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15 Most WTF Alex Jones Conspiracy Theories

15 Most WTF Alex Jones Conspiracy Theories

Everyone loves a good story. Something that has a convincing narrative push with interesting characters really fuels the imagination. The problem is that human beings sometimes confuse fact with fiction.

The world according to conspiracy theories are rife with these kinds of stories because, on the surface, they make a kind of narrative sense. The truth is that the world is a very messy and chaotic place filled with tons of unknowns and uncertainties. It is easier for the human mind, programmed for pattern recognition for survival purposes, to believe there is a certain order to the world. This makes us susceptible to believe conspiracy theories.

That’s not to say conspiracies don’t exist — they do happen and there is a reason that there are laws against it. A quick jaunt through U.S. history will bring up actual political conspiracies like Watergate and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. But some conspiracy theories are so outlandish that they border on hilarious.

There are very few right-wing conspiracy theory nut-jobs with as big a following as Alex Jones. Just going through his site at Info Wars reveals a bunch of crazy theories about how there is a secret shadow government out to destroy humanity with the help of demons and aliens. So here are the 15 Alex Jones conspiracy theories that will make you go “WTF?!”

15. Bin Laden is a CIA Operative and Died in 2001


One of the biggest conspiracy theories is that 9/11 was an inside job and Bin Laden was a CIA operative. Alex Jones absolutely believes in it but he takes it one step further. Long before Obama declared that Osama Bin Laden was found and killed, Jones reported that the terrorist died of Marfan syndrome just a few months after the attacks on New York and the Pentagon. The government apparently withheld that information so they could use his death for political reasons. And Obama’s reason for finally revealing it? Poor approval numbers at the polls. Why George W. Bush did trot out a dead Obama when his numbers were down is pretty bewildering.

14. Colorado Shooter Was Mind-Controlled


Alex Jones’ website is called Info Wars but what he really should have called it was “Everything is a False Flag.” Anything bad that happens in America — from terrorism to lone shooters — is the government manipulating the people in order to control them. In the case of the Colorado shooting, mass murderer James Holmes was brainwashed by the CIA to go on a shooting spree to manipulate public opinion and to convince Americans that the government should take away their guns. Other people who were mind controlled in the same way, according to Jones, includes Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh and the Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

13. Deepwater Horizon Was a False Flag


Did we mention that Info Wars should have been called “Everything is a False Flag?” If you’re living in Alex Jones’ world, then you believe that the Deepwater Horizon explosion was done on purpose. Halliburton used unstable, cheap concrete on the oil rig to seal in the pipes that allowed the crude to seep out. They tried to destroy the evidence of the simulations they ran after, which showed that they were at fault, but they were caught and pleaded guilty. According to Info Wars, they did this on purpose to cause the disaster on purpose. Somehow, the Obama government colluded with Dick Cheney’s old oil company Halliburton in order to promote carbon taxes and nationalizing oil. It’s too bad Democrats and Conservatives can’t get along like this in every other regard.

12. He Believes Prometheus and Alien: Covenant are True


Are those previous stories not outlandish enough for you? How about this one: Ridley Scott directed the classic film Alien back in 1979 and returned to the franchise 33 years later with the prequel Prometheus. The prequel story was about a small group of humans who go out searching for the origin of man and find out that they were genetically engineered by godlike aliens. Jones thinks this is not only absolutely true but that both Prometheus and its sequel Alien: Covenant reveals the secret religion of the Illuminati. I’m pretty shocked that he thinks something of truth comes out of Hollywood — and that it isn’t a false flag.

11. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was Murdered


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died on Obama’s watch which would usually mean that the president gets to appoint the next Supreme Court judge. We all know how that ended up but if you listen to Alex Jones, the reason Scalia died was that he was murdered. He points to two pieces of “evidence”. First of all, Scalia was found with a pillow over his face by the ranch owner — who later clarified that it was over the judge’s head and not over his face. His other piece of evidence? Scalia died of natural causes — and that raises red flags. Because in Alex Jones’ world, no on dies of natural causes despite it being the most likely culprit of death.

10. Pizzagate


This one started from the leaked John Podesta emails during the 2016 election cycle. Conspiracy theorists, including Alex Jones, believed that there were coded messages in those emails that revealed the Democratic party dealt in pedophilia and human trafficking through restaurants such as Comet Ping Pong pizzeria. After Edgar Maddison shot up the pizzeria looking for trafficked kids, Jones backed off the theory. Instead, it morphed into the Clinton’s murdering a sex-worker-rights activist who had been investigating the Clinton Foundation’s links to human trafficking in Haiti. Her family and friends denied she was investigating that at all.

9. Glenn Beck is a CIA Operative


Alex Jones is very well known for attacking the left-wing with his conspiracy theories but you can’t say that he isn’t an equal opportunist with the right-wing as well. Case in point, Glenn Beck was known for dabbling into conspiracy theories but eventually began to tone that down. Jones not only attacked the former Fox News host for stealing his research but as Beck’s rhetoric softened, Alex ramped up his attacks. Info Wars now puts forward the theory that in the last few years the CIA had approached Beck to become an undercover operative to join the far-left in an attempt to take down Donald Trump. He also has taken to calling Beck Judas.

8. NWO Opening A Thousand Portals to Demons


In August of 2015, ISIL murdered about 400 women and children and destroyed some Roman, Persian, and Mesopotamian ancient ruins in Palmyra, Syria. In an act of defiance to the loss of life and priceless artifacts, The Institute of Digital Archaeology, Harvard University, and UNESCO erected two smaller scale, 3D printed Arches of the Temple of Baal models from the now destroyed Palmyra ruins in Times Square and Trafalgar Square. The Institute of Digital Archaeology also plans to build 1,000 additional of these arches. Because they’re not Christian arches (despite the original temple being converted to a Christian church in the Byzantine Era), Alex Jones believes these arches will open a thousand portals for pagan demons to crawl through.

7. Hillary Clinton Smells and that Proves She’s a Demon


Larry Nichols has been after the Clintons for years because he was fired from his job in 1988 by Bill Clinton when he was Governor of Arkansas. Since then, he’s been pushing the Clintons are murderers conspiracy theory and Nichols even described that “Hillary has an odor. There is an odor around that woman that is hard to describe. Rotting meat or more,” to Alex Jones. Of course, murder isn’t enough conspiracy theory for Jones who postulates that this smell might indicate that Hillary Clinton is an actual demon. Seriously, the actual title of one of his articles is “Top Insider Confirms Hillary Odor Problem, Actual Demon?” If you’ve followed this one then you’ve seen Hillary go from murderer to witch to a full on bonafide demon.

6. Sandy Hook was Staged


Did you think we were done with false flags? Hah! You haven’t been paying attention. This one, however, is absolutely horrible in that Alex Jones went on record to say that the 20 children and six adults who lost their lives during the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School school massacre were in fact actors who completely faked it. Jones goes after every major shooting as a false flag operation whose purpose is to scare the American public into giving up the second amendment. However, there was one recent major shooting he didn’t say was a fake, the one where conservative politicians were shot at which totally happened. Fancy that.

5. Feminism is a Tool of the Illuminati


Feminism is one of those hot-button topics. Advocates for it believe that it is a way for men and women to come together on equal terms while those opposed are convinced that it is run by rabid man-haters. Whatever spectrum you land on, it probably (and hopefully) isn’t anywhere near where Alex Jones is. The Info Wars host believes that the entire movement is an operation by the “New World Order” to cause divisions between men and women in order to make it easier for the coming invasion. It also destroys the “manly-man” and that will destroy civilization and end humanity. Somehow. He’s not really clear on the how part of the plan.

4. Millions of Illegals Voted in the 2016 Election


This one started with’s Greg Phillips and picked up by Info Wars. The conspiracy theory is that three million “non-citizens” voted against Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Alex Jones has been pushing this conspiracy theory and probably had a hand in convincing President Trump to try and look into it because Phillips has proof. Problem is, Phillips keeps saying he’ll release the proof later but is claiming that he is unwilling to share this proof with anyone until they’ve gone over the numbers. He’s been saying that since January which should make you wonder: if he had conclusive proof then the numbers should have already been crunched.

3. The Government can Control the Weather


Here are two competing theories: one says that the amount of carbon dioxide human civilization is releasing into the atmosphere is wreaking havoc on the world’s climate. This is backed by peer reviewed experiments. The other is the Alex Jones theory that the Air Force used the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) to create and manipulate tornadoes to destroy parts of the United States. The amount of peer-reviewed research on that theory can fit on the head of an atom. There isn’t any. There’s also the fact that HAARP doesn’t belong to the Air Force anymore and new owners, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, held an open house to the public recently to prove there are no secret super-weapons hidden inside.

2. Bill Gates is a Eugenicist Trying to Wipe out Minorities


Bill Gates and several other billionaires have begun enormous philanthropic efforts in order to help humanity. He, along with 14 other billionaires, promised to give away half of their vast fortunes to the cause of leaving the world a better place than they found it. According to Alex Jones, however, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is actually a eugenics program designed to continue Adolf Hitler’s dream of the world consisting of only the Aryan race. His proof is that Gates’ father was a “top eugenist” on the Planned Parenthood board. Never mind that Bill Gates Sr. was trained as an attorney and not a biologist. Let’s not let facts get in the way.

1. Alex Jones is Actually Bill Hicks


The final conspiracy theory is actually one that Alex Jones completely denies. This isn’t a crazy conspiracy theory he throws out there but rather, a crazy conspiracy theory about him. Bill Hicks was one of the most influential left-wing political comedians of all time. Sadly, he passed away in 1994 after a fight with pancreatic cancer. However, there is a conspiracy theory out there that the comedian actually faked his own death in order to play a right-wing nut-job character by the name of Alex Jones. The timeline actually works out pretty well since Jones came out of nowhere in 1996. Jones’ show is produced by Sacred Cow Productions which was started by a man named Kevin Booth and — you guessed it — Bill Hicks.

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