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15 Odd Things Found Washed Up On Beaches

15 Odd Things Found Washed Up On Beaches

The beach can be a great place to take a family vacation. Most beaches serve as some sort of tourist attraction for the different activities available or simply for their beaches. Swimming in the ocean is a common thing to do when visiting the beach, which to many is a great pastime. Others surf or walk the beach, while most lay on the beach getting a tan, or simply enjoying a nice book.

However on some occasions, the beach can be a disturbing place. Specifically when there is word of a shark in the water or if something strange has washed up on the beach. Many beaches have a safety team that will deal with things like these, and will typically rope them off if they’re extra large.

The ocean is a broad, and mostly undiscovered place, meaning the shores of the ocean serve as a small indication of what lurks below. A lot of the stuff that washes up on beaches can be easily identified as a dead jellyfish or shark, but sometimes it’s not so simple. Scientists work hard to study these things that wash up on our shores, but many have no idea what they are… still to this day.

15. Giant Squid Dead on Beach


Giant squids are known to exist in the depths of the ocean. They’re known to get up to over 30 feet in length. Giant squids have been myths for centuries, and have been overstated in size, often comparing to them as Krakens. While they’re not as big as the myths say, they are strangely large to be squids. A beach in Indonesia got to see one of these beasts up close and personal.

The squid was hard to identify at first, as it lay in shallow water with what only appeared to be fat surrounding it. It was obvious it had passed, as the squid wasn’t moving, and there was an extensive amount of blood in the water. Many scientists traveled to the scene to confirm it was indeed a giant squid, and said it reached up to 22 feet in length.

14. Rare Megamouth Shark Discovery


The megamouth shark has only been spotted a few times in history, and even fewer washed up on shore. The megamouth shark is by far one of the most disturbing sea creatures out there, and for good reason. Its large gaping mouth and lifeless eyes gives people the idea that it will mindlessly consume them without realizing it.

The megamouth shark can get large in size, and many have been spotted to be washed up on the shores of many different beaches. They’re often mistaken for baby whales, as they’re not that large in size. Nonetheless, this creature can certainly be a disturbing find for anyone who’s simply just trying to enjoy their vacation. Let’s hope nobody has the displeasure of running into one of these the next time they take a family vacation.

13. Mysterious Giant Eyeball


A giant eyeball was found by a few tourists on a beach. They didn’t realize what it was at first, as the eyeball had been covered in sand, and only a small part of it was sticking out. They immediately contacted professionals to see if they could get to the bottom of what the eyeball belonged to.

Many people speculated that the eyeball was that of the famed giant squid. It shared similar characteristics to pictures of supposed giant squids, and many were certain. However after being examined, it was confirmed that the eyeball belonged to an unfortunate sword fish who is now either deceased or half blind.

12. Giant Blob of Fat Comes From Nowhere


In late 2016, a strange, large unidentifiable creature washed up on the beaches of Mexico. The creature was large, meaning the tides would have had to have been strong to bring the creature to the shore. The fire brigade that responded to the scene said they had no idea what the creature was and noted that the creature didn’t give off any strange aromas, which is strange as the creature seemed to be dead for quite a while… at least at first glance.

The creature was no more than a week passed, and it was already in a bad state of decay. This means the creature was likely attacked, and eaten by other sea creatures before it landed on the beach. People have speculated that the creature is a whale decayed beyond the ability to be identified.

11. The Montauk Monster


The Montauk monster is one of the most well-known strange creatures that have revealed themselves washed up on beaches. The creature has a strange body structure, rocking a beak, claws, and mysterious eyes. It almost resembles a bird more than a mammal. When this picture was uploaded to the Internet, it sent people into a frenzy trying to rationalize what this beast was.

The director at Stony Brook University of their marine institute called the creature fake after taking a close look at the photo. He stated if it’s not fake then it’s probably a diseased body of a coyote or dog. Many speculate the creature originates from Plum Island, an island well known to have strange research programs done there…

10. Prehistoric Monster Washed Up on the Beaches of South Carolina


This strange prehistoric looking creature washed up on Folly Beach in South Carolina. This caused many of the locals to go into a frenzy trying to figure out what it was. Many believed it was a new species we’ve yet to discover, or some sort of extra terrestrial being. The monster was described as having large plates that resembled the scales of a dragon or dinosaur.

Many people compared the strange creature to something that came out of the prehistoric era. The creature was said to be up to 10 feet long. However after long speculation from local scientists, they narrowed it down to an Atlantic surgeon. This creature can easily reach lengths far beyond this creature, and its scaly design revealed its true identity.

9. Seaweed Monster Washed Up


In 1967, a creature that was 15 feet long and about 6 feet wide washed up on a beach, scaring locals. The locals recall claiming to see the creature as having long white strands of hair and strange paddle-like feet. They also recall seeing it having six distinct lobes resting on either side of the creature.

Not much else was revealed about the creature and many just assumed it was the remnants of a dead whale or another large sea creature. Others made it into an urban legend, calling it the strange seaweed monster.

8. Large-Eyed Unidentifiable Fish


Just a few years ago, a tourist walking along the Rio Kaka beach noticed something strange lying on the beach. The tourist remembers thinking how strange the creature appeared, and how there was no way this creature had been discovered yet. The creature was reported as having an unusually long tail and large black eyes.

The creature was in fact already discovered, and was concluded as being a bigeye thresher shark. Its long tail is used as a hunting mechanism, and they use it to stun their prey before moving in for the kill. The big eyes haven’t been explained yet, and likely never will. No matter – the creature is creepy as it feels like it could watch you from just about anywhere.

7. 8 Foot Mass Confuses Scientists to this Day


This thirty foot long, eight foot high mass claimed the land of a beach in 1968. The New Zealand beach had never seen anything like this before, and they had no idea what this giant mass was. The creature had matted hair that reached up to 4-6 inches in length. It was almost buried in the sand, but due to its mass, it stuck out like a sore thumb.

A scientist from the University of Auckland made a statement in the local paper saying people can rule out the possibility of it being a whale, because of its apparent hair. He also ruled out sea cows because of its large size. The scientist went on to say that he has no idea what the creature is, and it doesn’t resemble anything humans have discovered up until this point in time.

6. Trunko the Polar Bear Fish


Trunko is an urban legend that was speculated to first have been spotted in late 1924. It was published in an article that claimed the writer found a fish that resembled a polar bear. The article told of a story of someone witnessing a battle between a creature that resembled a polar bear fish and two killer whales. Trunko was huge, and an illustration that came with the story showed just how large the creature was claimed to be.

However, power comes from numbers, as the killer whales defeated Trunko, leaving its body to float endlessly in the ocean. That is until it washed up on the shores of Margate Beach. The creature was found by a lot of people who claimed the creature was 45 feet long. They also claim the creature had a trunk that reached upwards of five feet.

5. Unknown Shark Species Spooks Local Beach Goers


This strange creature washed up on the shore of Hollingsworth Bay in Rockdale, Manchester. The creature was noticeably packing a large set of razor sharp teeth and reached upwards of five feet long. Some people think it’s an overgrown eel, others believe it’s just a pipe that washed up. Many others believe it’s some sort of ancient sea monster.

While there hasn’t been anything confirmed about the creature, many scientists believe the creature to be some sort of shark species not yet discovered. The main giveaway is that of its razor sharp teeth. Whatever the creature is, it hasn’t been seen since, and this could’ve been the last of its kind.

4. Ancient Pig Hybrid Rediscovered


This creature was described as having the body of a pig and the claws of a bear. This creature’s body was found in Whales, England along the shore of the beach. It was discovered by residents who were walking along the beach. The person who discovered the creature also decided to give it the name of Beast of Tindy.

However, local press decided to call it the Beast from the East, which was much catchier. A scientist from the Swansea University College of Science claimed that since the creature had five fingers, it could be a badger. It was also speculated that this creature resembled a dog that had been trapped out at sea with water distortion making it unrecognizable.

3. Fish From Hell


This strange fish was seen washed up on the shore of a beach. Its strange features resembled nothing we’ve ever seen before, and it looks like a customizable character in a video game. The strange mouth of the creature is the first clue that this thing isn’t normal. The creature’s strange shape also makes it seem like an undiscovered creature.

The strange unicorn horn on the top of its head is strange to say the least. After being discovered, many scientists believed it was a stargazer, a type of fish that lives on the sea floor and stares up at the sky in order to capture its prey. However, with the mouth being where it’s located, this was quickly debunked, and nobody really knows what the creature is.

2. Large Jellyfish Washes Up on Shore


A group of bikers were riding down the beach of St. Augustine Florida when they ran into this strange creature washed up on the beach. They decided to examine the remains and realized just how big the creature actually was. However, they could not decipher what the creature was. The creature was over 20 feet long, 18 feet high, and had a large width.

The creature appeared to have multiple appendages, leading many to believe the creature could have been a squid or jellyfish of some type. In total, the creature weighed up to 4 tons. A marine biologist at the Smithsonian said that the creature had to be a squid, then changed his mind to an octopus, then settled on believing the creature was the head of a sperm whale.

1. Strange Shoes Washing Up With More Than You Thought Inside


A strange phenomena has been occurring on the beaches all across the world. Many beach goers will report seeing shoes washed up on beaches, not two, but just one lone shoe. This seems strange but it gets worse. Many took a closer look to reveal that the foot was still inside as well. It’s obvious that it’s been in the ocean for a while, as they’re typically distorted.

Many people believed this was the work of pirates. People believed pirates would seize other boats and kidnap the passengers, only to cut their feet off, and throw them back in the ocean. Others believe this originates from a prank, where someone fills random shoes with strange meats in the hopes of scaring people on a beach somewhere. The origin of this phenomenon still has no origin, and it likely never will. We can only hope it is a sick and twisted prank.

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