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15 Most Shameful Beauty Pageant Scandals

15 Most Shameful Beauty Pageant Scandals

Do you remember the epic live TV moment when the famous host Steve Harley mistakingly crowned the wonderful Miss Colombia as the winner of Miss Universe 2015? Well, that was pretty intense, wasn’t it? Indeed, the infamous mistake at the world-known beauty contest will forever haunt the initially crowned beauty contestant. Surely, we can hardly imagine how hard it must have been for the stunning Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez, after being “robbed” of her own crown. After all, she had been announced as the winner of the jeweled headpiece in the first place, right? However, she couldn’t keep her hands on it for too long. Undoubtedly, her moment of bliss and satisfaction hardly lasted a minute at all. A second later, the famous talk-show host Steve Harley decided to make another announcement. In his own words: “Okay, folks, I have to apologize. The first runner-up is Colombia. And the winner is Miss Philippines! 

As terrifying as it really sounds, Steve’s case serves as a pretty infamous example of some of the craziest beauty pageant scandals throughout the years. Actually, most of them are still kind of blurry to society. In a nutshell, today we’re going to present you with the most shameful beauty pageant scandals. And so, enjoy your ride through our top #15 of the most disgraceful on-stage moments EVER.

15. The resignation of Miss America 1983, Vanessa Williams

via NY Daily News

Meet the wonderful Vanessa and her despicable beauty pageant experience. Did you know her story? If the answer is negative, then get ready for some action and drama in less than a second. The significant year was 1983 when the lovely Vanessa Williams was announced as the gorgeous Miss America. Filled with satisfaction and happiness, the lovely Vanessa had no idea of the bad turn of events following her major success. She really made a name for herself as the first dark-skinned woman to ever win a beauty contest back in the day. However, she couldn’t enjoy her success to the fullest because of her pretty “inappropriate nude photos” which were simply unacceptable in 1983. Understandably, Vanessa’s resignation was plainly an unavoidable consequence.

14. Miss USA Rima Fakih used to be a Pole Dancer

via NY Daily News

Perhaps, there’s nothing better than getting your hands on that priceless piece of head jewelry. And surely, there’s nothing worse than losing it a minute later. Well, Miss USA Rima Fakih is pretty aware of the feeling and the awful experience of losing your crown at such a famous and world-known beauty contest. If truth be told, it was nobody’s but her own choice to give it a try and see what happens next regardless of her “dark past”. The wonderful Rima might have really won the Miss USA title but she was deprived of it later on. Frankly, it’s hardly like she’s less attractive and charismatic for it. Rather, it’s just the other way around. Rima’s shady past as a sexy pole dancer was basically too much for the crown…

13. Miss Puerto Rico 2015 got roasted for her anti-Muslim ideas

via Huffington Post

What happened to the stunning Miss Puerto Rico and her crown anyway? Well, that’s quite a long story. Despite her gorgeous looks and magnetic presence on stage, the charming Destiny Velez did find herself in extremely hot water for her anti-Muslim commentaries. We can’t be sure whether she meant every word of her message that was addressed directly to the Muslim community. But in truth, Miss Puerto Rico’s way of expressing her thoughts was hardly the best one for sure. Eventually, her anti-Muslim twitter posts were deleted alongside her account later on. But in the end, she still couldn’t manage to avoid the severe consequences that cost her the prestigious title of Miss Puerto Rico 2015.

12. Miss Great Britain, Danielle Lloyd, was a Playboy bunny

via Mirror

Wow! Can you believe this? Frankly, it’s so hard to believe that such a cute girl was stripped of her duties as Miss Great Britain due to her inglorious past as a gorgeous Playboy bunny. Well, we don’t say that being a Playboy bunny is a bad thing. However, it’s barely the greatest and brightest page of her life either. Besides, the bad piece of news didn’t stop with her lovely chapter as a hot bunny. Rumor has it that the charming Danielle Lloyd was dating one of the judges while fighting for the crown at the beauty pageant. Well, that’s a big deal, isn’t it? Sadly for her, she was suspended and stripped of her duties as Miss Great Britain. Sorry gal, but it’s your fault!

11. A Selfie that fueled major drama between Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon

via Above Top Secret

Do you really believe that a selfie can fuel such drama and controversy? Well, it’s totally legit. Back in 2015, Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel made the greatest mistake of their lives. It may really mean nothing to you, but these two gorgeous girls decided to share a selfie showing how nice they are to each other. Apparently, they hadn’t thought of the perfect chaos that was going to rain on them sooner than expected. The crazy drama which occurred after Miss Israel shared the photo with the entire world was taken as a mockery given the hostile relationship between Israel and Lebanon.

10. Jenna Talackova happened to be…transgender

via Huffington Post

Unlike many other infamous beauty pageant contestants who were disqualified for diverse reasons, Jenna Talackova’s case is simply mind-blowing. There’s no denying that her looks are quite impressive, however, you can hardly guess what stands behind them. Rumor has it that she’s was that beautiful…transgender fighting for the crown at the Miss Universe Contest in Canada. Well, we don’t know how she even got the chance to enter the doors of Miss Universe Beauty Pageant with such a picturesque background. But one thing is for certain: Jenna Talackova must have turned to an extensive range of beauty procedures including a gender reassignment surgery for sure. Note that such procedures are 100 % against the rules of a beauty pageant of such a major scale.

9. Alicia Machado was “too chubby” for her crown

via Pinterest

If you think that a transgender beauty pageant contestant is the most bizarre situation that can ever occur, then you’re totally wrong. In truth, there could always be even stranger examples of lovely contestants being stripped of their duties as Miss Universe, etc. As wonderful as this Venezuelan contestant seems to be, Alicia was basically humiliated at the major event. Not only did she lose her crown but she was also dubbed “too chubby” for it. Seriously?! Well, this is by far the weirdest commentary that simply makes no sense. How come? Just look at her, folks! Doesn’t she look …almost perfect?!

8. The controversial commentaries of Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean

via Alchetron

Honestly, we just can’t help laughing at such nonsense. How come? Seriously?! Well, we truly hope that Carrie Prejean learned her lesson after her awful experience at the Miss USA beauty pageant back in the day. If you pretend to be a know-it-all person, the chances are that you won’t be much praised or appreciated for it. Indeed, this is what might have happened at that event. Obviously, she was too open-hearted and straightforward when speaking her mind about same-sex marriage. According to her, people of the same gender shouldn’t be allowed to marry one another. Well, at least she was honest, if not anything else. Sadly, she had to give her crown away because of that.

7. The Infamous Miss USA Tara Conner aka the “Bad Gal”

via Fox News

Here we go with another smoking hot girl who seems like she loves partying pretty hard. Moreover, the lovely Miss USA Tara Conner is quite famous for her wild life filled with adventures and lots of parties. Frankly, we don’t see anything wrong with partying at all. After all, she’s a beautiful young lady who’s probably the life of the party. However, she might have gone way too far with it. After all, she was practically forced to say goodbye to her magical crown. What’s even more, rumor has it that Miss Tara Conner is kind of into “heavy stuff”, such as cocaine and weed. Well, that absolutely makes her a pretty bad girl who doesn’t deserve the renowned title for sure.

6. Miss Hispanic America was kind of into drugs

via Us Weekly

Much like our beauty named Tara Conner, Miss Hispanic America was rumored to be a pretty die-hard fan of …cocaine and weed as well. But unlike her fellow beauty pageant contestant, the gorgeous Laura Zuniga got caught up in a pretty curious situation including drug trafficking activities. Well, well, well – who could have known that such a beautiful and classy lady is actually a connoisseur of cocaine and all kinds of nasty types of narcotics?! If that was really the case with her then it’d be safe to say that she probably deserved her fate at the beauty event. You get what you give, right?

5. Miss Teen Louisiana 2008 lost her crown due to her drug fetish

via Pinterest

Meet the lovely Lindsey Evans aka Miss Teen Louisiana 2008 whose interesting story absolutely took our breaths away. While staring at her gorgeous face, there’s barely a person who would think that such a beauty would be up to no good. You may not believe it, but this cute girl got totally caught up in a marijuana scandal. Indeed, she might have nailed it at the beauty event, but she totally messed it up at a local restaurant afterward. After finishing her meal at a local eatery, Lindsey went straight home without even thinking about her special backpack. What’s curious is that she totally skipped on her bill too while leaving her backpack full of marijuana. Well, that crazy bill must have been covered pretty well!

4. Miss Delaware, Amanda Longacre, was too old to keep the crown

via Headlines & Global News

Amanda Longacre must have been really sad and disheartened when she found out that she couldn’t keep the crown for herself. It may sound pretty paradoxical but the reason for it was her age. Apparently, she happened to be too old to compete and fight for that lovely crown back in 2014. Miss Delaware was soon stripped of her title and rights to perform her duties as the gorgeous Miss Delaware. Well, this really sounds like the greatest irony EVER. Surely, it wasn’t much fun for the lovely Amanda who lost her crown that really suited her so well! How crazy!

3. Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri spread racism all over the place

via Single Black Male

When it comes to the strange case of the gorgeous Nina, she certainly spread some major racism after she was announced as Miss America 2014. Well, it’s hardly like her title wasn’t appropriate, however, she got terribly mocked and trolled later on. Obviously, her dark complexion wasn’t really her brightest side since she was basically referred to as a terrorist only because of her nationality and darker skin. In truth, this is certainly not a well-grounded reason for depriving someone of their crown. Perhaps, the nation was quite overwhelmed and a bit affected by the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks back then. Otherwise, why would they call her an “unpatriotic choice” anyway?! It definitely makes no sense.

2. Katie Rees and her infamous nude photos

via E! Online

Here we are with another pretty fine instance of a “good gal” who was actually quite a freak. Sometimes there’s more to someone than meets the eye. Indeed, Katie Rees may really seem like a nice lady but her past isn’t that nice for sure. Famous for her quite scandalous nude photos, Katie Rees was basically forced to give her crown away. After all, Miss Nevada must be someone who can set a good example, right? Well, it definitely seems like Katie’s nudity was the reason why she was stripped of her prestigious title as Miss Nevada. Well, we hope that Katie learned her lesson after the beauty pageant contest was over.

1. Steve Harvey’s epic mistake: Oops! Wrong winner!

via New York Post

Honestly, Steve’s epic mistake at the Miss Universe 2015 beauty pageant will never be swept under the rug. How could it ever be forgotten when he was the one to ruin such a magnificent moment for both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines? Well, that was quite a moment for sure. We don’t know what must have happened at the back of his mind. However, his grand mistake absolutely made the Earth stop spinning. Presently, we’re pretty sure that Miss Colombia still hates this guy from the bottom of her heart. But hey, nobody is perfect, and neither is Steve Harvey. So let’s just make fun of him and that crazy mistake instead! No drama needed here, folks!


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