack and it includes some black American Express cards, a gold car (because no other color screams money as much as gold), and a pair or two of super expensive designer shoes. Once you acquire all of those items, you are ready to become a true rich kid of Instagram. All it takes from there is a few tacky photos and an Instagram profile and you are good to go. Or you could do something meaningful with your life instead. Entirely your choice.

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