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15 Of The Craziest Body Transformations EVER Done For Movie Roles

15 Of The Craziest Body Transformations EVER Done For Movie Roles

There’s no doubt that the lustrous world of Hollywood has kept us awake so many nights. In truth, there’s barely a person who hasn’t imagined themselves living the fortunate life of a celebrity. After all, the high standard of living, the better social position alongside the gorgeous ladies and fancy vehicles around them are only additional assets. All of this goes hand in hand with their phenomenal success for sure. But regardless of how splendid their lives seem to us, our top celebs have absolutely had their tough periods as well.

What’s even more shocking is how quickly these folks can undergo a complete change for a movie role alone. But indeed, these renowned individuals have totally proven themselves to be 100 % professional after pulling off edgy roles so wonderfully well. From Colin Farrell’s unbelievable change in “Triage” to Chris Hemsworth’s thin body in the film “In the Heart of the Sea”, today we’re going to touch upon some of the craziest and mind-blowing body transformations EVER done by A-list movie stars. And just before we jump right into this super delicious round-up, we can’t help but ask you the following question: “Do you still believe that the fancy and shiny world of Hollywood is child’s play”?  Yes, we thought so…

15. Matthew Fox in “Alex Cross”

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Here we are with our first mega star who has totally deprived us of our sleep with his insane body transformation in Alex Cross. What in the world has happened to his perfect abs? What about his hard-as-a-rock body? Seriously, what has happened to this dude? Well, that’s a long story …or a short one depending on the viewpoint. The great Matthew Fox must have totally forgotten about his pretty narcissistic personality since he hasn’t reflected much upon it. Well, Matthew Fox could have realized the great adventure standing in his way if he had thought about it all at length. But no, he’s shaken the hesitation and drama off his shoulders before directly jumping into this adventure. Eventually, he’s put off over 40 lbs. for his role in Alex Cross. And yes, he’s absolutely hated every second of this experience.

14. Colin Farrell in “Triage”

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Have you seen Triage? If you haven’t, then allow us to unmask the mystery for you. It’s a drama film starring the immensely talented Colin Farrell. The plot accentuates the warfare’s psychological effects on a prominent photo journalist. Surely, this “journalist”  is impersonated by none other than the phenomenal Colin Farrel. The movie’s feedback and reviews are simply amazing, however, the entire body transformation that Mr. Colin Farrell has had to undergo is anything but an easy task. For his significant role, Colin has been asked to say goodbye to more than 44 lbs. Isn’t that a high number? In his own words: “I lost some big weight because my role demanded it. I hated it although it was all very healthy.” Well, at least, that’s a relief…

13. Rooney Mara in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” 


Considered one of her best movie roles, Rooney Mara’s adventure in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” must have been anything but a piece of cake.  Previously known as a really cute girl, Rooney Mara has absolutely created such a clutter in the perfect world of Hollywood. How come? Just look it up on the web. Surely, you won’t have a hard time digging up dirt on Rooney at all. Besides, her character in this world-known movie is kind of …weird, if not downright creepy. Believe it or not, Rooney has absolutely had her eyebrows bleached and pierced for her role. And wait, we’re hardly near the end of the story. She has also had her hair dyed and cut as there have been other body modifications required from her as well. Doesn’t that sound pretty…eerie?

12. Robert De Niro in “Raging Bull”

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“Oh, dear Lord! Is that even him?!” Well, we can’t deny that you’ve got a point there for real. Frankly, Robert De Niro has absolutely become a legendary movie star whose impersonifications simply belong to the golden category of “high-profile” roles. Undoubtedly, Robert has nailed it in the prominent Raging Bull. Honestly, we can barely expect a less renowned role or a movie project featuring his great personality anyway. But let’s not lose focus: unlike his phenomenal Hollywood colleagues, Robert has been required to GAIN the pretty crazy 60lbs! Yes, we know, it’s total nonsense! But, guess what Robert De Niro’s answer must have sounded like. Maybe, he’s said something between the lines of: “I’m down for it” or “I’m totally IN!“Are we anywhere near that?

11. Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder”


Well, just in case you’ve not noticed it yet, we’re slowly but surely making our way into the more intense body transformations EVER done for a movie role. And since we’re presently on it, you should totally get an idea of Tom’s pretty insane challenge in Tropic Thunder. If you’ve already seen this awesome movie, then you must be aware of his unbelievable adventure. The attractive Tom Cruise has been required to undergo one of the most shocking changes ever! From his fat and pudgy fingers to his receding hairline and crude potty mouth, Tom Cruise hardly looks like himself at all. Well, this might have been the only time when this handsome guy has ever been presented as such a grotesque person.

10. Cameron Diaz in “Being John Malkovich”


Well, Charlize Theron might have really taken the “ribbon” for losing her charming and feminine features, however, Cameron has already walked this path all by herself. And frankly, Cameron’s “ugly side” hasn’t really gotten her wild round of applause yet. But hey, you’re right, this is another story. Cameron’s little-known role as an unattractive and chubby lady in “Being John Malkovich” has totally shown her as a regular woman whose sex appeal is hardly there at all. What’s really curious about this role is that her make-up artist has absolutely taken this as the greatest challenge EVER. Also, her weight gain has surely rendered her pretty unrecognizable as well. After all, Cameron’s transition from a “Hottie” to a “Nottie” must have taken a century to complete.

9. Anne Hathaway Les Miserables

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While Cameron Diaz must have actually loved running on a sugar spree, there are other cherished celebs who have surely enjoyed a Walk Through Hell. Let’s take the gorgeous Anne Hathaway as a lovely example of it. How far do you think she’s gone? After all, losing between 10 – 25 lbs. in less than three weeks is no easy task. Wow, this really sounds like a disastrous change given her otherwise skinny figure, doesn’t it? Well, now imagine her being on a strict diet a couple of weeks before getting her weird scenes filmed. All of this raises a plain question: Has she even eaten any food for such an edgy role? Because her figure in the movie seems so fragile that Anne looks as though she’ll truly have her legs broken while walking. But anyway, she wouldn’t have nailed her SAG Award without such an intense and high-profile role in her career, right?

8. Jake Gyllenhaal in “Southpaw”

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Have you seen Southpaw? If you’ve missed it, then allow us to tell you more about this pretty intense movie. As riveting as it seems to be, Southpaw focuses on success in its purest and most dramatic form. And believe it or not, the filming process has definitely gone through something like this. Indeed, Jake Gyllenhaal is an amazing actor who has absolutely done everything he’s asked for prior to wrapping up the movie. However, the world is hardly aware of the crazy hardships he’s dealt with in the process of filming Southpaw.

Unfortunately, Jake’s usual body shape is nowhere near the delicious abs and biceps of Chris Hemsworth. Therefore, he’s been asked to work his butt off in order to get in the needed shape for that role. After all, he’s a boxer in Southpaw so he shouldn’t be presented as less of a fighter. Therefore, he’s absolutely fought his way up to the top. And eventually, he’s gained the needed muscle weight of about 45lbs! How nice!

7. 50 Cent in “Things Fall Apart”

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By all accounts, 50 Cents is known as a renowned rap artist who has done some really incredible things in his professional career. All in all, his musical career has totally created a fuss on the street where rap music is listened to and respected. Obviously, his professional career as a rap artist has opened another curious page of his public life. You may not know this, but 50 Cents has landed a role in the Things Fall Apart which has also brought him a phenomenal success. The most interesting and mind-blowing thing about his character is that he plays a cancer-stricken football player. And as such, 50 Cents has been asked to achieve the spectacular and remarkable 54-pound weight loss. And surely, he has absolutely done it as the real professional he truly is.

6. Charlize Theron in “Monster”

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Meet the gorgeous Charlize Theron who may be anything but a “monster”. Contrary to her fine looks, Charlize has also been shown as a pretty unattractive lady with frizzy hair and inglorious body shape as well. So if you think that such a rare transformation is child’s play, then you’ve been a great fool for sure. Do you really believe that such a major change gets done within a snap of a finger? And as if this is not enough for her die-hard fans, Charlize has had her eyebrows shaved off and her hair bleached too. Oh, we’ve almost forgotten the fact that she’s absolutely donned prosthetic teeth on set while doing her best to gain the total 30lbs! How crazy?!

5. Matthew McConaughey in “Dallas Buyers Club”

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Oh, the handsome Matthew McConaughey! Have you seen his great and barely recognizable face in the famous Dallas Buyers Club? Well, if you have, then you must be familiar with the less attractive personality of his character in the movie. Much like most of our outstanding heroes today, Matthew McConaughey has dealt with losing more than 47 lbs. for his significant role in the movie. Isn’t that simply mind-blowing?! Let’s go again: we’re talking about an insane 47 lbs. weight loss! How did he do it, really?! Well, this is how the great Matthew has addressed this unique challenge in his professional career:

That was rough. I got down to 143lbs and I was always hungry, and irritable. My body resembled a baby bird with its mouth open, crying, ‘Feed me, feed me,’ and you realize momma bird ain’t going to feed you. It’s hard.”

4. Tom Hanks in “Castaway”

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Tom’s epic performance in the legendary Castaway movie has actually turned him into the distinguished Hollywood star he’s today. Perhaps, it’s been exactly Tom’s tough professional experience that has made him such a dazzling star in the glossy world of Hollywood. Undoubtedly, his Castaway character has absolutely been one of his most renowned roles EVER. But as you all know, such a grand movie success doesn’t come just like that. “You’ve got to give in order to get”, as the old saying goes. Surely, Tom Hanks has sacrificed a whole lot of mouth-watering meals so as to achieve the extremely unhealthy body shape for his role in the movie. Actually, he’s probably set a record for losing such a major weight for a movie as well. Also, he hasn’t really stopped putting off weight until losing the epic 50lbs! This is simply nuts!

3. Christian Bale in “The Machinist”

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Meet the muscular and sexy Christian Bale who’s totally taken our breaths away with his stunning role as Batman. Well, he might have really pulled it off thanks to the crazy width of his back after gaining about 100 pounds in less than 6 weeks. However, all of his great muscle mass has surely bitten the dust in the spectacular movie entitled “The Machinist”. Not only has Christian managed to deal with losing some 55-60 pounds, but he’s absolutely nailed his role. His impersonation and limitless dedication are easy to catch …unlike his sexy abs. But anyway, we shouldn’t be that cruel. After all, he’s taken on such a great challenge without having second thoughts about it, right? So, well done, Christian! Good job!

2. Chris Hemsworth, “In The Heart of the Sea”


Considered one of the most gripping roles ever impersonated by the handsome Chris Hemsworth, the drama-fueled movie must have been such a pain in the neck. And surely, his family and charming wife have also made him company along this hard road. After all, the lovely Elsa Pataky has probably felt really bad for her attractive husband whose fine looks have been sacrificed. Despite all of this, Chris has shown us what a great and well-skilled actor he truly is while running for his life in the successful movie. All in all, it definitely seems like In The Heart Of The Sea will forever be a memorable experience for him and all of his fans.

1. Jared Leto in “Dallas Buyers Club”

via The Daily Beast

In truth, Jared Leto seems like the perfect example of a cherished celebrity whose shocking body transformations have earned him the #1 spot on our curious list today. Indeed, it can’t be the other way around given his shocking body shape. Believe it or not, the world-recognized frontman has undergone a couple of major experiences over the course of his shiny career. However, it’s exactly his role in Dallas Buyers Club that has helped him climb his way up to the top spot on our mind-blowing roundup.  As wonderful and talented as Mr. Jared truly is, he’s managed to “break up” with more than 40lbs for his significant role in the Dallas Buyers Club. Well, it’d be safe to say that Mr. Jared has completely earned our deep respect and love! That’s the spirit, Jared!


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