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15 Nightmare Confessions Of Men Who Regretted Their Rebound

15 Nightmare Confessions Of Men Who Regretted Their Rebound

Your relationship just ended; you are probably wondering what to do next. It’s probably time for a rebound, right? Well, getting a rebound isn’t the smartest thing you can do for yourself at this particular time. Rebound relationships are plenty of fun; the main problem usually is the relationship part. By definition, a rebound is never supposed to get serious, but it’s not news to see people lamenting over a rebound breakup, it’s not like it was going to work anyway. The best thing to do after you break up is to give yourself time to heal before you set out to look for someone to replace your ex. Only then will you be in the right state of mind to start looking for a proper relationship.

Men love to rebound. It’s not even a secret, and this is often because they wouldn’t want the world to see how broken they are. It is one of the worst reasons why anyone should rebound. Making your ex jealous or proving to your friends you are savage will never be the best reason to be in a new relationship. Well, if you feel like you really need to rebound, check out these 15 nightmare confessions of men who regretted their rebound.

15. I wasn’t over my Ex


If you just got out of a serious relationship and you moved onto another one with a new person like a subway ride, then you need to pump on the breaks a little bit and slow down. While most men will not admit it, they get hurt by breakups just like women do, and jumping into another relationship as soon as one has ended always leads to more trouble. You spent enough time with your ex, you envisioned a future, you had your plans with her, and you talked about them through the night, over the years, and your mind got accustomed to them. Well, your new catch has no idea about what you had planned out, and it’s not like you would switch them off overnight. Most men learn this the hard way; your new catch might not be looking to have what you and your ex envisioned; she may have her eyes set on a different kind of sunset!

14. The Attraction is Temporary


At first, your rebound might seem better than your ex. They all do at first, and it’s often the illusion that draws us to make that choice. At that point, your ex is normally the enemy, and everything always seems to be going along fine. But you need to remember that the attraction is normally temporary, and in due time it will fade away, usually faster than anticipated. That is the point where you start missing your ex, and you figure out you will need to end whatever you have with your rebound; that’s the hard part! If it goes longer than this, then it often ends worse than your previous breakup.

13. I probably needed some time off

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When you break up with your ex, you never want to be alone, and especially if you were in a serious relationship. The mistake that most people make instead of getting some alone time is to jump in the next train that comes into town. That’s never a good idea even if you don’t want to be alone. It’s always better to gather a few friends around to be by your side. Rushing into a new relationship will often get you settling for less just to avoid feeling lonely. This is the worst mistake anyone can make in their life since they will end up hating the new girlfriend after the attraction fades away and they realize they did not like the new person in the first place.

12. I needed a distraction


In essence, a rebound is a distraction to get you through the harsh winter of a breakup. You are just using her to get over your ex, and that has to be the most selfish thing anyone can ever do to another human being. Rebounds are like your favorite drink; you get a buzz, you feel awesome for some time and then it’s back to reality. They will make you feel attractive, confident and alive. Like all other distractions, you need to enjoy them and move on. Hanging on to your rebound will make you regret meeting them in the first place. Once you start ignoring them, both your friends and hers will start to think that you are a jerk.

11. I Don’t Want to Settle


Breakups almost always change a bit of us; there are certain things we realize once we have broken up with a person we once loved with all our heart. Then, you are panic mode. This is the reason you got a rebound in the first place. The thing is, once you have started something with your rebound, at some point you will realize that you might not be happy or ready to commit to anyone, especially after breaking up with your ex. It’s at this point that you realize that you will have to break her heart by telling her you to need more time to get over your ex.

10. Got married to my Rebound because I was feeling guilty


This is often the direction sticking to your rebound takes. It’s often a feeling of loneliness that leads us to find a new love even if we know that this new person is wrong for us. Most men will rebound with the first woman they meet that shows them any sort of appreciation. The waitress at your local bar, the girl at the gym, the cute neighbor, or even the secretary at work. The worst thing that could happen is that you might end up marrying your rebound out of guilt that breaking up with her might hurt your feelings and prove that your previous relationship’s faults were actually because of you.

9. She was using me too


Well, this is the worst thing that could happen to any rebounding guy out there. There is always a chance that the woman you are rebounding with is also rebounding or cheating on her partner. However, that’s not the sad part; it gets really weird when she decides it’s time to end it, and you still feel vulnerable and lonely. Guys are emotionally strong, but when such a situation represents itself, it’s normally that event that brings out the true you. Not only will you sulk like a puppy that just lost its mother, but it will also bring out a needy side of you that will be repellent to your rebound.

8. Breaking up with my Rebound was worse than my five-year Relationship


Breakups are messy, and especially if your ex was a drama queen and ended up airing all your dirty laundry on social media and to your mutual friends. Well, it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Your rebound is prone to be worse than your ex when it comes to drama. The thing is, you haven’t spent enough time with your new catch, so you don’t have an idea about what she really is like and how she would react to a breakup. Well, for most men breaking up with their rebound was far more upsetting than when their real relationship ended.

7. It’s inevitable that you will break up with your rebound


There are normally two directions these things go; you will either end up settling for your rebound and break up later after you realize you didn’t really like them, or you will settle with them and stay hurt because you don’t want to go through another heartbreak. However, the latter is the worst nightmare for any man out there. Some men actually marry their rebounds but after two years, end up filling for divorce, because it wasn’t working. Others who choose to stay end up trapped in a relationship they don’t want and keep regretting their choices for the rest of their lives.

6. Got my Rebound Pregnant


Well, this has to be the worst thing that can happen to anyone. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not the pregnant bit, it’s having a baby with someone you are not sure about that’s the problem. Once you get your rebound pregnant, then there is a high chance you might feel obligated to start a family with them, at least for the sake of the baby, but that’s usually the wrong move. This kind of relationship is usually a convenience type of relationship, meaning there are no emotions involved at the end of the day, and it normally leaves a lot of people wishing they had fought for their ex.

5. I cheat on my Rebound Regularly


While this isn’t news, your rebound is often a rush decision. When you sit down and think about it, she isn’t the person you really want to end up with. You were just vulnerable and ended up bedding the first woman you met and turned it into a relationship. After a time, you will start meeting women you actually like and want to be with. This is where the cheating starts and never stops. Before you end your relationship with your new rebound ex, you will have cheated on her countless times, and it’s not because you can’t help it, it’s because she’s not your type of woman.

4. Rebounding was a waste of my time


To be brutally honest, rebounding is just that, a rebound. This is because they are not looking to be in a real relationship with you. That is why you need someone like them to get you over your ex. Once this happens, all the interest you had in that particular girl fades as fast as it came on, and that’s where the regret begins. There is a reason why everyone needs some alone time after a breakup. Skipping over this step will lead you right back at it after you have ended it with your rebound, this is a total waste of time,. And it’s not like you are getting any younger.

3. I am Still Hurt and Confused

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That’s what you need to be feeling when you spend time alone after your breakup, but when you are single you have enough time to go through these emotions, learn how to be yourself and figure out what kind of person you want to be with now that it didn’t work with your ex. When you feel hurt and confused in a relationship, it means you have made a lot of bad decisions. Dragging someone else into that pain and confusion might be the most regrettable thing any man can do, and it won’t make anything better. It’s better for everyone if you left all the important things out of your rebound.

2. Someone is bound to Get Hurt

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Well, this goes without saying: someone usually gets hurt when rebound relationships end, and it’s always the hopeful party. In this case, you’re acting like a monster again. The question you need to ask yourself is are you ready for a rebound break up too? If the answer is no, then you need to take a step back and evaluate your choices. At this point, you aren’t in the best place to know remotely what you are feeling. And if you didn’t think rebounds are temporary flings then one or both of you is going to get hurt badly. This is because rebound relationships are like carrying too much baggage right after a breakup to handle anything serious.

1. Rebounding always leads to a series of Rebounds


You dated your rebound to get over your ex. Two months later you are breaking up with your rebound. What next? Another rebound? I hope not. This is usually an endless cycle once you get started. You will always need someone else to wash away the tears of the last girl, when in reality all you need is you. This is normally a painful experience, and no one needs that. At this stage, you are never thinking about your rebound’s feelings, you just care about yourself. Everything is usually about you. While it’s usually a good idea to have a selfish moment, it doesn’t help in making relationships last. Either way, it’s not like rebounds are bad, you just need to be careful, and don’t get involved. It helps you avoid a lot of pain later.



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