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15 Odd Conspiracy Theories These Celebs Actually Believe In

15 Odd Conspiracy Theories These Celebs Actually Believe In

Celebrities are the apple of our eyes. They are always so elegant, so posh and well, so sophisticated. The talents these men and women possess are exceptional, all the more reason why we love having them grace our TV screens. But once they are done acting or singing some melody on our TV screens, these men and women turn weird – extremely weird.

When was the last time you heard some crazy conspiracy theory? Like the Earth is non-existent and we are all part of The Matrix, a movie produced by truth crusaders to reveal that our lives are just a big fat lie? Probably yesterday or last week. For some of us, probably 10 years ago and we never paid attention to it again.

In as much as you find that conspiracy theory and many others preposterous, your Hollywood bae may not think so. As a matter of fact, Hollywood is flooded with a multitude of conspiracy theorists who either support an existing conspiracy theory or are master crafters of their own. The bigger problem is none of them want to believe otherwise, and some have managed to recruit fellow celebs to support their strange claims.

What are these conspiracy theories and which celebrities are believers?

Read on to find out.

15. Kylie Jenner: Chemtrails are a plot to poison us

Via: The Verge

We all know (well, not all of us), that chemtrails are just trails of water condensation left behind by high flying commercial airliners. But that is not what Kylie Jenner and a host of other celebrities think.

Kylie took it to Twitter to report on how chemtrails are a grand evil scheme designed to poison us and control the global population. According to her, chemtrails suspiciously appear on a grand scale on a few days of the week, supposedly the days when the project is being undertaken by the evil perpetrators. She even went ahead to claim that the rapid disappearance of honeybees has something to do with chemtrails.

But she is not alone.

Another celebrity, Billy Corgan, warned his fans about chemtrails before they attended his rock show back in 2010. Are they onto something? You decide.

14. Bruce Willis: Questions JFK’s Passing and who was responsible

Via: CBS News

The JFK files were recently released and hopefully, they answered Bruce Willis’ questions about the passing away of a sitting president in US history. According to Bruce Willis, Lee Harvey Oswald never had the skill and power to harm JFK, and the government has been lying to us all along.

So, who slew the shrewd president then?

A bunch of anonymous individuals who have remained in power for a very long time. According to Bruce, JFK’s assassination was carried out by a very elaborate and powerful gang in government. Back in 2007 when he was giving his thoughts on this issue, he stated that he might get in trouble for saying this. But the actor is still gracing our screens, but maybe everything is not as it seems.

13. B.o.B: The Earth is flat

Via: Patheos

Statements such as these are what made Galileo Galilee almost jailed for life by the government and religious leaders of his time. But for B.o.B, this is less likely to happen though most people who have studied science in high school will laugh at this one.

According to B.o.B, the earth is flat. And he has proof!

He took it to Twitter on the 24th of January 2016 with a photo showing two cities in the background, 16 miles apart but still in the view of his camera, with a good question to accompany it: “Where is the curve?” Joining him in this preposterous claim is NBA player Kyrie Irving. Someone should tell B.o.B that the Earth is not the size of a soccer ball so you can’t see the curve in 16 miles. But at least he’s looking for money to get a satellite and prove the world (well, himself), wrong.

12. Kanye: How the LGBTQ and African-American community has been repressed

Via: Grunge

Obama was a huge LGBTQ advocate while president of the United States of America. Kanye’s reaction to this may have been jovial, but there is one thing that annoys this rapper to date. The grand scam HIV/AIDS is.

Well, according to Kanye, the CIA created AIDS in the ’80s in an attempt to harm some of it’s citizens, including the LGBTQ and the African-American communities. In 2006, when he was asked by Rolling Stone about this, he answered in the affirmative, saying that is what his mom taught him.

And he is not alone in this.

Another celebrity, Spike Lee, agrees with Kanye on this.

11. Mark Ruffalo: Does not buy the 9/11 story

Via: YouTube

Oh boy, this is a big one. Mark Ruffalo, the famous Hulk we all love, has a smashing point to make about the 9/11 attacks: the government’s story is a lie.

Mark is part of a group of Hollywood celebrities who have signed a petition called, “Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth petition.” These celebrities include Charlie Sheen and Marion Cotillard.

According to the Mark, how the buildings fell down on that day was absolutely bizarre. Above all, the investigations only focused on the moment the planes hit the buildings and when the buildings fell. There is nothing that was looked at before and after the incident.

Our only prayer is that as he smashes Thanos in Infinity Wars, he gets some interstellar insight on the matter and shower us all with the truth (and probably also ask Tony Stark for some genius insight).

10. Whoopie Goldberg: The moon landing was a well-acted scene

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

It is hard not to believe this one, especially since it comes from the mouth of a talented actor. Whoopi Goldberg is not convinced that the moon landing actually happened. And she is not alone in this.

Marion Cotillard, the one who also doesn’t believe in the 9/11 story, also thinks the moon landing was a hoax.

According to Whoopi, during the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, she couldn’t fathom why the flag appeared to ripple despite there being no air on the moon. Secondly, she couldn’t place exactly who took the footage on the moon.

9. Jonathan Davis of Korn: Obama was using pop music for a very evil plan

Via: Wikipedia

The first black president of the US may not have been so innocent after all. The man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That is according to Jonathan Davis who must be the drafter of the most laughable conspiracy theory among celebrities, especially after the world saw what Obama’s tenure really was.

According to Jonathan, who is the lead singer of Korn, Obama was the puppet of the Illuminati, and that Miley Cyrus was his tool of administration. Yes, Miley Cyrus.

Additionally, Jonathan claimed that Obama was using pop music as a cover to pass evil legislation that would see him imprison anyone he wants. All this was said on the Alex Jones show, and I bet the audience watched Davis in awe.

8. Thomas DeLonge of Blink 182: Aliens were spotted on the moon

Via: Educating Humanity

We all thought aliens were on Mars! But this guy just wants to confuse us – or is the government the one lying to us?

According to Thomas DeLonge, the front man of Blink 182, man actually did land on the moon. But the conspiracy that they never did land on the moon is a distraction from facts the government wants to hide from us about the moon, which begs the question, “What did they see there?”

Thomas DeLonge is a staunch believer in the existence of aliens and the spacecraft they use. So, are Whoopi Goldberg and Area 51 crusaders puppets of the government?

7. Randy Quaid: Illuminati Star-whackers are real

Via: YouTube

When the Illuminati conspiracy theory came out, the Internet went berserk. The entertainment industry was facing its biggest scandal yet. But a couple of months later, people went back to listening to Kanye, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and rocking their concerts like they never heard of the term Illuminati before.

But a couple in the entertainment industry decided to make a run from the industry. Randy Quaid and his wife were on the run in 2010, running from what he called Illuminati star-whackers. The man claimed that there was a funded cartel of people who were after those who had walked away from the cult. But that was not all. He claimed that celebrities such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman and David Carradine were victims of the cult. Was he an insider speaking out?

6. Dave Chappelle: The secret society runs the entertainment industry

Via: YouTube

This conspiracy theory is different from that of Randy, but their foundation is exactly the same – Illuminati. However, this is a ridiculous one. According to Dave Chappelle, the secret society running the entertainment industry has for ages been humiliating African-American men by forcing them to dress and act as women.

This laughable claim was made by the comedian during an Oprah Winfrey show.

Was he joking? It didn’t seem like it.

But we all have to agree that men acting as women has been happening even before the first film ever hit the theaters. Above all, we love Tyler Perry. Case settled.

5. M.I.A.: Google and Facebook are a CIA project

Via: Wikipedia

If this is true, then Mark Zuckerberg must be the Chief of Technology in the CIA, while Larry Page is the director of Online Communications. That statement is so lame, but it makes a lot of sense to M.I.A, a female rapper who came up with the most preposterous Hollywood conspiracy theory ever heard.

During an interview with Nylon Magazine back in 2010, M.I.A ranted that she has little online presence on Facebook and Twitter, because the sites were made by the government to track us. She went on to claim that Google is also a CIA project and that the government selects what search results they show you.

I wish there was a better way to put this, but this theory is so M.I.A.

4. Jenny McCarthy: Vaccines are not good for us

Via: latest stories

What choice will you make? You can either pass away of Polio or take its vaccine and ten years later get autism. That is the tough choice Jenny McCarthy believes every person in the globe has to make every time they are about to be vaccinated.

According to the actress, the vaccines administered mostly to innocent kids contain dangerous chemicals that harm the brains of these vulnerable kids. The actress has gone ahead to push her agenda on several news outlets such as Time magazine and The Huffington Post, and she also has her own website dedicated to her conspiracy theory.

3. Paris Jackson: What Happened To Michael Jackson?

Via: YouTube

Get this, this is not from the mouth of some distant celebrity who only heard about MJ. This conspiracy theory is from the late star’s daughter Paris Jackson. In January of 2017, Paris Jackson spoke to Rolling Stone and said that she was convinced that her father was murdered.

Exactly who slew the pop music King was not revealed, but Paris insisted that MJ’s real fans and his family know all of it was a set-up. Was it the star-whackers? Why was he murdered? Only Paris Jackson or the Jackson family can tell us, but they have so far been mum about the whole theory.

2. Jeremy Clarkson: Global warming is a hoax

Via: The Daily Chronicle

Sorry, polar bears, but not everyone believes that you are in any form of danger. Musician Ted Nugent is among a host of celebrities who believe this global phenomenon is a hoax invented by some evil scientists. According to him, there is no evidence at all pointing to the warming of the Earth due to human activities.

Another anti-climate change crusader is former Top Gear presenter and current The Grand Tour host, Jeremy Clarkson, who wrote in the Sunday Times and in a tweet that global warming is a huge hoax. However, a large portion of scientists and governments at large believe this is a serious global threat.

1. Terrence Howard: One times one is two – your mathematics teacher was a liar

Via: Rebrn

If you want to laugh so hard, please go ahead. This one deserves it, and this guy, Terrence Howard, is the ultimate conspiracy theory comic. According to him, math has been wrong about numbers. He spoke to Rolling Stone where he claimed that since the square root of 4 is 2, then the square root of 2 should be 1 – absurd!

Apparently, this conspiracy theory was invented when Terry got into a heated argument with a professor at the Pratt Institute while studying for a degree in Chemical Engineering. For that reason, he has a new number system logic, called Terryology, that seeks to enlighten us on the universal logic of mathematics.

For a man who never got to finish his degree, let’s see how this goes.

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