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15 Mysterious Things Found By Youtubers

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15 Mysterious Things Found By Youtubers

Youtube is a platform where anyone can upload anything, within the set guidelines of course. People upload content from entertainment videos, education videos, and even scary videos. There is so much content on Youtube that you’re bound to find something out of the ordinary.

There are Youtube urban exploration channels, where the hosts set out into the world to explore abandoned places. These places can include forests, buildings, ruins, etc. There is no limit on what they could explore. It’s a dangerous task, since they typically don’t have permission to be on the property, and often times the places are old and decrepit, which make them hard to explore.

These urban explorers don’t always find super interesting stuff, but when they do, it’s worth the wait. The videos showcase interesting discoveries that can get up to ten million hits. They can find anything from old treasures, abandoned mines or bunkers, old currency, secret rooms, or other marvels. The things they find often give off an uneasy vibe to them, since they are usually there at night. Often times the unexplored can be the most mysterious. This is very true when dealing with places that haven’t been touched in several decades.

15. War Bunker


A Youtuber was exploring in Great Britain when he stumbled across an old war bunker. Finding old war bunkers on Youtube is nothing new, especially for urban exploration channels. However, the one thing that set this find apart from the rest was that this bunker still had running electricity. The bunker was fairly large, and it took them a bit of time to explore it fully. There were many supplies still lying around as well.

The cleanliness and working lights told them that it was most likely still in use or had been used recently. Later in the video, they find a strange object with a wire hanging out of the end. They’re not quite sure what it is, and ask for the viewers help. The best way to describe it is a thick piece of dynamite.

14. Junkyard


This Youtuber set out to prove an urban legend. The urban legend spoke of an elderly man who would steal cars and scrap them for parts. He started to gather so many cars that it turned into a car junkyard, and people started to bring their old cars there to dump them.

The person walked through the junkyard while talking about the urban legend, and later in the video found something interesting. He found an old military truck, and even an operable RV. There have been rumors that there are even fire trucks there. It would be quite a weird for someone who didn’t know what they were walking into to find.

13. Bunker


A Youtuber ran across a small hatch in the ground, and decided to explore it. At first he was having trouble opening the hatch, since he didn’t have the proper equipment. After obtaining a crowbar, and other items, he was able to pry it open. Upon entering, it just looked like a cramped room with a bunch of pipes.

However, upon further investigation, the hole went even further. There was a separate entrance a little further away from the original hatch. He began to explore it, and found a bunker with narrow hallways, and walls that look to be decades old. The place was fairly damp, and humid. The creepiest part was that he noticed fresh footsteps, which suggests someone could be using this bunker as a safe house of some sort.

12. Sunken Truck


A couple of divers went diving into a lake and found an old sunken truck. The truck was covered in algae, and had what looks like a tarp covering a large portion of it. They spotted something that concerned them; they described it as a skull. He stopped his exploration there and left the truck.

After the video went viral, he decided to return to the sunken truck, and further explore what he’d seen before. He finally pulled off the tarp, allowing for entry into the truck. Luckily no such skull was found, and the truck was mostly empty. The removed tarp did give him a chance to explore the truck further to see just how long it’d been sitting at the bottom of the lake. We still don’t know how the truck got there.

11. Hole in the Ground


This Youtuber was walking through the forest, was using a metal detector to try to find hidden treasures. While searching, the Youtuber walked over a trap door that was hidden in dirt. He pried it open with the proper tools, and discovered that it wasn’t well shut. The hole was dark, and filled with metal. Upon first inspection, it looked like a tunnel of some sort.

He dropped a camera and his light in the hole, and looked around a bit. He didn’t go in the hole himself, exclaiming how creeped out he was. No one would blame him. The hole was small, and looked to be where someone was staying. Earlier in the video, he’d found a hot plate, and cell phone. Both these items could suggest someone is living in this hole.

10. Lost Cooler


A group of people was spending an afternoon at a river, when one of them spotted a white cooler floating in the river. He asked someone to go retrieve it. The cooler was white, and fairly light which they weren’t expecting. Upon closer inspection, they also saw the cooler was duct taped shut.

They opened the cooler and found an old looking doll. It startled the man who was opening the cooler, and he jumped back. They were joking that they did in fact “find a body” in it. Speculators think that it was sent down the stream by someone as a prank, or that the video was faked by the people who found it. Whatever the case, it was done recently, since it seems the cooler, and the doll are in good condition.

9. Abandoned Plane


This urban explorer got a tip about an abandoned plane that no one was able to find. He set out to the place where he was told the plane would be. They came across a bridge, which led to the area where the plane was located. The plane looked to be on display, and didn’t look like it landed there. The location of the plane was in the middle of nowhere, so it’s weird that it would be on display like that.

The urban explorer continued to search inside, and didn’t find anything of interest. He explained that it was dangerous to explore abandoned places, due to asbestos, and rust. Sharp objects could’ve easily of cut them while they were exploring. They said it is better to leave it up to professionals. The plane is still there on display to this day, and no one knows why.

8. War Tank


Another urban explorer took to the forest to do his typical urban exploring. Not expecting to find a lot, he surprised himself, and everyone watching when he ran across an old tank. The tank’s main gun was sticking out of the ground, suggesting it was only the one part of the tank, or the rest was buried under the ground. The area around the tank looked like it had been dug up, suggesting the whole tank was in fact buried around him.

A marking on the tank shows that the tank is from 1928. The reason why the tank is buried is still unknown. It would take a lot to dig the tank out, and for that reason the explorer left it alone for the next person who will be able to find it.

7. Sunken Statue


A scuba diving team exploring in the Philippines made an interesting find. They found a sunken statue of Mary. The statue itself looked very clean, and undisturbed by the amount of dirty water that surrounded her. This could either mean she was dumped there recently, or the statue was made of strong materials.

There are several reasons they put the statue here. The main reason is to prevent dynamite fishing, an unethical way of fishing. The other is to make sure the area is left untouched. The amount of spiritual power the statue has seemed to work, because the area around it seems to be untouched. A diver stumbling on to this statue could think it is a great find, or find it disturbing to say the least.

6. Prosthetic Leg


An urban explorer went diving in a river and found something fairly disturbing. At first glance the diver thought he’d found an amputated leg stuck underneath a rock. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear the leg is a prosthesis that someone has lost.

The prosthesis seems to be an older model. It looks to have been down there for quite some time, as there are obvious rust marks, and algae beginning to grow on the foot. The foot was most likely lost by someone swimming in the river, or someone in a boat going down the river. Whatever the case, it was luckily not a real leg, and it makes for an interesting find.

5. Ancient Coin


A group of explores was looking through a very open field when one of them found a coin. Less than impressed at first, it’s not until they realized what type of coin it was that they freaked out. The coin in question was a Celtic gold stater (i.e. a very old currency that was used in Greece, and other sections of the world).

The coin is very rare as most of them have already been found. During the urbanization period, many were uncovered, leaving few to be found today. The man who found it was ecstatic when he discovered the true nature of the coin. He jumped for joy and explained that this was the reason he started metal detecting. The team turned the coin in to the local authorities to investigate it further.

4. Old Medallion


The same man who found the old war tank came across this piece of jewelry while metal detecting in a local forest. You can see the medieval design to the pendant, and that it once housed a jewel in the middle of it. The urban explorer explained how this is his best find ever.

The rusted nature of the pendant could prove it to be fairly old as well. The explorer also explained that there was a rattling sound in the pendant when he shook it. This could just be rainwater that’s seeped in, or something more valuable. Whatever the case, this piece of jewelry could potentially be worth millions. That is if it’s real. What a lucky find!

3. Safe house


This urban exploration video begins with a man standing in a dark hallway. It then leads to a small door that has to be forced open to enter. He said in the description that he was exploring a factory in the industrial part of the city and discovered the dark hallway and began to walk down it.

It emptied out into a safe house. It had working lights, many supplies, and it looked like someone lived there. It was filled with trash and debris, suggesting it was either abandoned in a hurry, or the person using it is a slob. The rooms and furniture inside look vintage, with newspapers, and placards hanging on the walls. The explorer found a sleeping area with a  couple of bunk beds. While the place is a complete mess, it could very well belong to someone.

2. Treasure Chest


There is a Youtube channel called “Metal Detecting in the Netherlands” and it is pretty self-explanatory. The Youtuber found a spot where it looked like something was buried. His metal detector began to go off. When he began to dig, his shovel hit a large metal plate. Once he removed the plate, it revealed a small hole in the ground with what looked to be a treasure chest inside.

He pulled the chest out to reveal a set of instructions taped to the bottom. The chest was part of a worldwide event called GPS Treasure Hunters. The rules were simple. The person how found it had to gather whatever item was inside, put another item in, and hide it to wait for the next person to find it. Sadly, he didn’t find riches, but it still made for an interesting find nonetheless.

1. Under the Floorboards


This find was a bit more strange, and more of an accident. A woman was remodeling an old house, and tearing out the floorboards to prepare it to be carpeted. The house was apparently over a hundred years old, and that became apparent when she started to lift the boards.

Tucked under one of the boards between the walls, she found a fourteen-karat gold diamond ring. The fact that it was gold, had a diamond, and that it was most likely vintage, means the ring is most likely worth a lot of money. Upon further remodelling she also found old newspapers dating back several decades. They were well preserved since they’d been protected by the floorboards for all those years.

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