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15 Oddest Things That Have Fallen From Outer Space

15 Oddest Things That Have Fallen From Outer Space

fireball via American Meteor Society

There are many stories about undefined and mysterious objects which have fallen from the sky. Some of them are so creepy that the sole idea of exploring them sends chills down the spine. Have you ever heard of the random occurrence called Spider or Worm rain? Alongside numerous odd objects, which completely boggle the mind, there have been other bizarre cases of crazy things hitting our planet as well. For example, there has been a case where a gigantic metal object found its way to a hilly region of Myanmar. Its cylindrical shape blasted into a small village that’s within a close reach of the local jade mine. The most interesting part of the story is that this specific metal thing ripped through one of the miner’s tents. As a result, the air was filled with heavy, thick smoke. How crazy it this?

Believe it or not, this example is only the beginning of our short list of craziest things that have ever fallen from outer space. Maybe you’ve seen some of them with your own eyes as the locations we’re going to present to you today are really diverse. Without revealing too much, let’s jump right into it!

15. Space Balls in Spain

via The Huffington Post UK20

Honestly, if you’ve ever dreamed of witnessing unique and rare phenomena, then you may be able to fulfill this interesting goal. The residents of Villavieja village, Spain, were really perplexed by the numerous objects which hit the ground on November 3, 2015. How did they end up there in the first place? These space balls had a rare shape and form which definitely made everyone feel extremely worried about their well-being. This was not the end of the story though. Two other bizarre round objects were found later on. Naturally, the local news in Spain didn’t miss the rare chance to talk about this bizarre event which definitely contributed to scaring the hell out of the locals to some extent.

14. Molten Object in Russia With a White Foamy Substance


What a case! What on earth is this thing? Do you guys have any idea? Without torturing you too much with questions, this crazy molten object supposedly fell from outer space and really bugged the online community. The very first footage of this odd, green-flamed thing was initially posted by two Russians as their improvised video did circle around the web, reaching millions of international viewers. This molten object was surrounded by something like a foamy substance which certainly didn’t belong to our planet.

13. The Tunguska Explosion


A mysterious explosion rocked the Siberian country back in 1908 leaving more than 700 square miles of wild forest entirely flattened. When it comes to the explosion itself, it would be safe to say that it wasn’t really the most conventional one. What’s more, it happened to be at least 1 thousand times mightier than a nuclear bomb. There were even cases when the Siberian Tunguska explosion was even compared to the nuclear bomb that blasted Hiroshima back in the day. The weirdest part of the story was that not a single impact crater was ever found there.

12. “Alien Drones” in Thailand and Vietnam

via redOrbit

Here we go with another pretty juicy story spreading rumors of the oncoming arrival of aliens. Of course, it’s far enough from the truth, but society loves blowing things out of proportion anyway. When it comes to the weird round objects which landed on Thailand territory a few years back, it really gave rise to many alien-related questions: “Are there non-human creatures among us?” “Will they come to us?” Frankly, such questions are truly irrational as they hardly hold any ground whatsoever. But at the end of the day, seeing some weird and undefined things which you simply fail to explain is really bizarre and worrisome.

11. Odd Rocks Rained Down On Nigerian Lands


A really unique and uncommon event happened in a Nigerian territory on August 14, 1992. Nobody had the slightest clue why or how the sky over Nigeria suffered a great explosion leading to showers of rocks falling from the sky. How did this explosion cause the rain of rocks anyway? Regardless of how odd and unexplainable this occurrence is, one thing is certain – the Nigerian people took this unique rain as a gift from the Gods who would cure their children and save them from extreme poverty and deadly diseases. Additionally, you may not believe this, but these people even gathered the odd rocks which fell from the sky in 1992 and simply dined on them. So weird!

10. The Hoba Meteorite


Much like Nigeria and its unique and unexpected occurrence, Namibia also has some pretty interesting details to share with us as well. Referred to as the Hobo Meteorite, this giant thing weighs about 60 tons and it’s at least 80,000 years old. It’s really unbelievable that this gigantic Hoba thing wasn’t discovered until recently. Believe it or not, this meteorite is thought to be the largest one ever found on earth. Regardless of its ancient personality, the Hoba Meteorite crashed into the Namibia’s fields thousands of years ago. Found by a Namibian farmer, this Hoba thing serves as a national monument in Namibia.

9. Unexpected Space Debris


Explore the unique story of a lady who was out for a walk who suddenly noticed an unusual streak of light passing through the sky. Without thinking much about it, she could feel something on her skin as if some strange “thing” brushed against the woman’s shoulder. The moment she turned to look, she could see the rare view of space debris which could have smashed her right there while simply enjoying her late night walk! As for the space debris, it was believed to be a part of the American Delta 2 rocket being launched only a year ago.

8. Meet The “Kaidun” Meteorite


What do you know about the Kaidun meteorite? The pretty famous meteorite named Kaidun hit the earth then landed roughly in a region near a Soviet military base. The epic date was Dec 30, 1980. A really fascinating feature about this odd meteorite is that it actually contained a very rare and exceptional range of minerals. As for their origins, the mystery is still unsolved especially given the fact that such a strange diversity of minerals was never found in nature. Where did it come from? Well, even scientists fail to give you the right answer to this question.

7. The Unknown Sphere

Via Vision Times

What’s this thing? Should we feel scared of it? Probably not, but its weird nature is still undeniable. A mysterious sphere landed on a Brazilian territory spreading vibes of fright among the people. Where did this sphere come from? What’s its purpose? We can barely give you rational explanations to these questions since its bizarre shape makes it even harder to do it. Rumor has it that the unknown sphere crashed into a Brazilian man’s home before digging itself into the ground. Undoubtedly, this is another great example of how bizarre the world we live in can be. Do you agree?

6. The Sikhote-Alin Meteorite

via AgAuNEWS

Do you have any idea of what this thing could be? Today’s popular Sikhote-Alin phenomenon is considered to be the largest meteorite collision that you could ever see in your life. The bizarre occurrence happened in the south-eastern part of Russia back in 1947. The giant meteorite with unknown roots and history is thought to be one of the oddest and most curious events you could ever see. As for its unique name, the massive collision took place in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains and thus its name is the Sikhote-Alin meteorite. How interesting!

5. The Odd Rock The Size Of A Pea

via YouTube

Once upon a time, there was a boy who couldn’t believe his own eyes when he noticed a really weird rocky object that actually resembled the size and shape of a pea. Oh, seriously? How often can such a thing happen anyway? We won’t be surprised if you refuse to believe us, but after all, it’s simply difficult to accept that this story is true in the first place. The person who actually came across this random rocky object was a German boy. He was heading home when he noticed a random streak of light across the sky. All of a sudden, this pea-sized rock changed its course and hit the ground hard. As for the boy, he escaped from there filled with terror and fright!

4. The Microscopic Diamond!

via SlidePlayer

Have you seen a diamond like this before? Honestly, this is the weirdest thing you could ever expect to fall from the sky or outer space anyway. A diamond? Really? That’s the point. It does sound crazy to expect a microscopic diamond to fall from the sky. Besides, everyone would think you’ve gone nuts if you tell them a story like this, right? But, honestly, it’s true. Back in 1969, there was an unexpected meteorite crash which hit Mexico and led to massive destruction and a manhunt. What’s interesting here is that the pieces were found to offer such elements that are believed to be older than our solar system! Isn’t that insane?

3. The Fireball With Organic Compounds

fireball via American Meteor Society

Have you heard about this weird fireball with organic elements? Here we go with another peculiar event that made Australians worry about their future. Somewhere around 1969, a unique and mysterious fireball lit up the Australian night sky following an explosion. If you think that there’s nothing special about that space rock, think about its rare organic compounds that were found after its collision in the sky. What’s really curious about this scary event is that scientists still struggle to understand its odd compounds which could actually provide the key to many unsolved mysteries.

2. Tomanowos: What is This Thing?

via blogger

Tomanowos is actually thought to be a large planet with remnants that we can see in the picture above. This rock serves as a proof of its rare shape and compounds which are probably the remnants of the dead core of a planet. And according to facts and rumors, another one crashed into it billions of years ago. Of course, it was found by a Clackamas tribe who took it as a healing source for their sick children and community. Today it’s nothing but a really weird object that fell from outer space many years ago. How weird, really?

1. Salyut Metal Fragments

old space station in Russia via TopTenz

And finally, the last crazy object that did excite our curiosity today is the Salyut metal fragments. A little-known fact is that the Salyut space station used to be the largest and most unique man-made creation to enter the Earth’s atmosphere back in the day. Maybe it used to be that way many years ago, but today we’re left with nothing but the unrecognizable metal fragments which did freak out many people. Actually, a woman did notice some bizarre glowing in the sky which was out of the ordinary. She could not believe her eyes when it turned out to be some old fragments from the Soviet Salyut space station.


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