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15 Odd Pictures That Could Prove Time Travel Is Real

15 Odd Pictures That Could Prove Time Travel Is Real

Time travel is something that Hollywood has popularized in the past few decades. So much so that many want it to actually exist, and will go to great lengths to attempt to prove it’s existence. Some of these claims are ridiculous while others hold a bit more uncertainty. Many people believe that just because an actor looks like someone of the past, it means they’re time travellers.

This claim is by far the most absurd, due to the fact that genetics exist, and pure coincidence. However, more in depth looks at these photos sometimes prove that the two are at least related, if not the same person.

Other photos exist of more convincing proof of time travel. These photos include technology being used during times it wasn’t even invented. Often times this includes cameras capturing huge events of the past. Many believe people of this age decided to travel back in time, and capture higher quality images of these events to share in modern times. While this sounds strange, when you see the types of images, it’s hard to disprove. Many of these images have made their way up the ranks, and were analyzed by top photo analysts to attempt to disprove their legitimacy.

15. The Caged Time Traveler


Everyone’s favorite early 90’s actor Nicolas Cage may be a potential time traveler. You may think this is just a bad summer blockbuster that Cage wrote, but many believe the Cage is indeed a time traveler. The image of the supposed time traveling Nic Cage surfaced after a collector of antique photos came across it in a lot, and quickly uploaded it to the internet claiming it was Nic Cage.

Many people took to disproving this, and for the most part they did. The main feature that differs Nic Cage from the man (his doppelgänger), is his chin. Photo analysts proved that the photo was doctored, and changed the man’s chin to resemble that of Cage’s. However, for many people this wasn’t evidence enough, and still believe the Cage is a time traveling action star.

14. Cell Phone on Set


Many people spotted a strange discrepancy in Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus. A scene shows a woman walking on screen in the background, and shows her holding a strange device up to her face, as if she’s talking on a cell phone. It’s worth noting that the film was made during the 1920’s, a time when cell phones weren’t even thought of. So, why is it so blatant that this older woman is using a cell phone in this scene?

Many people point to this film as definitive proof of time travel, however for some things didn’t add up all the way. It turns out that many skeptics believe the woman was hard of hearing, and the device she’s holding up to her face is a hearing aid, and not a cell phone. Several noteworthy publishing sites such as The Atlantic have attempted to debunk the theory of time travel based on this claim alone. However, for some it’s not proof enough, and they believe this woman is a time traveler.

13. The Time Traveling Hipster


This image was first posted to the internet in 2004, from an unknown source. The image captures a group event of a reopening of a bridge in the 40’s. Everyone in the picture looks normal except for the man in the middle of everyone. Everything from his strange attire to his hair, screams he’s from he 21st century. Many people have given this man the title of the time traveling hipster, due to his attire.

Many skeptics have disproven the fact that this image is proof of time travel, and it’s simply an unfortunate coincidence. The man in the photo isn’t photoshopped in, but is just wearing strange clothing during the time. Many believers say that this isn’t proof enough, and don’t believe that this strong a coincidence is proof enough to disprove time travel.

12. Recording the Big Tyson Fight


One of the biggest fights in boxing took place back in 1995. It featured one of the best known fighters of this era, Mike Tyson. However during a certain segment of the fight, a crowd member can be seen in the background holding what seems to be a smart phone, with a camera. While some mobile devices were made back then, they certainly didn’t have a camera installed in them.

Many people quickly jumped to the idea of time travel, however many have disproven this throughout the years. While camera phones weren’t available in 1995, cameras that resembled the one in the video were available. They were large in size, and had many different colors including white. When you see a picture of these cameras, it may prove to you that this audience member isn’t actually a time traveller…

11. Alright, Alright, Alright Back in Time


You may know Mr. McConaughey from his many five star films, in which he plays a smooth class older man. However, you may not realize that he’s also a time traveller, and no this isn’t some sort of strange fan fiction, based on his film Interstellar. A Reddit user uploaded a photo of one of their relatives they found in an old box of photos, and noticed the striking resemblance to McConaughey.

While the reddit post simply says “my great grandfather looks just like Matthew McConaughey”, many speculators, and commenters on the post started to see too much of a resemblance, and claimed that Matthew was a time traveler. Good new is if he’s actually a time traveler that Reddit poster will surely see some money in her future, if she is related to Matthew McConaughey.

10. Front Row Picture


This picture was taken in 1962 during the Fifa World cup, and shows the winner proudly holding up their prize trophy. However, if you look closer in the front row, you can see someone in the crowd holding up what appears to be a flip phone, capturing the moment on camera. While the photo is convincing it was simply a trick of the eye, due to the angle at which the photo (above) was taken, it makes it appear as a flip phone.

It makes you think that when people see old pictures like this, and see technology, they immediately assume it’s time travel. However, if you were a smart time traveler you’d bring a higher quality camera, like an iPhone or something. Who knows, maybe there’s a time travelers guide we should brush up on.

9. Time Traveling iPhone


Speaking of iPhones… This photo was taken from a scene in a movie that was filmed in the late 30’s. The woman can be seen walking, and holding up what appears to be a cellular device, small enough to be an iPhone with a large case around it. However, cell phones weren’t even thought of in the 30’s. The photos, and the scene taken from the movie convinced people all around the world, time travel must be real.

However, while she isn’t talking on an iPhone per say, she is talking on a mobile device. She was testing out the device, that resembled that of a walkie talkie. It can be assumed she was talking to someone else, who had the other walkie talkie. Walkie talkies were invented many decades ago, to help communicate during war times, therefore they were quite common during this period.

8. Astronaut Sculpture Proves Time Travel


This cathedral home in Salamanca, boasts a large sculpture of an astronaut in one of it’s walls. The strange part is that the cathedral was built in the late 1700’s a few centuries before anyone even thought of shooting off into outer space. This left many scratching their heads, and for a long time many believed it was just a coincidence. However, time travel believers took this to the grave as definitive proof.

That is until it came out that the building saw restoration in the 1990’s, that added int eh statued astronaut. Many people believe this is a cover up, but have no evidence that the astronaut statue was there before the supposed reconstruction. This is the best explanation that was given, and many people decide to believe it.

7. Game of Time Travel


While many Game of Thrones fans are eager to learn more about the characters in the world, leading up to the last season, this was one they never knew they wanted. Peter Dinklage most known for his role in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones is thought to be a time traveler based solely off this painting.

A Spanish painter named Diego Velázquez painted this portrait of a small man, in 1645 who shares a strange resemblance to the present day dwarf Peter Dinklage. A little too strange a resemblance. While the two share obvious similarities, this is simply a strange coincidence. It’s unknown the reason Dinklage would want to travel back in time that far back, but maybe it was simply to study up for perfecting his role in Game of Thrones. 

6. Late Night Time Travel


Everyone’s favorite late night host, boasting tall hair, may have a secret he’s not telling anyone. That secret is he’s a time traveller that decided to travel back in time, to serve in the military; a life long dream of his. This sounds ridiculous, and it is, but based on the similarities in the above photos, many believe that Conan O’Brien is indeed a time traveling late night host.

While the photo of Marshall Harvey Titchwell is the only definitive proof of Conan time traveling, after doing some digging in the late night host’s Twitter, we found this. “I saw the time travel movie Looper. I saw it twice, the day it came out and when they rereleased it in 2044.” This tweet all but confirms peoples suspicions. Rule number 34 of time travel, make it too obvious…

5. Eddie Murphy Stuck in the Past


While many people may think Eddie Murphy needs to be a time traveller to save his comedy career, many actually believe he is. The photo taken of Eddie Murphy to the left is of him in the 1800’s posing for a picture, with his suit, and bowler hat on. While the similarities are strange, there is no definitive proof linking the two together. Or any proof that the two are even related.

Not much is known about the man in the picture, which leaves many to believe that it is indeed Eddie Murphy. The dates also get confusing of when the picture was taken. While many sources say the photo was taken in the late 1800’s, many believe the attire to be that of the 1920’s or later. There is too much mystery up in the air for this one, and it leaves many people believing it’s purely coincidence.

4. The Grand Time Traveller


After many photos of old celebrity time travelers began to hit the internet, many collectors began to trifle through their collections, in hopes of starting rumors, and claiming internet fame. However, one collector found this image of a John Travolta look alike, and decided to make a profit on it. He decided to list the item for 50,000 dollars. In his listing he also wrote “I know you are saying John Travolta is alive today in 2011 and he doesn’t look 151 years old, John Travolta is a Scientologist, and many Scientologists believe in a type of reincarnation. Of course, time travel can’t be ruled out as well”.

While his argument on the front of scientology sounds accurate, it doesn’t prove that time traveling exits. Also, the photo he dug up doesn’t even look like John Travolta. The photo never proved to be convincing enough to sell, and they’re still present in the man’s collection.

3. Timberlake Through Time


Another photo of another famous actor has surfaced due to the popularity of look alike. However, unlike the rest, this one seems to be the most convincing just based off of looks. The picture of the supposed Justin Timberlake time traveler looks to be taken during the Civil War era, and it shows a man who looks like a military man.

Not much else is known about the origins of the photo, just that it shares distinct similarities with the super star Justin Timberlake. Many people believe that the lack of info is enough to prove that Justin Timberlake is in fact a time traveler. However, many people believe that it’s purely a coincidence, or possibly even a distant relative of Timberlake.

2. I’m Thinking I’m Back In Time


Keanu Reeves is popular for having many photos resembling him taken from the past. So much so that someone made a blog that is simply titled “Keanu Reeves is immortal”. While this is seemingly a joke on how the actor seems to never age, many people dived into the older pictures that resembled Keanu, and believe he is a time traveler. While the star of John Wick looks like he could do just about anything, time travel doesn’t seem to be one of them.

A french actor named Paul Mounet was alive during the late 1800’s, and bore a strong resemblance to the actor, so much so that his Wikipedia page now reads; “currently acts under the pseudonym Keanu Reeves; the source of his eternal youth is not known.”

1. Marilyn Monroe Selfie


Marilyn Monroe was one of the world’s most known actors back in the 1950’s. In this photo we can see a fan of hers attempting to take a picture of the actress, without her knowledge. However, the camera they’re using resembles that of a modern day smart phone. Complete with what appears to be a leather case around it, with a safety handle.

This has convinced many of time travel, and there hasn’t been many that have been able to disprove the image. However, many have said that the woman isn’t taking a picture of Monroe, but simply holding something else. That something else is unknown, but many have speculated it’s a mirror of some kind. It’s worth noting that the woman is looking intently at the thing in her hand, as if she’s going to take a picture with it…

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