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15 Quirky Gadgets You’ll Absolutely Want

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15 Quirky Gadgets You’ll Absolutely Want

Would you like to see your favorite movie character’s face on your toast? Would you like to find your favorite food in the form of a chair? Perhaps you just like shiny, eye-catching things? If you said yes to all the above (or said yes to at least one of the questions above) then you’re probably a total nerd who likes nerdy gadgets. If that’s the case then awesome! We’re on the same page here.

So turn off your Star Wars replica lightsaber for just one moment, and read this article which we guarantee will also bring light into your life. These 15 useless nerdy gadgets are completely loveable. And if you already own a few of the items on this list then you earn major brownie points!

15. Ultimate Geek Pen


Techie, nifty, and utterly geeky, this pen gives it’s users unique advantages, such as high-tech devices like a stylus. This pen can be used on digital touch screens, it can be used as a flashlight, a laser pointer, and a UV light. Although it’s small and convenient, this pen holds a lot more than one might think. The Ultimate Geek pen may just prove the saying to be true that the pen is mightier than the sword…and probably the dagger, or even the machine gun, or other large weapons. This Ultimate Geek Pen is conveniently designed for the ultimate Geek.

14. Lego Bags


These unique handbags made out of legos are perfect for the stylish geek. You can even customize your Lego bag with initials or any other engraving. Certainly a bag like this will be a building block to your nerdy and awesome wardrobe. Their vibrant colors, various styles, and playfulness say both “nerd” and “fashionista.” Fun and nostalgic, these Lego Bags will remind every Geek of their childhood, and bring new ideas to their future of Lego building. You can now store your toys and trinkets inside of more toys with this nifty idea. And if you are a nerdy guy with a special gal in your life then we just gave you the perfect gift idea!

13. Dinosaur Head Lunch Box


Two heads probably are better than one when you’re studying at school or thinking hard at work. That’s where this quirky dinosaur head lunch box comes in. Place your items in the mouth of the dinosaur, and then use the strap to close its lid. If you have a kid in your life then this lunchbox will make them the coolest kid in class. Of course you can also buy this lunchbox for yourself as well! You might be holding an ancient dinosaur head, but there’s no doubt that your style will be hip with this new, cool gadget. Inventive, historic, and totally cool, this lunch box surely will give you a “head” start with the Geek life.

12. Pizza Slice Inflatable chair


Have you ever wanted a giant slice of pizza in your room at all times? Now you can have pizza parties with the most spectacular decorations. Just don’t let other pizza lovers mistake it for the real deal. Not many nerdy gadgets bring the word “yummy” to mind, which is why this inflatable pizza chair is totally unique. This hilarious inflatable pizza slice is perfect for the geeky lounger, student, and of course, pizza lover. This is a perfect addition to your home if you have a unique sense of humour and would like to showcase it through your belongings. And yes, it will definitely be the perfect conversation starter when you invite guests over. With this chair you can now literally eat, sleep, and dream pizza.

11. Glow in the Dark Element Soap


This unique bar of soap is perfect for the science junkie. The glow in the dark bar soap is engraved with different elements from the periodic table. Now you can use even more hydrogen in the shower, or reach for your sodium and chloride soap bars when washing your hands. Just choose your favorite element and get it engraved on your soap. Only the nerdiest of nerds need science while bathing. Available in an array of neon colors, you’ll have to buy the whole rainbow set of soap bars to complete your bathing and showering experience.

10. Monster Hand Temporary Tattoos


Artsy, cute, and absolutely geeky, this temporary tattoo set is quite unique. Paste a monster head tattoo on the side of your hand so that your thumb and forefinger forms its mouth. Now you can make your monster talk like you would a puppet. Film videos of your monster making monster sounds, or even take some photographs of it. The tattoos come in all types of varieties, so you can pick your favorite monster. Even though your monster will eventually wash away, you can put on a new tat thanks to the amount of characters available in one set. Get extra nerdy and name your monsters, or give them funny voices. As you can see, these monster sets are scary fun!

9. Illustrated Cat and Dog Pillows


This next item delivers many sweet dreams because sometimes you just want drawings of your cute, fluffy friends on your furniture. If its raining cats and dogs then you must have used your pillow as an umbrella, because these adorable pillows are full of an abundance of them. The drawings on the pillows are quirky, fun, and totally original. Maybe you might even find the likeness of your own cat or dog on them if you look closely. With this new addition to your bedroom or living room, you can bring your cat or dog obsession to the next level! Stylish, nerdy, and decked out in furry friends, this pillow set plays a role in everyone’s dreams.

8. Fat Batman


This sculpture of an overweight Batman let’s us know how batman is mainly spending his time when there are no supervillains around. We know Batman is a big hero…but we didn’t know they meant that kind of “big.” Hilarious and fun, this gadget belongs on every nerd’s shelf. Just make sure you don’t keep him in your kitchen. So, if you’re a fan of Batman, and would love to see a version of him that’s fat, check out this geeky gadget! Who knows? Maybe Batman will lose a few pounds after spending some time checking out all your nerdy gadgets.

7. Shower LED Light


Intrigued by lit up water? This nifty shower head let’s your shower water radiate with a blue glow. The enchanted effect is totally unique and epic. Its not all the time that one showers in glowing water…unless you’re a nerd who will probably end up showering more than usual due to the intriguing and totally fun LED light. Your bathroom will look like a blue lagoon once you’ve decided to install this gadget. Just don’t take such a long shower that you miss your favorite, totally nerdy show due to the magical light show in your own shower.

6. Planet Lamps


Watch your bedroom turn into a solar system at night with these spherical and charming planet lamps. Perhaps you would like the radiant and mystical blue planet Neptune sitting on your dresser, or the super large, striped, red/orange planet Jupiter dangling from a string on your ceiling. The moon is also available in the collection. You can be extra nerdy and purchase the whole solar system if you’d like. We’ve heard about them putting men on Mars, but not Mars in men’s bedrooms. Who would have thought that having giant balls of light in your room would work as lamps? Everyone!

5. Pokemon Tail Book Marks


Are you a Pokemon fan? Now your favorite Pokemon can peek their heads into the book you’re reading this week. You’ll find either Picachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or another Pokemon’s tail sticking out of your book to remind you where you left off. Cute and original, these book marks get the job done of not only marking your book, but of looking completely fashionable and nerdy. We knew Pokemons were adventurous, but we didn’t know that they went on adventures in books as well! You and your Pokemon will both be excited to read about what happens next.

4. Star Wars Toaster


Get Darth Vaders face engraved in your breakfast with this quirky Toaster that creates the Star Wars design with burn marks in toast. You’re breakfast will never be boring again! The Star Wars logo can also be used as the design. You will not only have fuel from your food; but the force will be with you too. Everyone knows Star Wars toast is way better than ordinary toast, which is why this nerdy item is totally worth buying. Serve toast to robots and aliens; and be both the coolest cook and nerd in your circle of friends.

3. The Mystery Machine Cookie Jar


This cookie jar is designed like the mystery machine from Scooby-Doo with the whole gang on it. However, the only mysteries they’ll be solving are, “Why are chocolate chip cookies so good?” Or “What’s the secret ingredient to grandma’s awesome sugar cookies?” This groovy looking cookie jar will stand out in your kitchen and add the perfect level of whimsy. If you have a baker in your life then this would be a perfect gift! It’s the perfect nerdy item to stash your favourite brownies, cookies, or candies. Just don’t let Scooby and the gang run away with your cookies mistaking them for Scooby snacks!

2. Homer Simpson Mr. Potato Head


We’ve all seen Homer Simpson use his head in many ways, but not quite like this. This quirky and fun item should be on every nerd’s wish list. This item is a perfect meld of your favourite childhood memories. I mean who didn’t love watching The Simpsons growing up? And we all had at least one Mr. Potato Head in our toy collection as kids. Holding a donut, Homer shows us that he’s not only a super cool Simpson, but also a super cool Mr. Potato Head as well. You may have to play hot potato to see who wins this item, because this potato sure is hot! Let this Homer Potato Head chill in your room or your kitchen, where guests can see his awesomeness in all its glory.

1. Regular Show Remote Control Golf Cart


Now you can drive Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops around in this tiny toy golf cart. You can go on all kinds of adventures, just like the ones in the show, when you have this controller in your hands. Maybe you’ll find a poetry competition they can enter or a pool they can dive into from a helicopter. Stroll them around the streets, fields, or even around your house! This gadget may be based on the Regular Show, but this is definitely not just a regular toy. This item is best described as awesomely nerdy. Just imagine the endless hours of fun you can have with this quirky toy.

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