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15 Revolutionary Kickstarter Products You Should Fund Right Now

15 Revolutionary Kickstarter Products You Should Fund Right Now


There are a whole lot of projects floating around on Kickstarter. So we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve perused the crowd funding website to find the Kickstarter campaigns that we think are worth checking out. We picked out fifteen of the neatest tech-related projects that you should seriously think about funding. It’s amazing what people have come up with. Thank goodness the Internet has come to the rescue to help these people bring their imaginative ideas to reality. A reminder that we’re just here to tell you what we think is cool. So be aware that if you decide to fund a particular product, you’re doing it at your own risk. Even if you’re not ready to plunk down cash for a Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get a kick out of seeing what’s on this list.

15. Smart Pillow


There’s a reason you’ll see a few sleep-related products on this list. As humans, we can’t seem to get enough beauty rest. We’re really bad at getting rest. We work too much, we can’t stay asleep, and a lot of us sleep fitfully. Many among us are also terrible at waking up. Be honest, how many times do you hit the snooze button each morning? The Sunrise Pillow is meant to help you get a better night’s rest and wake up more gently. Forget that blaring alarm, this pillow can wake you up with light. It can even stream music, if you prefer to wake up to your favorite song.

14. Digital Knitting Machine


For some people, knitting is a relaxing hobby. For others, it’s a complicated dance with needles and yarn. If you’ve ever tried to knit and failed, you might be super interested in this machine. Or maybe you’re just really into knitting textiles. We love a nice cozy knit sweater, who doesn’t? This impressive machines can churn out knit clothing faster than your grandma. You need to be able to create digital designs which can then be used by the Kniterate to create your vision. However, getting your hands on a machine won’t come cheap. They’re really intended for folks who are running a business. But honestly, if we were rich we’d plunk down the near $5000 pledge to get our hands on a pack of two.

13. Cirrus Shower


Hey, guess what? You use way to much water. Especially when you take those really long luxurious showers. Shame on you! But really, who wants to stop taking long showers? In the wintertime, a nice hot shower is the most comforting experience ever. Cirrus is a shower-head that delivers water in a pressurized mist form. This method of delivery greatly reduces the amount of water used but the claim is that you’ll still end up feeling clean, and, most importantly, WARM. The shower-head also contains filters to purify water. Honestly, it sounds really neat. We’d love to try it and see how a misty shower feels.

12. Everyday Smart Bra


If women are going to wear bras, they might as well be wearing intelligent ones, right? The VITALI Everyday Smart Bra is intended to act as a comfortable supportive bra but also deliver certain health-related metrics to the wearer. The makers claim that the sensors are more accurate than those featured in your regular wrist-based activity tracker. The main sensor is called ‘the GEM.’ The little pebble-like sensor is meant to notify you when you need to stop and take a breather and when to adjust your posture. The bra sensors also measure Heart Rate Variability which is a way to gauge your stress levels. If you’re trying to reduce stress levels and you need a new bra, you just might want to look into backing the VITALI bra.

11. PaperLike


If you own an iPad Pro or you’ve tried one out, you’ll know that Apple’s pencil device is one amazing little gadget. There’s no lag, and your handwriting is replicated nearly perfectly when writing on the device. It’s really amazing. The problem? It’s just not the same feeling as writing on paper. It feels like you’re drawing on a screen, obviously. PaperLike aims to improve the writing-feel of your iPad Pro. It’s a really neat idea and if you’re an artist who uses the iPad Pro to sketch or you’re an obsessive notetaker, then you might be interested in reading more about this simple yet ingenious product.

10. Chris


Unfortunately, Chris doesn’t drive your car for you. But it does nearly everything else. The little device has its own AI, which we think is really cool. You connect Chris to your smartphone and then you can control it (Him? Her?) using your voice. You don’t have to touch the device to use it, which is a good thing since it’s intended to be used while driving. Chris does recognize gestures, though. The makers of Chris say that using the device is like “driving with a friend.” That sounds pretty nice. Sometimes being on the road can feel pretty lonely. We already have a Garmin so really all we want is someone to talk to. Can you do that Chris?

9. Knops


These are really, really cool. These earbuds are meant to allow you to control the world of sounds around you. They almost sound magical. Apparently, you can tune out sounds around you using the Knops. Yes please, we’d like a pair for everyone we know! The makers of the product explain that the Knops devices are acoustically engineered. The science behind it is a bit complicated, but honestly, if these things work the way they’re intended to, they are very impressive. The Knops can also apparently protect you from sounds that are too loud for your precious ears. Now that’s a game changer.

8. Manta Sleep Mask


Here’s another sleep-related device for you to check out. The Manta Sleep Mask allows you to block out 100% of the light around you, which just isn’t attainable with most run-of-the-mill sleep masks. Anyone who’s a light sleeper will understand the importance of total darkness when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Maybe you have to sleep at odd hours for work or maybe your partner keeps the lights on later than you’d like. The Manta Sleep Mask claims to offer a comfortable and effective solution to your problems. It literally moulds to your face. We think adding a wireless headphone feature would be neat too.

7. Upright Go


This simple little piece of technology aims to help you improve your posture. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking…that’s impossible! Well, the makers of the UPRIGHT GO are hoping that the small device can give you a helping hand. You wear the UPRIGHT GO and every-time you slouch it vibrates in order to give you a heads up. It’s a smart solution to a pretty widespread problem. Our only worry is that many people will simply ignore the vibration after a while when they become desensitized to it. We already ignore the move alerts on our Fitbits. Thankfully, the companion app for the device offers a training program to help you work on improving your posture.

6. WayCap EZ


You can already find a bevy of reusable cups for Keurig machines but it seems that the Nespresso machine doesn’t have an equivalent environmentally friendly capsule. The WayCap EZ is meant to function as a capsule that can be refilled with your preferred coffee grounds. These reusable cups usually work very well and are easy to clean. Using a refillable capsule is better for the environment and for your wallet. The reusable WayCap EZ allows for various grind types and is compatible with a variety of Nespresso machines. If you have a Nespresso coffee maker, getting a reusable capsule is really a no-brainer. The branded coffee capsules are definitely hard on the wallet.



Because we always think that someone is coming for us, the VEIU doorbell seems like the perfect addition to our home. The makers of the VEIU claim that the doorbells can protect you from everything awful in the world. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but they sure are convincing us. The VEIU doorbell has a camera that’s paired with a monitor. You can also view videos of potential intruders on your phone. You can even talk to the delivery guy and tell him to drop the package and run before your vicious dogs get him. It’s like caller ID but for your house!



Disclaimer: we don’t play drums. The closest we’ve come to playing the instrument is while playing Rock Band. We were really terrible. We have no rhythm. But these are so cool, it doesn’t really even matter that we have no talent. The product is meant for real drummers, but without the drums the whole drumming thing looks so easy! Drumistic allows musicians to play anywhere. The product can even record your impromptu drumming sessions. It’s a neat invention considering a drum set is an expensive and very large investment. This product is way more affordable than a drum set and it’s also portable!



Ignore the kind of dopey name. This very simple piece of technology is pretty cool. It’s intended to make your headphones wireless. The product is essentially a small Bluetooth receiver. You plug your headphones into the small receiver and you don’t need to worry about plugging your headphones into your phone or wherever. The PLUB even comes with a wearable band that can be worn around the neck, and the device is housed in the band so you don’t have to worry about carrying anything. The makers claim that the audio quality remains stellar and that the product is very easy to use.

2. ClickPack Pro


The ClickPack Pro makers claim that this futuristic looking backpack is the best and most functional anti-theft backpack out there. First off, the backpack is really sleek looking. It also features a bevy of protective features to keep people out of your stuff. The locking mechanisms look really tough and the backpack definitely looks like it can take a beating. In fact, the material is apparently slash resistant. We’ve never had someone cut into our backpack before, but if you’re James Bond and need to keep your data under wraps, this backpack might just be the answer. Or maybe you’re just a dude who wants to keep your laptop safe.

1. The Bero


The Bero is a smart lamp that has stolen our hearts and made us want to be kids again. The large bear-like lamp can change the colour of its light. There’s no on or off button, you simply tap it twice to power on or off. The cute lamp is probably meant primarily for children, but we’re ready to buy one as soon as they come out. The adorable lamp also functions as an alarm. The bear-lamp even comes with an endearing origin story. Seriously, take our money. We want to be lulled to sleep in the arms of this winged bear-like lamp thing. Can he stroke our hair too?


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