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15 Odd Things He Does When She’s Not At Home

15 Odd Things He Does When She’s Not At Home

Men are creatures of habit. It is claimed that it can take 21 days for a habit to be developed. If that is truly the case, then it means that it can also take 21 days to learn a new habit. Well, if women knew of some of these filthy things that men do when she’s not at home, she will find a way for him to develop a new habit. Some of these things are not that filthy, but they are gross and some of these activities need to be put to a stop.

How is it that most of them know to do these filthy things when she is not at home? Is it that his father or some male figure in his life would have passed on the knowledge? Irrespective of how the knowledge was passed on, if you want to maintain the innocence and purity of your little men growing up, then you probably need to talk to his dad about what he teaches him. Boys will be boys at the end of the day. Some women know about these filthy things and others do not. Those who know about them and did nothing have managed to maintain long relationships. Before you get grossed out, just think about what you do when he’s not at home.

15. Sink Training


One of the gross things guys do when their significant other is not around is use the sink for target practice. Yup, the sink gets a lot of work when you’re not around. He will try to pee in it and it becomes a joke for him. This is totally disgusting because the toilets are made for that and the sink is where you wash dishes, wash your hands, face and brush your teeth. Oh right, and when he does his sink training, he doesn’t only go after the face basin in the bathroom; the kitchen sink is fair game. So the next time you want to eat something out of your man’s sink, think again. You should introduce him to using bleach when he is cleaning, so the sink can be disinfected.

14. Use The Shower As A Toilet

Via: Youtube

Yes, there are times when you just have to go, but how could you skip the toilet for the shower entirely? It is highly impossible to do so. It must only be intentional if you do that. Firstly, in order to go to the shower, you have to remove all of your clothing. So, anyone who uses the shower to pee has done it intentionally. Guys, do this a lot. Just because soap is being washed done the drain pipe, it does not disinfect your urine or get rid of the scent and bacteria. What it does, is mask these things. So, if you are going to pee in the shower, be mindful of these things. Also, if you don’t disinfect your shower, soon enough, your girl is going to know that it is your preferred loo.

13. Skid Marks


So, if peeing on the toilet seat was not enough, when his girlfriend is not around, he leaves a mess in the toilet. Maybe it is not intentional, but it happens sometimes, just when you’re not there. If he lives alone, he is probably not going to clean it until you come over another time or he probably is not going to remember to clean it at all. Guys don’t really care much about how their toilets look. Skid marks are gross, and the grocery store sells bleach. Guys, do the world a favor and look back at the toilet bowl after you take a poop. No one wants to sit on your skid marks.

12. Sir Sniffs A lot


Maybe you have witnessed a guy sniffing something, but it gets considerably worse when he is at home alone. He sniffs his hands, especially after itching his private parts and he may even sniff his underwear and dirty clothes. He also sniffs himself to decide if he needs to take a shower. Why should you have to sniff yourself to know if you need a shower or not? You should know the last time you had a bath. And why does a guy need to sniff his dirty underwear? Is he hoping that the scent will alert him to the fact that something is medically wrong with him? Really what does anyone hope to achieve by smelling their dirty underwear? Yes, it could help you keep your parts healthy but if you have any concerns, go see a doctor.

11. Leaves The Bathroom Door Open


There are some things we should not do, like leave the bathroom door open. Somehow, this phobia passed down from generation to generation. So, even if we find ourselves home alone, we may still close the bathroom door when we use the toilet, even if we live alone. The reason is not just because we want privacy. Guys leave the bathroom door open when their women are not around, and they have no shame about it. So, all the scents from their meetings with the toilet are diffused into other parts of the house. It is a totally filthy practice. Even if you’re home alone, no one would ever want to know that you left the toilet door open when you took a poop. The thought of that is just gross.

10. Checking Their Aim

There are just so many things wrong with this. Did you know that when you are not at home, your guy uses the toilet with the seat down? Well for one thing, he wants to practice his aim. So, if he splatters, it is no big deal, because you’re not around to nag him about it or yell at him. But don’t worry, if he is a good guy, whatever didn’t make it into the bowl, he would pipe around the toilet seat, so you’ll be none the wiser. Also, he may also decide to practice his aim by using a bottle. Which is grosser, the toilet seat or the bottle? Maybe the bottle won this round.

9. Poor Hygiene


So, several things fall into the category of poor hygiene. Well, if your guy has a beard, when you’re not around, he is going to scratch every itch he has been holding back because you were around. Nothing is wrong with itching his beard, but he is going to itch it until he irritates the skin and dandruff and dead skin shed. He is probably also going to leave it on the chair. If he cuts his nails, he is going to use the couch as a bin. Another thing he may do when you’re not around is wipe his running nose on his shirt or T-shirt. Maybe everyone has been guilty of this at some point but how hard is it to get a tissue so you can wipe your nose?

8. Picking Everywhere


Everyone at some time in their life picks their nose when no one is around to look or see them do it. Guys just make a habit of doing it. They pick their cracks (and smell their hands), pick at their noses and they pick their pubic hair. What is gross is that when they pick their pubic hair, some hair falls off and they don’t make the effort to clean it up. It is totally filthy. And when they pick at their noses and dig out their handy work, usually they play with it and admire it for a bit before eating it. After all, they worked so hard, the best thing to do would be to reward themselves by partaking in the fruits of their labor. They just would not do it in public though.

7. Reuse Underwear

Via: Youtube

So, it turns out that men sniff their underwear because they want to decide if they should reuse it. Well, when you’re not around or even if you are, guys tend to have their dirty underwear on the ground. So, if they have not done laundry and they need an underwear to use, rather than going without, he will just grab a dirty one off the floor and turn it inside out before wearing it. Turning it inside out does not make it any less dirty. Why would you wear a dirty underwear? Well, the good news is that unless he is completely filthy, he is not going to reuse an underwear on a day or night that he must spend time with you. He’ll probably go to the store or go without one.

6. Appreciate Farts And Burps


When his girlfriend is around, a man is going to try to be well mannered and on his best behavior. However, when she is not around, it is then that he shows all his filthy ways. If he held his farts and burps when she was around, when she is not around, he is going to let it rip. He is going to savor both his burps and his farts and soon he’ll be trying to out-burp himself. He smells his farts and inhales deeply. If he is in bed and under the covers, he is going to try as much as possible to keep his fart scent with him by putting the covers over his face. There is just no sugar coating this level of gross.

5. Using Deodorant Instead

Via Telegraph.Co.Uk

It was mentioned before that guys sometimes sniff themselves if they have to decide if they need to shower. Well, this can end in one of two ways, he decides that he is going to take a shower, or he decides that he is going to use deodorant instead! Don’t worry, he does not do this when he has to go out with you. If he has to go out with you, he may use some cologne. We get that he may want to conserve water and energy, but daily hygiene is a must and deodorant does not do as good a job as soap and water. What will be even worse is if he just uses deodorant and reuses a dirty shirt or underwear that was on the ground

4. Staring At Themselves In The Mirror


Girls stare at themselves in the mirror too, but guys are pretty bad too. When they stare at themselves, they do it naked and without shame. They love their bodies, confidence is key after all. Nothing is filthy about looking at your naked frame in the mirror. What is filthy is that he looks at his member in the mirror, rotating his hips in an effort to get it to spin like a windmill. The only reason he is staring at it in the mirror that long is because he is fascinated by this game he discovered. The best part about it is that he thinks gravity has no effect on his member while it is in motion. There are just so many things wrong with this childish behavior.

3. Eating Food Off The Ground


Maybe men invented the five-second rule. Sometimes even women do it. But guys do it more when their significant other is not around. Some food items may have been on the ground for hours or even days and nothing will stop them from eating it off the ground, even if the five seconds have long passed. Well for one thing, eating off the floor would either help you to build immunity or get you sick. Don’t worry, your guy is not going to eat food off the ground when you’re around simply because he just knows how judgmental you are going to be. You are also not going to understand why he does it, because it’s a guy thing. It is simply that they believe good food should not be wasted.

2. Blow His Nose In The Shower


Everyone has to blow their nose at some point, but they have to be cognizant of the fact that germs are easily spread. Blowing your nose in the shower should be illegal. Noses should only be blown in a tissue or washcloth. When you just blow your nose in the open air, you will never know where the droplets went. So, even if the shower is being washed, it does not mean that the bathroom is being disinfected at the same time. If you blow your nose in the shower when your girlfriend is not around, do her a favor and disinfect your shower with bleach before she uses it. She did not ask to walk into your snot and she does not deserve to get your germs like that.

1. Play With His Shaved Hair


We have witnessed girls playing with their trimmed hair but what you may not have known is that some men obsess over their shavings. When he shaves over the sink, most of the time, he is not in a hurry to remove the fallen hair. He may even make designs with his shaved hair before cleaning the sink if he decides to clean it at all. There are so many things wrong with these actions. If you want to make words with your hair’s shavings so bad, invest in a bottle of glue and a packet of glitter. If you are so inclined, you should consider volunteering at a children’s home, so you can use their glitter instead. Just know your girl is going to judge you if she ever witnesses this.

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