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15 Obvious Professions That Divorce Lawyers Warn About

15 Obvious Professions That Divorce Lawyers Warn About

“I’ll hold you and love you until we’re parted by death”. Such lovey-dovey phrases can surely melt anyone’s heart. Indeed, there’s nothing weird about it. You’re in love with your significant other, so you cherish every minute spent with them. However, this honey-sweet excitement eventually goes away. Six months from now, you’ll probably be stuck in the daily routine, often filled with annoyance and exhaustion. More often than not, it leads to dissatisfaction with one’s love life too. All of a sudden, the idea of that marriage bliss becomes marriage disaster. What happened, right? Well, we’ll tell you what. The picture of you living happily ever after, was disfigured by your stressful careers. And before you know it, you’ll be walking the road to divorce. It may sound pretty crazy but marriage is often badly affected by the stress and long hours brought on by certain careers. Unfortunately, these factors often lead to a dead end, namely divorce. With such unbelievably high divorce rates, today we bring you 15 obvious professions that already put an end to many relationships. Just for the record, the highest divorce rate on our list today is at about 43%. So if you happen to work in such an environment, you’d better take special measures before your relationship gets wrecked.

15. First-line enlisted military supervisors have a 9,5 % divorce rate (much lower than other jobs)

via The Balance

First on our list of obvious professions, which are toxic to any relationship, is the field of first-line enlisted military supervisors. Although the divorce rate here is pretty much bearable, it doesn’t mean that this profession is good for long-term relationships. Traditionally, these individuals play the role of First-Line Tactical Operation Supervisors. Also, they may perform similar activities performed by their supervised workers. In a nutshell, they are a great part of the military-specific operations category alongside air/weapons specialists. The responsibility here is clearly a heavy burden that sparks lots of problems in many families. For this reason, we give this occupation a special place on our list of tough professions.

14. Firefighters have a divorce rate of about 14,1 %

via firefightercancersupport. org

While many kids can’t stop daydreaming about being firefighters, it’s actually a pretty dangerous job. There’s no denying that the job of a firefighter can have him heavily injured or even killed on duty. After all, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most perilous jobs in the world. Every day, these men leave the house ready to sacrifice their lives in order to save somebody else’s. Even though their job is risky as hell, according to, this specific occupation offers a divorce rate of about 14 % as a result of its life-threatening risks. It must be really hard to maintain a healthy relationship when your partner works in such a perilous environment. But again, it’s a personal choice that needs to be respected by one’s family.

13. Probation officers face high stress and heavy workload (+15 % divorce risk)

via Beyond Career

No matter how many benefits this job offers, you’d better turn it down, and here’s why: probation officers work in super high levels of stress as their duties come with extensive paperwork and heavy workloads. As a result, you could easily get sullen or even depressed when you get home from work. The long hours and stress brought on by this certain career can definitely trigger problems in your relationship. Who would want that, anyway? With such high levels of stress at work, these specialists see higher divorce rates than other workers. Another discouraging feature is that the divorce rate in young families also hovers at about 15 %. Well, it’s quite understandable why professionals, like probation officers, are often single or divorced.

12. Engineering technicians are at 16 % risk of being single again


That’s not a joke. It really seems that engineering technicians have a hard time maintaining a healthy relationship. These professionals are often swamped with work as they’re required to solve many technical problems in different fields, like research and development. On top of that, these engineering specialists often assist scientists as well. So in order to do their job impeccably, these professionals need to be 100 % concentrated and dedicated to what they’re doing. Well, this can put a tough strain on anyone’s relationship especially if there’s a lack of support. Additionally, this type of profession is just bound to control one’s thoughts. It just takes up lots of one’s time which definitely brings tough moments in a relationship. For this reason alone, we give this type of technicians a special place on our list today.

11. Library assistants have a 16,03 % divorce rate

via Great Lakes Advocate

Why library assistants, right? Well, this specific profession certainly offers some dark sides too. No matter how crazy it sounds, the job of library assistants is quite demanding as well. By the way, it’s certainly not that relaxing either. In fact, it’s a responsible job that includes compiling records, locating library materials, registering patrons in the system, etc. Frankly, it’s just as responsible as any other job. However, it’s hardly the best opportunity if you want to put more cash aside. To make things even worse, the average pay for this profession is about $12.79 /hr. If you do the math, you’ll get an average sum of $29,654 annually. Just for the record, the average pay for a librarian goes about $48,831 annually, which is clearly quite higher than the pay for a library assistant. All in all, financial matters can absolutely mess up any happy relationship.

10. [Bench] Carpenters are more susceptible to suicides + 17,5 % divorce risk

via THISisCarpentry

Believe it or not, cabinet makers and bench carpenters seem to be more susceptible to suicides. More often than not, they happen to experience emotional distress and physical and mental exhaustion. The job of a bench carpenter is more physically demanding which means that they need to feel the support of their family. Besides, who doesn’t want to feel appreciated and respected, right? Another scary scenario is when your job doesn’t bring you any satisfaction. That’s the real dealbreaker here. The happier you are, the better your love life gets and vice versa. According to, bench carpenters face a divorce rate of 17,5 % as they’re also more prone to suicidal thoughts. Sadly, you never know what your job can do to your life and relationship.

9. Automotive service technicians and mechanics with 17,42 % risk of being divorced

via College of the North Atlantic

Another quite obvious profession that can put any relationship at risk is the industry of automotive services. This specific field of knowledge takes up lots of one’s personal time. There are just too many things waiting to be fixed by the automotive service technician. Therefore, it’s quite logical that there’s hardly any room for anything else. These specialists often work more than 5 days a week, as they regularly work during the weekends too. The worse part is that these guys work more than 8 hours a day. Well, there’s just too much work that needs to be taken care of. Most will probably say that the risk and all the efforts aren’t really worth the reward. Indeed, they’d be right. Now add in the chaotic schedule and heavy workflow, and you’ll see why the divorce rate hovers at 17+ %.

8. Diagnostically-related technologists and technicians: divorce risk of 18,87 %

via California Nurses Educational Institute

Much like the medical assistants, the job of a healthcare technician can totally destroy even the healthiest relationship. Again, these specialists work in an extremely stressful environment. Such healthcare professionals are constantly burdened with the pressure of other people’s lives in their hands. In this instance, support and compassion are the key elements of a healthy and loving relationship. Indeed, this could be a lot to ask from your spouse/partner, especially if the relationship is already on rocky ground. Besides, if you can’t rely on your partner when you need them the most, then this relationship is already at death’s door.With a divorce risk of 18, 87 %, this professional occupation can really mess up one’s life. At the end of the day, it always boils down to important things like support, sympathy, and respect.

7. Personal Care Service Workers and the like: 19,22 % divorce rate

via Love-One-Home-Health-Care

Another profession that’s proved to be quite difficult for a long-term relationship is the job of the personal care service worker. If working with people is pretty challenging at times, imagine what it’s like to be a personal care service worker. It wouldn’t be much easier, would it? For the most part, these workers need to assist a patient with their biological needs. Also, the patient may even be physically demanding or extremely ill. In such cases, the social worker is at higher risk of getting infected simply by being around the patient. Another great downside is the considerably low pay. All of these factors may contribute to possible problems in the future. Besides, the higher divorce rate ( 19,22 %)  is just another significant factor that must be considered.

6. Office & Administrative Support Workers face a divorce rate of 19.85 %

via PACE Canada College

Saying that the job of an office support worker is no big deal would be the perfect misunderstanding. Only the ones who’ve worked as office support workers can fully understand how hard and exhausting it is. Also, note that the perfect candidate for this job needs to make quick decisions, solve problems while processing important data, etc. Indeed, this could be grueling at times. Besides, it really explains why administrative support workers often happen to be divorced. With such an unhealthy divorce rate, it’s understandable why these specialists can’t maintain a healthy relationship or marriage. For the most part, these people are often unwilling to talk to their spouse about their day at work. There’s just no energy left for conversations anymore. Sadly, that’s the ugly truth lurking behind it.

5. Medical assistants with a divorce rate of 20,56 %

via Ross Medical Education Center

Just think about the professional duties of any medical assistant or anyone working in such an environment. Not only do they people need to be 100% professional, but they bear a heavy burden on their shoulders. Frankly, we can’t really imagine how stressful and responsible you have to be to hold a person’s life in your hands. Naturally, every occupation requires a certain level of responsibility and there’s no second opinion about it. However, the professional duties of a medical assistant sure go beyond our imagination. These specialists perform their duties in some of the toughest work environments. In a nutshell, the responsibility is heavily increased which leads to depression and an amplified risk of anxiety. Indeed, this can totally destroy your honey-sweet relationship.

4. Animal caretakers have a divorce rate of 23,36 %

via Awesome Ocean

Who would say NO to playing with puppies all day long? It may sound like a beautiful idea, however, you need to keep your relationship as healthy as possible too. Sadly, there are many people who just decide to run away from their relationship issues. More often than not, this attitude leads to awful problems. By the way, this is where the scary word “divorce” comes into play. Instead of fixing things, people just can’t stop thinking about it. But if you want to keep the spark locked in place, you need to listen to your partner more carefully. According to J Am Vet Med Assoc., these veterinary specialists and animal takers are more prone to mental illness, compassion fatigue, and emotional stress. All of this is often brought on by working with traumatized animals or people. So if you add in the negative divorce rate of 23, 36 %, you’ll see that those animal caretakers have a larger potential for divorce. Now you know why you shouldn’t take this particular job.

3. Massage Therapist with a 38, 22 % divorce rate

via Remington College

Believe it or not, your favorite massage therapist could live quite a miserable life. These people face a divorce rate of 38, 22 %, which is definitely higher than most professions. Well, it’s quite easy to see why it’s like that. First off, let’s not forget that massage therapists work with their hands. Touching somebody else’s body with bare hands is quite a repulsive idea for any jealous person. Indeed, this profession involves a physical interaction to a great extent. Well, this sure sounds like a terrible idea for those who are overly jealous of their partner. With a divorce rate of 38, 22 %, it’s no longer a mystery why this profession gets a top spot on our list today. At least now you know why massage therapists are often single or divorced.

2. Bartenders have the mind-blowing 38,43 % divorce rate

via Houston Chronicle

For the most part, bartenders happen to be around people who are consuming alcohol.  If you think logically, these guys are required to be in the center of everything. They’re the ones who prepare your fancy cocktail so they need to be around. Another interesting thing is that the perfect candidate for this job needs to have a certain set of skills. So apparently, the job of a bartender requires more than you probably thought. However, those bartenders being in a relationship are doomed to have problems with their partner. In most of the cases, bartenders have a pretty chaotic work schedule so they don’t always know when they’ll be home from work. Lastly, they also have to wait until all the people are gone so they can perform their side-work. So yes, all of these odd hours, coupled with a chaotic schedule, can really take a toll on any relationship.

1. Dancers and choreographers with 43,05 % chance of staying single forever

via Iowa Now – University of Iowa

Here we are with the most interesting profession of them all. First and foremost, the nature of this industry is the best source of juicy gossip, drama, and scandals. For one, ladies have to look tempting and sexy while dancing. The moment they appear on the stage, they become artists. Indeed, that’s just a part of their job. If you add in their dynamic schedules, including lots of traveling, the situation doesn’t get any better for their partners. Indeed, some jealous guys wouldn’t be very thrilled to find out that their beautiful partner is a dancer. Now you can imagine the reaction of such a jealous person. Ultimately, it always boils down to common relationship goals like mutual understanding and trust. Sadly, it’s a missing element in most relationships.


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